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Found 19 results

  1. Loser Leaves Unit - Gauntlet: Oedo Tai (Kris Wolf, Sumire Natsu, Kagetsu, Hana Kimura & Tam Nakano) vs. Queen's Quest (AZM, Io Shirai, Viper, HZK & Momo Watanabe) This was an amazing match, the stakes are high and you can feel the tension. Sumire's sleazy heel character has quickly become one of my favorite things in Stardom - she was so good in this. The Kagetsu-Viper segment had breathtaking spots, and Hana-HZK was a heated back and forth that ends with an insane bump. The final between Momo and Tamu was rough at times, but they fought with a lot of heart and the crowd was hot. ****1/4
  2. This is for Queen's Quest's Artists of Stardom titles. As someone who was never enjoyed this feud, I was surprised that I ended up liking this as much as I did. This was one of the rare times that Oedo Tai's heel shtick worked well within a match. They also manage to work some nice sequences and pulled off some nice double teams. QQ were also able to give their typical trios level performance because they weren't weighed down by Oedo Tai's antics. A much better match than the overrated elimination match from the week before. ***3/4
  3. New Chibis (Hiromi Mimura & Konami) & Team Jungle (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora) vs. Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, Kris Wolf & Sumire Natsu) This was a fantastic debut for Sumire, she fits so well alongside the colorful characters in Oedo Tai. Hiromi is a perfect target for her, their heat-building was brilliant. Hana and Tamu are not getting along with the newest addition to the stable so there was also a relevos increibles element to this match that was amusing. Hot crowd, quality brawling and comedy. ***1/4
  4. Hana Kimura vs. Mika Shirahime When I read this only went 4-minutes, I was psyched. They were making all of their offense count, there's hard slaps and head-sweeping kicks and boots, and a shoot headbutt from Hana that sounded disgusting. Hana showed some barbarism in this, she tries to take Shirahime's face off with a Bakatare Sliding Kick, and ends the match with a rough-looking knee strike. ***1/4
  5. Goddesses of Stardom Tag League 2017: Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & Hana Kimura) vs. Natsuko Tora & Shiki Shibusawa Kagetsu's first match as a member of the Stardom roster. The crowd is very into Oedo Tai, they are riding a wave of momentum and it creates a special feel to their matches. Shibusawa gave one heck of an underdog performance in the closer, scoring a near-fall on Kagetsu. Good stuff. ***1/2
  6. It's amazing that for a twenty year old wrestler with just over a year of experience that Hana Kimura knows how to use her ring presence so well. She only does a few moves regularly (big boot, dropkick, and a standard vertical suplex) yet her matches rarely feel overly basic and bland. You would expect a broken down twenty year veteran to work like this not someone so young. Just a surprisingly very good match here. ***3/4
  7. Aasa Maika, Emi Sakura & Hana Kimura vs. Aja Kong, Cassandra Miyagi & Hikaru Shida Super enjoyable trios match once it gets past the awkward opening (it was cute, but still...). The action flowed well; fun spots and match-ups. Aasa's charisma really shines in these big venue Senjo matches. ***1/2
  8. Goddesses of Stardom Championship: Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura & Kagetsu) © vs. Queen's Quest (Io Shirai & Viper) Oedo Tai's heel tactics™, Io's peril session, Viper's hot tag and chemistry with Kagetsu -- all solid. I still don't like Viper as a member of QQ. She's the same Viper! She's made little effort to fit in with the group. ***1/2
  9. 5★STAR GP Red Stars Block: Hana Kimura vs. Hiromi Mimura I really enjoyed Hana's control segment in this. She attacks Hiromi with the Oedo Tai sign, she makes Fuka (reluctantly) pull Hiromi's other leg around the post, and then she uses an old guy from the crowd as leverage. There's also a spot where she strangles Hiromi with her sash that looked vicious. The heel work was amazing, and she was very aggressive throughout, really laying in those strikes. Hiromi's the perfect target for bullying. ***
  10. 5★STAR GP Red Stars Block: Hana Kimura vs. Mayu Iwatani Mayu has been wearing a more revealing attire lately, so this became something of a 'sexy battle', and Hana nailed it with her character work. The boob-targeting is classic Stardom. There's also an octopus hold that looked especially painful thanks to Mayu's lankiness. These two have amazing chemistry. ***
  11. Konami, Michiko Ohmukai & Yoko Bito vs. Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura, Kagetsu & Kris Wolf) So Oedo Tai are breakdancing ninjas now. Alright. At least they've gotten a new and better entrance theme. Konami was amazing. Mommy Michiko is in incredible shape, and showed no signs of rust. Bito pinned Wolf with a Splash Mountain, which was interesting. This was a fun match! ***3/4
  12. Hana Kimura vs. Takako Inoue I thought Takako did a good job leading the rookie, and her work on top was crisp. I liked the STF struggle, and how she was clawing Hana's thigh during it! Hana also put on a strong showing with much stiffer elbow strikes than her ACE match with Hiroyo, and her front dropkicks and brainbuster were great as always, and I really enjoyed her selling (oversight to not have her take Takako's stun gun!). ***1/4
  13. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Mayu Iwatani © vs. Hana Kimura This starts off lighthearted with Hana's sexy dance spot, but then she starts to work over the legs, until she decides to single out the leg wrapped in blue with one of the best ankle locks I have ever seen; Mayu is caught when she tries for a superkick and she is frantically trying to escape the hold, and her lankiness makes it look extremely painful. This was an intense and focused match with brilliant selling. Hana was throwing surly boots to the head. Mayu takes a diving dropkick like a car crash, and her comebacks feel like genuine struggle. Great work... up until Kagetsu comes in and the match ends on a DQ. Ah well. ***1/2
  14. Considering that this match was getting the most buzz before this show, it's surprising how little talk there has been about it since it was a damn good match. Fun spot at the start as Io almost eliminates Hana while she was posing. After that, this is pretty much a seven-ish minute display on why Io is so great right now. Hana more than holds up her end, which was impressive given she hasn't even worked for a full year yet. A great short match. ***3/4
  15. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Kairi Hojo © vs. Hana Kimura This was Hojo's homecoming so the crowd is extremely pro-Hojo, so much so that they boo Hana-chan's dancing! This was 20 minutes and a good chunk of that is Hana dominating. She takes Hojo on a tour around the arena, kicking her down a long flight of stairs and choking her in front of school students. A lot of stomping and foot-choking and lewd dancing. It gets tedious after a while, but Hana draws a ton of hate, and the crowd wants the Hojo comeback badly. I liked the slap exchange, although Hana had some timing issues, she caught Hojo with a couple of stiff ones. Hikari was really soaking this in -- it's not often that a modern joshi crowd gets this riled up by heel work -- but the action was nothing special, and rough around the edges at times. ***
  16. Tag Team Championship Challenger Decision Tournament, Final: Hana Kimura vs. Mika Shirahime This was an even stronger version of the match they had last month, I felt like they worked harder. Shirahime gets this scary death stare and her wacky hair is all over the place as she hammers into Hana with elbow strikes. She has an excellent understanding of escalation and building towards a heated finish. Hana-chan has already established her signature stuff and where to place them and when, and I can't say enough about her new attire (!) and high-impact missile dropkick. She sends Shirahime bouncing inside out! This was a great clash between underdog rookie and (justifiably) super-pushed super rookie. ****
  17. Hana Kimura vs. Natsumi Maki Hana-chan's new gear is a thing of beauty. A thing to treasure. The first half of this is a bit rough, which is a given as these two are still rookies, but this picks up in the second half. There's a great struggle when Hana applies her sleeperhold and I liked the way she presses the advantage with a running boot after Natsumi gets the ropes. She really shined here with her most impressive deadlift brainbuster yet and batshit-impactful front dropkicks. **1/2
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNVX-InSWEM This is a rematch from the November show as it seems that they are trying to build a rivalry between these two. I really enjoyed Hana's work here. It seems that ever since she came back from her wrist injury that she has been able to incorporate more of her personality into her work. While Chihiro Hashimoto gets a lot of hype, I think Shirahime is just as good if not slightly better in some areas. She does a terrific job of selling the drama of the match as she slowly builds her comeback. Very enjoyable match between two young stars. ***1/2
  19. Hana Kimura vs. Mayu Iwatani Hana Kimura works the crowd like an old school luchador when she's in 'heel mode'. They hang on her every movement, howling when she so much as fixes her hair or adjusts her belt; entranced. I can't think of any modern joshi who can captivate an audience like Hana Kimura. Her body gyrates, crowd goes berserk. They are hungry like the wolf in the Texy Avery cartoons. Hungry for Hana-chan. The match itself was very simple in structure yet the crowd was so into it. These two will be amazing as a unit if Mayu ends up joining Oedo Tai, which is subtly alluded to in the 'semi-shoot' post-match promo. ***1/2