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Found 8 results

  1. Best Of The Super Junior XIV Block B Match: Koji Kanemoto vs. BxB Hulk - NJPW New Japan 35 Anniversary Tour Circuit 2007 Best Of The Super Junior XIV ~Power of Mind~ - Day 1 01/06/2007 It's half three in the morning, I'm ready to go to bed but I find my favoutie Jr of all time against one of my favourite DG wrestlers in Korakuen Hall. I must watch it. This was predictably awesome. Kanemoto has no time for the tricky striker with all his movements and slaps and kicks the piss out of BxB Hulk. And to his credit, BxB Hulk adapt to his enviroment, realises who he is against and fires back with some stiff kicks of his own. He wrestled like a NJ Junior really well - he sold for Kanemoto with some incredble bumps where he'd launch himself into whatever. The ring mat, the guardrail. The strike exchange was really good with it being brief as well as varied with them mixing kicks with chops and slaps. The crowd naturally gravitated to Kanemoto who played to the crowd with his charisma, so that was fun. The arm muscle pose he did was adorable. ***3/4