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Found 15 results

  1. Talk about a war. Holy hell. Much like a Baptist church, the few people there are sitting toward the back, so the heat is lacking. But this is maybe the only match I can recall where there being nearly non-existent heat helped it a lot. This may have been a tough match to enjoy live considering the lack of atmosphere and the distant vantage point, but wow is it a classic on tape. These guys beat the everloving crap out of each other and keep it almost entirely in the ring. I sound like a broken record saying that when I point it out about matches that make a point to do it, but it really is appreciated. They bring only a few weapons in, and even then, they are there to get the wrestling over instead of the other way around. I've always enjoyed the contrast of the guy covered in blood dominating the guy not bleeding, and we got that here with Kobayashi on offense for a while. This is definitely a match made for video, not consciously in the WWE way, but something that just translates better as a viewing experience this way I have to believe. So much brutality and psychology, so much great selling and in some ways (some ways), the garbage wrestling version of Tamura-Yamamoto: stylistically peerless 20-minute draw between two wrestlers who were very much on the same page and knew exactly what they wanted to convey. A whopper of a match. ****1/2
  2. A very simplistic death match which I could appreciate. Sheik is pretty much a warm body here offering such great offensive moves as a nerve hold while on top. The selling of Honma as well as his overall charisma keeps things moving along. Finish sees him deliver a suplex through the barbed wire boards and then a flying forearm for the win. This match is a good way to compare other death matches too. If its better than this match, I would say it is a good match. **1/2
  3. Good house show death match. I don’t know why Zandig is easier to digest in Japan than in CZW but with the ego not being stroked, he is a lot more enjoyable. Honma continues to stake a claim as one of the better workers of the year including a neat spot where he was in a superplex position and knocked lose some light tubes from the ceiling to use later. Overall, pretty smart work and some decent weapon usage made this and enjoyable watch. ***1/4 (6.3)
  4. Big Japan is one of my favorite promotions going in Japan around this time. They have a stud in Honma but also a lot of other intriguing workers and can mix and match such a wide variety of styles. This is the first look we have at Sekimoto and he plays his role to perfection as young lion that will get picked on but can also dish it out. I really enjoyed the way that the match transitioned from the chain wrestling of Teioh to the heavy strikes of Sekimoto seamlessly. Honma makes a claim as a top 20 worldwide worker by having really compelling sequences with both opponents. I thought Yamakawa also knew his role better here and didn’t try to over reach. A really strong tag and set the tone for what the Saikyo tag league will bring to the promotion as a whole over the next 17 years. **** (7.9)
  5. As much as the previous match sucked, this one felt really good off the clips we see. Maybe that is another tip in the hat of HOnma as he seems to be someone that can be plugged in with anyone and provide something engaging. This had salt in the wounds and lemons which always makes me squeamish. In addition, Honma rubs wasabi over Zandig’s bloody forehead which I haven’t seen before but was sick to watch. Zandig did some big moves and executed them just well enough to keep up his end of the bargain. I would have liked to have seen this in full overall but it was exciting with what we got here. NR
  6. I don’t understand how these two can defy logic again to have a good match with each other but here we are. Honma does have a set formula of taking a beating, milking it for all it is worth, then mounting a comeback to present himself as heroic. As a modern comp, this is something that I critique Miyahara of in AJPW but Honma is able to convey more pain and that he is having to empty out his arsenal as a last gasp effort instead of Miyahara where I feel he just absorbs the punishment and fights through based on fighting spirit. This match had a lot of brutality and the boards were used prominently. Both guys were bleeding and we even had some panes of glass that were brought in. We only had a few moments of Zandig awkwardness and overall he plays his role well of invading heel. Honma wins, gets the big fat check and the hero celebration. ***1/2 (6.9)
  7. The finals of the tournament and like usual contested as a death match. A sprinty death match with the spots happening quickly and violently. I still think Honma matches up better with Zandig than anyone else. Kasai actually was fairly tame in this which was a surprise. The match was starting to get going when it ends with Honma/Yamakawa winning with the splash/superplex combo. Afterwards, we get a lot of grandstanding and a challenge is issued and accepted for a ten man tag when they return to Korakuen. Sort of an odd finish given the semi final match but fun while it lasted. **1/2
  8. This is in the same building as the night before. Really fun match where Honma and Yamakawa work well with the restraints of the CZW crew by bumping around like crazy. They also are able to send them through the chairs. This made no bones about being anything but a straight garbage style death match but I appreciated that and the spots were unique and brutal enough to keep me engaged. That is about the peak for Zandig. ***1/4
  9. Suddenly, BJW throws it hat into the ring to become the most annoying clipped company along with ARSION. This is a neat small spot show arena that they utilize with the weapon shots we see. There certainly was a house show vibe to what we saw here but that was endearing to a degree. NR.
  10. Yeah, Honma is one of the best workers in the world this year. Here he takes a slug like Samples and makes this into a fun garbage style contest by essentially being a bump freak. They do tour Korakuen but it was the frantic and bump heavy style brawling that I much prefer to the walk and stalk one. Back inside, the barbed wire boards are emphasized and Honma takes the blunt of the punishment. They even do a semi compelling kendo stick light saber battle in the middle of this one. Honma sets up a board on the outside and ends up taking a bump through it from the middle rope. The rest of the match is Honma trying to survive but Samples puts him away with a big lariat. I have to question Honma jobbing here but hell of an effort from him. ***1/4
  11. Honma added a ton here as the previous Jado and Gedo match was lifeless as could be. This didn’t blow me away but was really entertaining and had a lot of individual segments that really were intriguing. Jado in particular looked much better here than the match before. Yamakawa gets busted open and Winger takes a ton of damage leading to Honma being the person that has to keep everything together. This match would have been helped by being cut down by about five minutes. ***1/4
  12. This was an excellent, hard-fought 10-minute match with stiff shots, blood from Kasai and a little weaponry, but not much, and built to well when it is done. Most of the focus here is on the wrestling. This is the second Honma match I've seen this year that is worlds better than the Yamakawa match in January. It starts off with Kasai trying to wrestle and Honma trying to brawl before both flip roles and then the match breaks down. Would make my imaginary comp. ***3/4
  13. Honma is essentially a miracle worker. Not a great match but between the unique Cactus stipulation and the way Honma paces the spots on the deathmatch, he is able to give the vibe of a main event match that happens to have death weapons of destruction. Zandig for his part turned in one of his more restrained performances of the year and wasn’t completely reckless except for the finish. Overall, really enjoyable. ***1/2 (7)
  14. Unique visuals outside with the subway coming by. This starts on top of a truck and then the trucks goes into reverse to the ring with both guys on the roof. Honma takes a bump into the ring and then Zandig splashes him from the truck. Wifebeater is around with his weedeater chasing the patrons. Honma takes over and then does a big running splash from the truck. A huge table pyramid gets set up that eventually Honma gets placed on. Zandig scales the table as Wifebeater lights a couple of the tables. Zandig does a big splash through that and then does his MFing Bomb in the ring for the win. Zandig matches live and die by how stupid and unique they are and this was both at points so it was on the higher end of his spectrum. **3/4