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Found 5 results

  1. Mid-South North American Champion Ted DiBiase vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan - Mid-South 3/8/85 No DQ Jim Duggan looks like Rihanna at the end of Bitch Better Have My Money. They beat the living fuck outta each other in this battle like they owe each other some cash money. DiBiase had returned to the territory from an extended stay in Georgia and All Japan. Hooking up with Dr. Death and Skandor Akbar to exact revenge against his former partner in crime and the man who banished him from Mid-South, Hacksaw Jim Duggan! DiBiase & Dr. Death had jumped Duggan to kickstart the feud on TV in the fall of 1984 and DiBiase defeated Brad Armstrong to win the North American Championship. It all came to a head in this No DQ Bloodbath. I loved the beginning with Ted making sure everything was legal only to immediately throw the powder in Hacksaw's face and once blinded he was easy pickins to busted open on the outside. The best part of this was Duggan's incredible performance throughout. He was always staggering and always swinging at DiBiase. DiBiase was kicking the shit out of him, but you always felt like Duggan had something left. When Duggan caught coming off the top (patented DiBiase somersault bump) and suplex, the crowd came unglued. You could feel DiBiase shit his pants as Duggan stomped around. The fists were flying and it looked awesome. Hacksaw got into this three point stance and hit his wedgebuster, which should have claimed his first North American title, but Skandor Akbar hit him with the cane. A shitty head collision followed which also wiped out the ref. Dr. Death handed Ted DiBiase the lethal loaded black glove and DiBiase had the presence of mind to sock Duggan. DiBiase was perfectly good on offense knowing how to work the cut and cheat his ass off, but this was Duggan through and through modulating his selling perfectly and really building to the match to crescendo. I have this under the first Buzz Sawyer brawl and the second Magnum/DiBiase bloodbath, but still a bitchin' match. ****1/4 Now if there was just some way Duggan got HIS hands on that coal miner glove and keep that infernal Skandor Akbar & Dr. Death out of the ring and come to think of it I just wished Duggan could banish DiBiase all over again and you know this fucking DiBiase thinks his shit don't stink, but if you are ugly on the inside like DiBiase then you are ugly on the outside so I know Duggan would look better in a tuxedo. If there was just a way to combine all these facets of the feud into one match....hmmmmmmmm....
  2. Entertaining 5 vs. 5 Elimination Match. Not Peak WAR vs. Other Promotion material, though there are some good smacks and thuds here. Problem with the match is the booking, as they get rid of the spry guys first and soon you are stuck with an old, broken down Steve Williams, Arashi and Mutoh here. Williams can still throw a nice punch and not do much else at this point. Match has it's moments especially thanks to Orihara and Tenryu, while Shinzaki was working hard to get something cool out of Williams. Overall this match is symptomatic of the depleted roster AJPW was dealing with at this stage however.
  3. Dick Murdoch vs "Dr. Death" Steve Williams - UWF 6/13/87 Crockett has purchased the UWF by this point and Big Bubba Roger is the UWF heavyweight champion. This match is to determine the number one contender to Big Bubba's championship. Murdoch is a full-on heel being managed by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and Doc is the last babyface standing in the UWF after the buyout as DiBiase and Duggan jumped ship to the WWF. Jim Ross is on commentary and Doc is wrestling so yes there is a huge Boomer Sooner Orgasm late in the match that is just hilarious to listen to about the OU/Nebraska rivalry. Weird aside, growing up in Boston most people were/are Notre Dame fans for college football, but my Dad liked Oklahoma growing up. As a way to be a dick to him as a kid in the 90s, I used to cheer for the Huskers. Go Big Red! I hate the college football conference realignment bullshit that took away such great rivalries as that. Dr. Death is in a cast, which gets me very excited because we know the master of arm torture, Dick Murdoch is going to kick some serious ass. Doc's strategy seems to be a good offense is a good defense. He can't use the cast though as Gilbert has negotiated to ensure that would trigger a DQ. Doc looks to attack Murdoch's arm as Murdoch misses twice with bionic elbows that were targetted for Doc's injured arm. Murdoch finally hits his target and stomps on Doc. Williams writhes in pain and tries to take a walk. Out of desperation, he sends Capn Redneck into the post arm first and now both are left with injured arms. I love how they sell it back in the ring each leading with their good arm to protect the bad one. The match picks up back from commercial when Hot Stuff distracts the ref and Capn Redneck smashes a mic stand into Doc's arm. Murdoch uses it whenever he gets into trouble. JR finally moves it and Murdoch ends up getting the bell and using that. Doc fires up and nails the Oklahoma Stampede, which looked great. Gilbert put Murdoch's foot on the rope. Doc keeps pouring it on and here comes that classic Murdoch selling. Dr. Death gets busted wide open and when he sees red he EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER! JR just loses his shit and jizzes in his pants. The ref is bumped and Doc uses the cast to blast Gilbert and Murdoch to win the match and set up the title bout with Rogers. After the match, Big Bubba, Murdoch and Gilbert do a number on Doc and even Dusty Rhodes when he came out.Not surprising given that Dusty was a big proponent of Big Bubba. Dusty cut a badass promo after the match, which unfortunately puts all the babyface heat on him instead of Doc, which is too bad. Great TV match to set up a big title match with both wrestlers playing to their strengths. ****
  4. UWF Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy vs Dr. Death - UWF TV 9/15/86 Jim Ross informs us that Gordy has returned from the Orient and Doc from the hospital courtesy of a Freebird piledriver on the floor. This definitely has more of a feel of a revenge match. Doc takes the majority of the match especially the first 8 minutes where he just kicks Gordy's ass. I like the amateur beginning and once Doc has control of the match he really throws him around. Gordy did go after the neck at some points, but Doc would almost immediately counter. Doc was clearly supposed to be perceived as the better wrestler. Doc was not great conjuring up that belief that he really wanted to kick ass. He did kick ass, but that hatred was not quite there. Back from commercial, Gordy was in control for a hot second before Doc exploded and then hit a piledriver! But he doesnt cover?!?! Instead, he riles up the crowd. He wants another piledriver to really pay him back for that piledriver, but first he bites him. Ok, I am starting to believe in this hatred. He is really gnawing on him. PILEDRIVER~! Business has picked up! Kick out!?!?!?!?!?!? Doc hammers on the head. Gordy levels the ref with a reverse crossbody! Second ref, Oh I know the finish, Doc knocks this muthafucka out with a Oklahoma Stampede. German suplex. One ref counts each man down and there is controversy?!?!?! The first match was your fun Clash of the Titans, this was more of the revenge match. Since Watts knew Doc was going to get fucked at least he gave him most of the match. I liked the first match more because it was more competitive, but this was still fun as a hoss fight. They both had shitty finishes. ***3/4
  5. UWF Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy vs Dr. Death - UWF TV 6/22/86 If there is one style of wrestling I'm partial to it is this raw-bone, pure power slobberknockers pitting two stout hosses against each other. Mid-South gives you a lot of variety, but this is their bread and butter. Who better than two members of the Miracle Violence Connections butting heads. Doc throwing Gordy around was fucking impressive as all hell at the beginning. Gordy took him down with a clothesline and then whipped him so hard into the buckles that it broke the top turnbuckle. Worked or not, I don't think it was that was awesome. I thought Michael Hayes was great on commentary. Doc was great at firing up and working in hope spots only to miss the big blows like his headbutt or spear. The finish run was wicked hot with Doc finally nailing the spear by wiping out the ref. Hayes trips him up so Bill Watts slugs Hayes. Doc slams Gordy down with authority and Watts counts the pin. It is clearly a Dusty FInish, but it get a huge pop. That's really my least favorite finish so the match leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but up until the end this just pure heavyweight fun. ****