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Found 18 results

  1. UWF Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy vs Hacksaw Duggan - UWF TV 8/3/86 Watts looks to go national and has positioned Hacksaw Duggan as his lead babyface and the Fabulous Freebirds as his lead heels. I think of Duggan as a sort of Northern version of Dusty Rhodes. He is a tough everyman and more no nonsense than the Dusty. I was definitely looking forward to this hoss battle and it did not disappoint with Hayes & DiBiase (awwwwwww they made up!) sent to the back, it was mano y mano. There is a fucking MASSIVE shoulder tackle to start that sends Gordy flying through the ropes out to the floor and you just know this is going to be a straight up badass power match. Duggan is here to win the championship and he is gets a hot cross body for two. He just keeps pressing his advantage. He is overzealous and misses that three point stance wedgebuster into the turnbuckles and Gordy promptly applies the Oriental Sleeper, but Duggan rakes the eyes. Duggan misses a kneedrop and Gordy does not miss a beat working the leg in logical fashion: wrapping it around the post and then the figure-4. Duggan is selling like a champ including a one-legged sunset flip! Now Gordy misses a kneedrop and it is time to taste his own medicine. Gordy nails a piledriver and this is just a badass hoss spotfest. Gordy hits his Asiatic Spike into the Oriental Sleeper, but Duggan will not be denied. The TV time is winding down as they are about to go off the air and Duggan starts rallying with his big three point stance and the crowd is rabid for a Duggan championship victory as the screen goes to black. The next episode shows the finish with Buddy Roberts saving the match for his running buddy, Bam Bam and triggering the DQ. DiBiase in a mask saves the day. Besides the shitty finish, this was one helluva power struggle, basically, a bonafide hoss spotfest that just never let up. You could feel how bad both men wanted it and how much the crowd was behind Hacksaw. Wicked entertaining. ****
  2. Just watched the 6 man and fuck it was fun. Can't believe I watched a match with Dino fucking Bravo in it and actually enjoyed It, but it did also feature Bret and the Rougous so there was still a chance I'd like it and I did. Crowd was wild for the faces esp too. Some great action in this, esp as soon as Bret gets tagged in and I loved his stuff with both Rougous. It also reminded me how enjoyable the Hart Foundation were as a team and the role Anvil played in it all with him coming in and just cleaning house and being the quick power man. After watching Duggan in Mid South greatness, it's always a comedown when you then watch him in a WWF setting mostly, but in a match like this, he's a ton of fun and just does the quick basics and it works. He gets in here on a hot tag after a heel heat segment and it's great. Crowd loses their shit too. Bravo will always suck, no matter where he is. Luckily he's pretty inoffensive here. Very fun match. Nice little hidden gem here.
  3. Rock N Roll Express/Duggan vs Doc/Dibiase/Hercules 12/27/84 2 1/2* This is a new one. I found this more fun than good, and a match that was suited better live than for people watching it at home. You had a match going on in each ring, while you had one wrestler in between each ring that could tag in and out to each ring. This is a pretty cool premise and wonder if it started in Houston. I will say their is a lot to digest but super fun stuff.