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Found 5 results

  1. Finals of the 2017 Leyenda da Plata. First two falls are typical modern lucha, just rushed through but with a nice dive in each. The third fall is fantastic, with lots of heat and great near falls. Caristico hits several great dives including a standing one over the barricade into the crowd. Volador Jr wins with a top rope huracanrana. Not an all time classic but definitely a fun match worth watching to get an idea of modern CMLL. Both of these guys deserve more credit and attention in my books. ***1/2
  2. This is the final of the Gran Alternativa tournament and it's a great showcase for Soberano. He looks super impressive here and UG is a wonderful base for him. My favorite moment is right at the beginning of the third fall where Soberano gets the best of Sanson in a slick rope-running sequence and Ultimo comes into the ring and just runs straight into him, which Soberano takes as a gnarly looking bump under the middle rope, bouncing off the floor. There are a few things with Caristico in the final fall that drag this down for me a smidge, but overall it's easily one of the best CMLL matches so far this year. ****1/4
  3. A really good **** contest with Ultimo Guerrero leading the way. One blow away spot is UG catching Caristico off a dive and power bombing him on the floor. All falls get time and it builds to a hot end.
  4. An amazingly chaotic tag match, one of the best of the year. You could replace Xtreme Tiger with pretty much any generic flier luchador and nothing would be lost, Caristico did play a part in the match feeling as big as it did due to him knowing how to rile up the crowd and being a bigger name, and he did show more fire in the comeback. Still this was all about LA Park and Rey Escorpion throughoutly beating the shit out of the tecnicos. The opening had a lot of quick double teams and teasing that would result in stare offs and give the crowd a chance to chant and get into it, they weren't doing much from an action standpoint but from a structural one it was a crucial portion of the match. Then you get the extended rudo beatwdown and it is as wonderful as it gets, Park and Escorpion recklessly beat the shit ouf ot the tecnicos with whatever object they find, whether it be chairs or wooden boards, and of course throw awesome punches too. Rey Escorpion was probably the best actor in the match, him pushing Caristico off after Caristico had repeteadly smashed his head with a board only to get hit with it one more time and fall down was gold, he contemplated Park's shtick perfectly. Of course Park was no slouch either, in particular there was a sequence where he caught a Caristico dive and it resulted in the world's most bizarre pro wrestling dance off, you could make a million GIFs out of this match. They also managed to incorporate the referee in an interesting way, sometimes the referee being biased just detriments to the quality of the match, here it was a quick but fun angle where he took LA Park's belt and started whipping the tecnicos, the visual of that was as ridiculous as it sounds, the tecnicos got their payback and they moved on. There was a pretty ugly Caristico botch at the end but they reacted to it perfectly by taking advantage of a wounded Caristico after he'd sold/laid on the ground because he was hurt for real for a while for an easy win. ****1/4
  5. Cage matches aren't exactly something I associate with lucha but it's something you'd figure LA Park would be great at, and sure enough he is. He totally outclassed Caristico here. LA Park's performance was phenomenal-the level of vioelnce he brough to the table was just something else, as was his character work. He dominated most of the match with long control segments and I am a fan of that classic "rudo beats the shit out of a tecnico for the first ten minutes" structure. Him toying with Caristico, playing with his mask and telling him to look up before instantly knocking him down is something that has to be seen. One advantage of the 2/3 falls structure is that allows there to be a climax when a big spot is done, and this being only one fall resulted in my least favourite spot in the match, which was Caristico's comeback happening immediately after Park Powerbombed him onto chairs. Park did manage to somewhat salvage that as just as Caristico's was firing up, grabbing chairs and all that he just punched him straight in the face and went back in the control. The other huge spot involved Park spearing Caristico into chairs, but that one also had him take damage while executing the move so he couldn't just take advantage of it straight away. Honestly if it were not for the cage dive Caristico wouldn't have done anything of note here, since what he did here was mostly react to Park with payback spots and classic tecnico offence and Caristico pretending to be Park and doing Armdrags is not nearly as cool as Park breaking a chair over Caristico's head. This had the grit, mask ripping and blood you'd want out of it, and a very interesting angle to it as well with Rey Escorpion interfering in the match and trying to cost LA Park the win. Honestly he brought more to the match than Caristico did-his punches are always a joy to watch and he carries himself like a badass. That led to an angle where Caristico refused Escorpion's help and started fighting him and when Park got up he handed the match to Caristico because he cared about punishing Escorpion more. Needed a stronger Caristico performance to be a truly great match but almost reached that level anyway and made me interested in catching up with whatever angles Elite's been running, a Park-Escorpion feud sounds amazing. ***3/4