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Found 65 results

  1. Good chance for both here to pad out their 2000 resume. I liked how HHH had a more brawling aspect throughout this match and when Holly pounds him down in the corner, he gets a big face reaction. Even with the sidewalk slam, that is presented as a decent nearfall. HHH has worked well at playing towards the strengths of his opponents in 2000 so far. The action goes to the outside and HHH flies Holly into the ring post. HHH takes over and is good on offense. I liked him adding the little kiss to Steph mid match for more heat. HHH gets into it with Tim Dwight. Holly has a good bit of offense at the end when Steph gets on the ring apron. Jericho rushes down and pulls her down and then beats up both HHH and Holly hitting each with the belt. The Jericho vs HHH feud is really fun and so was this match. *** (5.9)
  2. A pretty splendid eight minute match. HHH is seemingly off his game not knowing his opponent and Jericho showed a lot of fire and energy. The cutoffs and paybacks were well executed here like HHH blowing a kiss but then eating a dropkick. The nearfalls were also timed wonderfully as the crowd bit on many of them. This is a testament to the 4/17 match as the anything can happen mentality is engrained in the viewer’s head. The finish comes with Steph distracting the ref and HHH using the belt shot off of a ref bump and the pedigree for the win. They did a good job teasing all of the spots and getting to them in a natural fashion. A really fun match that never gets talked about. ***1/2 (7.0)
  3. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs Cactus Jack - WWF No Way Out 2000 Hell In A Cell I am actually pretty surprised this match is not fondly remembered. It is at the height of WWF's peak in terms of quality and popularity. It is a high stakes match (yes, Foley returns the following month). I totally think Royal Rumble street fight smokes this match, but this match has INSANE fucking bumps and that is enough for Taker/Foley to get over. Though I guess that has THE Bump to end all Bumps. I think Foley returning does kinda kill the solemnity of the moment. The Royal Rumble match being a lot better does hurt this one. I guess I argued why it is pretty much forgotten, but still I think this match has a lot to offer in terms of insane violence. It is definitely more of a stunt show. HHH delivers his more customary milquetoast performance. Foley overly indulges his masochistic tendencies. Since it was his "last" match, I guess he wanted to go out in the style he innovated. Cactus is obsessed with getting out of the cage, but it is padlocked like super, Fort Knox-style padlocked. Disappointed, he takes out his frustrations on the face of The Game. Triple H is more willingly to have his standard match which means a ton of knee-related offense, not much selling and just a generally passionless performance. It is mostly because Foley wants to take a bunch of sick bumps because it is his last match.The first nasty bump is HHH kneeing him off the apron into the cage. HHH throwing the steel steps into his crazy!!! What's weird is that match really has no heat until they get out of the cage. I think Foley declared he was going to do that so no one really bought into any of the nearfalls until they made it out. Double Arm DDT into chair is pretty damn sick and barley a murmur when Cactus went for the cover. Declarations like that can backfire. The steps-assisted catapult that sent HHH into the cage was nuts. HHH taps a gusher. He is always good for that. Cactus wants revenge and chucks the steps at HHH, but he dodges and the steps going flying through the cage. Light bulb goes off. Then in one of the sickest things I have ever seen, Cactus hurls his body into the damage cage wall and RIPS HIS ARM OPEN! OW! OW! OW! HHH is a fucking trooper. There would be no way I would agree to to this bullshit, but Foley sends him through that cage wall. Foley has his Barbed Wire 2x4, which has a handle on it. Good thing as we find out he had a hard time chucking a chair up there. Cactus takes a smaller, but still HOLY SHIT bump off the top of the cage through the announce table. They fight on the cage and we get a flaming barbed wire 2x4 and tons of blood. The final bump is BATSHIT INSANE! Foley is backdropped through the roof and lands SPLAT on the mat CAVING in the ring with the imprint of his body. HHH scales down and then is horrified when Cactus is still moving. Pretty much the only good heel thing HHH does in the match. PEDIGREE~! Foley's Wrestlemania is dashed against the rocks or is it? The Wrestlemania 2000 main event coming out of this PPV was scheduled to be HHH vs Big Show. LOL! I cant believe they did not trust Rock's drawing power. It is a stunt show. Foley had matured as a competitor and delivered some classics, but this match represented the core essence of who Foley is. HHH did not add much. Very entertaining stunt show. Just shy of greatness. ***3/4
  4. Really strong tv match. Benoit looks like he honestly could be the best wrestler in the world. I think it is fair to say that Sid and HHH can be limited workers and Benoit has been able to gel with both in the past month and compliment their strengths. HHH for his part is on easily the run of his career and while his 2000 may not be as great as the WWE only fanatics may have you believe, I would be lying if I didn’t say it hasn’t been pretty damn good so far. With the blown tag finish, this didn’t have as large of the stakes but it was important to see Benoit get a visual pin over HHH with the referee down and Michael Cole was really strong on commentary talking about how this was now an issue of pride for Benoit. I don’t have much recollection of their other singles matches throughout the years but this started that rivalry off on a good note. ***1/2
  5. First things first, I know Stephanie hasn't been in the heel position for long, but she was absolutely atrocious on commentary. Her sound effects for moves were groan inducing and her commentary quips weren't menacing or intriguing in the slightest. That said, early into 2000, HHH is having himself a nice run. This was the perfect match for the big heel vs. the hot commodity face in the promotion. Rikishi's rise to this much popularity was a shock to many and you certainly don't want to squash that. However, HHH is being built as the main heel focal point so in the end he also needs to be presented as strong in the close. This was achieved in all fronts. Rikishi and HHH have some heated strike exchanges and some nice around ringside brawling for WWF standards. These spots are staples of the attitude era but they felt like a way to present the narrative here instead of just being shoe horned in. We also get a bit of added layering with DX watching backstage but commenting how they aren't going to bail HHH out. The chairshot nearfall is really effective and the crowd goes crazy when Rikishi kicks out. The belt shot DQ was the perfect way to go as the finish here and this was another match where I was satisfied at the output but left wanting more. HHH looks menacing and Rikishi looks like more than a comedy character for the fans to get behind. ***1/4
  6. After the general sludge of 1999 WWF tv output, it has been refreshing seeing some of these matches get time this early in the year. Foley is now embedded to face HHH at Rumble and DX keeps teasing the tension with HHH. In a pleasant This is 2000 moment, Mr. Ass has a choker necklace on. Nice opening sequence with Rock cleaning house and being paired off with Mr. Ass. The Acolytes and X-Pac have good chemistry as they work together. HHH had been inauspicious so far in the match and they set up him and Foley interacting to get a big pop from the crowd. Foley beats HHH down in the corner as the crowd erupts. HHH goes for a tag but DX betrays him as they refuse to tag in. DX leaves and gets chased away by Rock and the Acolytes leaving just HHH and Mankind. Mankind gets the double arm DDT and goes for Socko. Stephanie gets teased with Socko and I’m glad they didn’t pay that off right away. HHH again shows nice viciousness here on top with Foley bumping around as he hits Foley with the bell that has him tumbling over the announce table. HHH hits a pedigree through the table in another big spot that gets OHHHHS from the crowd. Foley eats another pedigree inside the ring to win the match for HHH. Knowing that this leads to Mankind calling on Cactus Jack, I thought this was a great angle advancement and the match was fun as hell to boot. ***1/4
  7. This really is probably the last time WrestleMania felt like it could be any other PPV in a given year. Even the three years of this decade where they aren’t in a stadium had plenty of other big moments and caveats that this show really didn’t. This could have been Backlash and everything would have been the same. That being said, this as a main event was a tale of two matches. I actually thought the four way stuff was really effective. Big Show is giving a good run where he looks strong with them knowing he is going out early. Once he is gone, Foley and HHH and Rock have a compelling three way with bonds being formed and broke. The history between these three is so storied that any iteration of the pairings worked and felt enriched. I thought Rock was really working hard bumping like crazy and being crisp on his strikes. Foley flubs his big spot but it does play right into his elimination which felt shocking at the time as I was certain he was winning with the good out of them having a tournament later. Foley coming back does feel cheap but this was his last match for nearly four years so it feels more genuine in retrospect than it does now when he has had 50 matches after this one. The HHH and Rock portions was my least favorite of the match with a ton of tropes that are less flattering including going around the stage set up and tables at ringside being broken. The Vince turn is also perplexing as they went to WAY too many extremes in fighting each other for it to believable as a big ruse all along on Vince’s part. HHH winning is innovative but the closing moment is Rock reigning supreme firstly and the McMahons secondly so he gets overshadowed there. Overall, I think a three way would have been more effective and I don’t know how to book out the Vince turn but it still is just awful. ***1/4
  8. We get a backstage promo with some dissension between Shane and HHH already. Steph says why does it matter who is going to be champ if it is all within the family. A good three way with Shane mostly staying out of the way and allowing Rock and HHH to have their typically well done match. A bit of miscommunication happened of course with Shane and HHH going after each other and breaking up pins. The first official gets taken out allowing Gerald Briscoe to come in. HHH hits the Pedigree and Rock kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. HHH decks Briscoe for counting too slow. HHH hits another Pedigree and Vince decides to take off Gerald's shirt and put it on. Here comes Earl and he drags Vince out of the ring. Earl tells Vince this is all bullshit. Vince goes to punch Earl and hits the ring post. HHH gets crotched by Shane and it is ambiguous whether it was inadvertent or not. Vince chases Earl around the ring and right into a Rock Bottom. HHH gets knocked outside and a People's Elbow puts Shane away. WWF had a good week of booking their main event in satisfying and unique ways. They all have been overbooked to a degree but just coherent enough to hook you for the next part of the story. ***1/2
  9. The final push for Unforgiven with all six main guys involved. It was a little jarring to see HHH tagging with Rock/Taker but they did a good enough job showing that all three of those men don’t like each other. I think they did go a little bit too far here in presenting Angle as the heel as HHH gets some funny crowd popping spots over him during the match and then Angle uses the sledgehammer against HHH in the post match attack. He then gives Stephanie a long kiss and insults HHH on the mic. They really presented them two as a blood feud but there is less intrigue IMO on which side Stephanie will choose on Sunday. A minor mis step but the angle had been so spot on up to this point that it was noticeable. *** (5.9)
  10. Stephanie comes out for her promo that she does every once in a while and she is still a fresh enough character that it isn’t stale yet. The heat from Chicago is great and she calls out Foley to cancel the Unforgiven match between Angle and HHH. Angle comes out instead and has provided a video package showing HHH being violent to Steph. Angle tells Steph that HHH is the biggest piece of trash human he has ever seen. HHH comes out and then gives a long reasoning on how Kurt has annoyed him. The punchline ends with HHH hypothesizing that Angle is a woman. Foley comes out and says the match is a go for the PPV and he sets up a six person tag for tonight with T&A/Trish vs Angle/HHH/Steph. Backstage, HHH says he is going to have to work with Angle he guesses. Steph is mad that she was never given a rematch for the title. Angle barges in and says he will protect Steph and asks HHH to go a week without hitting his wife. HHH gets a line in to go a week without hitting on him to a big laugh from the Chicago crowd. The match itself is fun for the five minutes it lasted. I think T&A were amped up to be in this position as both display some good double team moves. The dynamic with all being heels is unique and gives the fans a chance to decide who to cheer for. Trish attacking Steph gets a cheer for instance but Steph pinning Test does as well after the pedigree. Angle gives Steph a big congratulatory hug for the victory and HHH responds by beating up Angle. They have built the match up well, now lets see if it delivers. *3/4
  11. HHH and Steph are backstage and HHH is frustrated at this mystery opponent nonsense. HHH doesn’t trust Foley and tells Steph to stay backstage as a precaution. As HHH makes his way to ringside we go backstage to Eddy/Chyna. Chyna informs Eddy she is going to be in playboy and Eddy flips out. Jericho gives a good promo getting under HHH’s skin and the match is on. I really appreciate how the matches worked between these two feels personal. Stephanie makes her way out but Jericho is still in control. HHH is able to get his knees up on a lionsault to save the match. Here comes Angle and he drags Stephanie to the back. HHH follows and him and Kurt get into a shouting match on the entranceway. X-Pac comes into the ring and hits a spinning kick and X Factor. HHH is pissed at the DQ and he punches X Pac. HHH is continuing to show some signs of a being a face without high fiving and being buddies with his enemies. Say what you will about HHH but his feud with Rock was really good and the 4th best feud he has had in 2000. **1/2
  12. In a nice show of unity, HHH and Pac come out to the DX theme as HHH asked X-Pac to just trust him. Steph doing the crotch chop to the pyro is pretty awful. Enjoyed WWF so far but they aren’t immune to shakiness either as Big Show is right in the middle of another heel turn here less than a year into his tenure. Show takes over on HHH and refuses to tag Rock in. Rock cleans house and the crowd is electric. There is a lot of feuds set for HHH with Rock, Show and Foley right now which makes it logical that would be the main event at Mania at this point. X-Pac gets a chair up when Rock goes for the People’s Elbow on HHH. DX is working together well tonight. Big Show takes a page out of DX’s book when he refuses a tag when Rock gets a glimmer of hope. One pedigree later, HHH pins Rock and is looking huge early in 2000. Big Show chokeslams Rock to close the show and they come up with some phony stuff about Big Show being pissed that Rock called him a jabroni. This was my least favorite outing from WWF so far in 2000. *3/4
  13. These two right now have a good bit of chemistry and are going after each other for the first three minutes with stiff shots on the outside. The main proponent of this match was the reformation of the Radicalz as Eddie comes out with the IC belt and hits HHH with it allowing Benoit to get the pinfall. HHH comes back with a chair shot as the Radicalz retreat. I’m happy to see the Radicalz back for now. *1/4
  14. Promo at the start tries to get to the bottom of who called the cops on HHH. Steph, HHH, Foley, Angle, Chyna and Eddy are all accused and questioned. This was entertaining in getting all the principles out there and they could plead their case. Foley puts it up to a crowd vote. Angle is hilarious right before Foley goes to him by wishing everyone a happy and healthy Labor Day. Angle wins the crowd vote when T&A’s music fires up. Test and Trish comes out and this is an awesome wrinkle to the storyline. Test brings up the past and him supposed to marry Steph. Foley makes a one on one match tonight and he says paybacks and HHH’s wife have one thing in common, they are both a bitch. 23 minute segment but it again played off the past and added another dimension to the feud overall. HHH is still pretty heelish here so this is essentially heel vs heel. HHH does have to face both members of T&A and has his hands on Trish setting her up for a pedigree they probably expected to get more cheers than it did. Steph is watching backstage and has Angle behind her with a big smirk on his face. Albert powerslamming HHH from the ring back inside was impressive. Test misses the big elbow, Albert gets disposed and both T&A members get pedigreed allowing HHH to win. ½*
  15. Another cool Foley opening promo with our final build up to Fully Loaded. Mick announces that if Rock is DQ’d, he will lose the title. That gets some boos but makes sense given that the violence has put things out of control leading up to the PPV and Mick says he can’t be seen as a pushover. Shane, Benoit, Jericho all get some promo time and Benoit locks on the crossface on Jericho. HHH music fires up and out he comes to continue the attack. Rock comes out to run the heels off. This did a good job of setting up stuff for the present tonight and also the future. The tag match is splendid and up there with the better tv offerings from WWF in the year. All of the issues feel personal and each one of the pairings work well together and interweaved. Jericho’s ribs get worked over and HHH/Benoit are ferocious in their attack. This is HHH as his Ric Flair lite best as he comes in and picks his spots while Benoit is the Enforcer of the tag team. Jericho isn’t even able to get the hot tag as Rock has enough and forcers his way in. He goes nuts on everyone including the referee causing a dQ. They do a good job on commenatary putting over that if he does that on Sunday, he loses the title. After the match, Shane comes in and gets beat up taking a ridiculous bump onto the announce table. Jericho locks on the Walls on HHH and Rock grabs a crossface on Benoit! This is excellently executed by Rock and he should have went with that over the Sharpshooter. What a great go home angle. ***1/2 (7)
  16. Hunter and Shane make up to start things off. JR saying pass the barf bag is funny. I also appreciate Shane and HHH’s acting here tearing up. HHH goes through his interview and gets interrupted by Jericho. Jericho insults Steph and that sets up Shane/HHH vs Rock/Jericho tonight. Segment ends with Jericho stealing the title and whacking HHH with it. Rock then gives a promo in the back. It is a classic Rock promo with the crowd in the palm of his hand even though Rock’s style is never my absolute favorite. HHH is up against a handicapped match in a piece of context we miss out on. However, he has found a partner in Chris Benoit. In addition, shane is the guest referee now and Vince is in the corner of the champs. The action here is pretty electric with Benoit and Jericho starting out chopping the shit out of each other and the crowd popping huge with Rock motioning for HHH to come get some. The neat thing about this match is that every single pairing even between the tag team members seem fresh and exciting for the future. That is perfect thing to see in the current non Austin state even though his presence is looming over Backlash handily. Rock gets the hot tag and is a great hot tag just going off on Benoit and dragging HHH into the ring to another huge reaction. Jericho and Benoit are battling on the outside when Rock hits the Rock Bottom that Shane refuses to count. Rock decks Shane and sets his sights on Vince before Benoit breaks it up. Vince low blows Rock and HHH hits the pedigree to get the pin showing how stacked the deck is against Rock heading into Sunday. Great go home stuff. ***
  17. I guess this was before WWF just refereed to this town and building as the Cajun Dome to forgive the embarrassment of having to say they are in Lafayette. Rock was funny in his promo saying he was going to spread some gumbo and jambalaya on his boot before sticking it up Angle’s candy ass. Foley comes out and gives Rock the night off to a chorus of boos. Angle comes out and introduces his new friend, HHH. HHH then comes out as they call him an asshole and Stephanie a slut. HHH says that Thursday Angle made him proud and showed him a lot of integrity. Foley takes the opportunity to set them up in a tag match. He also makes Rock the special referee for Lita vs Steph. Backstage, the McMahon-HHH regime says they have to stay together. Steph points out that she is the only champion among them which HHH dismisses. This tag match was better than I would have imagined. Acolytes are great gatekeepers in that they are competent enough to be presented as ass kickers but also could take a loss if you want to continue the HHH/Angle being able to coexist thread. Bradshaw in particular had good punches throughout this. Finish was pretty rudimentary as HHH dispatches of Bradshow on the outside and then hits a pedigree on Faroqq for the win. Afterwards, we get a nice angle as the Acolytes attack Kurt who celebrated too long and HHH acts like he is going to help and then thinks better of it. Pretty smart way to continue the build to SummerSlam. **1/2
  18. Angle has a pretty scathing promo for HHH and HHH is out looking pissed. Shane is the mediator and tries to calm them down. Foley sets up our main event six man for tonight as the Dudley Boyz/Rock vs HHH/Angle/Shane. We then cut to a backstage spot where Angle thanks Steph for coming back for her on SmackDown and gives her a friendship kiss on the cheek. We get some more backstage segments of Shane talking to HHH to talk him off the ledge and Shane telling Kurt to not screw up their marriage and that he isn’t buying what Kurt is saying either. Just Joe spreads some news to both HHH and Angle that someone wants to meet them in ten minutes. HHH and Kurt meet and a limo comes up. We then cut to both HHH and Angle exiting the limo with Vince McMahon. HHH and Kurt have a look like they just came from the principal office. Vince tells them to protect Shane tonight. The match is upon us now and man is Rock over to molten levels. Like I have discussed before, WWE is presenting some really fun main events right now that are given some time but also want you seeing more. The crowd is clamoring for a table and it looks like Shane is going to be sent through one when E&C come out and lay out the Dudley’s with chairs. HHH and Angle then get on the same page and destroy the Rock. This is excellent work in showing that if they can work together, the Rock is no match for them. Raw ends with them two and Shane having their arms raised in victory. **3/4
  19. Angle meets with Foley and wants to present his case as the #1 contender for SummerSlam. HHH arrives and tells Steph that he needs his space. HHH pleads his case as #1 contender to Foley. HHH then gets into Stephs face and says this is his shot and that if he sees Angle in the building, he is going to kick his ass. Steph and Angle are chatting backstage and Steph is polishing Kurt’s medals. Kurt says HHH should be more sensitive and Steph thanks him for being such a good friend. We cut to the arena and learn we are in MSG. Joe informs HHH that Angle may be the one guy to take out HHH. Joe also talks to Kurt and gets him riled up. Now, Steph comes to the ring and publicly apologizes to HHH and assures him that Kurt and her are just friends. Hunter comes out and Steph apologizes again and says that she loves him. They hug and make up and this is actually when King is pretty funny on commentary. Once they reconcile, Steph switches gears right away to business. Steph now invites Angle out and JR is giddy at the prospect of this confrontation. Angle tries to reiterate the friend line. HHH says that Angle may have his naïve little wife fooled but he knows that Angle is full of shit. That gets a huge pop from the MSG crowd. Steph says if HHH really loves her, he will shake hands with Kurt. Foley makes his prescience known as he strolls to ringside. Mick shows the video from Thursday and then makes a #1 contenders match for the Raw main event to see who faces Rock at SummerSlam. Shane and Benoit are backstage after the title match talking to Foley and demanding retribution against Jericho. Foley has a punishment that seems fitting and it is adding Jericho to the #1 contenders match. HHH is stretching backstage and here comes Jericho to attack HHH. There is so much shit going on but it is all so engaging and they have done a wonderful job interweaving all of the principle players. We get to the main event match now. The action is good with HHH and Angle being kept mostly apart building up the tension between them squaring off. Rock is on commentary for this. Angle gets drop toe hold into HHH’s crotch in a fun spot. Angle and HHH prove that when they can get on the same page, they are a force to be reckoned with as they end up getting the double pin on Jericho after a back suplex from the ropes. King gets in a good line that with Hebner as the referee, anything can happen now. Rock has had enough and he gives a Rock Bottom to both HHH, Angle and Steph as the show goes off the air. Everyone is confused as to who the actual winner is and we have our three way SummerSlam main event. **1/2
  20. The HHH/Steph/Angle stuff continues to be excellent and we get a series of vignettes from Steph arriving needing space, to Angle saying he is there for her as a friend. We then see HHH/Steph meeting with Foley and we learn that Kurt and Steph are more than friends…they are tag partners. Shane gives a rally talk saying that HHH/Kurt need to be on the same page for the sake of Steph’s health. I do think HHH’s acting is strong here as we get little character beats like Steph blitzing past him in their entrance and his budding frustration. This was another good match and overall this was a strong SmackDown. This was given enough time and I still appreciate how much of a threat they are making Lita out to be lately. The teases of Steph going through a table were well done and required a lot of moving parts that had to work in order to be logical. HHH gives Lita a pedigree which knocks her out but then D-Von starts brawling with HHH. Angle makes the save for Steph against Bubba and Steph gets the pin on Lita. The camera angle of Steph/Angle hugging and celebrating on the tron as an angered HHH looks on was awesome. *** (6.2)
  21. This HHH face run kind of reminds me of the Rock's face run during the autumn of 1998. I do think Rock got organically over more but the crowd is pretty hot for HHH even beyond the canned heat you hear here. This match and feud overall with Benoit has been personal and intense. I liked bringing Road Dogg and Saturn into the mix and this is the best that Saturn has looked this year with a nice looking missed moonsault. Terri gets involved which allows Steph an opening to say after the match that she could have prevented that if she would have been there. **
  22. HHH is not happy being partners with Jericho. HHH sees the silver lining of the tag match as him getting a piece of Benoit. Steph uses this to present herself as an asset at ringside. HHH says he is happy that Steph decided to not be Angle’s manager. That seems like it is news to Steph. X-Pac pats HHH on the shoulder before he enters the ring. Jericho and HHH are bickering with each other. The match starts out tornado style with all four fighting it out. This was a neat match as HHH and Jericho really don’t co exist at all in partners. Finish also worked as HHH was going to win but HHH inadvertently gets crotched on the rope and Benoit picks up the big pin. HHH is pissed at Steph backstage and she reminds him that hes been losing a lot since he asked her to stay in the back. **3/4
  23. Rebecca and Skribble are brutal. Stephanie makes her way to the stage where Tazz and Cole are at. We cut to the arena where we see HHH comes out. Steph says her wedding ring is off getting fixed. Jobber entrance for Saturn. Tazz's fake laugh is driving me nuts. Steph is still struggling with the guest commentary. I did like her yelling at Tazz for calling her honey. The match itself is pretty fun for five minutes. Saturn gets in a bit of offense and HHH is working essentially in quasi face mode. Saturn does get in a tope and a couple of cut off spots before landing right into the pedigree for the win. *1/2
  24. Backstage, HHH says he has a bad feeling. As he is warming up, he pleads with Steph to stay in the back because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Steph runs into Benoit who asks how her head is. Steph slaps the shit out of him and he just smiles. HHH jumps Angle at his entrance and this is worked straight as a chaotic brawl. It is really well done and the intensity is up for these two. In fact, it may be better bell to bell than their PPV match. HHH sends Angle through a table with an elbow drop as Steph comes out. Benoit comes out again and HHH attacks him. Angle is now recovered and goes to hit a chair on HHH until Steph stops him. With Steph still on the apron, Benoit drags her down. This gets HHH going after her and allows Angle to sneak from behind and hit the Olympic Slam to become the #1 contender. After the match, HHH gives Steph the business and tells her that she should have stayed backstage. Steph is crying as HHH walks away. Really good tv main event and another match to add to HHH’s 2000 resume. ***1/4 (6.7)
  25. Welcome to the HHH show. HHH announces to DX that he wants to go at things alone here. Steph’s wardrobe has evolved a lot in 16 years. I really liked the beginning of this match with Show showing his size dominance. He uses his big man offense and HHH bumps around for him doing the Harley Race bump to the floor. HHH overall has to use resources and bursts of strength to get on offense like shoving Show into the steps and over the announce table. Show’s kickout on the high knee was nice showing that he still had strength in him that HHH hadn’t worn down yet. Really close nearfall off a sidewalk slam and Show follows that up with a big powerslam for another. Show gets the chokeslamed that is bailed out by HHH getting his foot on the rope. Show takes a big chance going for a middle rope elbow and he misses. This was the first big mistake he has made and HHH capitalizes by going for the pedigree. Show is able to block that. DX rushes to ringside but is stopped by the referee. While all of this commotion is going on, HHH is able to hit a low blow and the pedigree and win the championship starting his signature run with the title. Pyro goes off and DX celebrates. Overall, this was a lot better than I thought it would be going in and I thought Show looked relatively strong in defeat here. **3/4