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Found 10 results

  1. A quick glance at Cagematch to confirm the match date (Japanese matches are sometimes reversed on day/month) reveals headhunter B is actually Puerto Rican. This makes a ton of sense for more than one reason. Reason 1. Both guys go directly for the gimmick. If you have ever watched a gimmick match in PR, they don't fuck around too long before they start making for the thing they can hurt somebody with. Reason 2. They remind me a lot of smaller Abby clones with the way they wrestle, the boots, just the way they carry themselves. Anyway, they stab each other with glass a lot and use the barbed wire boards. Not a huge "deathmatch for the sake of deathmatch" fan, especially here. I found myself wondering why two partners would take the chance of maiming or killing each other in a match like this. And how they would be partners after. Then it occurred to me that if they are Abby clones, then they just want to go out there and maim whatever poor schmuck is right in front of them. So it works. Headhunter A busting a few pieces of glass over B's head is all kinds of holy shit dangerous. Eyes, nose, that could do some permanent damage if a big enough shard went the wrong direction. The fat guy flying spots were good. I actually liked the botch before the finish because it got over how ridiculously out of it you would have to be after taking that kind of assault. If you like deathmatch gore stuff for the sake of it, this is a pretty good match. From what I have seen of the Headhunters they don't really do much in terms of structure or great psychology, so these kinds of matches would definitely be their bread and butter. And they hug and make up post-match while beating up some poor bastard who comes out to congratulate the winner. So yeah, Abby clones.
  2. Brazo de Plata, baby. This is not a match people would seek out on paper. Well, if YOU would seek this match out on paper, then I want to shake your hand and call you friend. If YOU, as a wrestling fan, can't get excited about a violent brawl with this many fat guys in it, shame on you. Or shame on me. Porky and Markus Jr. are killing eachother and it's awesome. Steele is a canadian guy with abs who has a solid enough punch and a funny bump over the top rope to entertain, and he gets slapped around plenty by Headhunter. He tries to speak spanish, and just gets walloped in the mouth. Still, you want this for the awesome Markus Jr. punch combos, blood, biting, Plata's fat guy fire and dive and general porky asskicking going on. Shit finish, but they were setting up an apuestas, baby.
  3. This was pretty much a sprint and made me think the Headhunters might be one of the most underrated tag teams ever. This was not just funny sleazy pro wrestling, it was basically like a Twin Towers vs. Rockers match, except far seedier, blood-drenched and violent. Headhunters were absolutely pasting the Twins with chairshots, powerbombs and their combined FATNESS, and I loved every second of it. Meanwhile Jado/Gedo were hitting superkicks and flying around, and the Headhunters did a really good job setting themselves up for their offense and bumping around like huge bowling pins. Also, the guy operating the camera finally gets his shit together and we get a full picture of this match. The only bummer was that the camera missed a huge Headhunter dive outside the ring. Watching this grainy footage zooming in on a Headhunter rampaging about in the stands of Korakuen Hall felt kinda like a found footage monster movie. The finish - a giant Headhunter moonsault - was one of the most ridiculous spots I've ever seen as the poor little japanese guy lying in the middle of the ring basically disappeared underneath as this giant fat dude splashed into the ring like free willy. Fantastic match
  4. This of course starts with all 6 guys on the entrance stage, with the ring announcer not having been clued in that he was supposed to do a countdown for the guys to race for the barbed wire baseball bats. A visibly annoyed Cactus eventually takes off on his own and then the countdown starts. Most of the highlights of this come from the Headhunters flying all over the place with their big fat lucha offense, mostly directed towards abusing poor Nakamaki. At one point Shoji is sandwiched between two barbed wire beds and moonsaulted by a Headhunter. This gets better as it goes, as Leatherface, having walked out early in the match, makes a pivotal save with his trusty chainsaw and Funk and Cactus throw some awesome punches at each other on the floor. Cactus and the Headhunters pull off a Steiner Bulldog to the floor, followed by a big fat Leatherface plancha and Funk moonsault. This goes off the rails slightly when Cactus tries and fails to light one of the barbed wire beds on fire, but they recover nicely. Nakamaki eventually steals a win by rolling up a Headhunter, which isn't a finish you'd expect but plays nicely into the story of Nakamaki being their personal whipping boy. There are better, tighter death matches but this was fun.
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