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Found 64 results

  1. La Gran Guerrera I: Carlos Colon, Invader I, Bruiser Brody, Dutch Mantell & TNT vs Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Chicky Starr, Kareem Muhammad & Grizzly Boone 12/12/87 WWC This is a match where the result is almost better than the match itself. The opening of this is a bit like a battle royal, guys lean against the ropes and punch eachother. Invader #1 is by far the most enthusiastic guy here, throwing hands and really punting Chicky in the balls with a vengeance, while Colon is the one who pops the crowd. The handcuffing stuff doesn't look great altough I dig that Abby has forearms too huge to be handcuffed easily. It comes down to Iron Sheikh vs. Colon and Sheikh is really hammering Colons forehead with his fist. The match feels almost tame for Puerto Rico standards but after the match Sheik tries mutilating Colon with the belt and all the heels beat on the handcuffed faces. I'll say that Rip Rogers is absolutely hilarious on commentary yelling about Domingo Robles.
  2. Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell - Memphis 3/16/86 Going into watching Memphis, this is exactly what I expected! Chaos! Violence! Energy! Hatred! I thought this match was dripping with even more hatred than either of the Loser Leaves Town matches thus far. Dundee was a lunatic in this match. Throwing chairs into the ring, shoving Lance Russell around, tossing tables. Dundee's eye is half shut going into this match maybe retribution for what happened to the King in December. Dutch had a falling out with that little Aussie Prick and has joined forces with Lawler. Lawler and Mantell are crazy in this match chasing the heels around and kicking ass. I love Lawler parading around when Landell accidentally punched Dundee. He looked like Martel or Flair with all that energy! The heels jawing, cowardice and general blundering is awesome. Landell pinballing and then Dundee running away scared was hilarious. So many damn great punches in this match. Lawler teases the piledriver, but settles for a uppercut. He goads Dundee into the match only to move when Dundee tries to drop a leg. Lawler finally gets what he wanted. He tees off on the Superstar. I love Mantell with one foot in the ring at all times ready to pounce on Landell. Lawler kicking ass. Dutch makes sure to get his licks in. Dundee has tapped a gusher. This is a great revenge match. I am really digging it. Dundee throws a wild kick to the Royal Family Jewels and there is a quite cry of anguish. Dundee falls on his ass and is able to tag out to Nature Boy. Landell and Dundee do a number on the King throwing him into the table and kicking Dirty Dutch in the balls. Dundee and Mantell brawling out on the floor, this is chaos. Dundee has the friggin rope and is choking Lawler. Love it! Dundee gouges Lawler's face, but Mantell pulls him off. Dundee is firing away, but it is not having any effect. Dundee goes for the chain, but nails Landell who is now busted open. Tag to Dutch and it is a WAR! Dutch and Dundee brawl on the outside. Lawler and Mantell beat the living shit out of Landell while they take turns throwing Dundee out. The ref realizes Landell is not defending himself and calls the match for blood. Awesome, awesome tag match. I thought it had even better energy and hatred than than Loser Leaves Town. The match is hurt by an anti-climatic finish that does not let you fist-pump in an excitement and the finish stretch does get a little long in tooth as they just keep kicking ass and throwing Dundee out. Enough complaints, this was badass and was one of the best Memphis matches I have ever seen and one of the best tag team matches of all time. ****1/2
  3. Southern Heavyweight Champion “Dirty” Dutch Mantell vs Jerry “The King” Lawler March 27, 1982 TV Studio Memphis, TN Loser Leaves Town 80S wrestling TV was filled with squashes and promos that were used to set up the big house shows later in the week. Memphis liked to fuck with this mold every once in a while to whet the appetite of the fans. The newly crowned Southern Heavyweight Champion is out with Lance Russel to conduct an interview. He is still hot under collar about Lawler’s disrespectful last week. He has beaten David Price a 100x and if Lawler thinks Dutch is not in his league then he will have no problem accepting a Loser Leaves Town match for the title right now. Russel display indignation to the statement that Dutch’s emotions are out of control and that a match of that caliber should not happen on TV. Cut to commercial. Here comes Lawler, he tells Dutch he is on and Russel is just flustered. Great, great segment resulting in the following match. Russel was rightfully flustered that his program schedule was being messed with and the inmates were running the asylum. Dutch wanted to use his leverage with the belt to exact the ultimate revenge force the King of Memphis to leave for good. Lawler, who is pissed off a Dutch, was chomping at the bit to get a piece of Dutch and send him out of the territory for good. Lawler storms the ring and it is on. They tussle for control in very heated fashion. Mantell grabs a couple wrist control holds to slow down Lawler, but Jerry is able to use the jab to force the Dirty Dutchman out of the ring. Russell informs us that Lawler gets retribution for Mantell running a fist into him while he was prone on the apron by doing the same thing to Mantell. The overzealous Lawler finally makes that critical mistake as he charges Mantell, who is able to back body drop him to the outside. Mantell, promptly, sends him head first into the post and smacks him across the back with a steel chair whipping the studio audience into a frenzy. They do a countout false finish as the crowd urges him on. I know when I am in a blood feud and just want to whip someone’s ass I always grab an abdominal stretch. Pilderiver attempt on the floor now that’s more like it, Mantell. Lawler blocks it with a back body drop. I smell a comeback. Lawler hits Dutch with a chair in the back. Lawler’s beautiful punches have Dutch reeling. He gives it one last ditch charge and eats a boot. More punches and Dutch runs for the hills and grabs the mic. He says this is all stupid because they are beatin the piss out of each other and for what. He starts preachin Mutually Assured Destruction and this is stupid because the First Family and Midnight Express are laughing all the way to the bank as Dutch and Lawler are killing each other. Dutch is willing to concede the belt and team up with Lawler against those teams. Lawler is easily convinced by Dutch’s argument and the crowd is popping like mad for thought of that super team. Just as Lawler turns around, BANG~! Dutch pops him from behind and now wraps a steel chair around his head. He adds a PILEDRIVER and a elbow good for measure. He counts his own pin and then grabs his belt. Hahahahahahah SUCKA!!! THIS ANGLE WAS FUCKIN BITCHIN!!!! One of the best 15 minute angles I have ever seen. You could complain about bait and switch, but you would be missing the point. The build-up promos were excellent. The wrestling was hot and intense with great transitions. Lawler and Mantell he really sold this as a fight. The post-match promo had the crowd whipped into frenzy with the thought of that super team. The other shoe drops and Mantell pulverizes Lawler. Money, money angle that was brilliant. I have watched that three times and each time, I immediately want to watch the Barbed Wire Match that takes place just two days later in the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN. ****1/4