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Found 16 results

  1. One of those “only in IWA” three way dances. Smothers is classic in his entrance flicking off everyone and riling up the crowd to the extreme while dancing a bit. Ian has the weight that Mean Mitch Page gains in the next year. Smothers jumps him when he enters the ring and before Sabu can come out. This is really clever as it gets the crowd to chant for Sabu. They tumble to the outside and here is Sabu beating on both men and throwing chairs at Smother’s head. Smothers dancing to the crowd chants never gets old. Smothers and Ian are again on the outside and Smothers gets irish whipped into the chairs. Ian follows him allowing Sabu to hit a triple jump dive onto both of them. Sabu does look like he is on his game so far. Smothers gives some nasty rabbit punches to Rotten on his knees on the outside. Smothers smacks Rotten with some sort of weapon and Ian is busted open. A light tube shot follows for good measure. Tracy turns his attention to Sabu and lays him on a table at ringside. Tracy goes up to the top but gets crotched allowing Sabu to give him a jumping leg sweep where Tracy hits his jaw on the chair on the way down. Ian’s eye looks nasty and Tracy starts working it over by punching it. The crowd informs Tracy that he does in fact suck dick. Tracy does a jig along with the chant. Ian has a fan and busts it right over Tracy’s head. Tracy is unphased and returns with a chairshot and him and Sabu take turns trying to pin Ian. Tracy pounding on that eye is sick. Tracy gives Sabu a DDT onto a chair and he has really been a force of nature in this match being the main antagonist for both Ian and Sabu throughout. The pace has been relentless and this has failed into many three way tropes of one guy standing around. Ian is pissed and hurls Tracy into the wooden scaffold that holds the stage where the camera is set up. Tracy takes out another row of chairs and the House of Hardcore is in disarray. Sabu and Ian square off for a second before Tracy fires back and smashes a huge light tube cluster over Ian. He then responds by peppering that injured eye. What a dick. Tracy grabs some Mustard! And squirts that on Ian and we pretty much are in Tupelo now. Ian hits a brutal chairshot on Tracy and gives him another to his back for good measure. Tracy is finally knocked out for a bit and we have some Ian and Sabu interaction. Sabu hits a legdrop inside the ring for a nearfall. Here comes that bastard Tracy though who won’t stay down. Triple jump moonsault is hit to perfection by Sabu who has really impressed and not overshadowed this match at all while still being a key component. Tracy gives Sabu some back heel kicks in succession and Ian goes for a chair shot but can’t see Tracy due to the blurred vision from the injured eye. That is awesome. He swings again and knocks out referred Brent Blades. Sabu leg drops Ian through the table on the outside and Tracy baseball slides Sabu out and then football charges him into the crowd. Seizing the opportunity, Tracy rolls Ian in and hits a back forearm off the top and a Van Dominator type spot to pick up the win and end twelve minutes of action. “You still Suck!” the crowd chants with the other half shouting “dick”. The only spot of the match that I didn’t like was the finish but this was exactly what you want of a big star coming in, delivering an impressive performance where he hits his spots cleanly, but also doesn’t take away from the main storyline going on in the promotion between the two guys that will still be there next week. This was a complete blast to watch. Ian grabs the microphone and challenges Tracy to a falls count anywhere match Wednesday night which I am so sad we don’t have on tape. They give spirited semi-shooty promos to each other. Tracy gets in the last word spouting some Tennessee proud. Ian says some things about Tracy stint in Memphis and ends with the battle cry, “if you aint hardcore, you aint shit”. ***1/4
  2. This is worked at the old IWA Arena which was most likely some old barn somewhere in Indiana and there's around 45 people in the crowd and it's pretty awesome. This is Ian totally out of the hardcore environment we are used to seeing him as the match develops mostly on the mat and it features some pretty awesome work from both sides with some cool submission attempts and some pretty awesome selling to get these submissions ever. There's some pretty gruesome headbutt battle where you can clearly hear the thud of their heads colliding. The finishing stretch is awesome with Ian countering a pin with a gator roll and an anaconda choke and Tarek just knees him on the head from the bottom and Ian then locks on an anaconda vice. Great match.
  3. This is the most JAPW match outside of JAPW out there. B-Boy and Homicide put an endless stiff beating on M-Dogg as if he was Teddy Hart and he had stolen his cat for the first half of the match. Just a brutal beatdown with some crazy chops and back kicks. The second half of course is the comeback from M-Dogg and Prohibition which is a bit brief. Luckily the finishing stretch wasn't them going endlessly for finishers and kicking out at 2.99. Good stuff. ***1/2
  4. Man was this a blast... The invading dominant ROH world champ makes a return to IWA-MS to take on the local babyface superstar who's lost a couple of matches in a row at IWA-MS events at the Lincoln Center and wants to redeem himself and defend himself and the honor of his organization. Both guys bring the hate and you can tell Hero's genuinely frustration early on. The match is Hero trying to out grapple Joe and Joe trying to out strike Hero. Before the wild exchanges occur, Hero tries grounding and tiring Joe out before he gets caught up and engages with Joe in a striking battle which of course is going to backfire on him even though he holds his own for a bit. During the wild strike exchange, Hero shoots for a double leg takedown and the crowd erupts. That sets the tone for the remainder of the match until the finishing stretch. The finishing stretch sees Hero getting overconfident and hitting Joe with a Hero's Welcome and instead of going for the pin, he tries it a second time before Joe catches him with a backdrop driver and he chokes him out. Hero does a great job putting over the choke as he doesn't move until Ian Rotten and Dave Prazak come in the ring and pour water over his head to wake him up. Luckily this ended at the right time and it didn't over stay its welcome with the endless running streak of head drops, fighting spirit and finishing move trades these matches usually fell into around this time period. Say what you will about the dueling chants, but the crowd was split here and hot for the entirety of it and it really added to the match as you rarely ever see crowds this hot at indy shows. Prazak nailed it on commentary by saying there was 250 fans in attendance, but it felt like 2,000 fans. Great stuff. ****
  5. Revisiting some old 2004 indy footage on the Highspots Network and I remember really loving this back in the day... This maybe the craziest match in wrestling history -- if not, then it should easily make the top 10. Its a wild fight all over the building with both guys shoot punching each other in the face at random moments and hitting themselves with some crazy weapons. Necro's one of the tougher dudes in pro-wrestling, but Toby Klein holds up with him. Some of the crazy highlights here include them trading punches and Necro coming close to KO'ing Klein, Necro hurling chairs at Klein and clutching his back and head with them, Klein powerbombed Necro off the bleacher and him hitting his head on his way down, Klein throwing salt all over Necro's back, Necro countering a sunset flip powerbomb into a huracanrana, Necro doing a dive from the top rope to the floor, Toby hitting Necro with a VCR across the head, death valley driver onto a sitting chair, etc. Insane stuff. I remember showing this to a friend of mine who watches wrestling casually and he immediately associated it with bum fights... This is good if you enjoy the type of stuff, but obviously this isn't for everyone. ****
  6. #wrestling365 Smark Mark Video conveniently put this up on youtube today. Sunny does Candido's intro and Smothers says he doesn't want to babyface himself, but it's great to be in Charleston. Brings up the old SMW feud, but wants a great athletic contest today. Another awesome touch is someone in the audience yelling welcome back to Candido, who replies with "I've never been here before". They have a pretty fun match here. Smothers weird strikes always give me joy. Candido was doing well with a plancha too. Very old school with spots like Candido claiming his hair was pulled and stuff. It all comes down Sunny and powder and a miscue.