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Found 48 results

  1. Too Cool feels sooooo played out here. That being said, match is fairly decent and plays off a quick formula of Too Cool getting a good bit of offense, a quick FIP sequence and then the finish. I liked Christophers clothesline from the top before he makes the hot tag to Hotty. The worm is still really over and gets a nice response. After the worm, Edge hits the spear and it looks good here and violent. Christian brings in a chair and that picks up the cheap win for E&C. *1/2
  2. Conquistadors seem a lot like E&C here. Hmmm…. I will say that while King has been rough at points on commentary this year, he was funny here having a fun back and forth with Ross. The action as fine and mainly revolved around the shtick of the Conquistadors. They end up sneaking out the win and quickly escape. I liked that the Dudley’s went for the mask when given the opportunity. *3/4
  3. E&C start out making fun of MTV. Tazz has some intel that they are the Conquistadors. It is still really awkward watching them watch the match on a big screen. This was a quick hits tag match. E&C have the heat but it only goes for one minute and Too Cool is able to run through all of their offense. Even the crowd is reacting well to Too Cool still. Scotty hits the worm but gets speared by Edge. The Conquistadors run out to distract E&C allowing Too Cool to get the upset with a roll up. *
  4. E&C are outside and heeling it up now. They charged a little boy for an autograph which is a topical 2017 twitter topic and then jump in front of a fan for a picture. Awesome stuff. The match itself is solid. It felt like E&C were still getting their legs under them as heels but they took the template of southern style formula and kept it throughout much of the match. I have liked the interplay between King and JR bickering back and forth throughout this match. The officiating was a little too inconsistent for me making it seem like he was really against the Hardy’s instead of having to make a judgement call that just went against the face. Hardy offense builds to those big explosive spots and we get that with the Swantom and the Twist of Fate only for Edge to come in with the ring bell and causing the DQ. Dudley Boyz come in and lay the 3D on Christian before retrieving a table. Edge goes through that. A good match to see the development of these guys without relying on the gimmicks. **3/4
  5. This being AJW cage rules is much easier approachable for me in current day than the last time I watched this when it happened in real time. Jeff is out of the match early but remains a big factor throughout the match integrating himself when he could. Matt became very sympathetic and did a blade job. Edge was much better here than in TLC and overall this is probably the most impressive E&C performance in ring as a unit IMO. The finish with the whisper in the wind and Lita’s rana really built up the Hardy’s and based on past history, the crowd was waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under them. That never happened and the pop for the Hardy’s winning was great and felt extremely genuine. **** (7.8)
  6. I don't know what to think of this. I really enjoyed the Tables Match in January because it was an actual violent fight that made sense. This was more just a bunch of people jumping off of stuff. It was cool seeing a more primitive version of the TLC matches and it's hard not to respect the effort involved, but it's just stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. stunt. Gets old after a while.
  7. Edge and Christian do the generic thing of bringing out their opponents dressed as old men this time. That is getting pretty played out in WWF by this point but this was ok enough I suppose. The six man is made by Foley for later and the Hardys and E&C brawl. The match itself is only four minutes long but I think they have done a good job at building up X Pac’s credibility. He gains the victory here again and looks like he belongs in the match vs Jericho. ¾*
  8. Big spot for E&C leading off SmackDown with a promo. They go for cheap heat saying soap was discovered in Louisville recently but the delivery is solid and the crowd reaction is there. I enjoyed Tazz on commentary dissing on Rock's shirt and how it would be received in Red Hook. Rock's promo was his usual verbal berating but it works well against E&C. I liked E&C asking for the world title to be on the line. We then get a backstage segment of E&C walking to the ring and being attacked by Rock. This shows the problem with Lawler as he has been a big E&C fan but is also a face in a feud with Tazz so he kind of has to tow the line when Rock attacks and it is awkward. Christian comes out for the match and says Edge cant compete but Foley has found a replacement. Enter Kane. The match is good with Christian picking his spots and Kane looking motivated. The world title picture going into Unforgiven is basic but it does add a nice wrinkle of still feeling like it has stakes and peril for Rock just from the shear quantity of the suitors wanting the title instead of the quality. Christian breaks up a pin attempt because he wants to be champion and him and Kane brawl. Kane teases chokeslamming Christian through a table until Edge runs down. With Edge and Kane fighting on the outside, Christian looks to steal the win and title with a belt shot but Rock catches him with the Rock Bottom for the win. SmackDown ends with Kane attacking and chokeslamming Rock through the table in an impressive visual. **1/2
  9. Kane is out for commentary showing more personality from him as I can’t recall him doing something like this before. Lawler is disposed from Tazz earlier. Taker challenges Kane from his bike. This match did a lot for E&C. Just a few months earlier, Edge was getting jobbed out to Taker in a singles match in three minutes. Here they are seen as a tag threat and work over Taker as FIP for 5 minutes or so until he makes the tag to Rock. The E&C on top segment was also smothering and kept building properly. Benoit runs out and attacks Taker after he tags in Rock. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Christian but Edge makes the save. Edge then pastes Rock with a chair that gets a close nearfall. Kane pulls out the referee and brawls with Taker on the floor and E&C give Rock the conchairto. That allows them to get a pin on Rock even though it was tainted. Big moment for them and a fun as hell match overall. ***1/4 (6.5)
  10. Jericho does one of his more memorable and classic promos where he inserts Benoit’s face onto different situations including a jackass. Benoit comes out all serious and presents a picture of his own with Jericho in the crossface. E&C come out for the six man and they have a dig at Ricky Williams and his fumble. The New Orleans Saints in the front row do not look amused. Quick match but a way to preview what is coming up on Sunday. I did like the chair being thwarted by the Hardy’s as it felt like E&C had gotten the upper hand for most of the build. E&C do remain on top as the segment ends against the Hardy’s with E&C hitting a chair against a ladder. The Dudley Boyz come out and hit the wassup drop on Christian. Matt Hardy recovers and dives onto everyone on the outside. Meanwhile, Jericho/Benoit are brawling and eventually both go through the table. These two feuds along with the main event carried the SummerSlam build. *1/2
  11. E&C do have the Hardys beat quite a bit in the promo department even though them going to the little person well as an insult feels way overdone. Jackie is the tag partner here for E&C which feels really shoe horned in. Jacqueline does give a brutal sidewalk slam to Lita. The Hardys get a measure of revenge winning here in convincing fashion. Match was brief but used to keep Matt/Jeff in the tag title scene and to get a nice hometown pop. *
  12. Quick match that you knew were leading to some miscommunication on the face team. That happens soon enough as Jeff hits the swantom on DVon and E&C escape with the win. Afterwards, Bubba gets pissed and the Dudleys and Hardys are clearly not on the same page. ½*
  13. This was mainly used a backdrop to again build to the TLC match upcoming. As a standalone tag match, it was fine and showcased some of the highlights/overness of the teams at this point in time. The build for TLC has been really good with all the weapons being integrated but never all at once like what will happen on the PPV. **
  14. Backstage, HHH tells Steph that she cost him the #1 contendership. The relationship here is still rocky. Steph says if she is such a liability, then she shouldn’t be there at all. Angle comes out for his match and talks about how much of a roll he is on. Angle gets in a potshot on Cal Ripken. Angle brings out his pals, Edge & Christian. Match itself is fine with some good comedy involving Too Cool and Rikishi including a stinkface to Kurt. Knowing what is about to come down the pike with Rikishi, it was good to get a six man from him and Too Cool one last time. Finish is an interesting development as Steph runs down and throws Sexay off the top rope and right into an Angle Slam for the pin. Right as Steph leaves backstage, Kurt asks her to be her permanent manager and she says she appreciates that he cares for her and understands her worth. **
  15. This provided an excellent visualization of the depth of the tag roster in WWF at the time but as a standalone match, it never came together. E&C insult the sports of Boston just like Kurt a few minutes before but I will give them props for having a Mookie Wilson jersey. Everything was too compartmentalized. It started with a segment of the Hardy’s vs T&A. Lita and Trish have a scruff which again is a rehash of the Venis vs Eddy match and Chyna and Trish going after each other. E&C and Hardy’s then have their Raw match which is good but brief. Finally it is down to Too Cool and E&C and again the action is fine but not that inspiring and really relies on the big spots of both teams. The finish was goofy to me in that the referee finally decides it is time to restore order not counting a pin when he had done that numerous times before. This allows Christian to slam the tag belt against Sexay and E&C retain the titles. **1/2
  16. This match gets set up by Foley backstage. Funny segment with E&C and Angle strategizing. A really good six man here with Hardcore looking motivated and E&C complimenting them well. I actually am longing for a tag feud. Taker comes in for the finale and lays out Angle with Last Ride for the dominant win and he is riding a lot of momentum heading into Survivor Series. **1/4
  17. Edge and Christian continue to refine their heel act including Angle in the group more and more. The jug band photo op they do here is one of my favorites throughout this run. E&C implement the Arn and Tully corner spot. Rikishi is still over like crazy as the crowd chants his name loudly half way through the match. Angle cutting off the worm was smart in getting heat on him and it allows Scotty 2 Hotty to be FIP for a bit. Solid stuff in the FIP and then we get the finale with Kurt getting the stink face and Rikishi running through his offense. Edge is able to hit the spear on Rikishi and then attempts to do the worm. Scotty stops that and does the WORM proper. To continue the trend, Christian hits a ring bell on Christian and the pinfall but the referee is distracted. This allows Sexay to come down with a legdrop for the top and Rikishi is put on top of Edge to gain the victory. Good opener to get the crowd going and a good way to have E&C lose without dropping the belts. ***
  18. E&C are pissed that Foley didn’t give them the title shot vs. RTC. Instead, they are up against the Hardy Boyz. Good match for four minutes and I like how personal the feud has evolved as they brawl on the entrance way. The match has a quick FIP sequence for Jeff where he does a good job selling underneath and then makes the tag to Matt. Lita gets involved and the Hardy’s are able to pick up the win to a huge pop. **
  19. The kazoo has arrived and they add lyrics to Benoit’s song. Foley interrupts and gives them the rundown for tonight as they have a tables match vs The Dudley Boyz. We get a quick insert to Steven “celebrating” with RTC before the match starts. Quick match with E&C having a bit of success before mocking the Dudley’s and the tide changing. The Hardy Boyz and Lita interfere and that is fine since it is a Tables Match. Lita gives a great rana to Christian and then he gets 3D’d through the table. After the match, Jeff gives the swantom to Edge through a table on the outside. *
  20. Great heat for the E&C bit as this came off the 1999 World Series sweep. JR gives a nod to Gordon Solie who passed away during this match. I have liked the way they have built to the TLC with interspersing the three teams against each other. This was up there with the regular best of five match before the ladder match leading to No Mercy 99. The nearfall off of the Swantombomb was especially well done with Edge pulling him out at the right exact moment. Chairs get involved causing a DQ and increasing the violence of the feud. **
  21. This is a funny bit and one instance where I had no problem with the match quality suffering to keep the angle chugging along. E&C do a ton of mat rolls, talk to the Spanish announce team and in general look like generic luchadors. As bad as King was on commentary at some moments of this show, he was strong here still playing the heel role but accidentally saying E&C's name at different points. Them winning was a surprise and well done with them immediately bolting to the back as fast as they can. **
  22. We get clips of the Conquistadors winning the battle royal to become the #1 contenders. They perform a promo backstage and sound pretty Canadian eh? Funny stuff. The match is fine but I thought the ending was one of the biggest mis steps in WWF this year. Austin arrives raising hell and he comes down to the ring with a chair that he delivers chair shots to everyone. This was worst than Taker burying everyone when he came back as it made all of the talent look like mid range acts here. The most egregious offense was him slamming the chair against Jericho. If this would have led somewhere, great but Jericho has been positioned as the #2 face of the brand with Austin gone and did a great job so seeing him associated with everyone else in the chair shot brigade enraged me. Austin should have done this to Lo Down and RTC or somebody. *1/2
  23. Steph and Kurt do a promo at the top of the stage. They are switching things up format wise on this Raw and keeping things fresh. Even this main event is fresh with some interaction that doesn’t feel established and E&C being elevated up. JR and King again have some good back and forth when Ross calls Edge uno or dos. Matt is the FIP and they do a good job working him over. Hot tag and big schmozz for the finish with Steph getting involved and showing her worth hitting Jeff on the top rope leading to the Angle Slam and pin. Angle is gaining momentum heading into the PPV on Sunday and him and Rock have a staredown to end the show. *** (6)
  24. A good ladder match but this palled in comparison to most of the stipulation matches we have seen in the past year with these two teams. The reasoning of that was a combination of the peak happening in the middle portion with Edge’s spear off the ladder. In addition, this featured a lot of slow climbing that killed the flow. It was used to built up drama but felt like the guys trying to remember the next sequence. I didn’t think this was a particularly good performance for Edge and Christian. *** (6.2)
  25. Really cool opening promo to start Raw with Foley that segueways through a bunch of programs for the present and the future. Having Foley as a face authority role just feels so refreshing after the two plus years of the heels running the show in a prominent manner. Foley announces that Jericho vs HHH is a LMS match. Taker/Kane come out and Foley sets up the main event of them teaming together to face HHH/Angle. HHH/Angle are on the Titan tron and HHH calls Angle a twerp whereas Angle says that he doesn’t think Steph thinks he is a twerp either. After that ends, here comes The Rock and he wants Benoit tonight. Shane McMahon’s faction comes out and Benoit does a good promo saying he will tap Rock out on Sunday and be the next champion. Shane is good as the hype man for the faction. Foley sets up a six man for these guys and the Acolytes teaming with Rock. Segment ends with a big brawl on the entranceway. A lot of star power here and one instance where I didn’t mind a long starting promo. The six man tag is short but action packed. Rock is clearly triggered by Benoit and goes after him aggressively. Bradshaw gives an excellent powerbomb to Edge in a unique move. Pier six breaks out and Benoit hits a unique chair shot on Rock that looked vicious. He gives one to Faroqq on the inside and Edge hits a DDT to steal the win. Shane and company hightailing it to the back is a good character move with JR telling you that shows how quickly a match can end. After the break, Rock is looking for Benoit backstage and Rock Bottoms him on top of a limo. I love this feud. *3/4