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Found 83 results

  1. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis - MSG 1/18/82 In the stodgy, lumbering early 80s World Wreslting Federation, Bob Backlund brings a dynamism more akin to Mid-Atlantic. I don't want to say that is overlooked by his proponents, but I don't think his critics give him enough credit for working the cutting edge style of movement in an area where everyone was accustomed to a slower pace. Yes, Backlund works holds, but he is always working the headlock or arm and peppering in spots in between. Adonis is a perfect opponent for Backlund in this regard because he excels at bumping and moving. Even though the majority of the match revolves around a long heel in peril sequence, it never drags too much because Backlund is always working the arm and Adonis working ways to get out, but ends up thwarted in a most entertaining fashion. The story was Backlund using Adonis' desperation against him by countering at every turn from the get go. This is a Backlund staple: you go running at him with a fist and he will single leg pick up you to make you foolish. So a similar effect he was always reapplying his wristlock. Adonis rolls up on the armstretcher-rowing spot. In doing so, Adonis does manage to bloody Backlund with by rubbing his palm in Bob's face, which I was surprised caused that to happen. The hardway blood definitely helps as it feels as though the playing field is level. Adonis even busts out a proto-Sling Blade. With his newfound advantage, Adonis starts throwing bombs to win the match (neckbreaker, slams, suplexes) and Backlund is getting crazy awesome kickouts. Adonis hits a piledriver, but it is only a decent one. Backlund knocks him off the top and Adonis crotches himself in most epic fashion. Backlund gets a receipt for the the stomp to the groin with his own stomp to the groin. Backlund then shows him how you muthafuckin piledrive someone. I like how Backlund threw back these moves in Adonis' face It is a shame he used that as a transition move. Good Night Irene! Backlund dives to the outside to break the hold, but shakes himself up in the process. Adonis rams Backlund's head into the turnbuckle and taps a gusher. They tease the countout, but Backlund makes it back in. I bit on the countout finish hard. A great, great boxing match breaks out; the ref loses control and awards the match to Adonis on cuts to set up the rematch, which was on an untelevised MSG card. BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For Backlund critics, I am sure the talking point was that he dominated the match with the wristlock forever, but I thought they worked it an entertaining fashion. The home stretch was strong and the finish fantastic. This match is a great war of attrition. Adonis throws everything he has at Backlund, but Backlund is resilient. Look at that massive kickout by Backlund after the groin shot. They both are exhausted and battered. Then Good Night Irene, the countout finish tease and the bloody boxing match at the end. Definitely one of the best Backlund title defenses. ****1/2
  2. This handheld recording of a Madison Square Garden handheld recently turned on YouTube so thought I'd give it a watch. The match starts 30 minutes into the recording. It's hard to tell exactly how good the match is because of the poor quality of the recording. I'm not going to give it a rating, but I can at least say I sat down and watched the whole thing and enjoyed it and got pretty excited at some moments. I feel this is probably a great match and I unrealistically hope WWE will release it one day... You can hear two fans chatting all through the match. The highlight is one of them talking about how Toshiaki Kawada and Mitsuharu Misawa are no longer a tag team! I didn't know such chat happened at WWF house shows in 1993.
  3. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine - MSG 3/26/79 This is the rematch to their classic one hour draw. I have never seen this particular Backlund/Valentine encounter and of all the MSG matches I think this is the least. I really like the draw, 81 series and their 84 match is unhearalded I would say all those matches are at least ****1/2. This match plays on the draw by having no countout there must be a winner so part of the psychology is too tease that they are going to go long and this causes a looooooooooooooooong front facelock sequence where a fan audibly yells “Cmon somebody do something.” I love you, Bob and Greg, but I gotta agree. The early Backlund shine before this facelock was solid highlighted by a wicked Backlund forearm. I love Backlund/Valentine exchanges they are just so nasty. Backlund starts to break up the front facelock with some nice hope spots and Valentine responds by trying the figure-4 and the crowd ooohs and aaaahs. No not the front facelock, but he moves into the deathlock and slaps the back of Backlund’s head now that is just insulting. Backlund is ripshit and powers out, carries him over to a corner and slaps the shit outta him. I love Backlund/Valentine! The next sequence will blow your mind. Valentine applies a half-crab, but Backlund grabs the toe and he transitions this into a cradle that is just outstanding. Now Backlund tries to go for the half-crab, but Valentine still has a leg. So Backlund maneuvers into a monkey flip, WOW! Backlund Figure-4!!!! MSG ROARING! Incredible sustained heat! Valentine makes ropes and Backlund is rocking back and won’t release. Valentine reverses and Backlund is writhing and hollering. Valentine works on the legs and Backlund responds with a crazy headbutt. TIMMMMMBBBBAAAAAHHHHH!!! Valentine big elbow to top of the head and covers. Backlund slaps his back at two and The Hammer thinks he has won. Backlund atomic drop wins the match for the Champ. I really liked the home stretch with some hot sequences around leg work that really showcased how good both were. God that front facelock and horrible finish just really kills the match for me. For as strong as Backlund looks some of these finishes are just horrible for him. It was Valentine’s last match with Backlund in the Garden until 81 why not put Backlund over clean. Still some really great shit! ***3/4
  4. Bob Backlund vs Samula January 3, 1984 Hamburg, PA Availability WWF All Star Wrestling - January 7, 1984 WWE Hulk Still Rules DVD
  5. Man, I forget what a great fight this was. Crazy UWF grappler Backlund was so cool to watch. Easily the best stuff he ever did. Basically Backlund irritates Cool Guy Funaki a bunch so Funaki tries to beat him to a pulp, including knife edge chopping him in the face. Supposedly the UWF people didn't like Backlund's pro style spots (altough Funaki starts working more pro stylish himself), and it almost felt like Backlund was being intentionally goofy to piss Funaki off. He even seemed to be smirking for a few moments. The best part is that Funaki can't seem to crack Backlund. I loved how Backlund would take a beating, but seemingly toy around and then fuck Funaki up with a single blow. Also dug how easily he threw Funaki off and reversed his holds. The non-finish is a bummer, but I can't really imagine a proper finish for a match this bizarre.