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Found 22 results

  1. This is one of the main events for Jinsei Shinzaki's 25th Anniversary show. It is also for the Sendai Girls title that was vacated by Ayako Hamada following her arrest back in May. The basic storyline of the match is a contrast in styles between the matwork/power moves of Chihiro and the brawling/highspots of DASH. The finishing run has DASH throwing everything at Chihiro till she runs out of big moves and then has to rely on hitting rollups for all kinds of angles. Eventually though, Chihiro's strength and resolve is too much and she regains the title. I didn't like this as much as their more frenetic match from the previous month but it's still a very solid title match. ***1/2
  2. This is Io Shirai's last match in Sendai Girls. She's teaming with DASH Chisako, who she had a tag team rivalry with (each woman teamed with their sister) early on in their careers. These Senjo/Stardom tags are almost always great and this is no exception. The first half of the match has some really good back and forth between both teams before focusing on Chihiro/DASH. I wish DASH had gotten in a few nearfalls during the finishing stretch to set up her and Chihiro's upcoming title match better. Still, great stuff despite the bit of a flat ending. ****
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R709wVwzcsE&t=24s This was the replacement main event for the show where Ayako Hamada vacated the Sendai Girls title. Personally, I think this was DASH's best performance since she started her hardcore gimmick a couple of years ago. Chihiro gives another strong main event performance. Despite this match being relatively short, they still manage to keep it action packed with a strong transitions to give it a nice flow throughout. ****
  4. Ayako Hamada vs. Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai 4/19) was a really fun match between two thickly built wrestlers. I really liked the opening exchanges, nice matwork and shoulderblocks, with Hamada's snappy lucha armdrags looking credible against Hashimoto's amateur stuff. I loved how well they worked stuff like abdominal stretch reversals and with Hashimoto moves like a hip toss or senton look brutal because she's so thick. The match didn't have great direction but there was some sense of build (e.g. building to Hashimoto hitting the 2nd rope senton, building to the first german suplex, building to first big Hashimoto nearfall with the short arm clotheslines etc). Ayako Hamada has been one of the sharpest wrestlers in the world for years and her picking apart Hashimoto with kicks looked great.
  5. I was really excited to see this as these two are my most improved women of 2017, (well Iroha at least makes tape consistently now.) This opens up with some nice matwork which eventually leads to Chihiro getting a good grip on Iroha's leg to stretch it out. Iroha does a good job of selling while still using the leg on offense while Chihiro uses it as a shortcut to get back on offense. This might have been right up there as one of the top joshi matches of the year but the last minute was pretty sloppy. Even with that, this is still a great match. ****
  6. This is quite the matchup of veteran stars and junior partners. This might be my favourite Meiko performance of the year. She was really on, especially when she would slickly move from matwork to more high impact moves. Despite her age and slight weight gain, Ayako still moves around really well. Both of the younger workers came off strong, going back and forth with the vets fairly. A very fun match. ****
  7. I'm really enjoying how different joshi group are doing odes to early 90's AJW comm tape main-events. No one in particular has a stand out performance, what makes the match really work is just how well everybody works together with one another. Meiko and Chihiro continuing their feud was a highlight. This match also makes you wish that Stardom would get their head out of their butt and final book a Io/Hiroyo singles match. This is another match in the recent run of very good/great random main-eventer tag matches. ****
  8. One thing you can always rely on Sendai Girls for are tag matches that have an interesting mix of big names. Chihiro was the stand out here, primarily with her outstanding selling. A lot of it is the result of both Meiko and Aja really taking it to Chihiro in this match. Ayako is solid here but her performance gets kinda lost with the other three. A pretty good match, which is what you would expect from the talent involved. ***3/4
  9. Peak Nicopro here as the camera falls off the tripod during wrestler intros. This match is better than their title match from last year mainly due to the improvement of Chihiro has made. Cassandra has an awesome character but her control segments are boring and her overall ringwork is still clunky. Still Chihiro's performance carried this as she keeps getting better at adding drama to her to her big matches. A nice, solid, main event title match. ***1/2
  10. Sendai Girls World Championship: Chihiro Hashimoto © vs. Meiko Satomura I don't think this came anywhere close to their match last year, but it was still a great match. Satomura was trying everything to suppress the thigh-monster, and Chihiro's comebacks had amazing displays of strength and athleticism. There was a distinct lack of hip attacks that I was not a fan of, but Chihiro's powerbomb is terrifying, and this match does its job in establishing it as another move her opponents need to watch out for. The flipping senton from the top rope was also fucking nuts. ***3/4
  11. Sendai Girls World Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto © vs. Chihiro Hashimoto Chihiro is something else. She's like a sturdy wall of meat. This was definitely the weaker of the Chihiro matches from this year. It didn't have the sense of danger that her previous big matches did, and boiled down to an exchange of moves and the two using one another's finisher, and while all of this looked great, there wasn't much else going on here. ***1/4
  12. This is a rematch of the 10 minute draw that these two had back in March. Chihiro is just an absolute beast here, dominating early on with matwork then making an awesome surging comeback. Yamashita works a smart, tactical match in response. She picks her spots well while focusing her offense on trying to slow Chihiro down. The finish has some very physical back and forth leading toward a draw. Best match so far this year for both women. ****1/4
  13. Sendai Girls World Championship: Chihiro Hashimoto © vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto Hiroyo works over Chihiro's neck throughout, hitting a gruesome Gin and Tonic, and it leads to an amazing finishing stretch where the champion can't maintain the bridge of her German suplex due to the damage done to her neck. The selling was good; the pacing of the match feels smooth with an organic escalation, and Chihiro is just a sight to behold! This was an awesome clash of titans! ****1/2
  14. Chihiro Hashimoto & DASH Chisako vs. Hikaru Shida & Rina Yamashita Shida-sama & Yamashita have a parejas increíbles-esque dynamic in this match, and that made things very interesting. They're attacking each other, making aggressive tags, Shida tries to use Yamashita as a weapon; but, they still prove to be a cohesive, well-oiled duo. The hard-hitting segments between Hash and Rina were awesome, and there's a shinai spot here that was topnotch slapstick. DASH reprises her role as Chihiro's designated FIP, but she gets the fall this time! And so continues the endless Shida/DASH feud. ***3/4
  15. Sendai Girls World Championship: Aja Kong © vs. Chihiro Hashimoto Aja is chewing gum while wrestling in a main event title match, I already want her to lose. She is a mammoth who can adsorb all damage, including wheel barrel slams to the floor and hip attacks from 635mm thighs. The German suplex is the key to victory and C-Hash can't hit it. This was structured like their first encounter this year, but on a much grander and epic scale. Aja has to use her craftiness because she cannot beat C-Hash's matwork, no matter how hard she tries. Outside of the ring is the danger zone, it is where Aja feels most at home, where she batters C-Hash with chair shots to the head and back. This is the worst beating Chihiro has ever taken. This builds so well into that first German suplex. When Aja is broken down, she senses it coming and shifts her strategy to targeting the leg, which is sold tremendously, but this desperation proves futile. An Aja this vulnerable is just not something you see very often, and it puts Chihiro over HUGE. Phenomenal match in front of hot Korakuen crowd. ****3/4
  16. This was the opener of the Joshi Pro show that WAVE put on to feature younger wrestlers with all of the matches having 10 minute time limits. The match is pretty much what you would expect from these two at this point. It's super physical with a lot of power spots. That works out well as they manage to have the crowd fairly hot for the end of the time limit. Certainly hopeful that there will be a more meaningful rematch in the near future. ***3/4
  17. This was just a total blast from start to finish. Loved the pre-match stuff w/ Io getting a big video package showcasing her evolution as a wrestler, and then the big streamer treatment she got. The match didn't tell an elite story or anything - but it was just so goddamn fun to watch. All women looked great w/ their great looking offense + Io & Mayu did some great selling as well. An absolute blast. ****
  18. This is Chihiro's second defense of the Sendai Girls title and also a rematch of one of her first big singles matches that happened a year to this day. I loved how Aja worked the early part of this match. She always seemed to have a smart little counter to everything that Chihiro would try. Story-wise, this match tells the vet/rookie matchup a lot better than Chihiro's title win over Meiko Satomura. You get the feeling that if this was prime Aja, she would have chewed up Chihiro and spit her out. But at the same time, when Chihiro goes on her big run, you can see Aja relying on her wits and experience to survive. A smart, well crafted match. ****1/4
  19. Man Cassandra Miyagi does not seem to be very good at wrestling. I don't remember the last time something annoyed me as much as her just inexplicabaly falling down as Hashimoto was about to hit an ipponseoi nage. Then there was a spit spot, her making a great amateur wrestler do shitty crowd brawling and the biggest problem of them all-her controlling so much of the match while doing absolutely nothing interesting on offence. She used like 4 moves (a dropkick, a big boot, a leglock and a backdrop suplex variation) none of which looked particularly good and just hit them over and over and over again and after a while just started busting out bigger moves, there was no momentum shift, no memorable transition, nothing. The opening was fun as Hashimoto's amateur wrestling rolls and takedowns gave the matwork a nice flair as was the finish with her nuking Miyagi with bomb throwing but the Miyagi controlled portions of the match were completely forgettable. ***
  20. I thought we had some joshi superfans on this board, how the hell does this not have a thread? This was another fantastic contest in the series of Meiko vs. Game Opponents. Chihiro Hashimoto is this brawny amateur wrestler and works like Rick Steiner. They start of with great mat wrestling and Meiko does some awesome wristlock work, before the inevitable kicks in. I've said it before, but Meiko really has the sharpest offense in the world. She just kicked the snot out of Chihiro. Clearly Chihiro is her pet project, and while the young girl has some iffy moments, all her throws ruled and her german suplex was deadly. I also really liked how she rolled to the apron to evade her opponent. Because it's a Satomura match, everything was timed and built perfectly and felt like a fight. Really great match despite a few soft transitions, that the finish more than makes up for anyways.
  21. This is the final of Pro Wrestling WAVE's tag league. Good lord, this is like if pro wrestling tried to be a demolition derby, just tonnes of body-on-body contact. There's a spot early on where Hashimoto grabs Yamashita along the ropes but Mizunami hits a clothesline on Rina so hard that Chihiro goes flying to the floor, that the type of match this is. Towards the end, it's hard to till if Mizunami is doing a Grade A sell job or if she is truly feeling beaten down. I know the phrase 'Hoss Fight' gets thrown around loosely but this match might be that in its truest form. ***3/4
  22. I really loved the opening, Hashimoto is, uhm.....bulky? but not as big as Aja and you had her using amateur-style takedowns and Aja battling her technique with size which was really cool. Aja can't move as much as she used to but she can still hit really hard and C-Hash comes to her and sells her strikes enough that it isn't an issue. It could have been better if C-Hash had some good liking striking offence but she did not. Still this is a very cool and unique match that I definitely recommend checking out. ***1/4