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Found 11 results

  1. Typical match of it's kind, but I usually always enjoy them, so I ain't complaining. This was very fun. Everybody got their time to shine & it resulted in a very good, fun match. ***1/2
  2. This had even less substance to it than most Yano matches. He tries a couple of rollups, they backfire and EVIL wins. If Yano is spoiling Suzuki on the final night like many people think, he is not being built well at all for that. *1/2
  3. The interference actually worked here as we got the big faction battle between Suzuki Gun and LIJ and actual hate was felt between the two factions. Couple that with EVIL possibly picking up the biggest win of his entire career and this became a memorable match even if it wasn’t a technically great one. Suzuki still has the goods when it comes to going after a submission and EVIL performed his role well as the young powerhouse that had a lot to prove coming in. ***1/4
  4. Talk about it here. Ioan's review at PTBN:
  5. I give Tama Tonga chance after chance and I just never am going to be on board with him. He has now been given ample opportunity but I don’t feel any violence or hatred in his brawling and much of his uniqueness revolves around a couple of speed spots inside the ring. The brawling here was really mundane and the only highlight was the final two minutes which were basic counters around the cutter of Tonga. The first match accomplished its goal but this was more boring than that match and less memorable. **1/2
  6. I appreciated that we didn’t get any faction collusion teasing up front. However, they really seemed to make this into a big brawl from the onset and I didn’t feel the hatred or intensity whatsoever. The chair flying into the cameraman was nice but coincidental. Inside, the action was really back and forth without any flow. My hope was that the stunner to the floor would kickstart things and the selling by both men getting in was excellent. Then they just do a forearm exchange so EVIL who just took a stunner to the floor is still able to go 50/50. Talk about a wasted highspot. The back and forth as we head to the finishing stretch is full of good looking moves mainly based off of SANADA’s bumping and athleticism but I fail to see any strategy for any man as far as gaining the victory. It’s just an exchanging of holds. The struggle with SANADA looking for the Skull End was the most cohesive part of the match overall and gained back my investment. He seems to wind EVIL and then hits a moonsault for the victory. **3/4
  7. I thought this was pretty rad - probably checked in around ***3/4 or so for me. The following is our recap from Ioan Morris at PTBN
  8. Neat match. No wasted motion as the match pretty much starts as a finishing stretch with Shibata going after EVIL right out of the gate. Shibata's injured shoulder was handled perfectly-in modern New Japan you often get boring limbwork and walking around the ring to waste time. Here you also had limbwork and action outside the ring but it was handled as good as it could've been with EVIL just decimating Shibata's arm with devastating chairshots. A couple of years ago pretty much every Suzuki-gun match would have spots like that with weak, bad looking chairshots, luckily Shibata is a maniac who really lets EVIL nail him as strong as he can. Attempt move-get cut-off is such a staple of New Japan transitions but they avoided it here as much as possible, adding more counters to keep you guessing which one would finally land and smartly building the match around cut-offs-for instance EVIL attempted his Discuss Elbow twice only to finally hit it in the last minute. Ten minutes of exciting smashmouth action. ***1/2
  9. Oh man I've missed Yano so much. He is now a triple crown champion-he has a new shirt, has produced a DVD and has the GHC tag team belt and they're all worth about the same. EVIL's current gimmick is something inbetween Akitoshi Saito and MABACH Taniguchi 2012, kinda wish he DQed himself in every match by chairshotting his opponent to death (he already does that but it's outside the ring and in New Japan you'd have to knife someone there to get DQed). This was a blast, and Yano's biggest virtue might be that he manages to pull of convincing nearfalls in contemporary New Japan. A blast. ***
  10. EVIL is still trying to figure things out, which means he hasn't settled into a formula and his matches aren't just spamming contemporary New Japan cliches. This forces Goto to step out of his (dreadful) comfort zone and as a result these two have had some surprisingly solid matches. EVIL does some thing here that I liked as ideas but could've been milked out more like ending an elbow exchange with an eye rake (seriously, that could've been my favourite spot of the year if they treated it like it mattered more) and rubbing his elbow across Goto's face. The good parts are when they're smashing into each other with elbows, lariats and so on. The bad parts are when they're turning around a lot and it looks more like modern dance than a fight and also when Goto does his stupid indy backbreakers on a knee. There's a lot of movement and the match is almost all action, and it kept me interested throughout, so the good outweights the bad. **3/4
  11. This was surprisingly solid, I'd have expected these two to have a boring opening and then transition into trading weak forearms for five minutes before a dancing finishing stretch but the match was actually quite tight and compact. It also had a lot more movement and selling than Goto matches usually do and counters that looked cool and felt fresh and novel due to these two not having five million singles matches against each other. EVIL's Fireman's Carry Powerbomb looked great and I loved how he sold the Impact of Goto's Lariat as soon as he countered them. **3/4