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Found 18 results

  1. Dick Murdoch vs Ted DiBiase - Houston 12/27/85 This is a result from the one of the hottest Mid-South angles of all time that successfully executed the double turn of the hated Ted DiBiase and the former North American champion Dick Murdoch. A quick synopsis is that Murdoch was pissed DiBiase got a NWA World Title shot against Flair and right before the match, Murdoch beat the living shit out of DiBiase bloodying him up and nailing him with Brainbuster. DiBiase proved he is all-man and came out to wrestler Flair with a giant bandage. DiBiase was ripshit that Murdoch cost him a title shot and so they went around the loop. This match is joined in progress and also the finish stretch is an exact replica of the OKC 12/31, which we have in full. I think this is a great match, but ultimately does feel incomplete and seeing the complete match from OKC it renders this one useless. I will focus on the middle of the match that was different. Murdoch is kicking ass with solid heel offense in the form of stiff strikes, stomps and elbows. DiBiase as a babyface is interesting, he shows good fire and selling, but is being overwhelmed. They bust each other open. When DiBiase misses a fist drop, they go into the finish sequence. It is a great match, but seeing the complete match is what needs to be seen.
  2. The Fabulous Ones vs The Guerreros - Houston 1/24/86 Mexican Death Match I didn't know the Fabs worked heel and guess what they were absolutely fabulous at it. Easily one of the top tier heel tag team performances I have seen so far even outclassing the MX performances so far. Stan Lane was such a great obnoxious dick mocking the Guerreros while Keirn was the mean, sadistic prick that loved flipping off the fans and telling Guerreros to kiss his ass. I loved Lane at the beginning saying i have never heard of this stupid Mexican match, you can make all the Mexican rules you want and we are going to kick your butt. Really should said Mexican butt. Mexican Death Match is a Texas Death Match. Compared to other non-NWA World Championship matches, this was a long match going almost a half hour. Lane and Keirn kept it entertaining throughout. The Guerreros work better as faces because of all their offense and Lane is great at stooging. I like Lane trying to turn it into a track meet to only get caught with a dropkick. Lane looks a lot like a shorter Lex Luger in this with the hair and stacked upper body. Keirn is also ripped. Lane takes the shine in this and gets his ass kicked. The first fall goes to the Guerreros with a piledriver. Lane does not take Chavo's overhead suplex, but takes his gutwrench suplex. Lane throws Chavo into the Keirn who snaps his neck across the top rope and tags himself in. Keirn is incredibly ornery and violent in this. He fishhooks him and then flips off Hector. Really nice backbreakers by Keirn followed by kiss my ass. He throws some of the stiffest headbutts of the 80s and bites Chavo until he finally cuts him. He spews blood from his mouth. The Fabs do a great job setting up double teams where they throw a ton of punches. Stan Lane throws one of the best butterfly suplex really driving him to the mat. This really was an all-time great heel performances from the Fabs in terms of offense, sadism, obnoxiousness and general unlikeability. Chavo breaks free, but goes to the wrong corner and Kerin bites at his cut and spews blood. If looks could kill, Keirn would obliterate Hector as he stares daggers into him during a fall, but only gets two. Lane gets the first fall for the Fabs with a back heel kick to the head. Wow! Great stuff from the Fabs so far. They keep kicking at Chavo like a revolving door keeping Hector on the move as he tries to intercept them. Hector exhorts Chavo, but the Fabs are too much for him. Keirn has placed a chair on the apron. As Chavo tries to wander to his corner, Lane stops him by his hair. Chavo takes a nasty Flair Flip bump. At the exact right moment, Keirn picks up the chair and Lane throws Chavo head first into it. Wow! I am digging this. As you would expect Chavo begins to mount his comeback with some big rights. Keirn sells this perfectly even with phantom punches. Chavo rolls to Hector. Hector is a pretty decent hot tag and slamming Keirn repeatedly into the top turnbuckle is great babyface wrestling. Hector splashes to get the Guerreros a much needed fall. Keirn gets up and lights may be on, but no one seems to be home. Lane throws a quick karate kick to Hector to stymie Guerreros run. They double team Hector, until Chavo saves. Lane drags him out to the floor and physically cuts him open with a point of a chair. Keirn gets a suplex, but is clearly discombobulated and still gets a fall. Hector is a bloody mess, but still gets to his feet. Keirn is stalking his prey and lands a massive right! BIGGGGGG BACK BODY DROP! Lane and Keirn smother Hector. Keirn hits rapid fire heabutts while Lane gets on the house mic to mock Mexican music. Keirn hits a nice piledriver for another fall. If the Fabs got an extended heel run somewhere, they would be an all-time great heel act. Lane as the character and Keirn as the muscle. Hector somehow gets up and Lane with a karate kick, but misses three elbow drops. Hector rolls to tag Chavo and it is breaking loose in TUL...HOUSTON! They ram the Fabs heads together. Keirn grabs a chair from the floor and breaks it up to crack Chavo. Then Keirn goes fucking BEZERK on Hector. I mean absolutely goes to town on Hector with some violent chairshots. Wow! He drives the chair into the throat and now swinging chair at Chavo. Chavo comes in wildly with a chair to chase them off. Countout finish! Super lame. This was awesome! The Fabs knocked it out of the park in their performance. You could not ask much more from a heel team. I love the Midnights as much as anyone, but sometimes I wish they could be a bit more violent. This was like an even edgier, meaner, more sadistic MX. This version of the Fabs would have over huge in the 90s. Guerreros were fine babyfaces and bleeders in this, but this was all Fabs for me. The finish really marrs this for me and I would have liked to seen more babyface fire to match the awesome Fabulous Ones. ****1/4
  3. Chavo Guerrero vs Mr. Olympia - Houston 6/24/83 Chavo Classic had all the tools on offense. He shows off his ability to fly (dropkicks, plancha), submissions (upside down surfboard and a lucha submission), hot strikes and suplexes (German). He is ripshit because Olympia/Akbar put him on the shelf for two months. He starts off hot with punches and three dropkicks to send Olympia to outside. This is match of levels and is incredibly well-executed. Olympia never really fully takes control, but slowly earns his heat segment. He takes advantage of each mistake by breaking Chavo's momentum with a trip to outside or sapping his energy with a chinlock. In fact most of Olympia's offense in this is a chinlock. Normally, I would dislike that but it makes logical sense because how hot Chavo is and the need to cool him off to set up your own moves, We see that each chinlock takes more of its toll at first Chavo is able to resume control, but it as the match wears on Olympia's offense is more sustained. Olympia's first major opening is when Chavo was yanking him by the mask into the turnbuckles and on the third one he sent Chavo in hard into the turnbuckles. He followed up with his first big offense of the match a kneedrop and backbreaker neither negotiated the fall. Now instead of going back to the chinlock, he Irish Whips Chavo this is dumb because Chavo feeds off movement this allows Chavo to hit a crossbody, yank him out by the mask and then a plancha. This was perfect face wrestling and plays right into the movement vs power story. Chavo loses it in the corner with strikes and when the ref pulls him off Olympia loads the boot and dropkicks him to the floor. Olympia cant get the win again so it is back to the sleeper. They tease the three arm drops and Chavo powers up to a big pop and drives Olympia into the corner. Olympia misses the top rope elbow. Big rush by Chavo ends in a German suplex for the win! He wants to take the mask off so he gives him another. Almost gets the mask and here is Akbar and now DiBiase. Hell beatdown commences until the save, I loved Chavo's fire in this and commitment to always fighting back. He played the perfect vengeful face. He did a great job mixing up his stuff. Olympia gave a a really simple, but effective performance. I didnt mention this but he was great bumping for Chavo. Match of Olympia/Stubbs career and maybe the best Chavo match on tape. ****1/2
  4. Krupp is already doing the roman salute during the introductions and proceeds to warn everybody of ZE GERRRMAN KLAH!. Very subtle there, mein Freund. For a guy who is so outwardly heelish, he starts this off with a lot of wrestling. Lothario was clearly a world class pro wrestler at this point. I really dig the detailled selling, such as Lothario leaving his arm up his back after escaping from a hammerlock. The first minutes of this are great, if you can get into this kind of 70s rolling on the mat like I can. Then Krupp locks on some kind of under the shoulder claw hold, to which Lothario responds by attempting to break his nose and I am in love with this match. Then you get the nerve hold and claw sections, but Lothario is such a champ selling for it that YOU will believe in it. Everything Lothario does is amazing and brutal. He works his way back into the match by neutralizing the claw and it's brilliant. The stuff he does has a prime Kawada feel of simple nastiness: chop to the nose, knee drop to the bent wrist, square punch to the face, knee drop to the back of the head. You expect Krupp to get up with his brain hanging out of his nose. Then Jose busts out the stomach claw and we get a battle of the claw holds, with Krupp doing his best terrified B movie actor impression to sell it. This was a better finish away from being listed. Maybe I'll list it anways somehow. It is def. near the top of the list of brilliant matches centered around claw holds. Regardless, take my word: Jose Lothario is the fucking man.
  5. This was a good match. We get some fun spots milked for comedy that got over big with me. Stasiak's main weapon is the Heart Punch. In the 1st fall he teases it like Jake Roberts teasing the DDT. Finally he hits it and Andre sells it like he's shot in the heart. Though it's a DQ because the Heart Punch has been banned. In between falls Andre is selling like death. Finally he recovers and the 2nd fall starts. Basically Andre is pissed and kicks the crap out of Stan and goes over. 2 1/2*
  6. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-50-interview-with-nwa-president-bruce-tharpe/ The Titans celebrate their 50th episode and there is much cause for excitement as Pete interviews NWA President Bruce Tharpe about the forthcoming NWA Classics streaming service that will feature hours of never-seen-before content from old Houston cards promoted by Paul Boesch in the 60s, 70s and 80s.