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Found 7 results

  1. I love how Okami can go from feisty underdogs to bully "veterans" depending on who they are facing. This was similar to last year's RWTL match against Naoya Nomura & Aoyagi, with Daichi and specially Kamitani doing a really good job in control, dominating and beating the fuck out of their smaller opponents. Abe does little cunty things like very few these days, and his flash kicks and reversals are perfect for hope spots and buildups to a hot tag, so of course it works on this match. Nomura, as always, stands out as a no fucks given, gonna kick and slap you to oblivion bad ass that still doesn't quite have enough to dominate. Strike exchanges were dope as hell, specially the kicks between Daichi and Takuya. Shin-Kiba crowd is right there with them too. Strong BJ delivers once again, @superkix I think you are might like this.
  2. Nice little match here with Togo da gawd doing a great control section over Nomura's leg after the young breh got a little too cocky. The comeback is done really well with Takuya fighting his ass off to try to even things out, loved his selling of the leg every time he connected a kick, it wasn't about fighting smart this time, he wanted to show Togo he could deliver damage no matter in how much pain he was in. Ending made sense. Hard not to have fun in these 12 minutes
  3. I thought their February match was OK but it was highly elevated by that Korakuen MAGIC. This one is even better imo, Korakuen is not nuclear like their title match but they are very much into everything they do and they continue to be fully behind Nakanoue. Daichi does a much better job working on top than in their previous encounter and Nakanoue doesn't have to rely on selling his arm like last time so his comeback has less issues. Final couple of minutes are fucking FIRE. I mean, the only thing this match has going against it is that it's clearly edited in two or three sequences, but even though the cuts are very noticeable they don't take away anything from how good this match was. The Strong Climb tournament has been fucking awesome, can't stress this enough, a bunch of very fun matches that are very short and easy to get into - a Strong BJ staple tbh - and a couple of REALLY fucking good encounters like this one.
  4. Day 1 of the Strong Climb tournament. After watching these two develop over their young careers, I felt like a proud dad watching this. Daichi starts the match thinking he might pull this of off the strength of him being the champ and Nomura still being below him on the totem pole. But Takuya has had some really tough tests coming into the tournament against Abe and Togo so he has NO TIME for Daichi's laziness, he kicks and bitchslaps Hashimoto like he ain't shit, forcing the champ to take him seriously from the get go. There's a ton to love about this, from the crowd LOVING Nomura from minute zero and craving for an upset to Daichi's selling and portrayal of a legit champ - I almost shed a tear when he did the "get pissed off and karate chop THE FUCK outta your opponent to show him who you are" spot that his daddy did so fucking well - to Nomura's fire and not give a fuck attitude. He knows he's faced stronger competition than Daichi so he fucking goes for the W like a madman. Finish could've been a little better but it served it's purpose.
  5. Not even sure how to explain why this match works besides "Korakuen magic", there's some stuff they do that doesn't make a lot of sense, and the selling was spotty. Nakanoue's performance varied from holy shit amazing to "not sure why he did that", but the crowd fucking buys in on everything he does. By the halfway mark they want a new champ and they BELIEVE Nakanoue can pull it off. The atmosphere minimizes the flaws this match has imo, it's not a MOTYC but I'd still recommend it just to see Korakuen elevate a match like only that place can.
  6. Both teams agreed to a rematch in the future and I need that shit yesterday because this was fun as fuck. For the most part, it felt like an exhibition more than a bout for points in a tournament, and the length time hurt it, pacing was a little off and the final few minutes felt like overkill as it normally happens with these kind of matches. So a more condensed version of this should be fucking spectacular. Still, all in all, this had TONS to love. I dare anyone not to have fun watching this. I almost spit my drink laughing when 5 minutes in, Yuji just stiffed the fuck outta Daisuke for no particular reason Shingo felt like he belonged right away, as expected - though he needs to fucking chill with those headbutts - I loved how Okabayashi wanted to join him in every single thing, it's amazing how he can be goofy/clumsy/menacing at the same cotdamn time. Sato tends to go under the radar but he always brings it and this wasn't the exception. Another sequence I really liked was when Sekimoto and Sato did the body slams spot - a Strong BJ staple - while Daisuke was looking straight at Yuji like "yeah I'm doing this shit against your ass". Korakuen was rocking and had a blast wathing these 4 guys going all out and I can't blame them.
  7. Why couldn't we get THIS Daichi for his title match against Suzuki?? As always with the Strong BJ division, the story for this is pretty damn simple: the two young guys show a fuck ton of heart and go all out to get the W against the champ and his outsider buddy. At first we get Daichi trying to prove a point and one up Hideki, but he pays his disrespect dearly as Suzuki fucking destroys his leg in quick fashion. From then on it's all about Kamitani holding the fort and Hashimoto doing an outstanding job at selling and showing babyface fire when needed - fucking LOVED how it looked like it hurt his soul every time he used his damaged leg - I can't get enough of how this division forces people to earn every single thing they do, and this match had plenty of that. Finishing sequence wasn't flashy but it made sense in the context of the story they were telling. Still, even with all the praise I just gave it, this isn't a home run of a match, but it was a really good tag that's worth a look. Post match was great with Daichi wanting to kill the champ for the damage he caused, Kamitani asking for another title shot and Hideki being pissed and throwing the middle finger. It looked like Kamitani will get the shot anyways, I think the young bull has a very good chance at getting the belt back.