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Found 18 results

  1. Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Austin Idol - Memphis 4/27/87 Steel Cage, Hair vs Hair Let’s get the funny part out of the way, which is Lance Russell continually calling Paul E., Paul Dangerly. Ton of fun bullshit to start with the ref ejecting Paul E. and Idol stating he will give a refund to every fan in attendance if he loses. Ok, now I am very intrigued about the finish and how they are going themselves out of this one. Idol is all flummoxed that Paul E. has been ejected and has really thrown if off his game. Idol tries to get out of the cage and after all this ballyhoo Lawler slams him into the cage to get this started. Repeated slams into the cage. The cage is Hell In A Cell style just with no top so there is an area outside the ring to brawl, which I prefer. Most steel cage matches are a bit too claustrophobic it feels even though I have been really digging AWA steel cage tags recently. Lawler has kicked so much ass; he wants to put a nail in the coffin with a piledriver, but Idol scurries away. Lawler has to settle for his bread and butter, punches and gnawing on head. Idol sells overwhelmed heel really well. Idol goes the chain route and nails Lawler. The selling of this is fantastic. It really is the selling that makes this match. This is not an energetic brawl, but one where they are taking the time to make each punch really mean something. Now Idol is giving The King a taste of his own medicine: using the cage and punches to dominate. He crashes down on Lawler. He goes up again and misses knee drop and great selling by Idol flopping around on the mat with his hurt knee. Lawler tries to take advantage, but eats chain again great selling. Now both wrestlers are selling their asses off. Idol tries coming down on him and misses the elbow. Top rope moves used to mean so much more. Lawler hits a diving headbutt, cool shit. The selling of this by both men is incredible and makes each moment 10000000x better. It feels like a war of attrition. Idol staggering and Lawler dazed. Idol right hook that sends Lawler over the top rope in a tremendous bump. Wow! Idol comes drown form apron on Lawler great sound from fist to face and yelp from King. Those soundbytes were great. I am really intrigued about the finish at this point. King no sells and fires away on Idol. So Idol throws him into the ref. They do multiple visual pinfalls for Lawler including a piledriver. I know Lawler is losing, but how. Tommy Rich pops out from under the ring! Oh fuck yeah! He comes out and nails Lawler with a piledriver. Spike piledriver! Double post on Lalwer’s family jewels and Idol wins! Wow! That was insane. The post-match is glorious heel heat –seeking bullshit and the promo with Dangerly, Idol and Rich is fan-fucking-tastic. Idol drops a knee on Lawler while Rich and Dangerously celebrate! A female fan scales the cage and here come the cops! Chair into gut. My one complaint is that Idol and Rich should have done the shaving to get all the heat one them Proclaim themselves the new kings of Memphis! An absolutely beautiful exhibition of the art of selling. I could see this being a ***** match, but I think another rewatch. It just did not feel at that really tippy-top level, but yes one of the all-time greatest matches in any country at any time. ****3/4
  2. Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow vs Austin Idol & Tommy Rich - Memphis 3/23/87 Texas Death Match Rematch in the Mid-South Colseium after the brawl from last week. This time Texas Death Match rules! Bam Bam is pissed and throws steps into the ring and manhandles the ref and that’s how you start a Texas Death Match baby! Not fucking cartwheels, brutha! Lawler & Bam Bam commence to kicking ass. Rich charges at Lawler and just gets punched in a fun spot. Idol has a 2x4, but has no effect on Bam Bam. You cant hurt steel BABY! Idol hits a ballshot on Lawler and goes behind Bigelow to hit a ballshot on him. Gotta love that testicular psychology. Idol uses extension cord and ring bell to maintain control, while Rich goes low to keep Bigelow down. Lawler fires up. Tie Idol up. Make a big deal out of posting Rich as revenge and that wins the fall and win the match. Short, sweet and to the point. The babyfaces get their revenge. Post-match Bam Bam goes BEZERK~! Posts him again. Throws ringsteps and then almost posts the ref. He has the ringbell and I actually believe Lance that he may kill Rich. Bam Bam Bigelow is a really convincing out of control maniac. Better brawl than last week with a more satisfying finish, but nothing I would call as classic just good violent fun. ****
  3. Jerry Lawler & Bam Bam Bigelow vs Austin Idol & Tommy Rich - Memphis 3/16/87 Double Jeopardy A double jeopardy match for those that don’t know, like myself, before watching this match is essentially a two-ring circus. It is two singles matches going on simultaneously in rings side by side where partners can switch off whenever they want and two men of the same team can only be in the same ring at the same time for 60 seconds. I don’t like three ring circuses. I like my attention squarely focused on one thing and don’t like the idea I am missing something. I thought overall that was mitigated by them constantly interacting with each other. The face shine focuses on Bigelow, who is portrayed as a monster babyface helping out hero Lawler dispatch the asshole heels. He busts Rich open early. This allows double teams on Idol. I would be remised not to mentioned the wretched, ugly nude-colored tights on Lawler. Only made worst by pairing it with mustard colored boots. Hands down one of the worst wrestling outfits ever. Maybe that is what was distracting me. Rich breaks up this double teaming. The dreaded falling headbutt lands on Rich, who falls to outside. Falling headbutt for Idol and then one on his nuts. It turns out the angle that kickedstarted Lawler vs Idol & Rich was Idol & Rich trying to ensure Lawler could not have any more kids by crushing his balls against a ring post. This explains a lot of the nut shots. Idol grabs a mic and starts to punch Lawler with it as Rich and Bam Bam go toe to toe. Idol grabs a board with a nail in it and cuts Lawler open and throws him into a table. I will admit that was pretty gruesome. Throws the board to Rich who attacks Bigelow with it. I like that it takes a nail in a board to take down the beast. This is the best presentation of Bam Bam in his carer. They double team Lawler and once again they crush his balls on a post. Bieglow comes around the corner and attacks like a ferocious bear. Big face comeback and lots of revenge nutshots. Bigelow falling headbutt on Richs balls and Lawler ties up Idol and punts him in balls. They are going to post Rich, but Idol comes in with a blackjack from Lord Humongous and whacks the both of them. Ref calls for the bell?!?!? Wicked lame finish. They can use all that other shit and now you call for the bell. They wrap a noose on Lawler and handcuffed Bam Bam to ropes. This is a really good heat segment to set up next week’s Texas Death Tag match. Bigelow tries to hulk up. Jarettt leads face locker room for the save. Bigelow’s bull in a china shop routine after the match is a sight to behold. Honestly, the match felt lukewarm to me. I did not get that feeling of real hatred or heat. There was just not that electricity of a great brawl. I am always down for revenge nutshots so this is a very good match, just not a great one for me. ***3/4
  4. Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol vs Fabulous Freebirds - Memphis 8/5/85 The Freebirds invade Mempho! Lance Russel explains that yet again the Birds have entered a territory well-intentioned, but have been turned heel due to a miscommunication. Lawler was fending off some heels and Hayes came to the ring to help. The King wanted to send these guys packing so he was ready to throw a fireball and accidentally burned Hayes' face/neck. How this turned the Birds heel? Well it is Memphis! Quit your bitching and moaning, Hayes and bow down to the king. I have seen like one Idol match before this so let's see how he does. Basic jumpstart by heels only to be whipped into each other and cleared. Babyface shine consists of Lawler press slamming Gordy and Idol taking a cane from ringside and using it for testicular hijinx. Gordy was especially good at stooging and bumping. Idol is so proud of himself, he shakes his booty! There needs to be more booty shaking in wrestling. It would definitely get heat one way or the other. The heat segment is on Lawler and it is better than any one on the Von Erichs because the Birds actually can get their stuff in. Hayes throws Lawler to the outside and Gordy suplexes him to the floor. All the while, Hayes is strutting and moonwalking! Take that Idol! Hayes bulldog! Hayes and Lawler trade sleeper. Hayes tags out in the midst of the sleeper and when the ref's back is tuned, Gordy nails a piledriver! Lawler kicks out! He powers out of the next one and clotheslines both Birds down! Lawler sold really well throughout this. Melee ensues Lawler accidentally throws a fireball at the ref. Lawler really should not play with fire if he can't hit the target. Hayes whips him like a dog and Gordy manhandles Randy Hales to get his shoe. The faces fire up and send both packing to set up the Badstreet match. Good fun stuff to set up the big brawl next week. ***
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