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Found 7 results

  1. This could've been an amazing match but it being modern puro this is about as good as you're going to get. I liked the beginning with Kamitani getting some shine before Ishikawa took over. Then Kamitani makes his comeback and they, uhm, do stuff for a couple of minutes before transitioning into the finishing stretch. It seems fine. My biggest problem with the match was how they connected the dots. You have Ishikawa ragdolling Kamitani on the outside, throwing him into the chairs, dumping him with a brutal Bodyslam, yet he's kind of limping for no reason, not really acting like you'd want a monster in control to. You don't really actively think of how stuff like how a wrestler walks affect the match quality but even that plays a part. I think they could've milked control segments and the comeback better and that the match definitely could've used more struggle and purpose in the middle. The finishing stretch is really great, as every move gains more purpose, every transition and nearfall holds more weigth, everything is more significant, they build to stuff better and the action improves. ***3/4
  2. I love how Okami can go from feisty underdogs to bully "veterans" depending on who they are facing. This was similar to last year's RWTL match against Naoya Nomura & Aoyagi, with Daichi and specially Kamitani doing a really good job in control, dominating and beating the fuck out of their smaller opponents. Abe does little cunty things like very few these days, and his flash kicks and reversals are perfect for hope spots and buildups to a hot tag, so of course it works on this match. Nomura, as always, stands out as a no fucks given, gonna kick and slap you to oblivion bad ass that still doesn't quite have enough to dominate. Strike exchanges were dope as hell, specially the kicks between Daichi and Takuya. Shin-Kiba crowd is right there with them too. Strong BJ delivers once again, @superkix I think you are might like this.
  3. Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani (Okami) vs Naoya Nomura & Yuma Aoyagi - All Japan Real World Tag League Final day 12/12/17 Well I'll be damned this was awesome! A young guys matchup - Big Japan's team are 25 year old each while All Japan's is 22 each - for a shot at the tournament finals. It was weird but dope watching Okami having to work as the imposing, invader team and they pretty much worked Strong BJ formula match and it fucking works, with them mostly working over Yuma and trying to keep Nomura at bay. This was 14 minutes long but felt longer (in a good way) with a jam packed Korakuen Hall growing more and more invested in Aoyagi and his battle to get the home team the W. Even though he was mostly limited to hot tags and leveling the playing field, you can tell Nomura is gonna be special and that the Sumo Hall performance/showcase was not a fluke, crowd was solidly behind him and you could feel the young breh being a force that the BJW team didn't want much do with. A couple of cool nearfalls and spots that didn't rely on excess and over doing stuff. This was such a joy to watch, I was happy as fuck watching such young dudes delivering like this.
  4. Why couldn't we get THIS Daichi for his title match against Suzuki?? As always with the Strong BJ division, the story for this is pretty damn simple: the two young guys show a fuck ton of heart and go all out to get the W against the champ and his outsider buddy. At first we get Daichi trying to prove a point and one up Hideki, but he pays his disrespect dearly as Suzuki fucking destroys his leg in quick fashion. From then on it's all about Kamitani holding the fort and Hashimoto doing an outstanding job at selling and showing babyface fire when needed - fucking LOVED how it looked like it hurt his soul every time he used his damaged leg - I can't get enough of how this division forces people to earn every single thing they do, and this match had plenty of that. Finishing sequence wasn't flashy but it made sense in the context of the story they were telling. Still, even with all the praise I just gave it, this isn't a home run of a match, but it was a really good tag that's worth a look. Post match was great with Daichi wanting to kill the champ for the damage he caused, Kamitani asking for another title shot and Hideki being pissed and throwing the middle finger. It looked like Kamitani will get the shot anyways, I think the young bull has a very good chance at getting the belt back.
  5. THE BIGGEST POP FOR THIS MATCH LADS. Not exactly the "Hideki Suzuki" match I wanted but I was pretty happy with what I got. This was a smart and efficient match, especially in context of the Strong Climb Tournament. Kamitani jumping Hideki before the bell made for an interesting dynamic, the big strike exchange was awesome and showcased how much better it is to sell during them instead of acting like a bulletproof robot, Hideki's jab headbutt was especially great. I'm not the biggest fan of the brawling around the ring but it was very well done here with Kamitani continuing to fight back after Suzuki would attack him instead of just laying there for twenty seconds, the ringpost and chair shots were surprisingly brutal and they set the stage for the awesome 80s throwback finish. ***-***1/4
  6. This is kind of like your classic All Japan tag in that you have a tag of made of a guy higher on the pecking order (hama) and lower on it(Kamitani) and they work that into the match. Twin Towers squaring off is super fun, but watching them absolutely wreck Kamitani is even more so. They work this like you'd want them to with Hama saving Kamitani, cutting Twin Towers off when it seems like they're gonna finish him etc. but that can only last for so long before they eventually finish Kamitani.