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Found 31 results

  1. With Nicho possibly being the worst person in this performance wise at this point in 2000, no way this wouldn't be good. it certainly was they did all the high spot stuff you would expect from these guys with interesting pairings. Casas continues to be involved in a lot of multi man stuff this year but is just waiting for that big singles feud to catapult him into the big WOTY discussion. I liked the continuity of TB drifting towards being a heel from CMLL and Porky is always good for some comedy. A really solid and enjoyable match. ***1/4 (6.5)
  2. We are firmly embedded in the Atlantis and Villano feud as they pair off at the big brawl and Villano starts going after the mask ripping it. Atlantis mask is a mess as he is having to use his hands to cover up. Due to the mask ripping, the tecnicos win the first fall. Segunda starts with more of the same and Atlantis is wrestling this match maskless which is a pretty impressive feat that he is able to guard his identity. Villano doesn’t give a shit about anything and keeps slinging him into the chairs. Tecnicos make a big comeback with Atlantis getting a back up mask for him to use. They really start attacking Villano and Atlantis is all fired up. The tecnicos end up getting DQ’d in an interesting reversal when the rudo ref says they didn’t respond to his commands. Great receipt with Villano going head first into the chairs and then Atlantis picking them up and slinging them down. I love seeing Atlantis show this kind of fire. Pierroth is favoring his leg so of course Casas attacks that locking in a half crab. Atlantis and Villano come back for an inside the ring sequence with Atlantis rolling through his offense. Pierroth and Casas do a good job as a secondary feud showing some hate against each other as well. Niebla and Wagner get in on the fun with a nice sequence and a big Niebla tope. This leaves Villano and Atlantis back at it and Villano gets the submission win clean as a whistle. Wow, what a great finish and they cut to crowd members who are pretty stunned. This was an excellent hype piece and a I can’t wait to watch the build to the apuestas match. ***3/4
  3. The interaction here is excellent and CMLL is at another good point for the year between this and the TB stuff. The rudos on both sides push Casas and Santo to start off. Opening cool matwork turns to chippiness when Santo sends a shot to Casas. Negro takes great offense and stomps away big time onto Santo who returns the favor and does his tope into the row of chairs. The rudos send both back in and they are loving what they are seeing. Santo gets a surfboard to take the first fall. Second fall has Bestia/Scorpio mixing it up with Panther/Fuerza. We get some weird clipping but Scorpio/Bestia working as a well oiled team against Panther was enjoyable. The match ends in two straight falls as Panther gets a hurty submission on Bestia. Afterwards, we get a ton of stuff with Panther/Fuerza fighting, Casas/Santo still going after each other and Santo raising Panther’s hand. Bestia/Scorpio attack their partner in Casas and Santo joins in and gets attacked. This is a great revival of the 1999 feud. Shocker comes out and helps the cause for the rudos. Who comes out to save the tecnicos but BLUE PANTHER! Cementing that he is turning into a tecnico. Perro Aquayo also joins in with some boss jeans and a button up. Perro raising Santo’s hand feels unique as they didn’t really have that much interaction over the years on the footage I have seen. The brawling between Shocker and Perro is really heated. Santo/Casas make up and the action continues up the ramp. Good match, another great angle for CMLL in 2000. ***1/2 (7)
  4. Match starts with Shocker burning La Parka’s mask on the ringpost. Holy shit that is awesome and 1000% rudo. First fall was a big ol brawl and Shocker has some incredible punches against Parka towards the end. Shocker dancing and gloating after every punch just puts it over the top. Finish has rudos beating some ass and Parka’s has about half of his mask ripped. Dandy puts it on and dances around. Second fall and tecnico comes back with Casas going fucking crazy and then he gets Parka all riled up who posts Shocker with some retribution and sends him into the chairs. Antifaz and Zumbido also are killing it in the stands and there is just action flying all over the ring. Parka has some ladies purse and is pounding Shocker with it. Antifaz and Zumbido take stage and duke it out. Casas and Bestia say hold my beer and they start kicking each other in the mouth. Tecnicos win the second fall when things break down and they get some big dives. Third fall makes a big mistake in integrating the comedy spots with the referees. It felt shoe horned in and really unnecessary. Luckily it doesn’t go too long and we do have an exciting breakneck finish with dives and sequences. Finish has Parka with a nasty looking sharpshooter really cranking back on Shocker to get the submission. Casas and Zumbido are still going after it after the bell. Great match from Monterrey. Give me Parka vs Shocker Hair vs Mask please. **** (8.1)
  5. CMLL is back baby. For the first time since the big August show, there is a lot of juice being ingested into the product and things are progressing. This is a Relevos match where the competitors don't really mess around with the pretense of not liking their partner. Even their regular pairings like Santo/Casas have quite a past so it isn't a stretch for them to be opposite each other here. That really helped the intensity of the match overall. Santo was a loon doing no less than three huge dives including a top con hilo onto Scorpio where he slides into the front row of chairs. Him and Scorpio were the focal point of the match and we had mask ripping and posting leading to Scorp being a bloody mess. Finish worked really well as Santo blocks a foul and then takes his own mask off but hands it to Scorpio so they get DQ'd. A clever finish done well here and hopefully leads to some more matches down the line. All four here are old enough to not have the pretense before the CMLL crowd of being a clean cut tecnico so they went out and beat the shit out of each other to my enjoyment. **** (7.9)
  6. Lucha in 2000 is becoming a conodrum for me. This was a very good match and the talent is amazing but there is still something missing and overall, I miss the bevy of hot feuds that seemed to populate the scene at the beginning of the year. In one way it is commendable that most of these men can have these “roll out of bed” good matches on a consistent basis. On the other hand, you can see how someone like Casas could be a top 10 worldwide worker for the year and just based on booking and the style I can’t in good conscience rank him that high. Him and Dandy go after each other here a lot and Panther also mixes in some good work. Shocker and Zumbido were a little more low key but they did continue to get some interesting beats out of Tarzan Boy. A very good match but one where I hoped for a great one going in so overall perhaps a bit of a victim of circumstances style match. ***1/2 (6.9)
  7. Six grumpy men beating the shit out of each other and flying around. This just kept getting better and better and climaxes in an amazing finish with Otani kicking the shit out of Casas and picking up the win. I was happy to see both Wagner and Kashin fit in here. In the case of Kashin, I didn’t think he was the weak line at all here and was really impressed at his sequences overall. Kanemoto has some weird low blows that he does directly in front of the referee which is odd. We have seen a lot of these guys so far paired up and this was another great entry with Casas bringing some freshness. ****
  8. The team of both Aguyao’s, Kanemoto, Otani, and Casas may literally be my favorite five person unit in wrestling history. We get about half of this and it is a ton of fun and something well worth seeking out. Each fall built to a big spot that was the finish which I appreciated. This really felt like the type of matches you see at FantasticaMania nowadays. Would love to see this in full. ***1/4
  9. This match felt like a great Grateful Dead set that falters by seguing into Space and Drums just because they have to have those songs inserted into the second set of a show for an arbitrary reason. The brawling in the beginning of this was incredible and some of the better brawling we have seen in 2000 which is saying something given some of the lucha stuff we have seen. The rudos are brutal and with tecnicos like Parka and Casas, they are willing to bump along. Then the match stalls out in the third fall doing more traditional lucha spots and not seemingly having any direction. Really disappointing as I thought we were headed to a great match. ***1/2 (6.8)
  10. This doesn’t last too long but is an absolute blast while it takes place. Felino is in great form looking like he did in the 7/4/97 classic vs Santo. The finish is brilliant as in the second fall, Satanico fakes a foul in a real exaggerated manner and doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Fast forward to the third fall, Ultimo Guerrero does the same thing and this time they get the fall and the win. Negro Casas has enough of that shit and boots him right in the nuts as a result. Man, I am loving lucha right now. ***1/2
  11. First fall is brief with some Porky comedy but then the rudos taking over and dominating from that point forward. Porky does a great spot where he is getting chopped on the outside and bounces off a patrons hands because they fear him falling on them. I love this guy. Ano and Casas have a good sequence with each other. They are doing a lot of pandering to the crowd here but it is entertaining stuff garnering a reaction so I don’t mind that. Porky takes second fall in another innovative way where Casas chops his head making him squish Ano. In the third caida, they keep cutting to this fan that has fallen asleep on his girl. After a few nearfalls, we cut back and the patron is back to life. Porky is getting triple teamed inside the ring as Casas and Rivera recover. Nice win for the rudos and this trio is still being booked strong in 2000. *** (5.8)
  12. First fall is legit 30 seconds of Casas running through flash offense and getting the pin. Second fall seems to clip right into UG on offense with a suplex and lariat to even it up. Third fall gives us more but this is really just a vehicle for the Satanico/UG feud vs Casas. Finish plays off this as Casas climbs the top rope only to get tripped by Satanico. UG puts him in the muscle buster position but as a submission for a victory. Satanico’s facials are amazing walking away all cocky like “yeah I did that”. More angle advancement than anything else. *
  13. Santo is back in CMLL and I will always take a dose of these two against each other. I wouldn’t say this was worked in a hateful manner but it was certainly chippy at points most notably when Santo does his tope and hits Pepe Casas. There was also an interesting development early on with Shocker extending an invite to Tarzan Boy to join him in the rudo locker room. Overall, this felt like a first fall to a great match but I will take what we can get. The Olympics airing has kind of derailed CMLL a good bit based in what we have seen lately and having Santo back can only be seen as a positive. ***1/4 (6.6)
  14. Fuerza Guerrera against Negro Casas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Villano III paid off fans for their seats, so his brothers could set front row! Take that Ted DiBiase. First fall is quick, highlighted by Atlantis and Villano III doing an awesome exchange ending with a vicious Atlantis tope. Then we get the dream between Casas and Fuerza which does not disappoint, before the tecnicos quickly wrap up the fall. Falls ending does not stop Villano III and Atlantis as they brawl all around ringside. With Atlantis ripping up the mask in revenge from the previous match and even beating up Villano III right in front of his brothers.Atlantis tries to freaking rip the seat off a chair to use to kill Villano III. This feud is the best. Casas' reaction to Salvaje coming at him was priceless. Salvaje gets one shot before Casas loses it on him, although the rudos use their numbers to tie up the match. Casas is a house of fire in the third fall. I truly think Casas would had been the best hot tag wrestler in southern wrestling he was so great here. Atlantis clears house and goes for a tope, but the Villanos brothers jump up and stop him and drag him outside the ring to kick his ass. An old lady tries to get the referees attention to get him to turn around to see the cheating, but he ignores her. Camel Clutch by Villano III seems to get him the win over Atlantis, however some dude in a suit lectures the referee. The referee ignores the lecture and raises the rudos hands! I loved this, but it was pretty short. Maybe *** 3/4.. maybe ****.
  15. So Scorpio and Shocker are pulling double duty which is amazing. What a day for lucha around the country. This is a big brawl that has Scorpio juicing. He had a hell of a day as these two matches can’t be further apart. This probably has Casas looking the most pissed off and personal as anything else we have seen in 2000 so far. Shocker says he got fouled because it Is Shocker. Overall Scorpio is able to score the pin for the rudos which is really satisfying given what we have seen from him throughout the day. ***3/4
  16. It looks like Satanico has freshly lost a apuestas match and had his hair shaved again. Wagner and Casas really go after each other in the first fall and it ends with Wagner giving Casas the Splash Mountain for the pin. The crowd is rapid for Porky on the inside with huge chants for him. The tecnico comeback in the second fall is predictably excellent with Casas going nuts on Wagner and Porky repeatedly banging Bestia’s head into the turnbuckle. Satanico tries to go for his fake foul spot but no one is buying that this time. Porky gets his huge splash to a gigantic pop to end the second fall. Awesome. A nice long shot of Arena Mexico before the third fall shows how packed the crowd is. Third fall starts with some great Porky comedy as Bestia keeps headbutting his stomach but that just gets him to hit Satanico stuck in the corner with his butt. Wagner and Casas are then in and the match is more heated and vicious. Porky does another dive from the apron and the rudos are cleared out except for Wagner and Casas. The crowd is molten and Wagner goes after the legs with a dropkick. Casas is able to get the La Magistral for a nearfall and then another one off of a Wagner powerbomb attempt. Wagner is booked to be really resourceful as he does get the nearfall but ends up landing on the referee on the kickout. Bestia is having his leg tended to on the outside. Wagner is frustrated enough and fouls Casas for the tecnico win. What an awesome way to start the night. This was the greatest hits highlights for these guys but they are some of the best workers of all time, so it really landed and had the crowd going crazy. **** (7.8)
  17. Your ho hum Monterrey with the rudos dominanting mostly throughout. There is a couple of good moments with Dandy and Casas squaring off. Dandy also mimics the dance of Parka in a funny moment. Overall, this match more than anything made me contemplate on a top 100 wrestlers of 2000, where some of these guys would rank. Dandy hasn’t been spectacular but steady. Scorpio when given a chance has been spectacular. Casas as well has had a real quiet year for someone projected as a GOAT contender. Food for thought. **
  18. So much talent in the ring and as a result, this match is good even if it was surface level sequences and not the MOTYC all eight probably could have against each other if they went all out. Dandy is a pretty strong rudo in Monterrey and I am looking at him and Shocker here since they weren’t on the big CMLL show. Dandy gets the finale pin on Antifaz with holding the rope and an assist by Shocker. The Pierroth vs Perro old man slugfest in the middle was really good. Shocker clowning around also added some strong character moments and he seemed to be going after both Casas and Santo at different points. *** (6.2)
  19. A really boss vignette to open up with Shocker showing Panther the Guapos lifestyle and the salon and him having nothing to do with it. Well, now we have our third great feud currently within CMLL. This is heated from the get go but reaches another gear when Panther drops Olimpico right on his dome with a hip toss. I can't imagine that was planned but it looked absolutely horrific and did add a wrinkle the rest of the way through with Casas fighting for his buddy. The rudo team was made to look dominant here as dispite Casas best efforts, he falls to them in the second fall. The Guapos team has the charisma and I hope Shocker can bring the goods in the ring to keep this feud hot. ***1/4
  20. In matches like these, you see the frustration that you can get from watching CMLL week to week. These six don't really have an overarching angle or big theme they are building to right now so it feels like they are kind of in neutral. Neutral of course is a good match as all of these guys minus maybe Charles is elite in 2000. Shocker has the flash and charisma and Bestia/Scorpio can bring the bruising hate. Casas continues to be one feud away from having a breakout performance and I want it to happen soon as his kicks at the end of the match on the outside were brutal and quintessential Casas. Your ho hum enjoyable CMLL trios that was given some time. ***1/4 (6.3)
  21. Some really fun pairings here especially having the Casas brothers all together. Pirata and Casas in particular is a unique match up. It is nice to see Casas spirited here with his brutal lariats and knocking Electroshock off of the apron repeatedly. We get a quick glimpse of him and Pirata going at it and I realize these two legends never had a singles match to the best of my knowledge which is a shame. Metal nearly wipes out on a big dive to the floor but he recovers in time. The tecnicos take it on a triple La Magistral. Fun stuff. *** (5.9)
  22. Sometimes, clipping is done in a way that you can still get a feel for the match, but I don't think that was the case here. I had a tough time getting a feel for what was going on, which is unfortunate since I was excited to see the first Negro Casas singles match of 2000, even if we only had 9 minutes of it. It doesn't look to have been anything special, but I do think it's just as possible the editing was bad. We didn't even see what led to Negro's La Magistral win in the third fall. It just happened.
  23. The Villano angle that formed out of the mask match is really one of the more unique and in depth one I have ever seen. With losing his identity, Villano is now left to question his moral compass and his entire belief system. This is brought into the forefront right away here as Villano and Atlantis take it to the mat and Villano gets angry at Pierroth and Fuerza coming in to take cheap shots. After the mat work, Villano gives a clap showing his appreciation. Casas and Fuerza come in next and that is a classic pairing so them going after each other is always welcomed by me. Rayo and Pierroth being the final pairing is a little odd because its by far the least intriguing of the three but they kept it brief. We then get a snippet of Casas and Villano which has me salivating and starts with a handshake before transitioning into a really quick sequence. Pierroth is mad that Villano is shaking hands. Villano gets put as the proverbial sacrificial lamb as all the tecnicos hit a big move on him to put him away on the first fall. Pierroth and Fuerza contemplate a walk out between falls as the tecnicos are putting Villano over. Pierroth and Fuerza get Atlantis in a vulnerable position and Villano refuses to take the cheapshot. I really can’t get over how engaging this storyline is. Rayo is put in the same position and the same thing happens. Fuerza has had enough of this shit, fouls Rayo to draw the DQ and then beats the piss out of Villano. The rudos then tie Villano up for Pierroth to get his electricity skewers that he shocks Villano with. Villano’s selling here is magnificent. Another match that isn’t about the action per say but like the first Villano and Atlantis match, the storyline and development was some of the most memorable and well done stuff I have seen. ****
  24. This was far better than I expected - not because the talent involved isn't awesome, but just because this wasn't given much time. But they certainly overdelivered with the 10-ish minutes they had. Emilio, Panther, and Wagner owned this, I thought. I am literally dozing off as I'm writing this, so I'm about to go to bed, but it's worth your time. ***1/2
  25. Really quick match that played more as a backdrop of things to come than in ring action here. Casas gets beat up on and Shocker is not amused and deserts him. A lot of shifting pieces in CMLL and it will be intriguing to see where they all shake out. *1/2