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Found 21 results

  1. I thought this is a notch above their tag league final match from two years before. Worked in the same vein of the aforementioned match with the utter chaos, bleeding, brawling, drama, heated crowd and amazing Terry Funk selling and gruesome gusher. Everyone play their role perfectly, but this is still the Terry Funk show. Great match.
  2. Way too fun. This was about the best match you can possibly get out of two dudes as limited as Abby & Benkei. First Anjo and Tiger take turns laying into pudgy old sumowrestler Benkei before Abby comes in for the old stab & chop. Anjo ends up bloodied and playing a really good Ricky Morton for such a natural dipshit heel before coming back by beating the shit out of Abby and bloodying him in return. Undeterred by the potential Hep infection Tiger Mask comes in and beats the shit out of a bloody Abby aswell. Tiger can't really do highspots against these fat dudes so he just throws a bunch of kicks to the face and kneedrops and it's awesome. Abby trapping Anjo with his blob physique was a great spot too. Tiger Mask & Anjo looked super here and Abby selling and coming back with a last ditch throat chop was genuinely exciting stuff.
  3. La Gran Guerrera I: Carlos Colon, Invader I, Bruiser Brody, Dutch Mantell & TNT vs Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Chicky Starr, Kareem Muhammad & Grizzly Boone 12/12/87 WWC This is a match where the result is almost better than the match itself. The opening of this is a bit like a battle royal, guys lean against the ropes and punch eachother. Invader #1 is by far the most enthusiastic guy here, throwing hands and really punting Chicky in the balls with a vengeance, while Colon is the one who pops the crowd. The handcuffing stuff doesn't look great altough I dig that Abby has forearms too huge to be handcuffed easily. It comes down to Iron Sheikh vs. Colon and Sheikh is really hammering Colons forehead with his fist. The match feels almost tame for Puerto Rico standards but after the match Sheik tries mutilating Colon with the belt and all the heels beat on the handcuffed faces. I'll say that Rip Rogers is absolutely hilarious on commentary yelling about Domingo Robles.
  4. Got this for the Secret Santo project, a fun TV tag. Starts out with Sting and Eaton rushing the ring to brawl for the shine. Cactus takes a nutty bump down a ramp at Center Stage. Only thing about Center Stage I like as a wrestling venue so far really. Eaton does a quick FIP (match is something like 7 minutes) that is good for the time it gets. Abby does some unexpected quick stuff like running across the ring to getting between Eaton and Sting after a tag that I wish would last the whole match. Eaton doesn't take any particularly nasty bumps to try and top Cactus, might be something that he does as a heel moreso than a face. He also uses mostly punches as offense. And as good as Eaton's punches are he has so much more offensively. Again, maybe something he does as a face and saves his more varied offense for when he is working heel. Have seen this in other Eaton matches from around the same time as well, so maybe he just didn't care for where he was after Corny and Stan left. Hot tag is fine, but Abby kind of bogs it down. Not sure he's worked enough of this kind of match to really know where to be when, because Sting has to track him down and get some token attacks in just to make things look good. Finish seems rushed and it's really odd that an Abby throat thrust would put anyone down for the three. Either somebody came up with the idea of enough attacks to the throat = finished (which would be a smart way of looking at things) or it's just lazy booking and/or wrestling. I'm leaning towards the second. Fun TV match but it's hard to get into PG-rated Abby matches for TV when he can be so great in his element. Cactus is good, Eaton is not at his best but still good as the plucky FIP. Sting is kind of an afterthought besides all of the brawling with Cactus and a few brief moments after the hot tag. I did like getting to see Bobby play FIP and Cactus do his thing though.
  5. I'm sure it is common knowledge to many but I had no idea Wahoo worked All Japan. I was worried about this because of Abdullah but it ended up totally ruling. Abdullah has maybe two or three moves he can do right and he sticks to them here, I do love his goofy selling though, and Wahoo's brutal chops totally make you buy into the combination of the two. I love how Wahoo grabbed Abdullah's chin when they locked up and two minutes in both guys were bleeding, slamming each other into the timekeeper's table and doing epic strike exchanges. Finish kind of sucked as they went out of the ring for no reason for the dreaded double count-out buh man oh man you can FEEL Wahoo is an all time great here. Five minutes of awesomeness. *** (I'm not sure I can justify rating it more, it's not like it was Ikeda-Ono but I enjoyed it more than I usually would a *** match? IDK. watch it it's really good)
  6. It's really cool to see how over Hogan is in Japan at this point, with the fans chanting his name after the bell and popping huge for his posing during ring introductions. Right away, they establish that this is going to be worked Clash of the Titans-style with all the stalemates off of lock-ups and shoulderblocks. Then Abby rolls outside after Hulk hits a high jumping knee (!!) and we've got ourselves a cool layout. They work up to Hogan not just applying the bearhug on Abby, but doing it where Abby is off of his feet elevated. Then Abby puts his knees up on a splash coming off the ropes and the blood begins to flow, with Abby using his trademark pencil to inflict more damage. I don't really know what Hogan's work looks like before this and if this is par the course or a departure. from his typical New Japan working style. But you get the sense it was this stage of his career where he really learned to work "big" and create an electric atmosphere. The execution is a little off from both guys, but that actually adds to the match because it puts over the violence factor. I don't think they were blowing spots to make us think we were seeing a shoot, but I do think this is the essence of what Dave was trying to describe in that New Japan match not long ago, only he said it in a questionable way. Hogan's blood-soaked facial expressions are great, and he's quick to make sure Abby also juices when he gets some momentum going. They brawl outside the ring for the typical DCOR finish, but they have a hell of a brawl post-match. I know it's a cliched 80s finish, but in this case, it's a well-worked cliched 80s finish. (Hey, there's Hiroshi Hase as a young boy trying to break them up!) This shows a few possible paths both guys could have taken. Abby would have been an excellent early challenger for Hogan in the WWF, and you get the sense that if 1997 Johnny Ace could have a great match against Akira Taue, so could 1982 Hogan. Good stuff. *** (If you're not philosophically opposed to considering the post-match part of the match rating, which I'm not, tack on an extra 1/2*.)