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Found 22 results

  1. Just looking at the lineups had me salivating and this didn’t disappoint at all. Fuji and CIMA fit like a glove vs Kanemoto and Otani that it is a shame we didn’t get a long form series between them. Everyone had a chance to deliver here though. Taikawa and Fuji especially had a brutal exchange in the middle and prick Liger being the mentor to Crazy Max warmed my heart. I know he has been stuck in multi-mans but Kashin continues to be not atrocious at all and learning where to pick his spots to attack. Otani is getting a nice push and picks up the win here. Give this a couple of more minutes and a molten Korakuen crowd and you might could have had a MOTYC. Still a great match. ****
  2. Crazy Max are still the biggest bullies in the Japanese schoolyard. This starts with a brutal beatdown on Tokyo including him bleeding which really added a wrinkle into everything and got over the violence. Magnum is able to tag out and TM comes in. A really good exchange with him and Taru culminating in a back kick right to Taru’s face. Then Fujita and CIMA come in and have an even better sequence than that before. One thing I appreciated about breaking up the tropes was Fujita came in again and they teased doing the pairings and stuff until Crazy Max has had enough of that and uses their number advantage to take back over. Magnum is really selling the damage and has wrapped a towel over his head. Magnum’s pride gets the best of him as he comes back in but gets worked over by the CM stable. A quick flurry and he is able to make another big tag to Fujita. This starts the match into the finishing stretch. Big dives for the faces which I appreciate because them getting the shine is a face move and not really needed for the CM stable. Fuji and Mochi continue to battle and it continues to entertain me every single time. That gives way to Magnum and CIMA. I again keep waiting for Magnum to suck but much like HHH, it hasn’t happened so far. In fact, he was for sure the leader of the face side for me in this match just from the sympathy he built up from the blood. Heat is a little off in this match as in Korakuen, it could possibly be a MOTYC for me. TARU’s kicks looked brutal here and even TM is showing some surprising fire getting a nearfall on a Tiger Suplex that needs a Fuji save. Big tombstone to Fuji and a dive for Fujita and now TARU has to save him. Great stuff and shows Crazy Max sticking together even though shit is going awry. Just when the faces look like it is in the bag, CIMA hits his palm strike and a huge lariat from Fuji gets 1, 2, …. NO! I bit big time on that one. A chokeslam from Fuji and Crazy Max prevails again. What a great fucking match to start the month. The long term critic in me could say that this makes Crazy Max look just a tad strong again but knowing that M2K is coming as a way to counteract that has me really excited and it has been a hell of a ride getting to that point. ****1/4
  3. This was quite a shock to see these guys performing for AJ in front of a Budokan crowd. This whole card shows how AJ really brought in as many other people and special features they could to keep interest up. They did a 12 minute match which packed a ton of action. This Crazy Max trio is my favorite. CIMA looked like he was out to impress. He takes some great bumps here including one to crotch himself. M2K works over him and before he makes a hot tag he also is able to springboard off the middle rope, deliver a dropkick on the apron and a moonsault. That was amazing to watch. Masaaki and Fuji also were fired up and they are the feature pairing at the end with Masaaki picking up a big win for the M2K faction. Up there with the M-Pro tourning style matches from KDX. ***1/2 (7)
  4. SUWA and Fuji are the most prickly CM pair and they brutalize the eternally sympathetic Genki and Dragon Kid throughout most of this match. Dragon Kid and Genki on their comeback was mostly good but DK did have some botchy miscues on his cutters. I know it probably has a Toryumon name but Genki kept locking on the Chikara Special for near submissions on SUWA. Fuji catching DK in the chokeslam and sending him up in the air followed by their combo finisher was a good near fall requiring a Genki save. Backslide from heaven is attempted but reversed into a SUWA pedigree for the pin. We got 8 out of 15 minutes so I feel like we saw enough to properly rank this as a fun match. *** (6.2)
  5. M2K vs Crazy Max has arrived. This is the first super sized match between the two and Korakuen is rocking for it. It sort of reminded me of the Jumbo and Co. vs Misawa and Co. tag from May 1990 as you could tell the momentum was changing for the promotion and this was going to be the main focal point for the foreseeable future. Fuji gets worked over for a majority of the match and shows some sympathetic tendencies which is different from what he has been asked to do in his career so far. The match has an extended finishing run with a ton of chaos and action. M2K has instituted wanting to have a double countout and they succeed here. I don’t know how long that is going to be acceptable for me as a viewer chronicling this stuff, but it worked here. **** (7.9)
  6. Man, this was great. Crazy Max may be sort of the good guys in the M2K feud but they are still rudo at heart and dickheads here just wailing on TM and trying to unmask him. Fujii does his sumo nut shot that gets a big pop out of me. I also love the assisted giant swing with CIMA landing a dropkick in the end. This was the perfect mixture of compelling action telling a story and having some comedic elements sprinkled in. The Sasuke drama was a little hard to follow but led to a dramatic finale where the real Great Sasuke stood up and did some amazing dives leading to TM obtaining the submission. Awesome match. **** (8.1)
  7. As Toryumon grows in 2000, the new people that are being inserted mainly Genki and Saito here are adding a lot of depth that retains interest of the viewer. This was the best Saito has looked so far with some great strikes against SUWA. We got an abbreviated match but I appreciate the variety of matches Crazy Max has vs. up and comers here, vs their new rivals in M2K and vs the established stars like the Dragon Kid/Tiger Mask tag a few days earlier. ***1/4 (6.4)
  8. The comedy added a nice new facet to this promotion as Stalker has really extended sequences throughout this match and him and Fuji especially shine. I liked how Crazy Max revamped their double and triple team offense to be more comedic as well including the momentum swing into the lowblow via CIMA. A tag that shows you can have fun within a promotion and still produce good in ring action. ***1/4
  9. M2K vs Crazy Max is just heating up and continues to be an awesome feud. The M2K faction is punks and they portray that really well with Kanda especially in this match flying all over the place and bullying up Stalker. Stalker as a member of Crazy Max probably shouldn’t work but it does. He can mix in his comedy but he also has some surprising moves and ability here. Fuji also shines here getting beat up and then dishing it out. Tons of frantic action and the finish is logical in giving M2K a nice win for the battle with the war being far from over. ***3/4 (7.5)
  10. This was a strong match in really showcasing the feud of M2K vs Crazy Max that will carry the company for the foreseeable future. It also was interesting seeing how the rudo/tecnico roles shifted immediately with M2K being the skateboard punks and Crazy Max becoming defacto faces. It was done a lot more organically than I would have imagined. I think having someone like Stalker on your side is an easy way to generate sympathy. Ditto for Fujii wearing the comedic wig to get a pop from the crowd when his nearly bald head was exposed. CIMA seemed enthusiastic to be a face as when he gets the hot tag off of a great sequence, he comes firing in and is jumping up and down all excitedly. The finishing run was strong too with Stalker getting some hope pinfalls before being defeated. Really strong opening chapter to this feud overall. ***3/4 (7.6)
  11. THis stipulation is one of my favorite in wrestling and these guys performed it admirably here really going after each other with intensity and hatred to prevent having to go into the apuestas match. I think CIMA in particular was a prick ripping the mask of both of his opponents. We have seen Crazy Max run roughshod for a lot of the 1st half of 2000 so seeing them fail here and having to be pushed into a wager match against each other felt justified. ***1/2
  12. Here we are at M2K vs Crazy Max. Pretty much the feud that really put Toryumon on the map and sustained them for the next year at least. Makoto is in there besides SUWA but the other classic pairings are set up. M2K comes to the ring on their skateboards like the punks they are. Mochi goes through the biggest stylistic and cosmetic change and he looks really good in his interactions with CIMA and of course Fujii. CIMA has a little cut based off the pace and stiffness of this match. I think it was important for M2K to establish themselves with a win and they do that here when Makato gets pin. After the bell, the fight continues showing that this dilemma was far from being over. ***1/4
  13. Crazy Max showing up and having their showcase match on the big promotional shows is pretty endearing. This was a par the course six man for them with the exception that Genki keeps developing and now know how to integrates his surfer persona into his matches better to make them work. Dragon Kid looked a step off from previous matches we have seen him in but still hit some gorgeous highspots. This didn’t hit the top end Crazy Max matches we have seen in the year, but it was very enjoyable while it lasted. ***1/2 (7)
  14. I was excited to see how Marvin mixed it up with Crazy Max. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty big blast. SUWA and Marvin do a pretty great sequence with each other leaving Fuji in amazement and pointing at Marvin asking who the fuck this guy is. After working over Tiger Mask some, CM goes right into the final sequence. Of course, tons of action in this section and a lot of neat stuff involving Marvin and CIMA. CIMA catches a rana attempt with a big powerbomb and puts Marvin away with the powerbomb. ***1/2 (6.9)
  15. What a splendid match. Finally, another team is able to go toe to toe with Crazy Max and it has the same energy as the pairings with Masaaki Mochizuki and Magnum Tokyo. I thought Sususmu gave easily his best performance so far and him and Kobe had some neat double team pairings that matched the Crazy Max offerings. Fuji and CIMA are my two favorite C Max members so it was no surprise that I was invested in their output here and thought they gelled really well working together. The use of the chairs here was done in a heelish way that it didn’t overly annoy me. Just when it looks like Kobe/Sususmu have the match in hand, CIMA comes back and runs through his combo of palm strike, Iconoslam, and frog splash to pick up the victory for C Max. The face side was strong but didn’t have enough to put the evil stable away. After the match, handcuffs and a big heel beatdown commence until Masaaki runs in for the save. The faces are really going to have to create a stable to counteract these tactics. Hmmm. ***3/4
  16. Toryumon is back in my good graces. This had a neat set up starting as a trios and then tempers flaring up resulting in the five vs five encounter here. This gave an opportunity for us to look at Yoshiyuki Saito who will become SHISA. Overall, the match was very good but I do miss Mochizuki certainly mixing it up with Fuji and as much of a bad rep as he has, I continue to think the matches take a slight dip when Magnum Tokyo isn't involved because he is a fun foil and pairing for CIMA. Fuji was a star here and really seems to be building a case for a worker that really doesn't historically get talked up enough. This showed with the face side that the depth was growing, a cohesive unit just needed to be formed to go up against the big bads of Crazy Max. ***3/4
  17. A spot show for Toryumon with the action being fine but behind almost all of the hot stuff we have seen from the promotion this year. DK looked better here than in the last match but Tiger Mask was fairly sloppy. The main development here was the continued push of Genki Horiguchi who continues to pick up big wins over Crazy Max. **1/2
  18. Always up for another dose of Crazy Max running through some punks. This match essentially has Tiger Mask IV in the Magnum Tokyo role being paired with CIMA. This match has a bit of a unique structure in that it starts really traditional with Dragon Kid being the FIP and then once the hot tag gets made, the match breaks down and the brawling results around the building. I believe we even get Susumu and Kanda at one point coming out to interfere on SUWA. Mochi and CIMA have a hot sequence which gives way to Fuji vs TM which is equally as fun. The match ending with Dragon Kid and SUWA was initially disappointing because DG was as sloppy here as he had been since that awful January match. He does however stick the landing and it is clear that of the face side, he is getting some of the bigger wins so far. ***1/2
  19. We start with a clip of Shinzaki botching his rope walk. Fuji attempts to do the rope walk in a funny moment and he gets crotched. Crazy Max is definitely performing different being in there with the legends of Jinsei and Sasuke. The work when Crazy Max is in control is very comedic based including Fuji giving palm strikes to sasukes crotch. Finishing stretch is really entertaining with pairings and action throughout. Crazy Max really is a special unit with each member bringing something unique to the table. Fuji and Jinsei are in the ring for the finale with Jinsei beating him up and running through the gauntlet of SUWA and CIMA. Stereo dives by Sasuke and Tokyo and a straight jacket choke gives Jinsei the victory. Good match but frustrating in the sense that it felt very WWE Wrestlemania-ish as Crazy Max had been embattled in a great feud where they have been looking badass and winning the exchanges and now they essentially have to add in more comedy and get jobbed out when they are encountered with facing the legends in Jinsei and Sasuke. Even giving Tokyo the pin here would have been more beneficial. ***
  20. A good tag match but nothing extraordinary at all and we missed around 6 minutes. The crowd was also really sparse which made the match not have much of an atmosphere. Between this and the Toryumon we saw at the end of September seems to have the promotion in a bit of a holding pattern until the next big show. The way that Crazy Max used underhanded techniques here when they felt the match slipping away was well done. I also dug Fuji using power moves like the chokeslam. Ending lariat looked brutal. **1/2
  21. Crazy Max explodes! Fuji and SUWA have a pretty respectful opening but Taru goes right after CIMA and the fight is on. M2K is creeping around so keep that in mind. Fuji is worked over and a funny moment happens where they stretch him out for the nut kick from Taru but he realizes it and refuses. Sure enough after a few more minutes, M2K interferes and the fight is on with CIMA going into the crowd and them using the boards. The match gets thrown out for a DQ. This was a weird match that didn’t have much heat or energy at all. I get these guys are faction members but they could have been some juice inserted. Most disappointing Toryumon match of the year. **
  22. A shorter match than I expected but they packed a good amount of stuff into 8 minutes. Fuji was looking strong because he was losing his hair and CIMA maintains his WOTYC status. The finish felt well received in that it kept the narrative that these two are still partners and not even teasing dissension but someone had to lose here. Fuji hits some good emotional moments in the final stretch of the match. ***