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  1. As far as modern New Japan workrate matches go this was worked about as smartly and well as it gets. Early on they established clear mini narratives instead of just wasting time by doing insignificant "small" holds to fill time-Naito would mocks Omega and evade his lock ups which caused Omega to go off on him and start spitting at him, Naito had a long control segment based on attacking Omega's leg, Omega worked over Naito's neck and so on. It was worked pretty back and forth but with solidly long control segments that meant something AND memorable transitions. The legwork provided Naito an easy means of effectively cutting Omega off when he'd attempt a comeback or when he was already in control-Naito attempting his Fireman's Carry/Moonsault combination only to stop because his leg work was a great use of that. Naito selling the damage of a Neckbreaker he executed on Omega may not have fed into a transition but it was a cool detail that further hooked me in. A common criticism I have of the style is that they simply get lazy and rely on lazy cliches-the workrate isn't impressive because you can tell everything that's going to happen. It's not like I loved Naito running into an Omega Clothesline but him successfully hitting running dropkicks on Omega's leg served as an explanation of why he would do that and leave himself open to a counter. A lot of the strikes they did early-mid way on looked lazy, not as good as those of C level Memphis workers. Now you can say that those strikes weren't really the focal point of the match and that's a fair point, but if you're arguing that modern New Japan is the peak of workrate wrestling an All Japan fanatic can simply point to something like those weak strikes and say "that didn't happen in All Japan". The match will mostly be remembered for all the insane violence and drama that the finishing stretch brought. Naito is a complete lunatic, and was willing to take INSANE bumps to put Omega and the match over. Omega repaid him with similar recklessness. As far as the nerfall heavy finish goes, what seperated it from the usual New Japan match for me is that they worked it how I basically want this type of match to be worked. The moves should look convincing and dangerous. You should believe the wrestlers have a reason to attempt them. The execution should be convincing. It takes a lot of effort and creativity but they nailed it here, and credit to them-they didn't insist on getting all their shit in for the sake of doing so. Once he got cut off Omega never went for the Moonsault again. For the counters themselves...they were just well worked. They were set up in a way you thought the match was going to end-Omega would hit a big knee and lift Naito on his shoulder, and as he's about to do the one Winged Angel Naito somehow turns it around into a Destino, which I doubt anyone thought was physhically possible until it was done. There was also the brilliant use of Naito's Flying Forearm-it's a move Naito uses commonly, and it often gets countered too, but here it was already countered earlier on, and once that happens and Naito went for it again you'd think it would have to hit because that's just how New Japan has programmed me to view their matches. And Naito eating a big knee while going for it again is an effective play on that cliche. It's fair to question the existence of those cliches in the first place, how they've hurt the quality of the ringwork and how it could (and for some wrestlers has) lead to just everything becoming too meta and too counter heavy to work. But props to them-it did here. ****
  2. I loved the early battle of strength vs speed and how AJ adapted to Reigns' offence. I preferred the way the Payback match was paced and I wasn't really big on the crowd brawling in this one which is why I think the Payback match was better. The stuff with the pre-show panel table felt novel but I don't think it was worth the time they gave that segment. Sealing the Styles Clash for the last two months was probably the best thing they could have done and they did a great job building to it here too, I loved Reigns' Uppercut counter to it. Reigns' leg injury angle wasn't overly significant in the whole scheme of the match but it did provide a valid excuse for him to sell as much as he did before Gallows and Anderson got involved. I loved the way they mixed up the counters, for example in the last match Reigns Superman Punched Reigns in the middle of his Springboard Forearm and here he did it before Styles even leaped. AJ took some disgusting bumps and the match felt a different kind of brutal. The bit with Reigns swinging him into the apron and the barricade before Powerbombing him through a table that wasn't "cleared" beforehand was just insane and Reigns breaking the barricade with a Spear also felt fresh due to it being done from a different angle. ****1/4
  3. The beginning was actually quite interesting as you had them working a tight lock up, Cena throwing the best punches he's ever thrown (I want to say his punching style here looked Buddy Rose's but I'm not sure I've seen enough of Rose to stand by that) and Cena using irish whips as punishment spots. Then they do an apron bump and this turns into a formulaic Cena-as-PWG "superworker" match, with AJ inserted into the formula and the formula slightly adjusted to fit his moves in but not enough to make it actually novel. And you don't want to see these two do a stupid spotfest. AJ Styles isn't 25 anymore, he isn't nearly as smooth and athletically impressive as he used to be and Cena never was nor is he ever going to be the guy for that type of match. The inefficiency of their finishers has reached such an absurd level I just don't buy anything they do as a potential match ender. Cena's weird Big Ending variation was ugly, but otherwise the move they spammed looked solid and some of the sequences were kinda cool, would have made for a 6.5 GIF maybe. Still this isn't really much different from a New Japan main event and I'm not sure whether it'd be more hypocritical to praise this and shit on New Japan or do the opposite. It's also amusing to see how many Japan references they make these days. "IWGP, BUSHIDO, Goto, using a translation of 雪崩式 instead of whatever WWE buzzword they have for top rope moves etc.) **3/4
  4. A match that smoked everything else that happened during that event. Great psychology with the back, the selling was top notch and Charlotte took some brutal bumps along the way. The botched spot was ugly but ironically setup the rest of the match nicely. The Eddie-Rey dynamic was really good with Banks using her wits and speed while Charlotte used her size and strength. ***1/2
  5. Holy shit this was amazing. It's a serious best WWE match ever contender for me. I really don't get why people get so upset over the overbooking, and honestly it was fine here. I don't remember the last time a WWE match so ambitious. The early portion was PERFECT in establishing Reigns' power and AJ made himself look good in the process too because when he did overcome it it meant that much more. I loved how it was paced, it had the greatest table spot in WWE history and a plethora of neat little touches. AJ avoiding Reigns' big suicide dive and then quickly leaping on him with the diving forearm was such a neat spot that made him look great. All of the big counters looked almost shockingly organic and natural for a 2016 WWE match and the rope break nearfall made my heart stop for a second. They both took some disgusting bumps here. Another thing I loved is how AJ used the Pele Kick as a way to upgrade his striking combo after it failed to take Reigns down earlier in the match instead of using it as a counter spot like he usually does, and to that point AJ quickly hitting Reigns with a Snapmare after Reigns survived his striking combo also made him look like a smart wrestler. I want to re-watch this and I don't remember when was the last time I felt that way about a WWE match. And Reigns hitting AJ with another Superman Punch after the big counter one also put AJ over as a serious threat and was just a badass thing to do and then AJ did that awesome delayed selling instead of popping up like you'd see in the Zayn-Owens match. These two have a five star match in them. ****3/4
  6. I enjoy Bryan as the enthusiastic commentator that marks out to everything, not really sure if he's better than Liger and Millano Collection AT in that role. This is a pretty good showcase for how little it takes for a match to be called an all time classic these days, a couple of hot nearfalls that the crowd bites on and it's ****465/887 match of the decade candidate everywhere. The sequence where Ibushi botched the Frankensteiner was pretty ugly but outside of that this was a strong, well paced junior match. The early matwork wasn't anything special or even remotely interesting but helped set the pace and the selling inbetween the moves was crucial to it as well. Loved how insane the bumping here was, the Missed Moonsault dive spot was perfect as a transitional spot since Ibushi almost always hits it and the match didn't overstay its welcome. ***1/2
  7. Another neat HARASHIMA title match. I really like the way he uses matwork to establish the pace of his matches and the matwork itself is always interesting, I can't really think of a proper comparison for it. He demolishes Higuchi's leg here, kicking away at it and twisting it in all sorts of ways. Higuchi looked good as well, he did a solid job of selling the damage and had some great power spots which was enough for HARASHIMA to get them to a very strong match. HARASHIMA is probably the best ace in Japan right now. ***1/2
  8. PROGRESS Title No Disqualification Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Marty Scurll - PROGRESS Chapter 25: Chat Shit Get Banged 24/01/2016 Nothing says British Wrestling than every American style finish you can think of packed into one match. And you'll find that it's not an exaggeration either. There is a ref bump in the middle of the match, Scrull almost makes Ospreay pass out via the Chicken Wing twice, surprising roll ups, a big babyface comeback following a beat down and handcuffs are used. It was quite excessive but they never lost the crowd or their heat for the match. The action was always moving along and these two know each other well enough to come up with incredibly tricked out counters that came off as fluid despite their complexity. The early parts of the match were mostly brawling on the outside and they were surprisingly able to make it work despite your first impressions. They made great use of the environment, using the balcony, with Ospreay hitting a lovely moonsault off the balcony after Scrull tried to faceplant him into the wall, the stage, with Scurll putting Ospreay through the announcers table and the crowd itself. There was a lot to talk about in this match as it was very dense and filled with moment creating spots. It could be too much for some people but I thought the match itself was big enough, by British Wrestling standards, to warrant such an epic layout. ****1/4
  9. Did Matt Hardy read the post-wrestling thread? For all my talk about how Lucha Underground is flirting with post-wrestling this looks way more revolutionary than anything they've ever done. The sheer absurdity of it is brilliant, but my favourite moments were probably Jeff not dropping selling even when he's shooting fireworks and the finish where Matt took advantage of Jeff's stupidity and predictability. Rating it feels impossible but it was definitely one of the most entertaining experiences watching wrestling I've had.
  10. Hate to ruin the fun but this didn't do much for me. Still felt very much like a generic WWE four way just with a better workrate and the overreliance on cheap props to produce drama isn't really my thing in 2016. I liked the finish with Miz getting the pin out of nowhere but when you have stuff like Zayn rolling on the floor asking the ref if it was two instead of going for the pin himself after just breaking up someone else's finisher>pin, Cesaro just staring at Owens while he climbed on the rope and so on it's not the type of stuff I'm going to love. I've seen Cesaro drag Miz into the ring when she tried to save him before, I've seen the tower of doom spots, I've seen the triple suplexes, one guy running at every corner to hit his move three times and so on. Initially I don't even buy them as nearfalls but after a while having someone break up the pin or pull someone out of the ring just becomes tedious and repetitive. **1/2
  11. While their August match is a great **** affair, this was on another level. Felt like a hybrid between DreamRush and a Midnight Express-RnR bout. They escalated the intensity and drama well and brilliantly played off their previous match. Iconic finish too. **** 1/4
  12. This was very good for what it was and it is really easy to see why so many people loved it. Personally-I'm just kind of done with this style of wrestling. I really don't have much use for matches where workrate is its own sake. I can still love a spotfest and think it's a great match but I'm not going to be vowed with flashy matches just because they have flash and even for matches which I think have problems with structure selling etc. I would easily take something like Mascara Dorada vs Mephisto from 2/19 over this. Once the initial novelty of them doing all these cool spots wore off they kind of just continued to do more of them and even at just 16 minutes it felt like it went too long to me. Finish was a great example of that, them re-using a spot that they'd already done with Charlote. I'm sure their marketing team has named Charlotte "a natural" but her acting could use some work. Rough around the edges with plenty of blown spots, and to their credit they weren't thrown off by them and kept on going which prevented them from hurting the match that much but it's still not something that really fits a clean WWE exhibition of athleticism. ***1/4
  13. This could've been an amazing match but it being modern puro this is about as good as you're going to get. I liked the beginning with Kamitani getting some shine before Ishikawa took over. Then Kamitani makes his comeback and they, uhm, do stuff for a couple of minutes before transitioning into the finishing stretch. It seems fine. My biggest problem with the match was how they connected the dots. You have Ishikawa ragdolling Kamitani on the outside, throwing him into the chairs, dumping him with a brutal Bodyslam, yet he's kind of limping for no reason, not really acting like you'd want a monster in control to. You don't really actively think of how stuff like how a wrestler walks affect the match quality but even that plays a part. I think they could've milked control segments and the comeback better and that the match definitely could've used more struggle and purpose in the middle. The finishing stretch is really great, as every move gains more purpose, every transition and nearfall holds more weigth, everything is more significant, they build to stuff better and the action improves. ***3/4
  14. This ruled. The atmosphere was great with the crowd being red hot for Goldberg and chanting for him even before the match started, making it feel every bit as special as they'd hyped it up to be. The match was executed pretty much flawlessly-Goldberg shrugging off Lesnar's shove was a magical moment, and the big transition was as picture perfect as it gets. You just can't time Spears any better than Goldberg did here. It's impossibly. Usually you get at least a second or two for a wrestler to get in position and either stand there and eat a move or set up a counter but here Goldberg just took Lesnar down right away and it looked amazing. I don't feel comfortable slapping a star rating on it straight away, but I'm thinking it's probably better than the Lesnar/Orton match. Maybe giving ***1/2 or 7/10 to a minute and a half match with five moves sounds insane to some, but I feel like this absolutely warrants it. edit: after thinking about it more and a rewatch or two I'd say the staying power of it is closer to ***1/4 so that is my grade now.
  15. Losing Unit Disbands 12 Man Three Way Tag Team Elimination Match: Dia.HEARTS (Big R Shimizu, Dragon Kid, Kzy & Masaaki Mochizuki) vs. Monster Express (Akira Tozawa, Masato Yoshino, Syachihoko BOY & T-Hawk) vs. VerserK (Kotoka, Naruki Doi, Shingo Takagi & YAMATO) - Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2016 - Day 2 04/02/2016 A Dragon Gate special. 12 men all in the ring, interchanging at a frantic pace, tons of storytelling in the ring, big stakes involved, incredible wrestling. It could be very easy to be lost in this match but this had tons of memorable spots, even without taking notes. The 1 v 1 v1 exchanges early on was amazing, Doi being a chickenshit and not wanting to do his part was great character work and then we got a brief Speed Muscle reunion. Akira Tozawa lighting up Korakuen Hall with his exchanges with Mochizuki and Kzy, showing tons of charisma and superb wrestling ability. Syachihoko BOY being the underdog of the match, fighting against everyone despite the size difference, even eliminating Shingo Takagi, the Open The Dream Gate champion. Kzy fighting for Dia.HEARTS as the last man standing, putting in a top performance for his team, selling really well for all the match and doing Kzy things. VerserK, or more specifically YAMADoi, showing their amazing chemistry as a team, dominating the match whenever they were involved, double teaming against Kzy for the finish. And I can’t NOT talk about Kotoka going BLAH. Poor guy getting eliminated 5 minutes in though. There is tons to love about this match. Great drama from start to finish. Excellent match. Top 5 2016 match for sure. ****3/4
  16. This was fun. I had some structural problems with it and the pacing threw me off (too many times where they were just wandering around setting up the next spot, disliked the ringside brawling) but I enjoyed it thoroughly and it had an exciting finish which didn't go overboard with the kick-outs and ended when it should have. ***1/4
  17. Neat match that was really made by the surprisingly good selling. Irie has some good power spots, and him punching through HARASHIMA's guard and annihilating him with THE POUNCE sounds great in a vacuum but the way HARASHIMA just throws himself with crazy bumps really adds to them. They do some crowd brawling early on but they throw good strikes and it is more them slamming each other into the barricade and the apron then one wrestler "dragging" the other halfway across the arena to get him back into the ring which looks more like they're holding hands than actual dragging. HARASHIMA responds to Irie's power offence wih vicious knee strikes and stomps. Finishing stretch is a little too nearfall heavy but it was very exciting and fun. HARASHIMA slipping through Irie's attempted Fire Thunder Driver was an amazing spot and they executed "will he or will he not fall down" selling about as good as they could've.
  18. This is the type of match where five years from now they'll show a clip of Owens and Zayn brawling and the finish and then enunciate "here at WWE it is all about THE STORIES. We tell STORIES. STORYTELLING. STORY STORY STORY SHAWN MICHAELS IS THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME" but in actuality the match is a total spotfest. I mean. It was fine for what it was. Just them blowing through a bunch of stuff I could have liked and cared about if they gave me reason to care about them. Vastly inferior to last year's ladder match, even in a match that is an inherent trainwreck like this one the lack of ring generals like Bryan and Harper hurt the match tremendously. **1/2
  19. If you've read enough of my reviews you know my takes on matches can be quite unique. I didn't think this was a worst WWE match ever candidate. I didn't think it sucked. Didn't hate it. Now I didn't think it was great either-but I'd like to explain my position first. As a serious worker in 2016 Jericho is pretty terrible. Ambrose isn't much better, but at least I think he has some skills that can be used in certain match types against the right opponent even if I think 80% of his output is pure trash. They wrestled a serious wrestling match on Payback and it sucked. It was boring, dull and completely uninteresting. This match was a trainwreck. I'm open to liking trainwrecks. Most of the offence and acting here would've been complete dogshit in a regular pro wrestling match but it worked here for me, maybe precisely because it was so bad. I maintain that this could've been a legitimately amazing match if Jericho wrestler wearing the scarf. The visual of him doing so would just be so hilarious and he could choke Ambrose with it and that'd set up Ambrose's revenge spot etc. So many stuff in this match-from the shitty punches, them using shoves as moves like twenty times, Jericho just wandering around yelling at people....I think it worked in the context of recreating a late WCW/TNA gimmick match. I did think the two minutes they built to the thumbtacks spot was legitimately good wrestling and the bump itself was absolutely disgusting. The visual of Jericho bleeding from his arms was great. But it also went too long. It amused me throughout because of how bizarre and ridiculous it was but I would have preffered something more compact (i.e. ten minutes shorter). I'm not sure it's worth giving three stars to even if did entertain me like a much of that rating usually would. I do wonder if the lack of self consciousness here actually hurts it for me here, because it would totally be a three star match if Sabu did something like this. Like if Jericho was consciously trying to create pro wrestling absurdism that would be different to me than him just being a shit wrestler that's so bad I think he's awesome because he botched so much stuff due to being a shit wrestler but I find it funny that he does that while yelling in this condescending dad tone. But then there's also the question of whether intent is relevant in art and my instinctive reaction to that is no. So. This match is *** to me I guess? There you have it.
  20. This was whatever. Opening was pretty boring with them doing uninteresting takes on basic holds, I've seen enough arm wingers for a lifetime, nothing Chris Hero does with them makes me want to see more. Commentary compared Tommy End to a K1 kickboxer, I don't remember ever seeing Peter Aerts do sound effect kicks. The sequence with End and Sabre Jr. avoiding each other's kicks was more eye-rolling than any of the recently debated flip GIFs and the one man Magic Killer was the type of embarrassing indy nonsense I'd expect out of Davey Richards. The Sabre in peril portion wasn't particularly interesting and all the striking quickly got repetitive. They kicked it up a notch for the finish with their puro cosplay strike exchanges but then the match just went on and on and on. I'm not really familiar with how Evolve matches are structured so it is not a good sign they couldn't get me to bite on any of the nearfalls. The idea of Tommy End, this great faux kickboxer doing Moonsaults could be explained as an Otsuka-tribute but it was much closer to a very bad Koji Kanemoto tribute. I don't really have anything nice to say about this match. It wasn't very interesting to me sorry (I did pop for the D'Lo Brown namedrop on commentary). Chris Hero has a nice Piledriver I guess. **
  21. Sometimes you open a video of a match and think "here we go". And there may be a pre-match interview, ok, skip that. Maybe a video package for a preview, ok, skip that. Boring entrances, ok, skip that, Endless introductions, ok, skip that. Then the match starts with something boring and generic like arm wingers and you wonder if it wouldn't be better to just close that youtube window and go do something else. Maybe go watch cat meme videos, reconnect with your childhood friends. Anything else really. And sometimes you see LA Park and Rey Escorpion holding chairs ready to attack each other and think "every decision I've ever made leading up to this moment has been correct". Cause that's what you're really here for in the pro wrestling bubble, bandana man and skeleton man pretending to try to kill each other with more than half of the match covered in two control segments. And even when they move away from the garbage wrestling the match is still great because of their tremendous personalities. Escorpion manages to incorporate taking off Park's mask into a Clothesline so smoothly, and he immediately makes sure to cover his base and distract the ref. It's insane that Park is doing the kind of crazy dives he did here when he's that old and fat but it just adds to the chaos. ****
  22. These four wrestlers are in my ballot. Certainly the best Negro Casas match from this year. Solar and Blue Panther are old and they are past their prime but they can still deliver the goods on the mat. Just don't ask them to go on the third rope. The best part of the match are the interactions between Casas and Terry.
  23. What a superb little match. Creative spots, violence, comedy, the underdog narrative and awesome heel work from Suzuki. Love the dynamic with Suzuki murdering Yano with killer offense while Yano did really basic stuff like hair pulling and grabbing the referee just to stay in the match. I know Yano gets ironic praise on places like reddit but he really is a great foil for Suzuki. The repeated interference from Taichi worked really well and had a nice payoff. Great, great finish. **** 1/4
  24. I like pro wrestling that preserves the struggle of a fight, even if it is one often resembling action/boxing/martials arts movie scenes more than an actual real competition or a fight. I don't like pro wrestling where the workers struggle to simulate the fight itself, and if you're not bothered by the sloppiness that is still very much present in many of these matches, well, good for you. But I'm having trouble taking Bayley seriously when she messes up very basic looking spots. The match was fine-Bayley got some solid shine early on and then we transitioned into a cool control segment where Asuka nailed Bayley with a brutal knee and kept cutting Bayley off every time Bayley attempted a comeback. Asuka really nailed some sharp kicks in here, it was a joy to watch. Unfortunately Bayley's comeback was pretty lame, slamming someone's head into the the turnbuckle as a comeback works if you're a tecnico and Fuerza Guerrera is bumping for you but as a means of vanquishing the biggest badass the NXT women's division has had so far it's not very convincing, especially when the slams themselves don't look especially violent. Bayley's babyface comeback offence of running elbows/kneedrops/legdrops would've been much more efficient if Asuka's control segment laster longer and was used as the actual comeback. Finish was also kinda eye-rolling, didn't really buy into Bayley becoming this huge badass, her acting wasn't there and her daring Asuka to hit her in the face and immediately covering up was just so stupid, it's the kind of stuff that happens when you have Triple H and friends laying out puro machismo tribute spots. Do I even need to explain how stupid no-selling a head kick is after treating it like a KO shot a mere second after? You fire up and barely get to your feet at best after something like that. That would've made for a much better and intruiging finish than what they did. ***
  25. This was fascinating to watch. Nia Jax has no presence whatsoever and carried herself like she is much smaller than she is. She deserves more opportunities than someone of lesser size because (I assume) it's harder to find someone her size and you need as much variety as you can get. This felt very much like a Kiyoshi Tamura U-Style match against a not big name in that while it wasn't a total squash it felt close to it. At no point did you get the impression Asuka was in danger. It was interesting to see Asuka feed herself submissions and kicks and work around Nia. If Nia *got* the most fundamental things about her character I'd have advocated working a different much and would argue that one could have been much better, but as it stands I'll gladly take this since no one else is doing Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tom Burton right now. ***1/4
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