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Found 20 results

  1. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBGJd5nYBAg
  2. This was a really lame overbooked 7 minute match. Spanky's stuff looked more effective here than in a lot of his previous matches and Derrick King didn't look too bad, but the match just never felt like anything special. The two ref bumps were lame and the refs didn't even bother selling them anymore once the bell rang and the double pinfall finish was super lame too. Skippable.
  3. This a pretty neat sub 5 minute match that was mostly just getting Spanky and American Dragon who are not the Kliq 2000 over. Nothing really memorable, but this just proves how far Spanky and Dragon have come from the earlier stuff from TWA in January.
  4. This was supposed to be a southern tag team title defense from the Triad which is Seven and Trash against the Kliq 2000, but the Triad got assaulted backstage by the Dupps and thus injured Trash who couldnt make it to the ring and Seven made it to the ring with injured ribs. The match itself is Spanky and Dragon working on top and Seven mostly just selling the rib injury he obtained at the hands of the Dupps backstage. Theres not really much to see here aside from seeing Spanky and Dragons continuous development.
  5. This was not very good... I thought Dragon and Spanky working underneath vs. much bigger guys with a small guy vs. big guy dynamic would be awesome, but its not. Their timing was off and a lot of their spots looked very poorly executed. Spanky and Jack I believe even managed to mess up Spankys hop Kidman faceplant powerbomb counter spot and it looked really weak. In the finishing stretch there was some more poorly timed spots that looked really bad. Skippable.
  6. This was pretty awesome, albeit really short. All 6 guys looked really good here I thought. They did a perfect job of maximazing the little time they were given and put on the best possible 6 man tag you can possibly put on in a 5 minute time span. The finish was excellent as chaos shortly broke out and King pulled out a win by pinning Spanky setting up a potential light heavyweight title match between them moving forward. I really wish these guys could have gotten at least 10 - 15 minutes more as I feel they could have put on something special.
  7. This was good for what it was action packed 3 minute TV tag match. Again they didnt get much time to put on something together properly, but they did the best they could with the limited amount of time they got.
  8. Man, I remembr Derrick King have a lengthy run in Puerto Rico 4 or 5 years after this in WWC in Puerto Rico where he was pretty great and he was teaming with Stan Lane as Salt 'n' Pepper regularly. I had never seen his Memphis stuff until now, but so far its been fairly underwhelming, but that's mostly due to horrible short overbooked matches he's been in which seems to be the case with a lot of these TV matches. This was a 5 or so minute sprint which wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. Bobcat was on commentary for this match and she super annoying and distracting. Both guys really maxed out the limited amount of time given and got some good stuff in and even got a neat false finish with King hitting his facebuster and Spanky barely getting his foot on the rope. The post match stuff got a massive pop with King turning and attacking Spanky with a chair.
  9. I thought this was far better than I expected it to be. I don't recall much of the MSP's run in the WWF, but they looked fairly good here. They put an extensive beatdown on Danielson playing the FIP which was pretty neat. They didn't do anything groundbreaking or went overboard with it, plus they did an excellent job at neutralizing him in their corner before he was able to tag Rodney with a great looking spinning elbow before Spanky's fiery comeback. Good stuff. ***
  10. I thought this could have been really good had the finish not been so overbooked. Dragon namely looked really good here. Everything he did felt meaningunful and intense. The short matwork he got in at the start looked intense, as did his chops and elbows. This was the opening match, but again the unfortunate overbooking with a ref. bump, run ins and the short amount of time they got to work affected what could have been an excellent match.
  11. Another lame 5 minute TV match from Memphis. Why would they book an 8 man tag for TV and give them such little time? Due to the time constraint, everything feels rushed and forced. Skippable.
  12. Five good-to-great wrestlers, at worst, in the ring together and Vordell Walker. There's a lot of first time match-ups here, besides Joe/McGuinness, and Spanky/Danielson hasn't been done in so long that it's basically on that same hype-tier (if that's a word). This match had good action & psychology, but I have a couple issues: the segments where the match breaks down and everyone is in the ring together felt oddly timed ... there wasn't much of a build to those specific moments - they just go unpredictably wild, which was jarring to me; the escalation was steady, but the momentum stalled right before the finishing run & took me out of it a little; and they could've easily chopped a good five minutes off this match to tighten it up. Anyways, too much Vordell Walker, but the other five do a good enough job carrying him nonetheless. The first time interactions between Danielson/Gibson, Joe/Gibson & Danielson/McGuinness (!) ruled. McGuinness debuts the Rebound Lariat, too! Good, but flawed, match. Rating: ***
  13. Tozawa as the fired up charismatic babyface seeking for revenge & Kendrick as the ruthless veteran using dirty tactics to try and shut up the kid. Awesome stuff. ***3/4
  14. Another very good match from the CWC that had many of the qualitites you'd want in a workrate match without going overboard in excess with big moves and nearfalls and managing to have a coherent and logical narrative. Ibush outclasses Kendrick in direct showdowns so Kendrick avoids them, and follows up on his first big chance with the neckbreaker on the ringpost rope by dedicating his game plan to attacking Ibushi's neck. The way Kendrick uses his surroundings at all times was neat and reminiscent of Finlay, and the structure of this match was reminiscent of the kinds of matches Misawa, Kobashi, Takayama, Akiyama etc. would have in NOAH against lower ranked opponents, where they'd throw out everything to try and make you believe they could pull off the upset. They really hit the sweet spot in giving Kendrick enough to produce the drama without it turning into him hitting big move after big move, and I loved the High Kicks Ibushi used to quickly cut him off in the finishing stretch. ***1/2
  15. Grimmas

    Brian Kendrick

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