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Found 10 results

  1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana vs Bob Orton - MSG 7/23/84 They pretty blatantly telegraph this is a draw with a pretty pedestrian opening ten minutes. They worked the holds well, but you could tell they just wasting time. Orton catches Tito with a punch on a criss cross. This combines elements of workrate (bomb-throwing), but with lots of selling of exhaustion so it feels like a 2010s self-conscious epic. Lots of time in between moves in order to sell exhaustion. Orton busts out a powerslam, backbreaker, Fishermans Suplex and tries a Vaderbomb, but eats knees. Each move is great just lots of time in between spots. Tito instead of having one big burst of fire has a several mini-comebacks. The one after the Vaderbomb was good but went into an ab stretch and then he missed a crossbody and Orton gets a cover. Orton takes a Slaughter like bump over the turnbuckles and some big Tito shots. Orton gets a big reverse atomic drop off the Tito ten count punches in corner. Good nearfall down the stretch. Bell rings shortly after. My big issue is they were selling total exhaustion but they only wrestled twenty minutes! C'mon! They were acting like they went a full Broadway. It is not like they worked a sprint. Over selling and way too much time in between moves. Found this to be disappointing.
  2. AWA World Tag Champions Midnight Rockers vs Adrian Adonis & Bob Orton - AWA January 1988 The Rockers have returned to AWA, which has now become a refuge for hangers-on and older timers like Adonis, Orton, Manny Fernandez and Wahoo McDaniel. It has been picked apart by WWF and is now in total free fall. Leave it to the Rockers to have probably the last great AWA Classic. Orton and Adonis were fun Backlund opponents last time I saw them bumping and stooging for them. I am excited for them to unleash some offense on the Rockers. It is 1988 and yes Adrian Adonis is humongous, but still moves around pretty well. First thing is first, Donna sucks! She was brutal on commentary. Who is she? The face shine was pretty mundane and all on Orton. Orton tries to keep it entertaining by staggering and running into Adonis. They work a side headlock base. Jannetty takes both over in a cool spot. Match gets real good in the heat segment. Orton catches Michaels backbreaker tags out to Adonis hits Elbow. Michaels looks to use his speed runs into a HARD elbow to start the heat segment. Adonis elbows and back rake. Orton hits a butterfly suplex. Cheating with choking. Hard elbow smashes. ROCK N ROLL CHANTS! Orton wicked short arm clothesline to stymie Michaels. Orton and Adonis are super fun to watch. Adonis swats Michaels out of the air. Orton and Adonis are on fire and Michaels is his typically great FIP. Adonis eats knees on splash. Michaels cant make tag because of previous offense. Orton rides him down with knee. Adonis is in with no tag, asshole, and when Marty protests Adonis chokes him. Shut him up! They do a false tag and ref calls it back and tosses Micahels over top rope. More distracting Orton throws him into post and then wicked rapid fire punches. Some of the best punches ever. This is one of the Great, great heat segments of the 80s. In the ring, Adonis misses the splash into turnbuckles. Adonis is the new Blackwell! Shawn hits bodyslam and then misses splash. Adonis wicked back body drop. Orton hits the best fist drop ever! Holy shit! Watch it! Michaels reverses Irish Whip and kicks him so he crotches himself. After all that badass offense, Marty wants to show off too. Adonis does a Flair Flip and then into collides with Orton. Action spills to the outside. Orton with the best punches ever! Action overwhelms ref and it is a DCO! Double Superkick on Orton and falls outside to the ring. All-time great offense in this match. Orton’s punches rule so hard. Definitely belongs in a top ten or top five punchers list. Adonis looked like a whale, but moved pretty damn well and kept right up with Orton and was taking some big bumps. Shawn ruled as a FIP and timed his hope spots well. Tack a better beginning and finish on this and this is an all-time classic. The heat segment, which is the majority of the match, secures its places as a great tag team match. ****1/4
  3. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Bob Orton – Philly 6/82 Lumberjack Match Backlund has the exact same strap from the last match. After the ass kicking he got the last time, there would be no way I would want to be in the ring with angry Bob Backlund. Backlund is whipping, choking and even throwing Orton using the strap and Orton is stooging and bumping like a change. Orton is discombobulated trying to escape but it is a lumberjack match BABY! He rakes Backlund’s eyes with the buckle. ORTON OFFENSE! Backlund dropkick and PILEDRIVER~! Well that was short-lived. Orton does manage to string some offense together in form of a reverse atomic drop and his awesome working punch. Backbreaker, but only gets two and he jaws with a lumberjack, which in retrospect was probably Ivan Putski given the finish of the match. Back to bumping, Orton does the Slaughter bump, which leads to the press slam off the top. The best part of the match was how Orton sold Backlund’s straight right to his nose. Just tremendous! Orton is looking superplex and instead we get a super Thesz Press from Backlund! Orton is tripped by Putski for the anti-climatic Backlund victory and this leads to an Orton/Putski brawl post-match. I realize I have never seen Putski before and the dude is a shorty. Again, this is a good match, but that is disappointing given how good these two are. Another bad finish really mars the match overall. Same level as their previous match just good, not a bad way to spend 15 minutes. ***
  4. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Bob Orton – Philly 5/22/82 Tremendous Backlund shine! Seriously, one of my all-time favorite Backlund offensive sequences and just shows how crazy athletic Backlund was. I believe the feud is predicated on Backlund ducking Orton in amateur matches so early on we get some great amateur sequences, which I was always lap up. From there, Backlund just goes into one awesome highspot after another first a great monkey flip/bodyscissors sequence out of a test of strength. In a different body scissors, there is just a crazy series of bridges. These are the more nuanced strength/athletic spots that I mark out for more than a modified slam/suplex that is en vogue in the 21st century. When Orton breaks out of the bodyscissors, he is on his feet trying to attack Backlund, who is on his back, but Backlund is an early practioners of BJJ and is able to ward him off and flummox Orton. I will say the disappointing thing about this match is that a true, blue heat segments does not materialize. I finally got to see some Orton in 88 against the Rockers in the AWA and he lived up to the hype as a offensive dynamo, but he is stooging and bumping from Backlund even taking the Slaughter bump in the corner. He is trying to score something but the superplex is blocked. Hell, Backlund sold his own piledriver more than any Orton offense because there was not much in the way of Cowboy Bob offense. Ortonbomb eats knees, even as a Backlund fan this is a bit excessive. Orton eventually has enough of this and turns tail to run, but Backlund ain’t done yet. Orton finds a strap and chokes Backlund out to win by countout! The fact that Orton won that match is hilarious. He got his ass handed to him. It was a bit silly to give Orton the win given that layout. If you are a fan of Backlund, you will find plenty to love. If not, this will be Hell on Earth. Not a great match, but more of a fun Backlund performance. ***