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Found 77 results

  1. I gotta say that this one never fully clicked for me. There were stuff that I enjoyed; AJ Styles being the bumping & selling machine that he is, Baron Corbin coming in & destroying people, The Miz doing his Daniel Bryan shtick, Styles & Cena interactions when they + Wyatt were the final 3 - BUT in between those moments that I enjoyed, there were lots, and I mean LOTS of dull action that did nothing for me, which is why I can't rate this highly overall. Solid match, but far from the best Chamber match that I've seen. Great performance by Styles. **1/2
  2. If you've read enough of my reviews you know my takes on matches can be quite unique. I didn't think this was a worst WWE match ever candidate. I didn't think it sucked. Didn't hate it. Now I didn't think it was great either-but I'd like to explain my position first. As a serious worker in 2016 Jericho is pretty terrible. Ambrose isn't much better, but at least I think he has some skills that can be used in certain match types against the right opponent even if I think 80% of his output is pure trash. They wrestled a serious wrestling match on Payback and it sucked. It was boring, dull and completely uninteresting. This match was a trainwreck. I'm open to liking trainwrecks. Most of the offence and acting here would've been complete dogshit in a regular pro wrestling match but it worked here for me, maybe precisely because it was so bad. I maintain that this could've been a legitimately amazing match if Jericho wrestler wearing the scarf. The visual of him doing so would just be so hilarious and he could choke Ambrose with it and that'd set up Ambrose's revenge spot etc. So many stuff in this match-from the shitty punches, them using shoves as moves like twenty times, Jericho just wandering around yelling at people....I think it worked in the context of recreating a late WCW/TNA gimmick match. I did think the two minutes they built to the thumbtacks spot was legitimately good wrestling and the bump itself was absolutely disgusting. The visual of Jericho bleeding from his arms was great. But it also went too long. It amused me throughout because of how bizarre and ridiculous it was but I would have preffered something more compact (i.e. ten minutes shorter). I'm not sure it's worth giving three stars to even if did entertain me like a much of that rating usually would. I do wonder if the lack of self consciousness here actually hurts it for me here, because it would totally be a three star match if Sabu did something like this. Like if Jericho was consciously trying to create pro wrestling absurdism that would be different to me than him just being a shit wrestler that's so bad I think he's awesome because he botched so much stuff due to being a shit wrestler but I find it funny that he does that while yelling in this condescending dad tone. But then there's also the question of whether intent is relevant in art and my instinctive reaction to that is no. So. This match is *** to me I guess? There you have it.
  3. Another great match between these 2 teams. Great storytelling with The Bar completely dominating Rollins & Ambrose w/ their awesome team work - Cesaro & Sheamus were really great working the heat on The Shield and the comebacks of The Shield were good. I thought the finish was really good too w/ the champs outsmarting Cesaro & Sheamus big time to get the win. Also much respect to Cesaro for finishing the match after losing some teeth in brutal fashion. That made for an awesome image when Cesaro had Ambrose in the Crossface while his mouth was all bloody. Great stuff. ****
  4. First of all, I really liked Angle coming out with The Shield gear on. A wonderful character touch since Angle used to do goofy shit like that all the time during his first WWE run. Then the actual match - it was such a cluster, but I really loved it. Ambrose & Rollins were on fire from start to finish - super strong performances by them, The Miz played his role to absolute perfection & the rest of the guys did their parts very well too. I liked all the twists & turns - Angle getting out of the match after getting destroyed by Braun was great & his eventual comeback with his own music was a goosebumps worthy moment - him just throwing all the bad guys around w/ his signature Suplexes & Angle Slams ruled. The Braun/Kane angle was also executed really well & made Braun look badass as usual. I feel like this match could've been even better had Reigns been able to compete, but goddamn, I still had such a blast watching this. Super enjoyable stuff. ****
  5. Oh man it feels so good to see Ambrose & Rollins tag again. They are so much better together than as singles guys. This started off pretty slow, but once Cesaro went & got + destroyed that beach ball from the crowd, things got heated & very interesting. From that point on, the match was pretty damn amazing w/ The Bar doing great work over Rollins & Ambrose being a fantastic hot tag. The finishing stretch was also really damn good. Great match. ****
  6. This told a good story of Dean Ambrose being in control for majority of the match, until he got distracted in the end by the fight between Corbin & Miz, and that ended up costing him the match. Very good stuff. ***1/2
  7. Coffey

    WWE TLC 2016

    WWE TLC PPV Sunday, December 04, 2016. American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas, USA WWE Title: AJ Styles© Vs. Dean Ambrose - TLC Match Women's Title: Becky Lynch© Vs. Alexa Bliss - Tables Match Intercontinental Title: The Miz© with Maryse Vs. Dolph Ziggler - Ladder Match Tag Titles: Heath Slater & Rhyno© Vs. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton Nikki Bella Vs. Carmella - No DQ Match Kalisto Vs. Baron Corbin - Chairs Match
  8. There's no way this was as long as it seemed. I liked Ziggler's early roll-ups, I remember there being a Cesaro match where they spent more than twenty seconds doing that type of stuff and it was really cool. Finish was cool as well because Ziggler's moves are stupid and Ambrose just refuse to go with one of them, hit his move and went home. But man oh man was this not pretty. They were trying out new stuff, Ambrose randomly used moves he's never done before, guess he realised he has to world title matches now, and he was trying out new stuff with his character, while Ziggler tried to experiment with how he uses the moves he already has. None of it worked. Absolutely nothing they tried in this match worked. I'm so glad it's over. Ziggler's headbutt outisde of the ring was cool but mere seconds after he was elbowing the canvas and missing Ambrose by a foot. *1/2
  9. Good grief this lasted almost 20 minutes. Talk about time I'm never going to get back. Formulaic, predictable, sloppy, boring. A parody of WWE's current style. Awkward finish. Just a bad match.
  10. I kind of love Braun Strowman's gimmick of barely selling and not taking any bumps, I'd tease guys like Ziggler so much if I were him. He doesn't do anything other than basic stuff but his basic stuff looks good, I loved him throwing Ambrose around, mauling him and running over him. Of course Ambrose gets into control by lowering the top rope while the heel runs at him; my least favourite transition and Strowman having to sell for his idiotic offence after the match looked stupid. Average; weird match to end the show with.
  11. Not sure exactly why I watched this but. Here we are. I don't know whether or not random crowd member was laughing at the early chop exchanges or something one of his lads said but the chop exchanges were indeed worthy of LOLing, luckily they don't build huge portions of the match around them. Ambrose busting out the Low Ki top elbows was cool. Owens has a good back elbow. Ambrose might have the worst Suicide Dive out of anyone who doesn't completely botch it. It just looks like crap. Holy shit Owens' Frog Splash is now a regular spot and looks amazing. IDK how else to talk about this kind of match where they just DO STUFF until the finish where they DO MORE STUFF and also faster. Match also includes the most hilarious Rebound Lariat ever. Average match of its kind.