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  1. THE LOVERS ARE BACK, BABY. This was just pure fireworks from START to FINISH; one of those matches where when it ended I went "man, pro wrestling's the goddamn best". Korakuen was ROCKING, Omega & Ibushi are absolutely wonderful together, the character work by all involved was great (especially by Cody who was on FIRE) & the all around storytelling combined with the atmosphere was just amazing. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff. ****1/2
  2. This was very fun. Good stuff early on w/ Liger overwhelming Cody, and Cody only getting the advantage with the help of the greatest manager of all-time, BURNARD the BUSINESS BEAR. Bless. Cody was very good on top & I liked the brief leg psychology they went with. Liger of course rules as a babyface w/ his selling & comebacks. ***1/2
  3. This ruled. The atmosphere was amazing & Cody was on absolute fire - EASILY the better performer in this match. His performance was terrific; great facial expressions, awesome storytelling w/ his overall body language, loved him talking shit to the crowd & spitting beer at them, that Shattered Dreams tease was AWESOME, his work on top in general ruled.. So much good stuff! I thought Kenny's performance fighting from underneath was very dull, but Cody looked like an absolute star. Nothing funnier in wrestling right now than people "mocking" him for being a "3-Star Savior" or whatever, because 3-3.75 matches fucking RULE. This was one like that. Real good stuff, would've been even better had Kenny brought it like Cody did. ***3/4
  4. This was my favorite match of day 1 of these G1 Special shows. Thought it was a very charming match up that had somewhat of a old school vibe to it, especially with the 'World Champ vs. World Champ' billing & all. Loved it. ****1/4
  5. This was heading towards the ****+ GREAT territory, but in the last third of the match or so the match started to overstay it's welcome - it was still good, but the intensity dropped quite a bit. I loved seeing Jay Lethal just kick Cody's ass all over the place - it was phenomenal, Cody sold it well & Lethal looked awesome working over him. Both guys have some really good looking punches, which are important in matches like this. Cody did a good job cutting off Lethal - only for Lethal to start kicking his ass again. Classic babyface getting the revenge stuff. This ruled. ***3/4
  6. This was fine but nothing special, much like everything Cody Rhodes has even done. There was no way he was going to live up to the video package New Japan made for him, his acting was just so shit in this match, he's back to playing an evil genius from a cartoon, it just might be worse than Stardust. Kinda feel bad for Juice as he did look good here, I enjyoed his offence, guy probably could've had a three star match versus Nakanishi, instead he was forced to sell for Cody Rhode's Springboard Enzuigiri that misses by a foot. The Crossbody countered into a leglock was a cool spot that popped me for sheer novelty. An endless whirlpool of twenty second control segments and a quasi attempt at legwork didn't help matters either. **1/2
  7. Man I hate WWE's "we can only have one x wrestler at a time", this is the result of that policy, Corbin has to lose to Dolph Ziggler because being undefeated is Crews' thing and Crews has to work 50/50 matches against Cody Rhodes because being dominant is Corbin's thing. Completely unmemorable outside of Stardust busting out the most ridiculous leg submission in history (and by that I mean it looked really bad and inefficient, not funny).
  8. Remember when Hunico was a good C show worker? That has to be up there with Titus O'Neil and Wade Barrett being great for a few months as far as things no one is going to remember in five years go. He looked good here (cool armdrags and an asai moonsault), I'm sure him vs. Ryder would be fun. Match itself was nothing, a backseat to Owens' commentary to pop the reddit boys. And the match ends in a DQ because triple threats may have those when it fits their storyline. Ok.
  9. I have no use for Cody Rhodes when he's not Goldust's hot tag. This way OK for the "two minute match that isn't a squash" that WWE insists on doing. It had a really amazing spot where Crews was on the apron and went for the dreaded shoulder block through the ropes and Stardust hit him with an awesome swinging neckbreaker that didn't mean anything.
  10. Cody Rhodes is from the generation of inoffensive wrestlers. You know when everyone kinda just looked and wrestled like Randy Orton. I never hated Cody and never liked him. He always just elicited apathy from me. The "Dashing" Cody Rhodes bit and subsequent mask stuff at least gave him a hook, but in the ring I always found him overly mechanical and just someone who thinks too much in the ring about what he is doing. Even on first pass when he united with his brother, I was totally focused on the rejuvenation of Goldust. I thought Cody was his usual adequate self. Goldust was just overshadowing him. Watching the matches back (and watching the PPV matches for the first time), my eyes were opened to how good Cody had gotten in the ring. He was showing way more fire. He seemed more natural. He was engaging the crowd. I was really impressed. Hopefully, they utilize the revitalization to build future stars like they did with Daniel Bryan to give them time to shine in the hot tag. The hot tag is such a great way to take a young, energetic babyface and get him over with crowd because it is all offense. Cody is not even saddled with the load that is Kane. He has his brother to actually build drama as a great face in peril. Now, I know the Brothers Rhodes push has cooled significantly, but does anyone else think that if they had let it continue they could have used the Cody hot tag to parlay it into a bigger singles run ala Daniel Bryan? There is one quibble I still have with Cody that I think is a big hindrance. He looks so freaking normal. He looks like all my friends. He looks like everyone I work with. He is a man with brown hair (not too dark, not too light, not too short, not too long) with no unique visual features. One of the biggest lines of bullshit, they love to feed to us is that Austin got over despite not having a look. Bullshit. Austin had the shaven head and goatee. The black trunks, black vest fit the badass character We called our Elementary School janitor Stone Cold because that was the Stone Cold look. You need a look. Looking like every nine to fiver, aint gonna cut it. Even though, I am not crazy about the mustache craze sweeping the nation, it was at least something. Am I alone in thinking Cody looks too damn boring to be a true main event player?
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