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  1. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee vs Jerry Lawler - Memphis 6/6/83 Loser Leaves Town The Little Aussie, Bill Dundee, sure did cause a big stink with his dyed jet black hair and his bad reputation. The King was trying to be diplomatic and amicably part ways with his former tag partner citing irreconcilable differences. Dundee wanted to make sure those differences were known and that was he tired of living in the shadow of the King and he was sick of everyone taking the King's side. So the King tells you all I am a nice guy so you like me and now that Lawler tells you I ain't you don't like me very much. Personally, I agree with Dundee that's a bit fucked up. You should like someone on their own merits not because someone else's opinion of that person. The way the Superstar went about it, well I can't condone. He name-called Lawler, he interfered in his matches, and he manhandled and took advantage of younger wrestlers (Tommy Rogers, Ricky Morton etc...) to prove a point. You got a problem with Lawler take it out on Lawler, you prick, mano y mano. He ends up winning the Southern Heavyweight Championship and this leads to a Loser Leaves Town match. Memphis TV devotes an entire TV show to build to this match and it is simply awesome. Covering so many different angles about what it means to have a Loser Leaves town match between the two biggest superstars of the promotion. I highly recommend watching it before this match. I just finished watching Lawler face Terry Funk and Dutch Mantell, two excellent punchers, but goddamn if Bill Dundee does not have the sweetest punch this side of Jerry "The King" Lawler. Hot Dog! Those were some beauties. The match was interesting to me because this did not feel like a blood feud battle. This was not Slaughter/Sheik or Magnum/Tully. It was a bit closer to Duggan/DiBiase. It was a classic feel-good match. Yes, it was a stand-up contest, but everything was built around feel good spots. Dundee missing moves early, bailing at the threat of a punch, and selling a punch like death. Then Dundee hits a pair of bulldogs, only on the third to be crotched on the top rope. These are great feel-good spots that bring a smile to my face, but this not visceral hatred that Slaughter/Sheik and Magnum/Tully provide. I am a-ok with that because I can appreciate Star Wars as much as I can appreciate Gangs of New York. I really like the touch of all the other wrestlers and managers watching the match from the front row adds to the gravity. Dundee looked nervous and skiddish at the start making mistakes, but when Lawler gets a little cocky by playing to the crowd with the face Dundee starts unloading some fists. The beginning shows the risk of movement and if Dundee can stand and punch with Lawler he may have a better chance. They knock heads and the playing field seems levelled. Dundee gets a nice straight right and Dundee sticks with his game plan of movement hitting a top rope headbutt. The smaller Dundee needs the momentum to cause more damage, but is trying to use the punch to set this up. He comes flying into the corner with a high knee and takes a nasty spill outside the ring. Lawler punches him right in the face, but misses the top rope legdrop. I like how high risk moves are portrayed in this match. They are home runs that both men desperately want to hit in this high stakes match, but miss at the outset because they have not damaged the other enough. Dundee hits a piledriver but his knee is fucked up from the previous high knee he tried in the corner. Awesome! It is a piledriver where he falls off to the right side. Dundee is limping and Lawler is grabbing his right hip. Memphis does such a great job selling these injuries and making every move and miss mean so much. Dundee loads the boot and hits a sliding dropkick. Dundee takes over on Lawler on the outside and hits some of the bets punches you will ever see. Memphis gets a ton of deserved credit for some of the best punches ever, but what needs to be mentioned is how well the wrestlers sell a punch. It makes those punches mean even more. Dundee works the King of Mountain ramming him into post and splitting Lawler open above the eye. Lawler takes his bump off the apron onto the table. Once Lawler gets back in the ring and Lawler does not seem to be as phased by Dundee's punches. Crowd perrks up. Is Dundee punching himself out? STRAP DOWN! Crowd explodes LAWLER COMEBACK! He tees off on Dundee and kicks the Little Aussie's ass. The crowd provides the sound effects for every heavy blow. Lawler gets a cocky ala the Dutch Mantell match and almost gets caught with a sunset flip. Dundee hits a series of chop blocks, but on the third one Lawler nails an upper cut and then a BIG PILEDRIVER~! to send his archrival packing out of Memphis. i love how Memphis treats high spots. In such a high stakes match, you want to leave it all out in the ring so it makes sense to go for broke. In Memphis, high spots are something you have to earn. You need to use your stand up game to set up high spots because if you dont, you will crash and burn. Lawler missing that top rope legdrop could have cost him the entire match as that was the big turning point that afforded Dundee the opportunity to really open up a big lead. "Don't count the King out so soon" is what Lance Russell is always fond of saying. Lawler made his vaunted comeback, but it was almost not enough. He was able to vanquish Bill Dundee with a well-timed uppercut and a wicked piledriver. Jerry Lawler definitely had a formula of taking a lot of heat and making that spectacular comeback. I think this was the Lawler formula executed to perfection. They probably could have one false finish in Dundee's favor to really sell the drama that Lawler was leaving that really would have put this over the top. This is every bit the classic people acclaimed. There is some controversy. This is usually the run away pick for best match in Memphis history. I am not sure I feel that way. I would say at this Dutch Mantell No DQ match is a bit superior for more memorable spots and even more drama. I never felt Lawler was in danger in this one and it was just a really fun match for that reason I cant go five stars. As a feel good match, this is hard to beat and at the end of day wrestling should leave you smiling and this one did just that. ****3/4
  2. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis 12/30/85 Lawler Leaves Town vs Hair of the Dundees So a shit ton has happened since the TV match where Dundee tricked Lawler into losing the Southern Championship so he could face Flair. Lawler ended up missing a bunch of bookings so Lance Russell went to his house and found him sloshed on the ground with empties all around him. Lawler claimed it was all Dundee's fault. I think this was a ruse to lure Dundee into a false sense of security. Then on Memphis TV we get the Hawaiian Flash, which is very clearly Jerry Jarrett to Dundee and Lance. Jarrett wants him to sign a match with the Hawaiian Flash and in return Dundee will get a shot at the tag titles. Dundee jumps at the offer figuring he can polish off the elderly, skinny Jarrett easily. However, he signed for a match with the Hawaiian Flash so when it comes bell time it is Lawler under the hood. Dundee & Co. bum rush the Flash and Jerry Jarrett until the Fabs save with chairs. At some point, Dundee makes an alliance with Dutch Mantell and they win the tag titles. Dundee wants the last belt, which Koko Ware has, but Ware wants Dundee to put his title shot on the line and Dundee loses his title shot to Koko Ware and Ware gets to face Flair. Dundee is pissed. Lawler vs Dundee happens on 12/21, I believe and this time it is Lawler's wife's hair on the line against the title and Lawler wins the belt back. So now in order to get a rematch, Bill Dundee has put up his hair and Beverly Dundee's hair against Lawler leaving Memphis and winning the championship. What a build! I fucking love it! Then before the match Dutch and Dundee did a number on Lawler's eye so now Lawler has a huge bandage over his right eye and is at a sincere disadvantage in this high stakes match. Lawler is pissed at Dutch early and takes his eye off Dundee and gets walloped. Dundee kicks Lawler's ass for the majority of the beginning of the match. I thought both wrestlers gave a tremendous performance especially Lawler in how he was selling. He looked vulnerable, he was trying his bet to fight back and he was very convincing in his debilitated vision causing him to be confused and missing the mark with his punches. Dundee was relentless in this match. He was more vicious in this match. He threw Calhoun down early on. Dundee felt like even more of a prick in this match. He was clawing at the eye. I love the part where Dundee is baiting Lawler and he is basically tripping over himself trying to desperately to punch this little shit while Dundee peppers him with shots and is gloating and taunting him and the fans. There is a kick to the bad eye and you can hear the yelps from Lawler. Nasty headbutt from Dundee right into the bad eye and then a double stomp. I love the constant pinfalls as Dundee is clearly trying to win the match and rid himself of the scourge of Jerry Lawler. There is a great spot where Dundee goes around to Lawler's blind spot and punching him. Lawler finally scores with a big punch. Dundee lashes out in shock and anger just bowling him over. I LOVED THAT REACTION! He comes crashing down on Lawler, but can only get two. Jabs back to the bad eye and now gnawing it. Awesome Dundee strike exchange and Lawler comes off the ropes blasting Dundee, who punches Lawler, but falls on his ass. Clip, NO! Lawler throws Dundee into a table and everyone counts along with Lawler and Calhoun. Dundee breaks the count and grabs his wife. Arena brawling in 1985! Lawler takes a crazy tumble over the railing on the raised stairs. Now that was a great countout false finish! Lawler feels like he is in so much more danger of losing in this match than in the '83 match. Lawler makes his way back to the ring only to eat a baseball slide. Dundee throws him into the post and end is nigh for the King of Memphis. Lawler pulls himself back into the ring and Dundee throws wicked punches, but Lawler wants more! STRAP DOWN~! Crowd gives that those big sound effects to every punch. Lawler blows Dundee away, but he falls down from that. THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! FIST DROP! HUGE RIGHT! Some dude identified as Tony Falk hands Dundee something and he throws it into the eyes of Lawler and wins the match! LAWLER LOST??!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK! Holy shit, I had no idea. That was crazy. I loved this moreso than the 83 one. I thought this was way more Memphis. The 83 match is probably the best possible execution of the Lawler formula whereas this was probably the best possible Memphis match. You had the crazy soap opera back story, the Mrs. Dundee's involvement, Jerry going into the match half-blind, Dundee as a cocky shit, crazy bump out in the middle of the arena, a great bullshit ending to put the heel over. I think '83 match has the better ending and is a better feel good match. I think the Idol match had the crazier finish. I think Dutch match had the better work. The Bam Bam match still has the best story. For my money, this match is perfect confluence of soap opera and pro wrestling and high drama. This is also the only match you really feel like Lawler will lose. There have been surprises before like in the Idol and Dutch matches where he does lose, but you dont think it will happen. This is a match where you are like he is going to lose because how bad of a shit kicking he is taking so then you believe in him more than that his comeback will be all the more unstoppable only for him to still lose. I think we are missing too much of the match for me to go the full 5 stars. ****3/4 P.S. So we miss about 16 minutes of a 23 minute match and in the badass music set to "Burning Heart" we see nasty piledriver by both men and Dundee hitting the Whoopie Cushion from the top. Holy shit! This match is even better than I thought it was. Wish we had it in full!
  3. Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell - Memphis 3/16/86 Going into watching Memphis, this is exactly what I expected! Chaos! Violence! Energy! Hatred! I thought this match was dripping with even more hatred than either of the Loser Leaves Town matches thus far. Dundee was a lunatic in this match. Throwing chairs into the ring, shoving Lance Russell around, tossing tables. Dundee's eye is half shut going into this match maybe retribution for what happened to the King in December. Dutch had a falling out with that little Aussie Prick and has joined forces with Lawler. Lawler and Mantell are crazy in this match chasing the heels around and kicking ass. I love Lawler parading around when Landell accidentally punched Dundee. He looked like Martel or Flair with all that energy! The heels jawing, cowardice and general blundering is awesome. Landell pinballing and then Dundee running away scared was hilarious. So many damn great punches in this match. Lawler teases the piledriver, but settles for a uppercut. He goads Dundee into the match only to move when Dundee tries to drop a leg. Lawler finally gets what he wanted. He tees off on the Superstar. I love Mantell with one foot in the ring at all times ready to pounce on Landell. Lawler kicking ass. Dutch makes sure to get his licks in. Dundee has tapped a gusher. This is a great revenge match. I am really digging it. Dundee throws a wild kick to the Royal Family Jewels and there is a quite cry of anguish. Dundee falls on his ass and is able to tag out to Nature Boy. Landell and Dundee do a number on the King throwing him into the table and kicking Dirty Dutch in the balls. Dundee and Mantell brawling out on the floor, this is chaos. Dundee has the friggin rope and is choking Lawler. Love it! Dundee gouges Lawler's face, but Mantell pulls him off. Dundee is firing away, but it is not having any effect. Dundee goes for the chain, but nails Landell who is now busted open. Tag to Dutch and it is a WAR! Dutch and Dundee brawl on the outside. Lawler and Mantell beat the living shit out of Landell while they take turns throwing Dundee out. The ref realizes Landell is not defending himself and calls the match for blood. Awesome, awesome tag match. I thought it had even better energy and hatred than than Loser Leaves Town. The match is hurt by an anti-climatic finish that does not let you fist-pump in an excitement and the finish stretch does get a little long in tooth as they just keep kicking ass and throwing Dundee out. Enough complaints, this was badass and was one of the best Memphis matches I have ever seen and one of the best tag team matches of all time. ****1/2
  4. Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis 7/14/86 Loser Leaves Town I don't know the buildup to this one other than it is the rubber match of Loser Leaves Town matches. It is No DQ and not for the Southern Championship. It is the two best gunslingers in Memphis wrestling history have one last shootout at the Mid-South Coliseum. I love how this one starts out brimming with energy and so scrappy. They claim this in its entirety, but it is also clipped missing about 8 minutes. That's what makes all these Loser Leaves Town matches hard to rank. Dundee gains control by hitting Lawler in the Royal Family Jewels with his fist. This match really strikes a chord early how much these two have grown to hate each other. Dundee clobbers Lawler and gouges the eyes. They really like going after the eyes in these matches. There are a couple more holds than other matches, which were all bang-bang, but the holds were short lived and it mostly punches. Dundee drops the legs on the Royal Family Jewels and when Lawler powders he throws the King into all sort of hard objects. Lawler gets an early piledriver! But Dundee ends up too close to the ropes. For shame! Now Lawler is throwing Dundee's head into hard objects, the shot of the jaw onto the standard looked like it hurt. He bounces Dundee's head off the table. He goes for it again, but this time Lawler is sent crashing into it sending us into the heat segment proper. Dundee wants Lawler counted out. Dundee starts working the newly formed cut over the right eye, jabbing at it and he comes off the top with a hard punch, but foot on the rope. You can believe in this match Lawler has a chance of losing. Dundee PILEDRIVER! Foot on the ropes again. Dundee needs better ring awareness. Dundee is working on the arm now and I can see why people have this a bit lower than the other Loser Leaves Town because this one is not as Bang-Bang-Bang. Here is the cut! Dundee throwing those punches but Lawler begins to no sell, the crowd percolates and Lance says watch the strap. STRAP DOWN~! AWESOME SLUGFEST BREAKS OUT! DOWN GOES DUNDEE! 1-2-NO! PILEDRIVER! KICK OUT! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?! A series of simultaneous punches and thats not my favorite spot, honestly. Dundee takes off his boot and clobbers the King. Cover. 1-2-NO! Nice pop for that! Lawler definitely feels in a lot more danger than the 83 match. He kicks him in the balls! Lawler crotches him on the top rope and then Piledrives his ass into oblivion for the win! According to Russell, we are missing 8 minutes again, making it hard to give this the full monty. This match was slower in parts than '83 & '85, but I liked it as a combination of the positives of '83 (feel good ending) and '85 (a sense of danger for Lawler). This one really feels like an epic clash. I like 85 a lot for its gimmickery and its constant action. This is tough. I don't think anyone match is perfect. I think '85-'86 work really well together. They all end up with the same rating and I will have to decide their ranking later. For now, Lawler vs Dutch Mantell stands a top the Mempho heap! ****3/4
  5. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis TV 10/19/85 Title vs Hair This is right up there with Flair/Lawler and Lawler/Mantell as awesome Memphis TV angles. I highly recommend this as a gripping episode arc. Bill Dundee has recently returned and he is back in the fold as Lawler's partner, but he is out there making contentious claims that the Lawler/Dundee team is the greatest team in the world better than the Road Warriors, better than Freebirds and even better than the Fabulous Ones. Nows that's fighting words. The Fabs have no problem putting their belts up against Lawler/Dundee. Dundee being the instigator runs out all keyed up and is hollering for Lawler to come out and accept the match. Lawler is not as keen on fighting his friends. Dundee is ripshit and throws a wicked temper tantrum hauling off and hitting all of them. Dundee has goldlust bad baby! He comes back out and is willing to put his brand new sports car up against Lawler's title. Lawler does not think his car is worth 25 cents. Dundee agrees to put up his hair and Lawler likes the idea of humiliating Dundee and agrees to for a Title vs Hair match right here on TV. They have a really fun six minute sprint filled with great punches. Dundee starts off red hot as he has been all revved up this episode. Lawler takes his licks, but starts to fire back with his own punches. Lawler teased piledriver, but Dundee back dropped out of it. Dundee is more cowardly and heelish in this match. I liked the buildup in this one a lot more than in '83. There feels like there is more hate and that Dundee is a real little shit in this. They did the bulldog/put him on the top rope sequence that is fun. STRAP DOWN~! Lawler takes him up for a back suplex, but Dundee punches Lawler with a chain. Back from commerical, Dundee reveals his diabolical plan. You see the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is coming to Mempho on November 18th and guess who he is facing the Southern Heavyweight Champion and thats Dundee!!! It gets even better. Lawler wants a rematch. Dundee says he does not have to defend his belt for one month and one month from now is November 19th. So he is guaranteed the World Title match and once he is the World Champ, Lawler can have the Southern Title back. That's awesome. Lawler reckons in order to get his rematch he needs to make Dundee mad so he threatens to destroy his car. Finally Dundee gives way. Holy shit awesome angle. The match is a fun TV match, but watch this angle! I cant wait for Loser Leaves Town Part II!
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