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Found 25 results

  1. Match has the backstory coming in of them being former Generation Next stablemates, and tag team champion partners. They had feuded in the past as part of ROH's rather ill-fated 'stable wars' period, but that felt pretty underwhelming from my memory. At that stage it was Aries who was the face and Strong as the heel, but that's reversed here. On commentary they say Strong is returning from a tour of NOAH and he feels a bit directionless in comparison to Aries who was being pushed back into the ROH Title picture. There's lots of cautiousness and feeling out early on, which makes sense given their history and knowing each other so well. Unfortunately, the match then never really progresses to where you think it could do, although this was a TV match rather than a bigger ROH show where they may have cut loose more. There are fun moments, but it gets pretty dull in the middle and meanders at times. Aries is wrestling in his heel persona, meaning he's not at his more fluid, while Strong - especially at this time - despite being a very good wrestler still wasn't that charismatic. He doesn't show the emotion and fire you would want from going up against your former partner. I did like the story of Aries constantly being able to dodge Strong's chops (although they don't do it as well as the 2005 match between Strong and Punk (Escape from New York?) which tells that story masterly) but by doing so he leaves himself vulnerable to other offence. It's probably a very niche reference but it reminded me of when Stoke City first got promoted to the Premier League in the late 2000s and teams were so psychologically terrified of giving away thrown ins due to Rory Delap's long throws they would concede in other ways. Probably just me thinking that though... While a good match, this feels like the two guys are doing it a bit paint by numbers. Maybe its the setting (being from a TV taping), maybe it's Aries still working in his new heel wrestling style or maybe it's Strong not having much going on in the company, but while I enjoyed it, it did feel disappointing given what both guys are capable of. (*** 1/4)
  2. ROH World Title Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. James Gibson I’m not a fan of the finish. It’s not inconceivable, but something about Aries collapsing into Gibson while in a Trailer Hitch, fluking his way to the win rubs me the wrong way. But still, these two are so good together. Gibson’s back is near enough fully healed so he’s more of a threat this time around so Aries attacks his arm to create that weakness himself and the match goes on from there. I thought Gibson’s selling was excellent as well. His defensive body language is something that really stood out to me. As soon as Aries trapped his arm in the barricade, he went into defense mode and I love that. Aries crafted some excellent counters out of Gibson's signature moves due to the weak arm in return. This was yet another awesome match between the two. I’d put the Stalemate match ahead of this though. Just on a gut feeling. ****
  3. ROH World Title Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. James Gibson Austin Aries is a gorgeous wrestler to watch. Aries is so slick - he embodies the word - with his offence. It’s like poetry in motion in the way he seemingly glides across the ring. And he does it in a way that helps his wrestling look more solid and grounded than a lot of people who are aesthetically pleasing but it's more of a dance and it perhaps works against them. A wonderful wrestler. I sometimes think that I’m way too high on him but then I’ll watch him in a match, like this one, and think “no, he’s just as incredible as I think”. Enough of the Austin Aries gushing as the match was superb. Not flawless, but I can see what the attempt was. James Gibson, fresh off coming in from WWE, is a hot little indie act and he’s been on a hot streak in Ring Of Honor in particular. So he had a ton of momentum coming in against Aries as a challenger but unfortunately, he’s carrying an injury inflicted by Generation Next member, Roderick Strong at the previous show and Aries knows this. So naturally, Aries zeros in on Gibson's back with a series of strikes and moves that target the area. Aries doesn’t even have to change his arsenal too much - hitting a wicked heat seeking missile bottom rope tope to Gison while he was turned towards the crowd. Gibson to his credit sells his back and makes Aries look great in the process, but he still is fighting, returning with some small work on the neck as well. This was looking to be a really excellent competitive match but, like I said, the match isn’t flawless. I disliked how the rainusters were used towards the end. It’s a signature move for Aries and they trade back and forth - while still being locked in together, retaining some semblance of a struggle - eore ending the match with a double pin. It was a very peculiar way to end a match. Scott Sinclair was sneaking though. He raised Gibson's hand, saying he was the winner, first, which the fans went nuts for, and waited to raise Aries hand as well. So I wonder if this was Gabe trying to gauge how the fans would react for a Gibson title win. They like it, Gabe. ****
  4. Thought this was match of the night and thought it was fantastic how it was able to follow the two crazed brawls before it. This felt very much like an excellent modern day championship match with Moose playing the big babyface against Aries' Flair-esque wily heel. Lots of great false finishes you could really believe in like when Moose nails the Spear at last but Aries gets into the ropes. Then there's Moose tossing Aries into the plants in the crowd for a great visual spot. But I thought the finishing stretch with Aries upping the aggression was by far the best part of the match. Great championship match. ****1/2
  5. DEFY Wrestling has posted a new match to their YouTube channel between Shane Strickland and Austin Aries. The match took place on April 13 in Seattle, WA, at DEFY Vibes. This was a title vs title match with Strickland putting up the DEFY 8xGP title against Aries' Impact World Title. Watch it here and share your thoughts in the comments! If there's enough buzz around it, I'll take a look.
  6. This is probably the best YB match I've seen so far, because, they don't go spot-crazy. Aries and Strong work them over and they do a good job selling the puishment, and then when it's their turn, they keep things simple. Some might not like the hundred back and chest rakes, but, they made it work, and Nick mocking Aries was amusing and they were good at keeping Aries from making the save. After Strong tags out, he and Aries are back in control and it seems more and more like they're going to win the titles, especially after Aries pushing Nick off the top rope and they have Matt all to themselves, but, Matt doesn't stay down. He blow anything off, he takes the abuse and barely kicks outs The finish comes down to Matt outsmarting, and out wrestling Strong, when he counters his backbreaker attempt into a crucifix and steals the win. As much as the Bucks have annoyed me while watching their PWG work, and made me scoff at hearing them being called the best team in the world, they finally showed me something here. Edit: In fact, the only real exposing part of the match was when Nick when for the Last Chancery and Strong put him in the Stronghold, and that was only because Nick had to slow things down, because Roddy wasn't ready.
  7. Great Bryan FIP segment, Nigel was on fire, very good hot tag by Aries, really great finishing stretch. Great match. ****
  8. There's 2 titles for the show. The Outbreak title which is the Wrestle-1 title. Then, TNA's which is One Night Only Global Impact 2014. In case anyone was confused... Anyhow, I was completely ignorant to the fact that Sanada wrestled in TNA. I've been doing research for 2011-2015 AJPW and Sanada shows up early on in his team with Manabu Soya. So, I got distracted and watched a few Sanada matches in TNA including a recommended World title challenge vs AJ Styles. However, this match for Aries' X-Division belt is the best. It's thankfully more Jr. Puro style than TNA TV style. It's fought at a quick pace with excellent execution and with little daylight between strikes. Aries still has it. He was hitting his repertoire like it was 2007. Sanada was on point and impressive as well. They're very similar in style and build so, there was a nice parity story early on. This match had wrinkles added to Aries' spots. Sanada had him scouted it would seem. Its what made this memorable. They changed it up from the "I'll do my stuff, you do yours, let's go home" match they could have worked. There were some nice surprises and the finish was pretty good without going too far. It was a competitive fight that delivered what I was expecting and a little bit more. Highly recommended especially if you're in a re-watching 10 year old ROH mood.
  9. C.S.

    Austin Aries released

    From WWE.com: WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Austin Aries. WWE wishes Aries the best in all of his future endeavors. http://www.wwe.com/article/austin-aries-released This is a real shocker and I think it deserves its own thread. Wonder what the hell happened.
  10. This was really good. Hot action from bell to bell. The transitions were really damn good. The finish was a bit annoying but it did it's job in setting up part 3 between these 2. On par with their WM match. ***1/2
  11. KENTA had a classic vs. Austin Aries' tag partner Roderick Strong the night before & here he went and delivered another classic. The strikes were great, the flow was great, this was just great. I loved how Aries in the beginning tried to keep things on mat so KENTA couldn't deliver those well established deadly strikes of his - and when KENTA eventually did blast Aries with those kicks, my goodness. This had it all - great transitions, great strikes, great sense of urgency, amazing crowd heat & no dull moments. ****1/2
  12. Structurally there was nothing special about this match, some revenge spots early on but it quickly became an exchange of control segments. Aries' offence looks good tehnically but there isn't much flair to it, and him clapping before a chinlock was really ridiculous. Some sloppiness with an ugly crucifix driver and a falcon arrow but it didn't mean much either way. The Neckbreaker on the ropes was a cool spot but much like everything in this match didn't really mean anything, and with Jose even escaping from Aries' finisher hold this match didn't really accomplish anything. Doing a no-sell spot in the opening match with a comedy figure was also ridiculous.**1/2
  13. Man people sure do love to complain about insignificant things these days. I guess that comes with having another tab with twitter open while watching matches and being more focused on HOT TAKES than the match itself. Some were bothered by Nakamura "no-selling" the legwork, I honestly forgot about the legwork by the time Aries' heat segment took place. If the legwork was memorable enough for me to actually, you know, remember it, maybe I'd have a problem with it, but it wasn't and I didn't feel like it lasted long enough to warrant more selling. Shinsuke sold it, Aries stopped attacking his leg and then he moved on. People chanting a wrestler sucks because they aren't patient enough to watch a two minute heat segment is really ridiculous. Do these people even watch WWE matches or are they too busy screaming about how Kevin Owens is underutilized to pay attention what actually goes on in these matches. It's not hard to pick up on how WWE matches are worked. Hardy the most complex style. Aries did a good enough job when he was in control-he hit a nice tope and his diving elbow drops, dropkicks etc. were a big improvement over.....whatever he did in the Corbin match. I guess this was disappointing for some, but I don't think Aries is a great wrestler and he looked really bad in the Corbin match. I quite liked the matwork, I liked how they paced the match, the flash submission attempts and how they'd set them up. Nakamura's striking was on point and Aries' was better than usual, he rocked Nakamura with a Forearm pretty good. ***-***1/4
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