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Found 6 results

  1. One of the weirder matches of the year in that it was really two matches rolled into one. The first 20 minutes are a southern tag with Montoya and Homicide playing the heels and a long FIP on Monsta Mack. The Homicide/Montoya chemistry as a team is good and they really work Monsta over. Mafia gets tagged in and then we get a wild brawl. Again it is good stuff with a lot of mayhem and people flying around but both of these segments feel like they would be better as separate entities instead of one match. The venue also drives me nuts between the lights and overall club atmosphere. The valet that sats on the balcony gets involved and beat up. She ends up slapping Hit Squad leading straight to the Cop Killah for a nearfall. A STF by Homicide earns them the victory and tag titles as they are embarrassed by a conglomerate of people in 27 minutes. A good match and I understand the sentiment of putting all of these things together to keep Da Hit Squad strong, but the disconnect in the two segments was too much for me to overcome. ***1/4 (6.7)
  2. Its been rewarding watching Low Ki and Homicide in these humble beginnings but LIWF is the shoddiest of shoddy promotions and the level of competition in this match reflects that. As a result, Ki and Cide do some of their signature stuff but it felt pretty obvious they were taking it light compared to the other stuff weve seen them compete in this year. As a result, this is probably their worst match of the year even including the CZW debacle for Ki because it is less memorable. *1/2
  3. One of the most intense collar and elbow tie ups starts this off. It looked completely hateful and vicious. Some more intense grappling follows where you have small touches like Ki grabbing Homicides shirt to hang onto positon. Homicide takes a powder to the outside. Homicide then starts to target the leg for the next 15 minutes and it is some of the most gripping stuff of 2000 so far. Cide varies his offense and his attack and Ki is excellent selling from underneath. No matter what Homicide does, Low Ki wont go down. Homicide gives some clubbing clotheslines right to the face that made me cringe. Ki is able to hit a flash Ki Krusher to get back into the match but then he winds up and absolutely pastes referee Hansen with a kick that sounded like a shotgun going off. Montoya takes the opportunity to interfere and Billy Reil comes in to stop that but accidently hits Ki with a chair. Homicide hits the Cop Killah and gains the pin. Such hatred here and everything was worked cleanly. The finish is bullshit but sets up the next chapter in this feud. What a great match. ****1/4 (8.6)
  4. Long Island Wrestling Federation. My God. The unfinished business graphic is as carny as you can get. John “the Sure Thing” Shane cuts a promo and it is indyrific but effective to a degree. This arena looks like a glorified garage. Despite his objections, Shane does get handcuffed to Sluggah. A half baked match with some good ideas but way way too long. Papa Don is a pretty fun character in short doses but he hasn’t figured out how to make a match compelling throughout besides setting up his next spot. Homicide is also someone that I adore but can be prone to meandering at times. As a result, this felt like any generic 2000’s ladder match you have seen that even ends in a big schmozz full of run ins and Homicide winning in anticlimactic fashion. Sluggah always had pretty dreadful execution that didn’t look menacing at all for someone that was presented as a monster. **1/4
  5. This is a match where the importance can’t be understated. I feel like we have given a good look at the indy stuff from the late 90’s on and it is tough to pinpoint when we reach our first true classic of the indies that wouldn’t look out of place at all in the ROH indy era. Mayhem vs Ki is usually slotted as that match but I think it is for sure this one. The match included brutal stiffness that was unmatched at points and reminded me of Necro and Samoa Joe’s best outings. The matwork was intense and brutal including the opening lock up that showed this wasn’t just going to be a run to the mill match. There were some flubs including a diving headbutt from Ki that whiffed but they recovered nicely with Homicide selling the arm that did get a glancing hit. The crowd seems unsure how to take this but does put their support behind Homicide. The finish is shitty with the match breaking down but the clotheslines that Homicide delivers right before the action spills to the outside is some of the nastiness ones I have seen. Outside, Homicide gives Ki a suplex onto a table with no give and he throws Ki through an entire row of chairs. Another suplex onto the hard table and the hate is really coming through the screen. What a war. ****1/4
  6. This was a big ol slice and dice brawl. Chairs, barbed wire, tables, cinder blocks you name it. This again is a guilty pleasure type match for me so I enjoyed it but I can see how some wouldn’t. A weird moment happens in the beginning when Lover and Strange turns on their partner. The lights flicker after the match and I have no idea who comes out there in a pair of underwear. Homicide smacks him with a chair shot right away. This show really put over this unit as a juggernaut. **3/4