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Found 10 results

  1. The first about 8 minutes or so of the match are kinda dull w/ them doing meh comedy & all, but then they decide to go nuts and it gets amazing. Just an outstanding, crazy spotfest. On par with the BOLA 6-man. ****1/2
  2. I remember really digging their first match at IWA-MS Simply the Best 5 as it was worked as a teacher vs. student type match. I also dug their second IWA-MS match and their ROH match, but not as much as they were worked more evenly. This one was worked like their other 2 matches -- i.e., more evenly and despite not having liked it as much as the original, it was still really good. These guys just have great chemistry together and know were and when to be there for each others things, so everything is hit crisply. I really dug AJ just relentlessly tossing Sydal into the corner with a suplex, AJ's phenomenal forearm and AJ's counter to the shooting star press with knees looked like it could've caved Sydal's ribs in. Sydal also hits a nice springboard type code red which is something i've never seen before. I also dug how they didn't go into overkill territory kicking out of each others finishers for 2.99 and the timing felt just right. Really fun match.