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Found 26 results

  1. Eddie gets some great heat on his pre match promo. I like that Eddie also went outside to start the match as that showed this was more of a personal issue and going to be more of a fight. Gunn really does tower over Eddie inside the ring. Billy looks good here duking it out with Eddie and hitting some nice spots like the powerslam to get a nearfall. Billy was busted open on the forehead from a stiff shot from Eddie. Billy hits the jackhammer and the fameasser to a really close nearfall that had the crowd going. Billy goes for the Fameasser again and it felt like Eddie would take the match now but Eddie misses a dive and Billy ends up winning the title with a sleeper slam. Big pop for Billy winning but they were just trying to transition from Eddie to Benoit and this was the way to do it. **1/2
  2. I’m ready for Eddy to do something else. Chyna shows us a clip of Miss Kitty dressing up like Chyna from heat and then attacks Eddy. Not much in the way of action before the finish comes. Miss Kitty is on the outside and gets some shots on Chyna but also gets attacked. Chyna Powerslams Kitty into Eddy but walks into a superkick from Steven Richards. This allows Eddy to pick up the sneaky victory. Billy Gunn attacks after the match and while it makes sense from a storyline perspective he and Chyna should be close, Billy can go away too. ½*
  3. No long promo to start Raw tonight and Jericho even mentions that when he comes out. Eddie does cut a two minute short promo but it is really effective as the crowd heat comes out for him along with the Eddie Sucks chants. The match only goes a minute before Eddie takes a monkey flip on his head and the referee calls for the match. This was done in a way where I am unsure if it was legit or not. After the match, X-pac runs down and attacks Jericho until Mr. Ass makes the save. Gunn is really over with this crowd. ¼*
  4. Jericho and Eddy do not seem to have that many long form matches in WWF and this seems like a match that can tie a bow on the Chyna storyline with both. Eddy gets a hell of a reaction coming out and the Latino Heat music is rocking. Jericho saying the British vernacular was funny. Eddy loses the coin toss so his European title is on the line. Eddy tries to bail and Chyna pushes him back in. Jericho really dominates the early going until the action spills outside and Chyna hits a clothesline on Jericho. Eddy takes over the match now but gets caught on the top rope. That is short lived as Eddy really brings the attack on the back of Jericho. A lot of lucha submissions including a Gory Special. Eddy is able to get a nasty rana to the outside. Jericho is able to roll in first only to be hit by a Chyna DDT that gives Eddy a real close nearfall. Chyna is arguing with the ref and gets dropkicked by Jericho but runs right into the European title for the pinfall victory for Eddy. Fun match. ***1/4
  5. Really good promo that keeps the angle developing. I have no issue whatsoever with the HHH/Angle stuff and kind of thought it would decline after SummerSlam. Angle talks about what happened Monday and Chyna comes out to refute. Angle has some video evidence of Chyna checking on HHH instead of Eddy. Chyna makes her way to the ring and Angle says he doesn’t want to put his hand on a woman like HHH. Angle says his hand was forced as he gives Chyna an Angle Slam. After that we get a series of backstage segments with HHH blowing a gasket when he arrives seeing Kurt in the dressing room with Stephanie. Stephanie slaps HHH for hugging and talking to Chyna. HHH then apologizes after he has cooled off. Just as Stephanie goes up for the make up kiss, HHH brings up Angle and her and then goes nuts again. Just Joe is getting an earful from outside the locker room. Joe relays the message to Kurt. Kurt thinks Stephanie might be hit again and Kurt is pissed. Chyna and Eddy are backstage talking it out and preparing for the triple threat match. HHH and Stephanie are also prepping and HHH apologizes again for losing his cool. A police officer comes in and says that they have received a spousal abuse complaint. HHH gets carted away to jail and Foley needles him some more by telling Stephanie that she has to be in Angle’s corner. A tad of a mis step here as that feels pretty harsh for Foley. Eddy starts the match off first pissed. Michael Cole gets in a good line about being surprised that Angle doesn’t have a letterman jacket for Steph to wear at ringside. Chyna swings at Kurt on the outside and Kurt misses a retaliation punch at her. The match is just a preview of the chemistry these two will have in a few years. I liked the interaction between Steph and Chyna and that pays off in the finish with a lot going on involving the referee distracted and Angle able to use the IC belt to gain the win. After the match, Chyna knocks out Kurt and then Stephanie talks shit to Chyna. Chyna gives her a DDT and we end SmackDown with Angle helping Stephanie to the back. **1/4
  6. Chyna is on the cover of Playboy but I guess she couldn’t find Eddie all day. Hmmm. It seems like WWF has settled on spelling Eddie that way so I will use that from now on. GTV fires up right as the match starts and we hear Eddie and some women in the shower going crazy. We discover it is Goodfathers former hos. The crowd chants Eddie at the result of this in one of the more odd crowd reactions I can remember. Chyna is embarrassed and sits on the ring steps as RTC dismantles Eddie. RTC taunts Chyna and ends up getting the pin. Steven keeps berating Chyna post match and she snaps by forearming him and kicking him in the balls. RTC retaliates and Mr. Ass comes to the aid. That is good continuity with the DX tie in. After the break we see Chyna saying she isn’t a ho and breaking the engagement in tears. At least this gets the correct reaction from the crowd. Chyna does good character work here. Mr. Ass talks to Eddie backstage and Eddie attacks him with a bottle. JR calls Eddie a jerk as the segment ends. 3/4*
  7. Tazz can be grating on commentary here. This is for the IC title. They do a good job of conveying that Eddy is off his game with what is going on with Chyna. Road Dogg dominates most of the match and the finish was clever with Eddy catching a powerslam from Road Dogg and rolling through with his feet between the ropes to gain the pin. Tazz's cackle at the end was awful and forced. 1/2*
  8. Big time recap of the Eddy/Chyna drama. I have thought the chemistry between those two have increased even if I think overall 2000 is a pretty light year for Eddy in ring and a result of that is mostly being saddled with Chyna in intergender matches. One of those weird things where Eddy certainly made it work and its tough to know the unknown but it is a run praised by many and I see it as a hindrance against Eddy’s case over both in GWE and in the WWE GWE. Story of the match was Chyna not getting the tag in from Eddy throughout the duration. Once the finishing run happens, Chyna stops the Worm by pulling Scotty to the outside but that leaves Eddy vulnerable from Sexay’s leg drop and the pin. Afterwards, Eddy is a bit heated but cooler heads prevail and everyone dances. Eddy has second thoughts and grabs the IC Belt smashing it against Too Cool. Rikishi comes to help out Too Cool and he beats down Eddy. Rikishi goes for the stinkface when Chyna uses the IC Belt to smash Rikishi. This is actually some of the better acting by Chyna showing how conflicted she was doing that. *1/2
  9. To set up this match we get a series of interviews with everyone involved. With HHH and Rikishi both out, the Radicalz did a good job acting as the hired guns for them. Benoit will never been the best promo person in the world, but his promo here did have me thinking that he might actually crack my top 10 on the Observer Year End awards which is a surprise and not something I would have expected. Rock, Billy and Chyna have some basic words and Austin comes to the ring and is pissed at HHH. Billy and Chyna charge the ring and get beat up for their trouble until Austin and Rock enter in. Saturn looks pretty rough here having to have Austin audibly call some spots to get him into place. Crowd is electric for Rock here maybe even more than Austin as that shows how prominent he has been in 2000. Saturn is again acting as the workhorse and he does better vs Rock. Benoit gives Rock a huge chop on the outside that sounded nasty. Benoit gets tagged in the ring and beats the shit out of Rock with more chops and stomps. Benoit looks vicious here. Saturn gets tagged in and Rock is able to get a quick Rock Bottom that Benoit has to make the save on. Eddie is now in shaking his stuff for Chyna. Rock clotheslines him and makes the big tag to Chyna. Chyna beats up Eddie and Eddie shows some good ass here. Big time Eddie Sucks chant and he is mugging it up for the crowd. Eddie and Benoit are the clear highlights of the Radicalz. Austin runs to the other side of the ring, pulls Saturn off and flying across the announce table. Match breaks down after Chyna makes a tag. Benoit and Rock go to the back as Austin stomps a mudhole in Eddie’s ass. The crowd comes alive for that. Stunner for Eddie and he eats the pin. Better options around than the IC champ but it is Austin doing it. Not as fluid as the classic 10 man in February but not a bad little sister as the heat was here and the Radicalz had a good showing for themselves overcoming Saturn. Rock and Benoit are backstage tearing up the set. This feud has been much more personal and heated than I remembered. Finish to Raw happens as Benoit sets Rock up to be hit by a sledgehammer of Rikishi in a car. ***1/4 (6.5)
  10. Eddy attacks Kurt from behind and sends him into the ring. I have been kind of tough on Eddy but he has shown more fire in the past couple of weeks once he became involved in the main storyline. Eddy and Chyna work over Kurt teaming up on him. Eddy tries to bring in a chair but gets stopped by the referee. That allows Angle time to knock Chyna out with the IC belt. Eddy sends Kurt to the outside and checks on Mamacita. Eddy then is in a pinning position and inadvertently wins the IC title. Pretty clever way to get the belt on Eddy. ¾*
  11. Chyna has been a failure with everything they have tried to do for her since she split from HHH. They seem to have finally honed in something with the Latino Heat character of Eddy. Eddy’s personality is starting to shine and the Radicalz are becoming more and more splintered day by day with Eddy and Benoit at the forefront, Dean hanging on to the Cruiser belt run and Saturn quickly losing a purpose. The chemistry between Jericho and Eddy has always been good and this was no exception. A really fast paced 7 minute match that culminates in the big turn for Chyna as she walks to the back with Eddy kick starting the angle overall. ***
  12. The setup to this tag was weird as Chyna looks pretty catty picking a fight with Trish backstage over how many wrinkles she has. I liked the tag match a good bit as the issue with Benoit and Jericho feels personal which A. helps improve on their feud earlier in the year and B. doesn’t make it seem like Benoit or Jericho have been demoted from their Fully Loaded feuds. Eddy also looked good and active here hitting a rana out of a unique position. Finish worked with Jericho/Eddy thinking they had the match won but Benoit is able to hit the top rope headbutt for the win. After the match Jericho is pissed but he gets locked in a crossface. **3/4
  13. HHH and Foley are joking it up. That will change….. soon. Mick sets up a 4 vs 4 match provided HHH can find the right partners. Austin interrupts and we get a cool bit of foreshadowing where HHH nonchalantly says DTA to him as he walks away. HHH/Road Dogg come in to talk to Billy/Chyna and HHH gives a pretty convincing speech to reunite DX against the Radicalz. It feels like this could have been a quick match to build to a bigger one between these same teams at Survivor Series. Some good back and forth action here with all the main feuds being on display. HHH stays on the outside until the final stages which works well for the developments happening later. JR really tries to be pushing the Billy G name for Gunn. HHH gives Malenko a pedigree and wins. Angle runs in after the bell and puts the boots to HHH. *3/4
  14. Promo with Benoit and Foley at the start was strong. I thought this did a great job of making Benoit feel like he belonged in the main event match at Fully Loaded vs Rock. He feels like a player. Rock does a promo before the match and gets a monster reaction from his hometown crowd. Taped show and all that but the crowd was going nuts when his music hit for the match proper. A short match that mainly was used as a go home happy moment with Chyna getting the win after begging for the tag from The Rock. E&C are doing a lot of jobs from first the BOD and now Chyna. Shane runs in to end the show and is starting to create his mini faction of guys. *3/4
  15. Another 5 minute Eddy vs Benoit tv match that is good like we saw numerous times on Nitro. This ends in a DQ with Chyna getting involved and she ends up taking a spill and suffering an inury. I don’t really remember the ramifications of that and knowing what the main event of Fully Loaded is, I think Benoit should just have flatly went over. **1/2
  16. Fun tag match to open up SmackDown. It was nice to see Eddy and Benoit mix it up and show their tremendous chemistry against each other. Eddy is a good FIP for a while and we go into the finishing stretch with T&A coming out. Chyna gets involved with them and Too Cool also comes out to help Rikishi. Chyna and Eddy dance in the end to a big reaction. It’s interesting that the match ends with Rikishi/Too Cool/Chyna/Eddy in the ring which was 4 of the 6 competitors in the Mania six man. **
  17. Good night for the Hardy’s as they hang with two of the best. This was a decent enough match but I think in comparison with the Benoit match earlier, its pretty easy to say who the better wrestler is at this moment between Benoit and Guerrero. This seemed more about interesting and flashy spots to fill the time than any sort of narrative. Eddy missed the frog splash but wins on a rana. **
  18. A good storyline match with Eddy taking advantage of any opportunity he is given. Eddy is full heel at one point flipping off the crowd. Eddy looks to bail early but Chyna throws him back in the ring. She is conflicted though as when Eddy is about to be stinkfaced, he is saved by Chyna. Frog splash misses for Eddy among Eddy sucks chants. Rikishi blows through his final sequence and looks to have the match in hand when Chyna breaks up the pin. Rikishi contemplates things for a while but then superkicks and beats up Chyna really setting the seed for his heel tendencies coming up. **1/4
  19. Huge heat for Angle in Canada. Angle cuts a great promo saying Ben Johnson doesn’t count as an Olympic hero. He also rags on the Grizzlies. I love this guy. Lawler adds in that our salvation army could beat the Canadian army. It is an Angle 2000 match so you know what that means, quick but entertaining while it lasts. Again, this serves more as a preview for a longer feud between these two that we will see later in the decade. Angle hits a baseball slide on Chyna that she takes exception too. Chyna low blows Angle with the ref bumped and Eddy hits a scary rana that he almost wiped out on to win. *1/2
  20. I guess Eddy and Chyna are full fledged babyfaces now answering the challenge of E&C here. I like the blue Guerrero tights along with Edge’s. After dogging Eddy for his Judgment Day performance, he is more energetic here and is FIP for E&C for a minute. Chyna gets the hot tag and gives a couple of good powerbombs to E&C. She actually looks less clunky versus these two than with anyone else I can remember. The crowd is popping for it and I don’t think it utilized crowd sweetening. Edge gets in a spear on Chyna and they get a DQ after a pretty weak shove. Eddy and Chyna clean house to finish off this fun segment. **
  21. I was not able to get into this three way. For comparison, I thought the Jaguar, Scoot, Blade 3 way was as least as innovative if not moreso. The Latino Heat character is strong and Eddy has had some fun 2000 stuff, but nothing great yet. I was thinking while watching this where I would rank him on a top 100 workers list but it would be fairly low and maybe even behind such names as Bubba Ray Dudley. Some of the spots here look clunky and more down time was here affecting the flow. Finish comes when Malenko avoids the flowers of Chyna but gets drop toe hold on them and then rolled up nicely by Eddy. After the match, it is discovered that the flowers contained a lead pipe. **1/2
  22. I am conflicted on the Radicalz fighting this early. On one side, they did establish them as just a couple of professional guys looking to gain a job and that was why the union was taking place. On the other side, it does feel like they were a cool unit that could be poised to have a big run and now these three are fighting and Benoit is above it all. This was pretty clunky and everyone seemed a bit off execution wise. Saturn does hit a nice flying elbow and gets the pinfall on Eddy as Chyna inadvertently kicks him in the balls. Good enough job hyping the Judgment Day match. *1/2
  23. There is a good sense of urgency to this match with the Radicalz down one contest. Road Dogg and Saturn in particular had way more chemistry than I would have imagined with Saturn doing some nice looking armbars. Gunn and Eddy are mostly paired off and Saturn has to make the save after Billy this the fame asser. Eddy hits his frog splash and has the elbow broke. Eddy pretty much freaks out and works to keep his arm in tact understandable so. Match breaks down and the NAO win which was not the way it was booked in the back. **
  24. This is a neat feud that has continued to progress the Rock vs Benoit feud and made Eddy and Chyna look prominent as well. The match is mainly Eddy vs Benoit and pretty fantastic. Even the spots Chyna is involved with are well timed and get a big reaction. Both men are passed out when Shane O Mac makes his way to ringside. Shane attacks Chyna and gets a baseball slide from Eddy into the table. Benoit locks in the crossface which has really quickly been positioned as a top move. Eddy makes the ropes but Benoit fails to break. Hebner also gets locked into the crossface. Rock comes in to break it up and we finally have our Fully Loaded title match made official with a Rock promo backstage with Kevin Kelly. Benoit comes in and attacks Rock locking him in the crossface backstage. Great stuff developing the issue between Benoit and Rock. **1/4
  25. Decent enough match but Val is dry on top. Chyna and Trish have some interaction and that gets a better reaction crowd wise than most of the match in ring. The bad booking continues with Val winning but that was pretty predictable with Rikishi going over via DQ in the first match. The main takeaway I had watching this is a theory I am really starting to propel in my mind. I am weary even mentioning it because Eddy is such a revered character. I do think he is a great worker at times but can’t help but look at his placement in GWE and wonder if there is something I am missing. Now, we still have his money WWE run to go so I don’t want to write him off but he is someone that we have chronicled throughout 11 years of his career now and he certainly has highlights but also a good bit of stuff like this match where he doesn’t feel compelled to make the match more than it is. That can be considered a positive as not showing up the rest of the card but I see it more as Eddy being content to just give an adequate performance instead of a great one based on his role. It is something to track and again I may be on an island but just based off the GWE results and some of the PTBN WWE GWE talk of Eddy as a top 10 contender, he seems overrated and hasn’t excelled at all since returning from the elbow injury. **1/2