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Found 27 results

  1. http://retrofootage.org/stock-footage/999-1322
  2. JerryvonKramer

    OS: Original Sheik

    Yet another of my 70s plates spinning here. But I was intrigued to see more Sheik after his absolutely masterful performances in those Funks tags, the 1978 one in particular. I had an idea that he was at the very least a master of psychology. Well I have a 7-disc set to test that hypothesis. I will likely do this in bitesize chunks because Sheik is a guy you can get burnt out on -- ho ho ho. Also, I'd appreciate any help with dates because I'm not digging through Clawmaster results to find these. The Sheik vs Tom Jones No not the Welsh singer or indeed the Henry Fielding novel, but a black guy working in Detroit in the 70s (possibly even 60s). Footage quite grainy abd black and white, but sound is good. Sheik has Abdul Farouk (aka The Grand Wizard) at ringside wearing a fez. Crowd boo both of them quite a lot. Play-by-play announcer has a strange "posh" sounding voice, calls Farouk "the weasel" at all times, and mentions he's wearing green shoes. I believe this commentator is called "Lord Layton", which dates this prior to 1974. Sheik looks quite young. Sheik is on a prayer rug before and won't start the match until the crowd quieten down to give him the respect to pray. Finally they lock up and Jones a house of fire to start. Sheik gives him a good bit in the shine before taking over on offense. GNARLY hammerlock flipover roll thing by Sheik, didn't expect to see cool spots from him like that. That's it, I think Jones tapped out. Ref raises Farouk's arm outside the ring. But Sheik won't let the hold go and seems like he wants to break the arm. Whipper Billy Watson makes a run-in in his suit to try to attack The Sheik, but he's not dressed to wrestle. AND WE HAVE COLOUR. No, not blood, actual colour on the footage. Sheik is wearing blue trunks I can see now. He decks Watson, who then comes back and they brawl to the back. Fans throw rubbish at the ring as Jones is still out cold with Farouk pointing and laughing at him. Fans surround the ring and they are baying for Farouk's blood. Are we going to see a riot here? Panic in Detroit! Farouk gets on the mic. "This is just a warning about what's going to happen tomorrow night to that organ grinder and his little pet monkey Igor! Just a little example. I warned you and I warned that big nose Watson, and you saw what happened to him!" This looks promising. Farouk (Wizard) was a tremendous heel and a heat magnet, and Sheik seemed like he played his role to perfection. Can't really give a star rating, but 8 minutes of fun! The Sheik vs Don Red Cloud In colour now. Ring is a hideous red. Don Red Cloud has a native American gimmick, he's got to be better than Strongbow. Announcers are Don Adams and Chuck Allen (so they say). Oh speaking of the shithead, they mention that Cloud is a good friend of Strongbow's who helped him get into the sport of professional wrestling. Strongbow is at ringside watching. Sheik visibly older here. Looks like mid-70s. Sheik does his prayer rug gimmick to start. He really takes his time over this. He is upset that Strongbow is at ringside and doesn't want to pray with him there. Too right, stop being so disrespectul Strongbow! Let the man pray to allah and get your big nose out of this. Match is over before it starts almost because Sheik goes straight to the camel clutch and Cloud taps. One thing I'll say here is that Strongbow here looks NOTHING like Strongbow. Nothing at all like him. He has short cropped hair and isn't saggy. To the point where I'm wondering if it really is Strongbow or they've brought in another guy to play the role. Weird. He has the US title here. This match went less than 3 minutes. Sheik throws Cloud out the ring and then steals Strongbow's belt and puts it in the middle of the ring. "Strongbow" -- who I swear is not really Strongbow -- comes in the ring now. Oh hold on, it's not Strongbow at all but Mark Lewin. Okay, this is confusing, the camera didn't go to Strongbow ONCE during all that time and instead focused on Lewin. Terrible direction!! I knew that wasn't Chief Jay Wanker. Sheik goes to remonstrate with the announcer about something. The Sheik vs Tom Reeseman "One-fall, 30 minute time limit" says the ring announcer. I'll make a prediction right here: this isn't going thirty. I bet it doesn't go 10. Sheik comes in and rushes the ring announcer. Does he want to pray? Yes, but Reeseman isn't happy. Sheik seems in a weird mood, he's just stalking around, no real attempt at praying. Commentator mentions "he's sort of in a trance." He also tells us that in the Middle East in places like Suadi Arabia and Syria, they believe in hypnotism. Four minutes in and he prays now. If Allah really does exist, Sheik is somewhere in hell right now. Sheik rips at Reeseman's face and sticks his tongue out making a face. He has his foreign object on him and seems to stick it up Reeseman's nose. He's nasty! Commentator selling this notion that Sheik is in a hynotic trance. Camel clutch and it's over. Sheik's eyes are back in his head. It's a curious gimmick really. He starts eating his head cloth. I get the impression this is a departure from Sheik's usual behaviour. He grabs the ring announcer (Chuck Allen) by his tie and and snarls and growls like an animal. He goes and gets a chair and smashes it over his own head. He's feeling no pain. Grabs at the announcer again. Don Adams says that in ten years of Big-Time Wrestling he's never seen anything like this. Sheik puts the whole cloth in his mouth now and appears to swallow it. The Sheik vs Sailor Art Thomas Sheik rushes Thomas to start. This seems like an arena match, not in the studio. Eddie Creachman ringside, hands Sheik his foreign object. Lays Thomas out with it and chokes him. Some fans try to rush the ring and actual cops are there to stop them. One cop looks about 400lbs. Sheik conceals the object in his tights as the ref tries to check him. Creachman distracts the ref as Sheik nails Thomas in the throat with the object. Atmosphere in this arena is scary, crowd seem ready to riot. Sheik continues his cheap attack on Thomas. Creachman continually distracts the ref. This is next-level cheating. Thomas finally comes back with an elbow and the crowd go mental. Can see the crowd on their feet jumping up and down. Thomas in the ascendancy but ... FIREBALL. Thomas is out and that's three. Crowd is not happy, various fans move toward the ring as we go to a break and hear the commentator say "listen, Creachman, that wasn't a wrestling victory!" The Sheik and Sgt.Jacques (Rene) Goulet vs Dick the Bruiser and Sailor Art Thomas In this arena again. Thomas has his eye patched up. Crowd go wild when Dick the Bruiser is announced. He clears house and the heels bail. Sheik won't get in the ring. Crowd is pretty rabid here. Goulet and Thomas start out. Goulet looks in good shape here. Sheik in with the foreign object. Tag to Bruiser. Sheik immediately bails. He won't face him! Every heel heat generating tactic in the book. Bruiser works over Goulet with a wristlock now. Crowd is so loud. Goulet goes to tag, Sheik drops from the apron. The Sheik will not get in the ring with Dick the Bruiser. Claw by Bruiser on Goulet. Sheik drops to the apron again. Thomas tags in, Sheik comes in now and bites him. Ha ha. Both heels bite at Thomas. Bruiser charges the ring and Sheik bails faster than you can imagine. Really funny. Thomas has Goulet caught upside in the ropes. Sheik has the object and sneak attacks Thomas with him. And again, cheap shot to the throat. Thomas Irish whips Goulet into Bruiser's foot. Bearhug. Sheik comes in, Bruiser comes in, Sheik bails and runs around the ring. Thomas gets another bearhug on Goulet. Bruiser kicks Goulet in the head. Goes after Sheik who drops down to the apron like a cat. Knee lift by Bruiser. Thomas in. Sidehead lock and punch. Goulet grabs a leg and now sheik comes in for cheap offense. Bruiser comes in and Sheik runs, out. Bruiser goes after. In, out, around. Cat and mouse. Sheik gives Bruiser the slip yet again. Grabs a chair. Double count out. This is probably the best Bruiser match I've seen, and it is all down to storytelling and psychology. Sheik just knows how to get heat and works it and works it and works it. Masterful stuff here. I'd recommend this one, even if the "work" is dogshit, the psychology is great. ***1/2 That'll do for now. In five matches we've seen Sheik play a variety of different heel roles, all variations on the same theme but to different ends. Sometimes he wants to pray "for respect". Other times he's deranged and psychotic. Other times he's the total chickenshit coward. At all times he's the most cheating-est heel ever. the Detroit crowds are fucking MENTAL too. I've seen enough to stick with it. Although ask me once I'm done with 7 discs. Forthcoming matches on this one include bouts against Lewin, Andre, Dusty and Terry Funk.