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Found 12 results

  1. Ringkampf had a great weekend w/ great matches against the legendary teams of The Briscoes & Rottweilers - and it all culminated here. Going against Jurn Simmons & David Starr, a man who WALTER had been developing quite the rivalry against. This was just a big time tournament finals epic w/ a bunch of big moves, great team work by both teams & just like you would expect a big tournament final to have, this did have quite a few of those sweet nearfalls, but I think they earned all of them by how great the meat of the match was & how the suspense & drama built & built. Reminded me of a classic 90's All Japan tag in that regard. It's comfortably, imo, the 2nd best tag match of 2017 behind LDRS vs. Best Friends from PWG. ****3/4
  2. Fantastic match, the best I've seen between these two and they've had lot of good ones. What I love about it is how they have a really compelling contest even though Walter controls at least 80% of the match, they don't feel any need to do though back and forth quick changes in momentum that's almost ubiquitous in wrestling now. Starr actually does pretty well in the opening few minutes, teases Walter a bit to come at him but dodging him, looking kind of cocky about it. He manages to knock Walter to the outside then looks like he's going for a dive but no.... He's tried that before in a previous match and it didn't end well. He's learning! Instead he lowers the ring-rope for Walter to get back in. Walter hits Starr with a chop, Starr fights back with chops of his own... Oh no... Why would you do that. Walter just grinds him down to dust from now on end, including an absolutely shockingly stiff lariat that looked like it could take his head off! Starr manages just one desperate comeback where he somehow manages to wriggle out of Walter's grip and lands a German Suplex for a two count, but Walter gets straight back up and goes back to smashing him up. Starr's selling is very good. I felt really sorry for him because beating Walter obviously means so much to him, he just can't do it. Some guy in the crowd is chanting "Please don't tap!" as Starr's getting choked out. Stop encouraging him! He's clearly outmatched. Live to fight another day Davey. ****1/2
  3. For the most part, this was a very good ***1/2-***3/4 match w/ really good leg psychology, but the finishing stretch put it on that next level - Starr goes HAM on WALTER's leg that he has been working on throughout the thing, WALTER is in real trouble, but manages to bust out a CRADLE to get the win. Such fantastic storytelling; Starr had WALTER scouted big time, here in their 10th singles match against each other, and while WALTER does unleash some of his murderous offense on the man, Starr has a counter for almost everything, which resulted in WALTER kinda having to fight from underneath! What a fantastic twist in this amazing rivalry. Absolutely amazed at the match-by-match psychology they bring. ****
  4. Now we're talking! This was absolutely phenomenal. Some very fun back & forth work on the mat to start things off - eventually Zack starts busting out strikes, and Starr is more than happy to answer back w/ some of his own; my GOODNESS did his lariats look absolutely amazing. Zack starts going after his leg(s) in vicious fashion, kicking the crap out of them & Starr does a very good job selling that. I especially liked his sell after he did the Project Ciampa, he sold the damage Zack had done to him very well. Both guys brought it big time in this one, ZSJ w/ that brutal work over Starr & Starr with that awesome babyface performance, very good selling & amazing LARIATS. ****1/4
  5. One of the best rivalries in wrestling comes to Defiant & delivers an absolute banger. Loved Starr controlling things with that headlock in the early stages - eventually WALTER has enough of that though & starts throwing him around. From that point on, it's your traditional David vs. Goliath action w/ 2 men who excel in their roles in that formula. ****
  6. An absolutely epic finals match to a great tournament. Absolute Andy & David Starr are 2 characters who's stories were told perfectly throughout the 16 Carat '18 - you got the underdog babyface Starr trying his hardest to achieve what is his biggest goal & then you got the grizzled veteran in Andy who cheat his way to the finals by using cheap tactics in every match that he had. A perfect characters clash, right there. Starr's babyface performance in this is absolutely phenomenal - if it wasn't for Johnny Gargano pulling out that magic at Takeover vs. Andrade Almas, what Starr did here would be my pick for the best babyface performance in quite a while. His selling was top notch, his body language was terrific & his fire was great. Andy was tremendous beating the crap out of him too & his character work was tremendous, as it was all tournament long. A classic match - one of the best ones in wXw's history. Just a perfect storm of the ultimate babyface in David Starr meeting the absolute bastard that is Absolute Andy. As of now that I am writing this, it's my #3 MOTY. ****3/4
  7. This was a fantastic, intense battle between these two. They beat the crap out of each other w/ some truly great looking offense by both (especially Riddle) while telling a really good story of Riddle having the advantage for most of it & Starr getting more & more back into things as it went on. Between this & their CZW match from last year, I think it's safe to say that David Starr & Matt Riddle have quite great chemistry with each other. ****
  8. This was exactly the kind of insanity you expect from Gage, only amplified by the fact that he's in there with one of the absolute best wrestlers in the world working a match well out of his comfort zone. David Starr's performance in this match is absolutely fantastic and visceral. He doesn't shy from taking bumps into tacks and wire, and takes a shitload of staples to the head too. The highspots in this aren't the craziest you'll see in a Gage match this year, but they're incredibly well positioned in the structure of the match and the violence escalates gradually at a great pace. The closing minutes have some awkwardness as Starr tries to cut some barbed wire off of a board with some wire cutters that simply weren't strong enough to do the job. That said, Starr's desperation and expression in the moments where he is struggling to cut the barbed wire actually added to the match for me. It was like the hero in a horror movie trying their damnedest to concoct a weapon to overcome the maniacal killer. The finishing sequence itself is one of the sickest and most unique uses of barbed wire I've ever seen. Post-match feels like a legit shoot with some super intense trash talking from both guys, and then Starr challenges Joey Janela to a fans bring the weapons match on New Year's Eve. The whole segment was approaching spectacle levels while also managing to be a well thought out deathmatch. Felt a bit like the smartest Honma or Abby Kobayashi deathmatches. Must-see for fans of either guy. Just shy of MOTYC status.
  9. Midnight match - billed as the first (North American) match of the year. This isn't for everyone, for sure, but I sort of feel like if you can't enjoy this in some way you might be a joyless ogre. This sort of hardcore/weapons/deathmatch-esque stuff is not really my thing, but Starr and Janela went out there and had fun and wrestling is sometimes just fun, ya damn ogres. All kidding aside though, this really was just a bunch of fun to me and it is all about context. Its a midnight match on New Years day where the fans bring the weapons. This is exactly what you would expect, a lot of crazy, cringy spots, blood, and big mark-out moves. Both men got their asses beat. It was a lot of movement from big spot to big spot, but I actually thought they did well to bring their story the table here and - all things considered - not let it get TOO lost in the fray. Some of this isn't my cup of tea because I am not sure into deathmatch stuff and they pull from that genre a good bit here without going full in. The sticks in the head spot does nothing for me, for example. Its just something I see and I don't enjoy, so that part was a bit of a momentum breaker for me personally. Overall though I thought it was a lot of fun. It isn't really what I want to see all the time, but in this context I thought it worked well. These were two of my favorite wrestlers from last year and they are charging into 2018 with a ton of momentum. Should be really interesting to see what each of them does. EDIT: Would someone with powers be willing to move this to the appropriate section. I missed that Jan 2018 already had its own section and accidentally started this in the wrong section. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  10. Physical, super action packed. I have not seen much of David Starr, but he was really solid here. His offense looked pretty good, but the real star of the match was (unsurprisingly) Matt f'n Riddle. What a stud that man is in the ring. It's always so much fun to watch him on the offense, and that was the case here too. Great match. ****
  11. Really great David vs. Goliath bout. WALTER on the offense is amazing - he displayed those beautiful German Suplexes, Butterfly Suplexes, that deadly chokehold of his & of course those vicious, sick chops. David Starr has been pretty hit or miss ever since I started getting more familiar with his work - here he was an absolute hit. Loved the energy he brought & him working over the hand of WALTER to try & take away those chops was brilliant. WALTER sold that really well too. Great psychology & performances by both. ****
  12. This was a lot of fun. Solid grappling with a good feel to it - the intensity kept raising & raising throughout the match, it built very well towards the finish. Only 11 months in and Matt Riddle was already having this kind of matches! ***3/4