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Found 12 results

  1. When I watched Raito Shimitsu vs. Yuki Ishikawa, I was hoping he would get more interesting stuff like this to do. Well, I don’t know if “getting the bricks beat out off of you by Fudo in a chain ring match” technically counts, but it sure is something. This goes 5 minutes and is basically the worlds greatest WCWSN squash. Fudo is a great stiffer Finlay in this, just beating the life out of Raito with sick vader hammers, lariats and chops. His ground moves may be even more devastating as he just drops his entire body weight into an elbow drop or senton. His big splash that left Raito gasping for air looked absolutely sick. Raito gets 1 or 2 brief moments of offense, including a nice judo throw, but his Karelin Lift gets denied and Fudo just finishes him like he owed him money. Very short, very violent. It was a good bout.
  2. The entrances set the whole tone for this match. Both coming down off lifts that would normally be used for construction. The video package playing in the middle of the two, whilst they are angrily trash talking. It was a tremendous visual. As way Wagnery having a large entourage and Blue Demon Jr having only one, which is his son, Hijo del Blue Demon. The match starts out hot, with Blue Demon attacking Wagner before he could take the honorary mask off and busts him open, with the blood turning some of the mask red and smashing him with a bottle. Just absolutely great rudo work from him. Him and his son double teaming Wagner to hit a chop was just a tip of the iceberg. Wagner showed he wasn’t averse to brawling and whacks Blue Demon Jr with a metal pan rips the mask and busts him open. The match got much more intense when Blue Demon Jr used a hammer of all things and goes to town on Wagner’s back and hand. The visual of Blue Demon Jr being drenched him his and Wagner’s blood whilst furiously locking on the Fujiwara armbar was amazing. And teased Wagner tapping for it in the match so well every time. Wagner’s short comeback with him desperately trying to win Demon with the Wagner drivers was so great as you could feel the urgency and desperation that he had. The finish was good, the interference I could’ve done without but the use of the weapon fit the hate filled feud they’ve built for the past year. Awesome match really. Blue Demon isn’t renowned for being a good wrestler but he brought some great rudo work in this match to match Wagner’s technico performance. ****3/4
  3. I've never watched these two before but I have heard good things about both luchadores. This had a great start with hard overhand chops on the apron and then in the ring which transitioned into a crowd brawl. Hijo de Fishman had some heavy offence like a fireman's carry into the chairs that gave a big thud. His clubbing blows looked great. Sagrada's mask got ripped and the blood came soon after - . He took some mega punishment here and the crowds rallied behind him. Loved him begging Fishman to hit him with his own belt after he did it a few times. The sound the belt gave was sickening. Sagrada was awesome on offence. He popped Fishman with a punch to the jaw and then unloading with punches to a grounded Fishman, who was also covered in blood. Fishman had some great lucha holds that he'd lock on from random moves. He'd turn a fireman's carry into an arm-trapped single leg boston crab. The back and forth struggle was really good. There was a great sense of rivalry and hate shown in their struggle rather than it being a 50/50 your turn, my turn type of match. It just works on most levels for me. The only bad thing about the match is the finish. A skinnier Sagrada comes out and takes on Fishman's second and we got a foul kick for a finish. I didn't really care for it. Every match had it's downsides and this was it for this match. Awesome lucha brawl met with a great rudo performance by Hijo de Fishman and a good technico performance by Sagrada Jr. ****1/2
  4. 4 guys who can go doing their thing for 24 minutes in a garage. Obviously getting to see Ishikawa in a lengthy match in 2019 is great, but the main reason I liked this is that everyone was pretty vicious. Ishikawa clogged Thatcher in the jaw during their first exchange, no real friendy grappling, lots of punches are thrown on the ground, Ringkampf would work over their opponents with nasty stomps and knees etc. Walter seems to understand how to not get stale as he hitting these Tenryu punts and busted out an awesome uranage. I haven't seen Irie in a while but his matwork was fun and he had these cool swinging Vader Hammers. Ishikawa was pretty much the star of the show always doing something interesting and not only grappling it out but also acting really smart. For example, he would get mount and work over Walters kidneys with glee only to get raddled by that big bear paw like austrian hand. This didn't build to something great but the action was very good throughout and there were a few highlights and smooth Ishikawa submissions to keep you happy.
  5. Well shocker, this was good. I've been a wXw sceptic forever, but gotta give it up for them flying in an old japanese guy almost no one has heard of and let him completely outwork their boy and everyone else on the show. I've never been blown away by Thatchers grappling and he didn't do anything great here either, but that may have been the story of the match. Basically Ishikawa outclasses Thatcher the whole way through, making up great counters and doing cool shit I've never seen him do before. Thatcher has to resort to potatoeing Ishikawa and he doesn't hold back. Some BattlARTS worthy smacks here. This doesn't reach the higher pantheon of Ishikawa singles match but that is a pretty high bar and for Ishikawa taking on an unfamiliar guy who looks so much bigger that it's seemingly not the best matchup and have a match this good is really impressive.
  6. Miyu Yamashita pummeled Misao early in the match with some nasty kicks, and knees to when she trapped her in the corner which was awesome. Sakisama doing the paradise lock (eat your heart out SANADA) and then sitting on Miu Watanabe was great heel work. And then baiting Yamashita to come in and move out of the way of her dropkick, which then hit Watanabe was just the tip of the iceberg. Biishiki-Gun as a duo worked well together, cutting off the ring, working so viciously on Miu’s arm. Yamashita when she came in looked top level with how smooth and finesse she is. Everything she did came across as flawless from her strikes to simple things such as snapmares. Her strike battle with Sakisama was awesome. It didn’t feel aimless or pointless, every strike had poise and painful intent behind it. Miu’s run on offence was so much fun. She has that uncanny ability to make you root for her. She had that plucky underdog offence that works so well when you have the domineering wrestlers in the match alongside you. The match got streamers after the fact and trust me, this was well earned. ****1/4
  7. Well, this blew my expectations out of the water. Gisele Shaw looked very awkward making her entrance and I thought she was going to be a total stiff in the ring. Even her first headlock looked so wooden but then she totally blew me away. I loved Shaw's condescending heel performance early on. When she offered a handshaw with that fake smile which slowly turned into a look of intent, I just smiled. Shaw using her size to her advantage really well, putting tons of aggression behind her offence, also blending that with her great athleticism. Her strikes in the match was actually pretty good, at one point she cut off a Natsumi Maki comeback with a nasty punch to the stomach.The selling by Natsumi Maki was very, very good and made Shaw look that much better - her screams made Shaw pulling into the corner post seam all the more painful. The attempted comebacks by Natsumi Maki were incredibly well done. They were filled with a ton of fire, they respected the size difference and was cut off at the right moments. What I think the match did well was to keep its momentum going. Even in the down points of the match, which weren’t many, they were able to recover or get back into the swing of things well. Like the “sort-of” messed up Springboard cutter. I think the finish could have been executed better. However, this was a cracking match overall with two very good performances. Both lead into each other’s strengths and made each other look great. ****
  8. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2 Very good little match build around Yuka working over Miu's arm in pretty Yuka fashion, unique techniques and all. Miu's selling is fine for the most part but she is a great underdog and puts up a hell of a struggle. ***1/2
  9. Kazuchika Okada defends the IWGP Heavyweight title. Pretty good stuff from Jericho here in between the aggressive attacks, heel stuff and generally trying to stay one step ahead of Okada story wise. I like Okada in general but this was a nothing performance. Aside from the gloating at the start, he contributed nothing to the match. Good finish with Okada outmaneuvering the "brawler" Jericho with a simple wrestling move. The pacing was pretty lethargic though and large parts fell flat. Not bad but hugely disappointing. ***
  10. I honestly thought this was really good. If it wasn't for those last minute botches, this wouldn't get nearly as much hate. In fact I'm not even sure those spots were actually botches. A drained, bloody Goldberg collapsing while going for a tombstone made sense as did the jackhammer not being perfectly executed (it turned into a Hashimoto style sheerdrop brainbuster which I would actually consider to be a bonus). I'll admit the finish was a little too anticlimactic though. Expecting a fluid, fast paced, flawlessly wrestled match was silly. This was exactly what it should have: a gritty, ugly heavyweight slugfest between two past their prime heavy hitters. The snake eyes to spear transition to get Goldberg back on offense was really good. Both threw some great strikes as well. ***1/2
  11. I didn't expect to see a solid Match of the Decade contender at this point, but this was it. Just an incredible match, if CMLL did this kind of story based intense pro wrestling more often there would be no stopping the company. The psychology was sharp as a knife, early Virus working over Metalico with shots to the head followed by a control switching dive sequence felt straight out of 90s AJPW. The struggle and nearfall sequences where top tier and as good as it gets in lucha. I realize I'm sounding a little generic here, but they worked so many fine details into the back and forth, combined with a determined Metalico giving it all to take down the trickiest wrestler in the world. I haven't seen as much Metalico as I probably should have but he was great here as the aging gunslinger who would throw fists and fight tooth and nail. Even his sloppiness added to the match. Virus was as classy as usual. Every counter was incredibly well executed and perfectly timed, with some great struggle over holds and pins thrown in. Loved the constant punch outs which gave the match a feel like somebody would have to be KOd for it to end. Gotta love the fact they made suicide dive feel this epic in 2019.
  12. In some ways this was better than Satomura/Saiki and in some ways worse. The opening exchanges were very good, and the match soon turned into an absolute slaughter with Satomura using her skinny opponent as a kicking bag. Sareee also took some brutal suplexes. Sareee is a fairly generic female worker, but she held her own with some sick crowbar dropkicks that seeked to shatter Meikos face. Satomura basically worked this like a pissed off Jumbo, angrily walloping her opponent around whenever she had enough and landing brutal throws. Meiko also whips out a super fast spinning toe hold and looked like it would dislocated your knee in another great spot. The problem was that whenever Sareee needed to make a comeback she simply no sold her way back into the match. Meiko selling her the head trauma from the constant dropkicks to her face added some depth but this needed some kind of hook for Sareee to outsmart her higher ranked, more skillful, precise and vicious opponent. As a result the finish didn't feel earned. Should add that Satomuras suplex bumps were crazy aswell.