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Found 202 results

  1. This bangs. Suzuka attacks Hokuto before she can get out of her big robes and wig only for Hokuto to counter a backbreaker into an armdrag over a pile of streamers. Hokuto takes her wig off, Suzuka jumps her and attempts the backbreaker again but Hokuto counters it into a splash this time, goes back into the corner to take off her robes and shouts something at Suzuka which got a lot of crowd laughs. Suzuka looks a bit embarrassed that she failed to jump Hokuto at the bell not once but twice. One of the wackiest opening 30 seconds ever. They then have a great violent match with nasty handwork and the big bombs you'd expect. ****1/4
  2. This is the best thing to ever happen in wrestling. We are in the heart of the interpromotional wars and Hokuto has beat Kandori, so here we are in the Grand Prix with Kandori's LLPW teammate Yasha Kurenai is out to prove something. We start with Kurenai walking up to Hokuto and spitting into her face with the hugest spit ever. Hokuto has 0 reaction. The crowd realizes what is about to happen and starts chanting for Hokuto. Kurenai then gets to the middle of the ring and does her pose, Hokuto just has a seat and stares at her. Kurenai then gets a kendo stick and starts attacking Hokuto's leg and then proceeds to do 3 lame choke slams, which Hokuto no sells with Kurenai getting angrier and angrier. Hokuto gets tossed a kendo stick which she immediately throws back, because she doesn't need that shit. A moment later Hokuto hits one of the most vicious Northern Lights Bomb ever for the win. She then yells a lot on the mic and this is the best. 9/10. Wrestling is amazing!
  3. While it is hard for me to call this a feel good match considering the beating Chigusa takes for most of the match, the ending and postmatch have such a satisfying overcoming the odds feel to them. This has a more commanding Matsumoto performance as compared to 8/85: strutting around arrogantly, beating up the referee, torturing Nagayo. Chigusa delivers yet another epic selling babyface performance. Her wandering around, dazed and half blinded by blood is quite the visual. The hope spots are great and the crowd reactions enhance everything. Great finish that works as the perfect payback spot. Dramatic and emotional. Must-see just like the first hair match. **** 1/4
  4. Kandori's entire persona is that of someone in a huge hurry who's stuck in a line at Subway behind a person taking 5 minutes to decide what type of cheese they want--just a perpetual grump. It makes for a great contrast with the eternally bubbly Kyoko. This is a marvelously well-built match, with Inoue really working outside of her comfort zone. There are some fantastic reversals and counters, like a more intense version of the Kawada/Taue CC match. After a few heart-rendering near-falls, we got a finish that I actually really liked, and was built to just as well as the rest of the match. Some of the most dramatic rope escapes you'll ever see, which sets up the winning submission pretty spectacularly. Kandori may have been involved in the two best joshi singles matches of the year.
  5. Let's try that again... Well firstly it's a collective failure of the IWC that this match doesn't even had a PWO thread until now This is an incredible must-see and one-of-a-kind match. Sometimes it feels like you're watching a legit riot rather than wrestling match it's so out of control and unpredictable. Dump jumps Yukari with the microphone and just beats her over the head with it and leaves her a bloody mess, and it just keeps escalating from there. Yukari is so brave she keeps getting back in the ring to fight this monster. Dump starts running around with scissors trying to stab everyone and suddenly Devil and Chigusa are now involved trying to stop her. A nice detail is how Dump always back off a bit from Devil, who's never intimidated by her unlike the other babyfaces. They have history. The Commissioner comes out and DQs Dump, and if you've watched 80s Joshi you'll know you need to go WAY overboard to get DQed here, but Yukari insists on restarting the match. Then Dump extends a handshake and pretends she's gonna play fair now, but just distracts Yukari so Bull can stab her in the back with scissors and then they both beat her up. She's just so damn evil! I got legit upset seeing her do this despicable act. Amidst all this chaos, this is still a traditional brave babyface vs. despicable cheating heel at its core. Dump just takes everything to new levels of evil. ***** 5 Stars. This is one of the greatest matches of all time. I count everything before, after the bell and in between the restart as one complete awesome package.
  6. Jumbo Miyamoto defends the WWWA World Title Really important match for the history of AJW and joshi wrestling as a whole. Until the debut of Mach Fumiake joshi wrestling only had sporadic tv appearances and public matches as since its beginning in the near aftermath of WWII due to having a reputation of being a sexual sideshow at dance clubs and cabaret halls. Even legitimate promotions couldn't rent gyms cause landlords didn't want to attract a crowd with any potential links to the underworld. Enter Mach Fumiake, a runner up in a national singing competition a couple years before her wrestling debut, a debut aired on Fuji TV, and her built in celebrity helps bring a respectability to the sport and brings in a larger audience. Here is her lone WWWA title win against Jumbo Miyamoto in a match less than 5 minutes long that ends in a three-count despite Jumbo getting her shoulder up. The wrestling itself isn't spectacular but is indicative of the time, (in my opinion Mariko Akagi is the best wrestler in AJW during this time up until the final years of the 70s) with Mach's significant offense being big boots and a double underhook suplex. Jumbo Miyamoto would win the belt back 14 days later and later in April, 1975 Fuji TV reaches a deal with AJW to regularly broadcast their wrestling and create the long lasting relationship between AJW and Fuji TV.