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Found 41 results

  1. This is for Io's World of Stardom title (Red Belt) and if she's successful in defending it she will break her own record of title defenses. Io does a fantastic job of putting over Baszler as serious threat. She bumps and sells incredibly well for Baszler's power offense and submissions. I felt Baszler held up her end of the match fairly well. She has always carries herself well but her in-ring is inconsistent. In this match, her offense looked good and flowed nicely plus her selling was solid. The finish was a bit weird though. Baszler seemingly puts Io out with a sleeper but the ref makes her break the hold which didn't make any sense since that's exactly how Baszler won a trios match at the last show. Other than that, this was great match with probably the best performance from Io in awhile. ****1/4
  2. 2/3 Falls match that goes about 40 minutes. Our journey into French wrestling begins with Edouard Carpentier of all people. He‘ll be interesting to watch, since he obviously stands out in the US wrestling scene, but in France he might be just another guy. Although I imagine he will definitely get a bump from watching this French footage. This match wasn‘t quite in the super athletic French style that blew all of our minds in the first place anyways, it was instead a classic heat mongering affair. Gueret seemed rather non-descript, but Bollet drew a really loud negative reaction as soon as he was announced. He was a towering guy, he could clearly wrestle, but you could sense that this wouldn‘t be a wrestling heavy match very soon. The match was the type that I imagine sent folks into near riots all across Europe in the post WW2-wrestling boom. It starts with some slick arm rolls and nice wrestling, but they soon get to the real meat. Guys get bitchslapped, cheapshots are thrown, and eventually you have a bunch of heavyweights throwing forearm smashes with abadon. Gueret did look a little bland, but he sure knew how to throw those forearms. The heels would soon start to try and buckle their opponents to the corner to deliver nasty 2 on 1 beatdowns, and the faces would retaliate with ear rakes which the crowd loved. Koparanian was kind of bastard too, he would bitchslap the heels and get in cheapshots of his own. The whole match was worked like this, there would be moments of well executed wrestling, only for someone to throw a forearm or cheapshot and things would fire up. It‘s quite a long match, but they keep the pace up. Add 3 fun finishes and you have one hell of a match.
  3. Nigel McGuinness defends the ROH World Title from the Manhattan Center in New York City. Talk about it here.
  4. Fantastic match, the best I've seen between these two and they've had lot of good ones. What I love about it is how they have a really compelling contest even though Walter controls at least 80% of the match, they don't feel any need to do though back and forth quick changes in momentum that's almost ubiquitous in wrestling now. Starr actually does pretty well in the opening few minutes, teases Walter a bit to come at him but dodging him, looking kind of cocky about it. He manages to knock Walter to the outside then looks like he's going for a dive but no.... He's tried that before in a previous match and it didn't end well. He's learning! Instead he lowers the ring-rope for Walter to get back in. Walter hits Starr with a chop, Starr fights back with chops of his own... Oh no... Why would you do that. Walter just grinds him down to dust from now on end, including an absolutely shockingly stiff lariat that looked like it could take his head off! Starr manages just one desperate comeback where he somehow manages to wriggle out of Walter's grip and lands a German Suplex for a two count, but Walter gets straight back up and goes back to smashing him up. Starr's selling is very good. I felt really sorry for him because beating Walter obviously means so much to him, he just can't do it. Some guy in the crowd is chanting "Please don't tap!" as Starr's getting choked out. Stop encouraging him! He's clearly outmatched. Live to fight another day Davey. ****1/2
  5. WWF All Star Wrestling Aired February 23, 1980 (Taped February 12, 1980) Allentown, PA No review yet. Rene Goulet vs Manny Siaca Larry Sharpe vs Billy Berger Larry Zbyszko vs John Beauford Ivan Putski & Tito Santana vs BB Coleman & Frank Savage Tony Atlas vs Ron Lee Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  6. WWF Championship Wrestling Aired February 23, 1980 (Taped February 13, 1980) Hamburg, PA No review yet. Pat Patterson vs Jose Estrada Ivan Putski vs Ron Lee Larry Sharpe vs Steve King Rene Goulet vs Johnny Rodz Tony Atlas vs BB Coleman Larry Zbyszko vs Billy Berger Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  7. JIP but this match is white hot fire baby! It's all about Kawada & Taue killin' eachother. Kikuchi gets thrown around as a human weapon! Ogawa dishes out nasty shots! Taue and Kawada beat the shit out of eachother some more! At one point, Kawada goes for a save and Taue just decks him in his face. Only early 90s puro delivers this kind of action. Sumo slaps = the best.
  8. JIP 10 minutes in. Kobashi rocks the low kicks like a fiend! Crowd is white hot for the natives! Gordy lariats dudes' faces off! A sneaky finish! This was a solid match with some great moments. I liked the structure of Misawa & Kobashi quickly getting cut off and isolated by the MVC repeatedly and having to think and act fast to get something going. I'm always baffled at how little Misawa tends to insert himself into matches but Kobashi was fine as the focus there and I dug the MVC just waltzing in and crushing the little dudes, again and again.
  9. This is for Hojo's Wonder of Stardom title (White Belt) and is Kyona's second title shot in less than a month. It's clear from the early going that the intent of this match is to make Kyona more of a potential threat to the top girls in Stardom and it definitely succeeds in that regard. From the very start Kyona shows little fear of going toe-to-toe with Hojo, even managing to hold her own in strike exchanges. Hojo herself does a great job of putting over Kyona's performance. She goes from confident veteran showing no fear of what Kyona has to offer to realizing that she is going to have to hit all of her big moves if she is going to retain. Just an excellent, well built match that builds on the star potential of Jungle Kyona. ****
  10. This is for Iwatani's High Speed title as she is being challenged by two members of Oedo Tai. The story dynamic that these three create in the match was terrific. Usually, Oedo Tai matches are weighed down with goofy, overwrought interference but here the kept it basic and it worked much better. It was great to see Kris Wolf have a straight match as she is a really good worker when she does. The finish was well done as it looked like Wolf capitalized on an open opportunity rather than benefit from a banana peel type slip. ***3/4
  11. This is for Storm's SWA title and is also Purrazzo's first single's match in Stardom. This match was a really nice mesh of Storm's UK style with Purrazzo's US style. Purrazzo looked great here. While she doesn't do anything flashy, she makes everything she does count for something. I wish they could have had another five minutes or so because they probably would have had something great if they had more time to build to a proper finish. As it is though, this is a terrific short match. ***1/2