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Found 11 results

  1. You mean the clown that Hotta punted? Over the last year or so I have barely tipped the iceberg of Command Bolshoi, but I have learned that she is easily a top 75 GWE candidate. She may be a top 50 or even a top 25 candidate. I want to find out. Yes, she's a clown who started as a flying comedy worker. However, she developed into a Rey Jr Kimura worker in her 27 year career. I have seen her damn good in 1993 and damn good in 2019, so the question is how fucking great is she? Thankfully a few years ago she started a youtube channel to upload her music. Somehow that turned her into the Buddy Rose of joshi and now that channel has over 300 matches of her's. I am going to start diving into this channel, because it's riddled with gems and someone needs to make her case. I have so much on my plate, so this may not be constant updates, but I'll work through it. 2018.11.10 ProWestlingEVE ~ SHE1 Command Bolshoi vs Jetta The first match uploaded is from EVE in England. It's not EVE's footage, but it's shot from the balcony. A very unique angle to watch wrestling from. With this being Jetta and Bolshoi this could be a technical match or a comedy match, but they went with the tricked out technical submission work and it fucking ruled. Bolshoi has so many tricks in her arsenal and we need to speak of her as one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever. 8 minutes of tricked out submissions leading to a tiny comedy spot and a strong finish. Well worth your time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYbti264pTU
  2. SegundaCuerda said: "Great wrestler with a fascinating submission-based style that feels different from the rest of the Joshi wrestlers. She's one of my favorite woman wrestlers and I think she is an interesting case of the best Joshi who has made her career outside of the most important groups. I love the fact that there's a very romantic touch in her career story, how she resurrected and reinvented JWP, and how she had managed to kept her name and birth day secret as far as I know. I love that something like that is possible in 2021. She also has great athletic abilities which can be seen in her participation in the Chikara King of Trios, but where she really shines is on the mat."
  3. This was a „bigger“ match than Amano/Yoneyama, meaning that it had more nearfalls and bigger moves, but it wasn't as smart. Also, Haruyama looked nowhere close to as good as Yoneyama did at this stage. Bolshoi largely just went to her spots. Spots where good, but the stuff around was largely just happening and didn't draw me in. The one cool moment of the match was Haruyama countering a Fujiwara armbar into a rolling cradle. I am a sucker for Bolshois submissions so the finishing run was somewhat worthwhile... still, a Bolshoi singles match could be so much more.
  4. Huh! Really fun trios match. Maybe I should stop dreading joshi tags. The main reason for this being fun is that they mix the usual joshi workrate stuff up with lots of amusing shtick and the combo of tagging Kyoko with two low ranked workers. Kaori Yoneyama plays Mini Kyoko and makes a really fun goofy underdog face, while Kyoko herself works as a Brazo de Plata/One Man Gang type immovable object, which works a lot better than Kyoko working long winded epics. All the Yoneyama tries Kyoko Inoue tribute spots and gets smacked upside the head was fun, all the Kyoko Inoue as immovable object/laying out everyone on the opposite team stuff was fun, and the workrate sections were fun too. I've spoken about how much I like Kuragaki and she was as fun as always, and Bolshoi looked good working completely different from her match against Amano just before this one. Hyuga and Ran are kind of the big main event stars in this one (if you can talk about „stars“ considering how small JWP was at this stage) and they are remarkably non-outstanding, really outworked by everyone else in the match. The one moment I didn't like was Hyuga hitting her german suplex combo on Big Kyoko after she was struggling to just lift her before. Other than that, quality stuff.
  5. WELL!! These are two of my favourite female workers, and really two of the more unique wrestlers in wrestling history, despite the fact you have to kind of scour the earth to find their good matches. Due to the special makeup of japanese womens wrestling these two are rarely in a matchup that allows them to shine. And for some reason, their matches over the years have never been quite white they should be. The 1998 encounter went far too long, the 2000 ones ranged between solid and fun exhibtions... fortunately, they finally delivered what the matchup promises on this one. This is a submission match and really worked like Negro Navarro vs. Solar in Coliseo Coacalco. It even had the kind of playing to the crowd and jokes that sort of match would have. 90% of this was grappling, and it was good. What makes these two so cool is not just their submissions but the cool unique trips and transitions they will come up with to get them. Plenty of unique spots and submissions to keep you entertained, and the finish was decided on the mat in an intense scramble as it should be. Really this felt like a Virus match and that's exactly what their strength is. No idea what took them so long to figure it out, but this was worth seeking out.
  6. Acute Sae was a youngster who could grapple. This was a bit like something Virus would with a student on a small show, so it was right up my ally. Smooth grappling and fun submissions. If Bolshoi worked like this more often and had stuck to it she would be among the very top tier of female workers. Sae is good mixing flying armbars against Bolshois more lucha esque style and I really liked her brief armwork, just trampling Bolshois arm as soon as she found an opening. Wouldn't mind to see this have gone longer but what do you know, Acute Sae retired just the same year.
  7. 2002 JWP was weird. Super low budget production with 1 camera and no lighting, but they are wrestling in this giant ring. This is kind of a dream match for me, and it was a lot of fun. They stuck to their bread and butter, which means flash submissions and counters. I would've liked this to be a little more competitive with actual mat exchanges, but it's a near miracle we even got a no bullshit singles match between the two on tape. Bolshoi was pretty dominant here, I guess because after floating around Michinoku Pro undercards Yagi didn't have much standing left, counter most of Yagis offensive attempts. I've seen Yagi push Yoshida to the limit and she still looked really athletic here, doing the Jaguar Yokota handspring and beautiful rollups, wish she had gotten to push Bolshoi a little too. But what we got was match full of the unique and nifty spots these two are famous for and it made me immensely happy.
  8. Nice to see the Beginning Pro girls make tape since that doesn't happen very often these days. The both of them put in very plucky performance against the veteran team of Bolshoi and Leon. While they lack the experience and offensive fire power that their opponents have, both Anou and Maki do a terrific job of looking competitive. A high quality veteran/youngster tag title match that shouldn't be skipped. ****
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aVWwt59rns This is a special challenge match as it is one of the last matches that Nakajima will have while she is part of the JWP roster as she is going freelance in the new year. I have to say that the matwork in this match is amazing. Bolshoi is quite at the level of Mariko Yoshida but she's good enough at times to make you actually think that she might be. There are several points throughout the match where Bolshoi just seems to be one step, sometimes two, ahead of Arisa. There are a few moments where Nakajima's only option is to simply slug her way out of trouble. Nakajima's selling also really puts over the matwork to give it some value later on in the match. A great showing from Bolshoi while Arisa keeps her late year run of tremendous work going. ****
  10. There was no way the Yoshida vs. Bolshoi matchup would live up to my expectations. I was a little underwhelmed by Yoshida here. She had some fun exchanges vs. tiny Bolshoi on the mat here and punched Yabushita in the face at one point, but that was about it. Also, here was an annoying clip in the middle of he match. The Yoshida team was carried by Akino, who looked pretty good. Yabushita is a judo girl with legit ability, so all her flying armbars and fighting on he ground looks really good, as she actually looks like she is constantly pulling her opponent into a submission to beat them, rather than doing a pretty spot. She looks more Brock Lesnar than Minoru Tanaka and if Ronda Rousey ever gets into wrestling I imagine this is how she would work ideally. Akino was good but I hated her no selling Bolshoi's top rope Uranage, altough I've learned to give these girls one stupid spot off. Same with Bolshoi's shitty 619. The fancy rollup and flying submissions all looked good, Bolshoi is crazy fast, like twice prime Misterio speed, there were a few moments where they countered eachothers counters, which gave the match a hard fought feeling. The Akino vs. Yabushita finish run was really good with Akino catching her in surprise Fujiwara armbars and Yabushita avoiding Akino's kicks and throws. Also, these girls like to go for the Liger running palm strike, but while the move connects and makes a sound, I think it doesn't look visually impressive because they are physically so tiny. Match ended when it should. Very fun bout.
  11. WOW! This was a really fun grapple-heavy junior bout. It was worked almost in a "maestra"'s style which is really something that more of the japanese girl's shouldve gotten hip to. Plenty of tricked out sequences and counters. Yabushita uses her judo and is pretty great with unpredictable transitions into armbars, Bolshoi goes for the leg and busts out a Lucha-meets-Honda rolling cradle submission that had Rey Hechicero eating his heart out. Bolshoi really has an awesome moveset (dig that carne seated chokehold) and is just such a fabulous military clown grappler luchadora veteran wrestler. You'd think Lucha would have an awesome weird clown technician but instead Bolshoi's that girl.
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