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Found 75 results

  1. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caaTvhYTxE8
  2. I liked this a lot, felt like a showcase match between two tough NOAH undercarders except these two are way more nimble on their feet. Plenty stiff and generally fresh due to them sticking to what works for them. Ran Yu Yu has good knee based offense and really vicious elbows, Amano has some nasty short kicks. Some damn impressive sequences and moves here: Yu Yu's wheelbarrow lift into spinning argentine backbreaker felt like a move Cesaro should steal.I also really like Amano's flying armbars and they worked some neat counters around them. This didn't have the kind of sustained selling or story that makes me think I'm watching something epic, but they kept bringing the quality and never did anything stupid.
  3. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv9hlW52Vtc
  4. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOCkFQPuaTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q97DQ5EySFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30vMOuzAg0Q
  5. JIP match built around Satomura trying to cut down the higher ranked KAORU and Ishii trying to cut down the higher ranked Satomura. Some really good exchanges here especially between Satomura/KAORU aswell as a few neat team spots and great Death Valley Bomb teases. I would've liked the Satomura/Ishii pairing to go a little deeper considering how good their singles match early in the year was but I guess it was not that kind of night. Or they clipped it out. Ishii hits a reall great senton bomb for her troubles.
  6. This is a fun match; which is kind of a disappointment, because there is no reason for these two not to produce a minor classic together, or atleast something close to as good as Aja/Ohmukai. Especially since it's one of a small handful of televised singles matches between the GAEA veterans of the year. I'm as big of an Aja Kong as the next guy but her approach was pretty bread and butter here as she kind of no sold Yamadas kicks early on and went to her standard brawling. They worked hard in the 2nd half including lots of great finisher teases and a big dive from Aja. Still I would've liked something with a deeper story.
  7. GAEA youngster matches can have a weird pace where it's kinda like a heated BattlARTS tag where it randomly breaks into mat exchanges and stiff shots. Especially when you have Satomura in there who will mix up amateur style holds and kicks. I have no idea how the average fan will like this kind of stuff as there is always a ton of neat stuff but also structure and selling are somewhat wonky. Still this had an actual dynamic with Uematsu & Hirota working together to topple their higher ranked opponents and they were quiet vicious doing so. Whenever one caught Satomura or Kato in a half crab the other would run in to stomp on their had. Some neat spots and they didnt overstay their welcome.
  8. KAORU is the good joshi worker that was lost to time. No matter who you put her in the ring with she would usually give a good match despite her limitations. Put her against someone insanely talented like 1998 Meiko Satomura and you get something that breaks the mold. You get some nice snug strikes, KAORU stretching her opponent, some big, big bumps, really vicious arm attack from Meiko and KAORU selling it very well etc. I thought the whole thing was slightly rushed so it didn't get quite as epic as what they seemed to go for as it felt like a collection of highlights. But those highlights were really high end stuff.
  9. For some reason the GAEA girls are at their best when working "Pat O'Connor grappling with someone for 10 minutes in the studio" type matches. This was another one of those and a goody. They do really nice work building from a headlock to a bulldog and from an armlock to a tiger suplex etc. Nice to see Kato keeping it simple for once. Numao is one of the lesser featured GAEA youngsters but she handles herself quite well in this type of match. Some great spots and counters down the stretch. Full GAEA point
  10. Boy, why is there no wrestling like this anymore? Fun basic opening match. I can't tell whether Matsumoto is any good but you can slot her into a more technical match and it'll all be fine. Chikayo of course wrestles like the lightest, skinniest Tamon Honda and it's all wonderful. Fun takedowns and throws and some neat spots. Good enough that I feel slightly agitated that they clipped 2 minutes from this 9 minute match.
  11. In 1998 Nagayo was mostly working short bomb throwing sprint, but in October, she for some reason decided to put on wrestling shoes and work some 70s style more grappling oriented matches against her student, perhaps MUGA inspired. This is a fun match kinda like an old studio TV squash where the jobber gets some offense. Matsumoto is a forgotten worker and not a standout in any way but she can add some fun touches. Highlights include a nifty out of nowhere leg trip, a surprise uranage and a great struggle over a neckbreaker. Nasty looking finish.
  12. Here's a rare creature – a slow paced GAEA match. Yamada looked really good dominating with her superior striking early on and Kaoru would only get minuscule offense. A superplex and sleeper spot end up being important and setting up the stretch run. Both sold well down the stretch and KAORU avoiding Yamadas finisher was really good. I wasn't sure how these two would click in a singles match but they did just fine.
  13. I gotta say, Hirotas underdog act was highly entertaining in 1998. If she had kept working like this she might have become a really good rich girls Masao Inoue. She took some big bumps and kept the hip attacks coming. Ozaki of course relishes in stretching and smacking lower ranked opponents and did a good job carrying this. Also, she wasn't required to sell too much, so that is also a plus. Some fun moments where Hirota gets the better of Oz and some pretty brutal stiff backfists in this.
  14. Stiff match with plenty of neat moments. Unfortunately the structure was kind of a mess. Kato was wearing a bandage from her match against LCO and got bloodied again, but simply refused to be face in peril and no-sold through the attacks against her. Ozaki & Sato looked good when they got to work the cut and Satomura and Sato have really nice chemistry together. The nearfall section was good when it was Satomura and Kato trying their darndest to pin that witch Ozaki but I thought it went too long. Ozaki is hit or miss but she looked got kicking a bloody Kato in the face here and she threw a rotten backfist at one point. I'm all for experimentation in wrestling but this would've been really great with a traditional structure.
  15. JIP. This was surprisingly one of the stiffer matches I've seen between the GAEA younglings so far. Sato hit some fierce urakens and kicks to the face and Nagashima at one point started throwing shotais from mount. She also nailed Sato with some of the most brutal double stomps I've seen in a while. This was largely Nagashima working as a grappler, busting out her signature slick moves with Sato working as the bigger girl. It works surprisingly well and I thought Sato did a remarkable job putting over the smaller Nagashimas skill. Flash finish that works really well.
  16. JIP. Watching Nagashima will make you realize fast she was one of he more innovative workers around in 1998. This was closer to your typical sprint joshi but paced slow enough and with enough selling to make you appreciate everything. Lots of slick sequences and counters. Uematsu brings a nice vicious edge to this workrate-y match, hitting some brutal knee combos and punching Nagashima square in the jaw at one point. One thing I like is that many of the spots shown here would be near physically impossible to do for most male workers – especially the bridge up spots and Nagashima landing on her feet from the Northern Lights Suplex. Roughly 7 out of 13 minutes shown on both TV and comm tape.
  17. JIP. This was a rockin' little match. I enjoyed the super simple build which was Kato's sleeper hold vs. Sato's dragon screw and Figure 4 leglock. I measure wrestlers by how good they are at selling a sleeper hold and Sato does a nice job here, visibly affected early and close to fading later. They engage in some high end bomb throwing action throwing violent high kicks and backfists and this is really good stuff and another entry to the quality year both these girls were having. NOTE: The G-Panic version shows about 11 minutes out of 17 while the comm. Tape version has only 8 min.
  18. GAEA runs a lot of sprints, but this was the kind of match that felt like a mix between NWA Studio grappling and BattlARTS with more high flying. Very unique match where both kept stubbornly going for specific moves. Both kept trying for a suplex, Uematsu for the Northern Lights, Kato for the Dragon Suplex, and they had some cool ways to work around these moves. In between that Kato had her kicks and Uematsu a nice shotai, and Kato kept trying to choke her out. You could tell they put thought into every move they tried. That kind of singular focus was really unique and it produced a compelling match. The weak point was the finish which I thought failed to pay off what they had been building up in the previous 10 minutes, but the work was cool and interesting which is what you want from your GAEA.
  19. Leave it to a pair of 18 year old girls to have an excellent lengthy match in 1998. The cool thing about the mat stuff they did here was that it wasn't shootstyle stuff, but closer to NWA-ish legbars and kneedrops, executed in really vicious fashion. Sugar doesn't have the high end offense of Satomura, but I thought she did well enough to mix it up and keep the match going. Everything made sense and built really well to their respective finishers (Death Valley Driver vs. Liger Bomb), and while there wasn't any super-focussed extended selling they worked hard to put eachother's offense over as devastating. Plenty of neat spots, including Sato finding ways to counter Satomura's arm attack stuff. Best GAEA match of 1998?