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Found 148 results

  1. Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell - Memphis 3/16/86 Going into watching Memphis, this is exactly what I expected! Chaos! Violence! Energy! Hatred! I thought this match was dripping with even more hatred than either of the Loser Leaves Town matches thus far. Dundee was a lunatic in this match. Throwing chairs into the ring, shoving Lance Russell around, tossing tables. Dundee's eye is half shut going into this match maybe retribution for what happened to the King in December. Dutch had a falling out with that little Aussie Prick and has joined forces with Lawler. Lawler and Mantell are crazy in this match chasing the heels around and kicking ass. I love Lawler parading around when Landell accidentally punched Dundee. He looked like Martel or Flair with all that energy! The heels jawing, cowardice and general blundering is awesome. Landell pinballing and then Dundee running away scared was hilarious. So many damn great punches in this match. Lawler teases the piledriver, but settles for a uppercut. He goads Dundee into the match only to move when Dundee tries to drop a leg. Lawler finally gets what he wanted. He tees off on the Superstar. I love Mantell with one foot in the ring at all times ready to pounce on Landell. Lawler kicking ass. Dutch makes sure to get his licks in. Dundee has tapped a gusher. This is a great revenge match. I am really digging it. Dundee throws a wild kick to the Royal Family Jewels and there is a quite cry of anguish. Dundee falls on his ass and is able to tag out to Nature Boy. Landell and Dundee do a number on the King throwing him into the table and kicking Dirty Dutch in the balls. Dundee and Mantell brawling out on the floor, this is chaos. Dundee has the friggin rope and is choking Lawler. Love it! Dundee gouges Lawler's face, but Mantell pulls him off. Dundee is firing away, but it is not having any effect. Dundee goes for the chain, but nails Landell who is now busted open. Tag to Dutch and it is a WAR! Dutch and Dundee brawl on the outside. Lawler and Mantell beat the living shit out of Landell while they take turns throwing Dundee out. The ref realizes Landell is not defending himself and calls the match for blood. Awesome, awesome tag match. I thought it had even better energy and hatred than than Loser Leaves Town. The match is hurt by an anti-climatic finish that does not let you fist-pump in an excitement and the finish stretch does get a little long in tooth as they just keep kicking ass and throwing Dundee out. Enough complaints, this was badass and was one of the best Memphis matches I have ever seen and one of the best tag team matches of all time. ****1/2
  2. Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis 7/14/86 Loser Leaves Town I don't know the buildup to this one other than it is the rubber match of Loser Leaves Town matches. It is No DQ and not for the Southern Championship. It is the two best gunslingers in Memphis wrestling history have one last shootout at the Mid-South Coliseum. I love how this one starts out brimming with energy and so scrappy. They claim this in its entirety, but it is also clipped missing about 8 minutes. That's what makes all these Loser Leaves Town matches hard to rank. Dundee gains control by hitting Lawler in the Royal Family Jewels with his fist. This match really strikes a chord early how much these two have grown to hate each other. Dundee clobbers Lawler and gouges the eyes. They really like going after the eyes in these matches. There are a couple more holds than other matches, which were all bang-bang, but the holds were short lived and it mostly punches. Dundee drops the legs on the Royal Family Jewels and when Lawler powders he throws the King into all sort of hard objects. Lawler gets an early piledriver! But Dundee ends up too close to the ropes. For shame! Now Lawler is throwing Dundee's head into hard objects, the shot of the jaw onto the standard looked like it hurt. He bounces Dundee's head off the table. He goes for it again, but this time Lawler is sent crashing into it sending us into the heat segment proper. Dundee wants Lawler counted out. Dundee starts working the newly formed cut over the right eye, jabbing at it and he comes off the top with a hard punch, but foot on the rope. You can believe in this match Lawler has a chance of losing. Dundee PILEDRIVER! Foot on the ropes again. Dundee needs better ring awareness. Dundee is working on the arm now and I can see why people have this a bit lower than the other Loser Leaves Town because this one is not as Bang-Bang-Bang. Here is the cut! Dundee throwing those punches but Lawler begins to no sell, the crowd percolates and Lance says watch the strap. STRAP DOWN~! AWESOME SLUGFEST BREAKS OUT! DOWN GOES DUNDEE! 1-2-NO! PILEDRIVER! KICK OUT! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?! A series of simultaneous punches and thats not my favorite spot, honestly. Dundee takes off his boot and clobbers the King. Cover. 1-2-NO! Nice pop for that! Lawler definitely feels in a lot more danger than the 83 match. He kicks him in the balls! Lawler crotches him on the top rope and then Piledrives his ass into oblivion for the win! According to Russell, we are missing 8 minutes again, making it hard to give this the full monty. This match was slower in parts than '83 & '85, but I liked it as a combination of the positives of '83 (feel good ending) and '85 (a sense of danger for Lawler). This one really feels like an epic clash. I like 85 a lot for its gimmickery and its constant action. This is tough. I don't think anyone match is perfect. I think '85-'86 work really well together. They all end up with the same rating and I will have to decide their ranking later. For now, Lawler vs Dutch Mantell stands a top the Mempho heap! ****3/4
  3. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee - Memphis TV 10/19/85 Title vs Hair This is right up there with Flair/Lawler and Lawler/Mantell as awesome Memphis TV angles. I highly recommend this as a gripping episode arc. Bill Dundee has recently returned and he is back in the fold as Lawler's partner, but he is out there making contentious claims that the Lawler/Dundee team is the greatest team in the world better than the Road Warriors, better than Freebirds and even better than the Fabulous Ones. Nows that's fighting words. The Fabs have no problem putting their belts up against Lawler/Dundee. Dundee being the instigator runs out all keyed up and is hollering for Lawler to come out and accept the match. Lawler is not as keen on fighting his friends. Dundee is ripshit and throws a wicked temper tantrum hauling off and hitting all of them. Dundee has goldlust bad baby! He comes back out and is willing to put his brand new sports car up against Lawler's title. Lawler does not think his car is worth 25 cents. Dundee agrees to put up his hair and Lawler likes the idea of humiliating Dundee and agrees to for a Title vs Hair match right here on TV. They have a really fun six minute sprint filled with great punches. Dundee starts off red hot as he has been all revved up this episode. Lawler takes his licks, but starts to fire back with his own punches. Lawler teased piledriver, but Dundee back dropped out of it. Dundee is more cowardly and heelish in this match. I liked the buildup in this one a lot more than in '83. There feels like there is more hate and that Dundee is a real little shit in this. They did the bulldog/put him on the top rope sequence that is fun. STRAP DOWN~! Lawler takes him up for a back suplex, but Dundee punches Lawler with a chain. Back from commerical, Dundee reveals his diabolical plan. You see the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is coming to Mempho on November 18th and guess who he is facing the Southern Heavyweight Champion and thats Dundee!!! It gets even better. Lawler wants a rematch. Dundee says he does not have to defend his belt for one month and one month from now is November 19th. So he is guaranteed the World Title match and once he is the World Champ, Lawler can have the Southern Title back. That's awesome. Lawler reckons in order to get his rematch he needs to make Dundee mad so he threatens to destroy his car. Finally Dundee gives way. Holy shit awesome angle. The match is a fun TV match, but watch this angle! I cant wait for Loser Leaves Town Part II!