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Found 8 results

  1. Scorpio Sr. holds up the title and we have Jorge Gomez there for the proceedings too. Cerebro having the medical logo on his mask is a nice touch. Another match enhanced by the atmosphere and the feeling of an old school match with families going to the matches as their entertainment for the week. They show an audience clip of what I assume is an adult daughter putting her head on her mom’s shoulder that is endearing. Also little touches like after Vampiro’s excellent dive in the end of the first fall, they show the concessions guy passing out the beers and popcorn to the patrons. The opening 9 minutes of this are all matwork and the guys are stuck together like glue. Cerebro then really goes to work on the leg of Vampiro. We have talked about the leg selling and this I think is a great example of effective selling without the leg being totally neutralized. The leg is bothering Vampiro but he still is able to hit that amazing dive that turns the tide on the whole fall. They spill into the front row from the momentum of the dive and Vampiro secures the win shortly thereafter. Second fall opens up with Cerebro attacking the leg again with a bit more aggression and desperation now that he is down a fall. They have done a good job throughout this match in showing that Vampiro can hit one big move to overtake control of the match. He is also limping more and more on the leg. Vampiro tries to lift Cerebro up for a suplex but the leg gives way and a roll up by Cerebro with an assist from the ropes gives him the second fall. Vampiro pleads his case to the referee to no avail. Third fall opens up with more desperation from both and we get another insane dive by Vampiro. That is followed up with Cerebro’s first dive of the match. Inside, a series of nearfalls narrowly get a victory for both men. Vampiro goes for one more big move to put Cerebro away in the lionsault but this misses and Cerebro hits a DVD for a 2.9 count. Vampiro comes back and has Cerebro all tied up but Cerebro refuses to submit. Cerebro then catches Vampiro in a great submission with the arms locked up and him upside down on Cerebro’s knee. That gains the submission win. Love Cerebro staggering around favoring the arm right after the match. This is classic title match lucha. If that isn’t your thing, no need to give this a try as you will say it was boring as shit and slap down a ** rating. If you do like title match lucha, this was a pretty damn good interpretation of that style. Awesome show for IWRG overall. ****
  2. Some more underneath guys given a chance to shine. Top to bottom, IWRG is a great promotion and you have guys like Bombero and Cerebro hanging around and doing great stuff along with the bigger names you would see in CMLL. I thought Suicida had a strong showing here doing some wonderful high risk stuff and showing great balance. Overall, this would have been a perfect way to get the show going. *** (5.8)
  3. More undercard IWRG stuff and another good, solid trios. Dragon and Mega still the first fall culminating in a tope that wipes out the first few rows of fans. Dr. Cerebro overall was pretty low key in this preventing it from reaching a next level. Ciclon has also shown some spirited performances but was merely good here. Overall, a good trios match but one that wasn’t memorable and mainly there to just fill out a card. *** (6.1)
  4. Dr. Cerebro is a bad ass. He tears apart Ciclon in this match and Ciclon is busted open within 30 seconds. Overall, this was again very entertaining for underneath IWRG guys for the most part that I am not familiar with. Each fall took the appropriate amount of time, wrestling and brawling were mixed in properly and the finish was the BS finish that helps build a feud overall instead of derailing it. IWRG continues to be a great showcase. ***1/4 (6.7)
  5. This was the Cerebro show. He conveys great frustration in the first caida not being tagged in and then is a prick for the remainder of the match. He could be the breakout lucha indie star of the 2000's right up there with someone like Terry Boy. The other guys I am pretty unfamilar with besides Ciclon and they were mostly ok. I thought Millonario had some good sequences while in there and Segura alternated between looking lost and executing some nice spots. Cerebro takes a huge monkey flip getting big air. A really fun trios lucha match. ***1/2 (6.8)
  6. This was neat to see Crazy as a rudo considering how awesome of tecnico he has been in ECW. This had a lot of good action especially between Dandy and Crazy. The finish of each fall was logical and there were other neat moments like Kung Lee doing his rope running spot and then getting tripped up by the rudos. Bombero and Cerebro continue to be nice highlights of 2000. Finish of the match overall is another foul oriented spot in 2000 which could be something that feels played out but the caveat of Crazy doing it and the way Dandy sold it made it work for me. ***1/2 (6.9)
  7. Dr. Cerebro works both guys to start off. Cerebro is able to show off his range and have two very enjoyable sprint matches. Each took the right amount of time and made Cerebro look strong. Cerebro wins both. This leads to Infernal vs Ciclon and Ciclon does a nutty tope for someone 39 years old. Bombero is much more rudo here just biting on Ciclon until he is starting to bleed. Cerebro is fun on the outside just casually watching and crossing his legs like he is just a passerby. The submissions were dramatic and creative from Infernal as well as the pin reversals. Cerebro teases getting involved at points but refrains and Ciclon is able to win. Apuestas matches almost always are solid and this had the great character work from Cerebro to go along with the in ring action. ***3/4 (7.6)
  8. This was a good enough follow up on the apuestas match with everyone still going after each other especially Infernal and Ciclon. Infernal is wearing a bandanna to not expose his bald head which is a nice touch. Tecnicos come back and the match builds toward the bandana being yanked off which is a fun spot with Cerebro and Scorpio rubbing his head. Scorpio was spirted at times in this. The biggest detriment for me in regards to this match is that the tecnicos don’t do a ton here. Also, in looks like we only get the first two falls because both teams won one a piece and then the video cuts out. I won’t rank the match as a result. NR