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Found 18 results

  1. I love how Okami can go from feisty underdogs to bully "veterans" depending on who they are facing. This was similar to last year's RWTL match against Naoya Nomura & Aoyagi, with Daichi and specially Kamitani doing a really good job in control, dominating and beating the fuck out of their smaller opponents. Abe does little cunty things like very few these days, and his flash kicks and reversals are perfect for hope spots and buildups to a hot tag, so of course it works on this match. Nomura, as always, stands out as a no fucks given, gonna kick and slap you to oblivion bad ass that still doesn't quite have enough to dominate. Strike exchanges were dope as hell, specially the kicks between Daichi and Takuya. Shin-Kiba crowd is right there with them too. Strong BJ delivers once again, @superkix I think you are might like this.
  2. Daichi did absolutely nothing for me when he was on the offense, but Hideki's performance was absolutely masterful & carried the match to greatness. His selling of Daichi's offense was fabulous & the way he targeted Daichi's neck was so awesome - laser focused & super compelling to watch. ****
  3. Day 1 of the Strong Climb tournament. After watching these two develop over their young careers, I felt like a proud dad watching this. Daichi starts the match thinking he might pull this of off the strength of him being the champ and Nomura still being below him on the totem pole. But Takuya has had some really tough tests coming into the tournament against Abe and Togo so he has NO TIME for Daichi's laziness, he kicks and bitchslaps Hashimoto like he ain't shit, forcing the champ to take him seriously from the get go. There's a ton to love about this, from the crowd LOVING Nomura from minute zero and craving for an upset to Daichi's selling and portrayal of a legit champ - I almost shed a tear when he did the "get pissed off and karate chop THE FUCK outta your opponent to show him who you are" spot that his daddy did so fucking well - to Nomura's fire and not give a fuck attitude. He knows he's faced stronger competition than Daichi so he fucking goes for the W like a madman. Finish could've been a little better but it served it's purpose.
  4. Not even sure how to explain why this match works besides "Korakuen magic", there's some stuff they do that doesn't make a lot of sense, and the selling was spotty. Nakanoue's performance varied from holy shit amazing to "not sure why he did that", but the crowd fucking buys in on everything he does. By the halfway mark they want a new champ and they BELIEVE Nakanoue can pull it off. The atmosphere minimizes the flaws this match has imo, it's not a MOTYC but I'd still recommend it just to see Korakuen elevate a match like only that place can.
  5. Well I'll be damned, this was way better than I expected it to be. The middle portion dragged a little bit as Daichi still has some issues mounting a comeback when it's not a tag match, but everything else was top notch. Probably Kawakami's best singles performance to date, dude was vicious and did an excellent job working on top. Really liked the finished too, certainly worth a watch.
  6. Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani (Okami) vs Naoya Nomura & Yuma Aoyagi - All Japan Real World Tag League Final day 12/12/17 Well I'll be damned this was awesome! A young guys matchup - Big Japan's team are 25 year old each while All Japan's is 22 each - for a shot at the tournament finals. It was weird but dope watching Okami having to work as the imposing, invader team and they pretty much worked Strong BJ formula match and it fucking works, with them mostly working over Yuma and trying to keep Nomura at bay. This was 14 minutes long but felt longer (in a good way) with a jam packed Korakuen Hall growing more and more invested in Aoyagi and his battle to get the home team the W. Even though he was mostly limited to hot tags and leveling the playing field, you can tell Nomura is gonna be special and that the Sumo Hall performance/showcase was not a fluke, crowd was solidly behind him and you could feel the young breh being a force that the BJW team didn't want much do with. A couple of cool nearfalls and spots that didn't rely on excess and over doing stuff. This was such a joy to watch, I was happy as fuck watching such young dudes delivering like this.
  7. Why couldn't we get THIS Daichi for his title match against Suzuki?? As always with the Strong BJ division, the story for this is pretty damn simple: the two young guys show a fuck ton of heart and go all out to get the W against the champ and his outsider buddy. At first we get Daichi trying to prove a point and one up Hideki, but he pays his disrespect dearly as Suzuki fucking destroys his leg in quick fashion. From then on it's all about Kamitani holding the fort and Hashimoto doing an outstanding job at selling and showing babyface fire when needed - fucking LOVED how it looked like it hurt his soul every time he used his damaged leg - I can't get enough of how this division forces people to earn every single thing they do, and this match had plenty of that. Finishing sequence wasn't flashy but it made sense in the context of the story they were telling. Still, even with all the praise I just gave it, this isn't a home run of a match, but it was a really good tag that's worth a look. Post match was great with Daichi wanting to kill the champ for the damage he caused, Kamitani asking for another title shot and Hideki being pissed and throwing the middle finger. It looked like Kamitani will get the shot anyways, I think the young bull has a very good chance at getting the belt back.
  8. This had a promising start, with Ishikawa beating on Daichi and focusing on his mid section, but quickly went to shit once it was time for them to work back and forth. There was a cool moment in the beginning of the match where they were doing shoulder blocks, and as Ishikawa is bigger it's expected he'll know Daichi down, so Daichi booted him in the face before he did so, which was cool since it broke the flow of the sequence and made the inevitable shoulder block that would take him down a little bigger moment. That was completely absent later on in the match, they were just doing empty rope running counters, it doesn't even mattter who hits their move or catches the opponent as they're bouncing off, the crowd will politely clap and move along. It's a ritual really, but one that completely sucks the energy and the meaning of control. And it's not like this is some nitpicking nonsense you have to look super into to see-you see that philosophy clearly moments later in a sequence where first Ishikawa hits a Thunder Driver, but then Hashimoto does a Penalty Kick, and then it's Ishikawa that cuts off the "meaningless rope run~" with a Lariat. They don't even try to half ass pops up in the most cartoonish, Sekimoto-esque eat a headdrop>fighting spirit no sell way. They just get their stuff in. And I don't think that's good wrestling. **
  9. Strong BJ vs The Big Guns brings you the HOSSFIGHTING OF JAPAN PRO WRESTLING. Akiyama vs anyone from the Big Japan team sounds great, and here he focuses on destroying Daichi, and as you might know Akiyama vs young punk has been the best match in puro for the last 10 years and it delivers once again as Akiyama just kills Daichi with brutal knees.
  10. As much as I love Rush and LA PARK I don't see them keeping up with the insane shit Hideki Suzuki and Nakanoue do to win the prestigious price of the coveted "best wrestling feud of 2016" in the coveted GOTNW awards™. Man. Why can't this be the norm in modern japanese wrestling? Guys start beating the shit out of each other as soon as they enter the ring and continue hating on each other and throwing shoot headbutts even after the match ends. So much happens here-Daichi puts on his best performance yet, he does this insane ninja kicks early on while they're brawling outside that's just insane, up there with this: in terms of powerful kicking images. And he keeps it up during the match too-unloading with kicking combinations and even doing the Murakami flurry in the corner! That's a sure fire way to get me to praise you. I also really like Nakanoue and Uto as the de facto heel team. Hideki Suzuki is the unquestionable star of the match though. He manages to break Uto's nose, stretches everyone into oblivion and brings back the HEAD STOMPING. And Uto and Nakanoue keep up with him, make Suzuki, as dangerous as he is already, fight for everything, grabbing his limbs when he strikes at them, pushing him off etc. I brough up the escalation of violence in my last review-and Suzuki and Nakanoue absolutely *get it*. It's like you're watching 1993 WAR, you get the lock up, some teases of strikes, some slaps are thrown while fighitng for it but just enough to keep you on the edge of your toes but not enough to really turn into a full on brawl and when they go through with just smacking each to hell the crowd completely loses it. ****1/4
  11. Very good match. D-Hash has grown to the point where this isn't a total squash but he still has no chance of winning (though with how unselfishly Akiyama books himself he'll get there in about six months). Akiyama's willingness to express peril often carries his strike exchanges against younger opponents and it was similar here. In particular him wobbling after a Daichi elbow turned what could've been a dull sequence into an interesting and meaningful one. What really stood out here is the way Akiyama utilized his knees, using variations he'd never used before to stay in control. All of his attacks were brutal, and structurally it was what it should've been but I felt it was too restricted to be truly great. Akiyama has developed an efficient formula against opponent like Daichi but I think this match would have been better if it took place either a year earlier or later. ***1/2
  12. It shouldn't be so hard for japanese wrestling to be good. Look at this match. It didn't exactly set the world on fire but it was really fun. No one did anything stupid. Ishikawa and Daichi start striking each other, Ishikawa strikes Daichi out because he is bigger, Daichi transitions into offence by utilizing kicking and continues to rely on kicks and running moves to take the bigger man down, Ishikawa continues cutting him off with brutal knees and eventually hits one too many. That was 8 minutes of my time used well thank you BJW. ***-***1/4
  13. This was awesome, Akiyama's Big Japan debut did not disappoint, he might be the best wrestler in the world right now, I loved the way he stooged for Okabayashi and played he was outmatched, he was borderline stooging for his Chops and it was great. Then Uto starts provoking him and makes the worst mistake of his life, watching Akiyama brutalize youngsters with knees is a thing of beauty. Hash Jr. has nice kicks and Okabayashi will LAY IT IN but what really makes it stand out is the sense of struggle and hate a lot of Big Japan strike exchange/power spots exhibition matches lack that Akiyama brought. There was a moment when Okabayashi and Daichi were brawling outside where Akiyama kicked Okabayashi in the head from inside the ring through the ropes and that's such an awesome spot you'd only see in bloody 1983 EMLL tag matches.
  14. You know what's also classic All Japan? Injury/KO angles(ok, I thiiiink I've heard in the mean time it was a legit KO but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story?). I guess this wasn't a big enough tag for Okabayashi to pull a Jumbo and stretch it out but man I hope they do eventually do something like that. Hierarchy comes into play once again-skinny boy Shinobu can't match Okabayashi in strike exchanges, Maruyama-holy shit I thought he was like a young boy or something but it appears he used to be Tigers Mask. Not that it matters much. He's here to eat D-Hash kicks and YOU will enjoy it. Speaking of.......Shinya's son has grown and is now a solid threat to the biggest dog in BigJapan. Fun fun fun fun fun.