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Found 42 results

  1. Charles (Loss)


    Pacific Northwest Wrestling TV Aired April 11, 1982 (Taped April 10, 1982) No review yet. NWA World Title: Ric Flair (c) vs Brett Wayne Sawyer 2/3 Falls: Curt Hennig & Larry Hennig vs Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  2. Charles (Loss)

    [1993-04-11-AAA] Konnan and Jake Roberts

    Talk about it here.
  3. What was Nagayo doing between the Crush Gals and this show, anyway? Or until the formation of GAEA? I do admire the booking of this show for laying out so many disparate styles, especially for a big joshi show where one of my criticisms is that the styles and matches tend to run together. This is a hard-hitting slugfest between two old rivals, with some crowd brawling and some intense submission work before we start hitting the near-falls. I don't know what Nagayo's status was but for a legend-returns-to-the-ring match this was pretty awesome, and she didn't look to have lost a step. Nagayo gets a nice comeback after kicking out of the Guillotine Legdrop, before Bull shrugs it off to put her away.
  4. The only other Bolshoi I've seen is a submission match with Plum that's worked like joshi UWFI, so I confess between that and this that I still don't quite know her deal. That match was worked completely straight and here we get a comedy opening that's out of a Brazos match. It is amusing shtick and probably fits in well with the overall card, and Kid brings the goods when it comes to offense and bumping and selling later in the match, being the real workhorse of her team. That being said, there were long stretches of this that were loose and cooperative-looking as hell, and other than the dive train, Plum's cool takedown and leg submissions, and the JWP team doing a bunch of top rope double stomps in a row, very little of this stood out. Almost totally heatless, to boot. Kyoko pretty convincingly kills Bolshoi dead to end a disappointing match. Grover talked about this whole card aging surprisingly poorly--I don't know if that's the case, as the main event sure didn't seem to, but this would be a match to point to to support that assertion.
  5. This match is the answer to the burning question: "What happens when you try to have a bloody, heated lucha brawl in front of a Japanese audience?" Via la Mexico! Before the bell Aguayo sucker attacks Hamada and throws him to the outside. Aguayo has a crew of four guys with him, and they are all over Hamada, in a good attempt to draw some killer heat. Doesn't really happen though as the crowd just sits there. These guys have a great, stiff match with some nice lucha sequences and very few holds. Hamada's second (masked guy) tries to fire up the crowd, often pointing out when Aguayo is cheating. Hamada hits a big dive to a nice pop and then things spiral out of control. Aguayo's guys try to introduce a chair, eventually doing so and Aguayo cracks Hamada with it (opened no less, right on his skull) and Hamada blades. Masked guy is freaking out because there's a foreign object now introduced, and (at least the crowd that is lit) people are kind of "meh" to this. Aguayo starts working the cut HARD, blatantly giving no shits about the ref or rules. He doesn't stop and the ref waves the match off. All his guys are in to kick at Hamada while Perro still works the cut. We finally get some babyface reinforcements but they don't get the upperhand and the onslaught continues. Things start to slow down, guys just meandering around while sometimes punching and kicking at each other. Hamada gets the object and starts to clear house and then both teams hold their guy back. We get a pull-apart brawl now with Hamada and Aguayo going at it with Hamada hitting a staunch headbutt to kind of end the whole post match stuff. Aguayo actually hangs around on the ropes while they pick Hamada up and the crowd cheers. Almost thought he was going to run back in again. This was really interesting to watch in the environment where it took place. This match was ranked 26/75 in the Other Japan 80s poll.
  6. This match was on a show that was part of the Cauliflower Alley Club. Instead of trying to work a memorable epic, they keep things simple and work a straight forward easy to understand match in front of a crowd that was mostly unfamiliar with them. A great sampler of what the Stardom girls can do. ***1/2