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Found 6 results

  1. This is for Dragon Lee's World Lightweight Title and I would very much challenge how Cavernario fits that weight class. Cavernario wrestles like a smaller guy despite his size and Dragon Lee is impressive in powering the lucha caveman around. Sneaky good psychology as Cavernario takes off the corner padding, and his motive is two fold - they use this to do damage (he hits an elevated powerbomb on Lee into it) but he also needs it gone to do his running tope through the ropes when on the outside. He gets caught up there, which I guess shouldn't be surprising given his size, but its covered well. We get double powerbombs to the apron, and double stomps off the top rope (to the outside) from Lee and Cavernario hits a gigantic splash off the top also. Wicked headbutts on the top rope - this match has nearly everything. Lee is most impressive when he does the guillotine into that sit-out suplex. Incredible strength. Reverse rana (of course) on Dragon Lee, but Cavernario dislocates his shoulder and hey - if you ever wanted to see a close up of guys trying to use a t-shirt to put someone's shoulder back in their socket, this match is for you! They trade some strikes before Lee essentially deadlifts him into a back suplex with a cradle to the abbreviated finish. This got a lot of time prior to the injury and felt like it slightly overstayed. I dug it though. ***3/4
  2. First two falls aren't much, like usual, but I loved how Cavernario no sold the superkick, it was especially effective because the move itself looked pretty bad, but also it totally seems like something he would do. They really get going on the tercera, both have very nice topes and the match never devolves into your-move-nearfall-my-move-nearfall stuff you are bound to see in this kind of matches. The comparison with the Volador/Mephisto match that happened on the same show is very accurate; here the momentum changes with smart transitions like Cometa reversing the move Cavernario used to win the first fall and they are not afraid of laying some strikes between the big moves. A notch below their previous encounters (which is understandable, here they were the second match on the card, while the other two matches were an apuestas and a title contest) but still really fun.
  3. The first falls were worked just so they'd get out of the way, the "climb on the top rope only for the other wrestler to stand up and do an avalanche move" is CMLL's version of the "bounce of the ropes-eat a move", there was no structure to this other than "let's do a bunch of cool shit", they went overboard with the slap effect strikes and Cavernario botched a dive pretty hard-he even botched the recovery. Those are my reasons for not rating it as a great match. Because the stuff they did REALLY is neat-it's hard to look at something like Volador's big dive and continue being cynical about wrestling. I was also amused at how Maximo and Tirantes were more over than the actual competitors. If you ever feel like just wanting to watch a bunch of awesome looking dives and highspots this is it right here. I'm not going to post a million GIFs or descrive a bunch of spots they did-but trust me. It's good workrate with enough *basic* psychology and quality feeding for it to work, even if Volador will play to the crowd when he should be selling. ***1/2
  4. For a nine minute spotfest in 2016 this is about as good as it gets, both of these guys bust out so much cool stuff-good looking strikes, insane dives, nutty bumps, you'll get all of those here but along with those really good character work inbetwen them that held the match together. ***1/2