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Found 19 results

  1. Boy, why is there no wrestling like this anymore? Fun basic opening match. I can't tell whether Matsumoto is any good but you can slot her into a more technical match and it'll all be fine. Chikayo of course wrestles like the lightest, skinniest Tamon Honda and it's all wonderful. Fun takedowns and throws and some neat spots. Good enough that I feel slightly agitated that they clipped 2 minutes from this 9 minute match.
  2. JIP. This was surprisingly one of the stiffer matches I've seen between the GAEA younglings so far. Sato hit some fierce urakens and kicks to the face and Nagashima at one point started throwing shotais from mount. She also nailed Sato with some of the most brutal double stomps I've seen in a while. This was largely Nagashima working as a grappler, busting out her signature slick moves with Sato working as the bigger girl. It works surprisingly well and I thought Sato did a remarkable job putting over the smaller Nagashimas skill. Flash finish that works really well.
  3. JIP. Watching Nagashima will make you realize fast she was one of he more innovative workers around in 1998. This was closer to your typical sprint joshi but paced slow enough and with enough selling to make you appreciate everything. Lots of slick sequences and counters. Uematsu brings a nice vicious edge to this workrate-y match, hitting some brutal knee combos and punching Nagashima square in the jaw at one point. One thing I like is that many of the spots shown here would be near physically impossible to do for most male workers – especially the bridge up spots and Nagashima landing on her feet from the Northern Lights Suplex. Roughly 7 out of 13 minutes shown on both TV and comm tape.
  4. Man, it's pretty cool to go back and watch GAEA and check out all these rookies having excellent long matches. This went off to a flaming hot start with a slap at the bell and both of them looking like they wanted to kick the shit out of eachother. They end up going to the mat and really punishing eachother with holds. You could be peeved about this seemingly lacking direction, as Nagashima wanted to target Kato's bandaged shoulder but Kato would cut her off quickly anytime she tried so Nagashima ends up trying different approaches, but this ended up paying dividends when Nagashima finally locks in an armbar in the 2nd half and Kato selling her arm going limp. Some fantastic slick reversals by Nagashima into her rollups (which made for great nearfalls), another great nearfall for a sleeper hold, intense battle near the end with both of them slapping the shit out of eachother... yeah this was tightly worked, intelligent pro wrestling that really drew me in and made the most out of a few basic spots while still keeping a high pace. Great stuff, what the fuck happened to pro wrestling that these girls with no experience are outworking everyone today?
  5. It's the GAEA girls working a MUGA match!!! AWESOME! This was a really cool match just as the circumstances promise. A little more grappling heavy than your average joshi match, but they also mix it up with some unique, fun lucha-influenced exchanges. Nagashima can both whip out the fast huracanrana and the mean Greco headscissor choke on the ground. Satomura has a real knack for nice simple stuff, in this case busting out a cool leg stretch on the ground and a cool airplane spin. They both show their great fundamentals (test of strength into a bridge etc.) aswell as some creativity. I've grown fond of well worked basic opening matches and this was a goodie.
  6. Some person is uploading 5$ bin 2000s joshi by the bulk on YouTube, and I'm happy because I can watch Carlos Amano matches. And this was a pretty fun veteran technician's match. The whole match is highly polished and Nagashima actually has really mean offense too for such a tiny girl. Amano is all flying headbutts and she has spectacular flying headbutts. There's all kinds of variations on them: flying headbutt to Nagashima on the top rope, Flying Headbutt right into a nasty Nagashima low dropkick that looked perfect, flying headbutt tease into a cradle which Nagashima reverses anyways etc. Kinda veers into joshiriffic territory at times, with a brawl on the outside where they end up balancing on a height like in a Pirates of the Carribean swordfight and an exchange of german suplexes, but other than that this is all perfectly fun stuff and I really dug some of the slick spots they pulled out towards the end of this.