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Found 21 results

  1. FEAR THE MAD DOG!!! This was a bloody, bloody match. Kimura bled. Vachon bled. THE REFEREE BLED!! All you vampires can mark this match as a rare TRIPLE JUICE BRAWL. This starts out with Vachon laying some nice stiff shots on Kimura before Kimura does some boring wrestling and Vachon just chucks him to the outside, piledrives him on the floor and carves him up with a chain. Vachon raking that chain across Kimura's face is some of the grizzlier imagery I've seen in a pro wrestling match. Then he also goes out of his way to piledrive the ref on the floor and do the exact same thing to him. I imagine this kind of stuff would have got fans storming the ring in other territories but here all the folks were amused by the carnage. Vachon was a force unleashed. I especially enjoyed the scene where he and Kimura traded blows in the crowd, Vachon landing these stone hard knocks in his face and Kimura throwing sumo-ish slaps. For some reason there is No DQ here and we get a proper finish. The ending could've been a little more exciting, but this was an amusing spectacle.
  2. This isn't outstanding, but a really fun match and interesting because it's natives vs. natives with clear face/heel roles. Okuma and Kojika are fun stooging bruiser heels who work over the faces with nice punches and headbutts, cutting off the ring and doing extended beatdowns, while Hamaguchi and Inoue are really fun when they get fired up. I also dug their fast amateur wrestler movements. There is blood, brawling and they keep up the pace throughout, altough admittedly this match probably went 15 minutes too long. Still, I enjoyed this.
  3. This is one of my favourite 70s tags. Hell, it may be my very favourite. A long match that just flies by, because every section has some neat aspect to it. These stumpy legged IWE guys really knew how to hit the mat and get aggressive in entertaining fashion in between cool looking proto junior offense that doesn't look fruity. Takachio is the Great Kabuki, and he already had his great looking uppercut which is all I need. Kutsuwda is a big trollish looking dude and it was really cool to see Mighty and Hamaguchi use their skill on this brute. Another thing that I like is that these guys weren't afraid to lay it in, so you also get some stiff kicks to the chest etc. Every hold was really wrenched in too and my favourite thing is that the selling was really spot on, so the hold work doesn't feel like time killing. In the 2nd fall we get more cool matwork where Hamaguchi and Mighty really twist the hell out of Takachio's leg. He does this really cool selling where is punching his own knee as if to stop it from popping out. Eventually he makes a comeback by throwing punches on one leg which was awesome. The nifty little touches kept coming and from now on it feels like all guys are trying to finish this all the time. The 3rd fall is short but cool as hell too where they all really go at eachother, throwing wild punches and slaps, totally laying it in. I also like that all three falls ended in a flash. I would've really liked a bigger Inoue/Takachio showdown as these are two guys with the greatest punches but you can't have everything. Great match.
  4. Long junior tag from 1979! Hard not to love a match that has these stocky juniors doing all their awesome offense. Awesome takedowns, knee drops, punches, sumo slaps and flying headbutts a plenty. Match also had a really smart layout and clever use of double teams. Starts in a rush and then turns into a long uphill battle. The 2nd fall of this match alone as better than a lot of 1 fall singles matches. I guess the match peaked early when Inoue and Hoshino get into serious fight in the middle of the match, but that was an amazing moment and the rest of the match was still impossibly cool.
  5. Pretty entertaining match and a cool chance to see young Andre working a lengthy epic. The early going isn't exactly what you expect from an Andre match as he works pretty even with Kobayashi, Andre would do a headlock takeover and Kobayashi would easily counter to a headscissor. On the other hand things such as Andre reversing an armbar by stepping on Kobayashi or pushing his knee in his face become extra compelling because he is so huge. Andre wins the first fall pretty easily and the other two is pretty much Kobayashi beating him down by stomping on his hand, working his stomach over with punches etc. There is a cool spot in the 3rd fall where Andre does a double leg Fuchi stretch and gets thrown on his face. Really liked all the Andre facial selling and bumping including the gutsy finish. This got pretty chinlocky here and there and was a little meandering overall but is worth a watch.
  6. Two big lumpy bastards get technical! Don Leo Jonathan is such a trip to watch executing all these kip ups and flips and flying headscissors and whatnot. I really liked how he would lock in a bodyscissor after doing a sunset flip, always making the other guy work. The Boston Crab is a dangerous hold! Don Leos initial escape by tripping the referee was like something Negro Casas would do. Kobayashi adds very little flash to the match but I love how he would sell a basic Don elbow to the stomach like a big deal. Don Leo pretty much beats him down with big stomps and knee drops and then some cool palm strike-ish punches. I'm not sure what happened at the finish. It seems one fall is missing but I didn't notice any clipping.
  7. A trios from 1972! Easily one of the funnest matches ever. Whoever booked the near-midget Ali Bey on the same team as Andre had some serious saviness. We start off with some swank technical work between Van Buyten and Teranishi, but soon shenanigans from the apron involving Andre ensue. The interactions between Van Buyten and Andre are solid gold. The wrestling isn't much worse - Andre bumps big! Ali Bey has some hilarious selling, including constantly hitting his head against things! Sugiyama is another hilarious character, and only tagged in for about 3 minutes. Teranishi does the bulk of the work for his team (probably for the better) and gets to look really slick. But the dedication Andre and Franz have to miscommunication spots is something else here. Andre is just incomparable. At one point, Franz keeps getting flung over the top rope to the outside, onto Andre and then back inside. It leads to Franz taking a huge bump to the outside. I like how the foreign heels still remain dangerous despite being total knobheads, as Andre finishes opponents off in a matter of minutes. So yeah, great match that will have you in stitches if you have an ounce of humor in you. One of my favourites from Andre, good showcase for Teranishi, and so cool to see what Franz could do when he wasn't playing babyface. A must watch.
  8. This was their 2nd match that year as Zrno tries to get back the WWU Jr. title. This was much less heated and intense than the first encounter but may have had even better grappling before the somewhat disappointing finish. Hara continues to look really good grappling with Zrno, being right there with the bridge spots and tricky wrist takedowns and what not. Something funny is how Zrno works the exact same as if it were a european match always waiting for his opponent to get up even though there's no 10 count. Match didn't have much direction and the ending wasn't super exciting as it looked like Hara was gonna defend his title anyways. Still, I get a kick out of watching these two grapple for 15 minutes.
  9. JIP 20 minutes into a 30 minute time limit draw. There was still plenty of action with flying headscissors and snappy armdrags and stiff european uppercuts and dropkicks and what not. Verhulst doesn't do a ton here but I still enjoyed seeing him come in and do stuff as his technique is ridiculously good. Zrno was pretty „stiff“ here e.g. blocking opponents moves by stiffening up. It may not result in picture perfect execution of certain spots but I still thought it was cool and they did the usual time limit draw spiel where both guys were working for pinfalls equally before the end.
  10. Years after putting over Inoki in a historic match, Johnny Powers returns to japan to face another japanese top gaijin in a much less historic match. Powers is looking somewhat older and sadder, like a Bob Ross gone off the rails here. Powers still has really nice basic offense, mean looking elbows and knees and stomps and what not. He spends what feels like 20 minutes beating on Kimura and this would've been good had Kimura sold any of that and ens gaged powers in some significant form before the poor finish. There's also about 4 or 5 nut shots in this match. Thesz was the ref and him punching Powers in the face for doing the exact same stuff Thesz was doing 20 years earlier was the funniest moment of the match. But yeah, don't watch this.
  11. This was a fun defensive, cagey bout where neither guy was willing to get thrown easily. This builds really nice into the second half where both guys have enough and start throwing stiff slaps and headbutts. Go was chasing Hara here, hitting a mean dropkick and dropping him on a table for a spot that was pretty crazy by 1980 standards. Match had good heat and tension and the uncooperativeness made this a cool encounter.
  12. Pretty much a 1980s MOVEZ~! match as this was basically all 4 guys running in to hit their stuff, tag out, and repeat. I liked the stiff dropkicks, nasty piledriver and graceful arm whips so I'll take it over today's thigh slap happy MOVEZ~! Matches. There was a cool moment where Mighty and Kimura slapped the shit out of eachother and then Kimura annihilates Hamaguchi with a ruthless dive. Animal is down and out and I was thinking this match actually had some drama going now but seconds later a lousy DQ happens. Well, this had awesome heat and I now wanna see more Haruka Eigen matches lurking amidst the the sea of IWE, so a rematch may be somewhere down there.
  13. What I wrote a few weeks ago in OJ's thread on Zrno: Well, I was wrong. This was not a 2 minute clip. It was 22 minutes, unedited, pro-shot, 2/3 falls clean title match with 3 clean finishes. What a time to be alive and get to see wrestling matches like this. The first amazing thing is getting to see Mile in 1979. God damn what a talent, and in what shape he was. I can't think of 5 guys from british TVs in top form like him. The yugoslavic flag with the big red star is hanging over the ring next to the japanese one, making this feel like the most surreal prelude to the russians in RINGS a decade later. Sure, Zrno is western european trained and Charley Verhulst is his second, but this feels like the home talent taking on a yugoslavian champion and not just any european technician. The wrestling here feels closer to amateur style (albeit very fast paced) than the stuff you'd see in britain, france or german. Maybe all 70s middle european wrestling was like this, but we'll never find out. Needless to say I loved the bridging work, rolling around and resistance to basic holds here. It wasn't the long brainy headlocks of 70s japanese wrestling or the fancy escapes that the brits did, but I loved it. Then you also get to see Ashura Hara, a guy I loved for being a rugged tough dude in WAR slugfests, as junior ace. He wore this absurd silver sparkling jacket and headband, and he was beloved by the crowdn a way I can't recall seeing with many other japanese wrestlers from the 70s. I have never seen anyone talk about his junior work, but this Ashura Hara feels worth discovering. His technique and form wasn't on the level of Zrno, but he was game to have a contest and totally held up his end. The air was bristling with excitement for this match and Zrno was selling this match like it was a sports contest the whole world was looking at. The crowd was willing Ashura forward to take the title off of Zrno no matter what and both athletes succeeded in giving them their moneys worth. The finish feels like a gigantic moment and the fans react accordingly My only complaint with the match is that it's too short. If there's ever a match that should've gone 60 it's this one. Just so many fascinating aspects to it. It's just the combination of having a Mile Zrno match (rare), a junior Ashura Hara match (rare), an IWE junior's match (bloody rare), an IWE match that is all clean with no bullshit (rare), and then it's something that was buried in complete obscurity for so long. Regardless of whether you care about Mile, Hara or IWE, this a nice fast paced 70s junior match worked in a way that nobody really does anymore in front of a hot crowd that feels fresh and interesting all the way to the end.
  14. So so fun. I have no clue where these chunky japanese middleweights learned to do these graceful, floating moves, but I will watch and enjoy. I want to call this state of the art, but for all we know this kind of match could have been done 20 years before in Peru. Whatever. These guys have really great execution and work almost like luchadores, with the swank rope climbing takeovers and spaceman armdrags and whatnot. They also slap the shit out of eachother! Animal takes a painful looking bump! Nearfall-ladden finishing stretch! For a workrate juniors match this was quite a joy to watch.
  15. Continuation from the previous match! Even more great stumpy legged wrestling. Hamaguchi and Inoue have some of the most beautiful armdrags I've ever seen. References the previous match in wonderful ways. Then everything goes haywire! Animosity! Blood! Everyone's throwing punches! Big drama! HUGE Spike Piledriver! Beauitful finish! Yes, Ditch says the finish is bad, but I disagree. It was perfect. This match was fast paced and just flew by. How these guys never get dropped as among the best 70s workers is beyond me. Here you had a match with beautiful wrestling, cleverness, high end offense and bumps, hatred, blood and a hot finish. This whole thing pretty much ruled. I should get all the IWE out there.
  16. This starts JIP 5 minute into the match. Then they do another 5 minutes of pretty standard hammerlock work and then... things escalate and it turns into a gritty double juice bloodbath. Mulligan had a glove that he kept loading with gimmicks and reached into his pants god knows how many times, until Kimura took his glove to a big reaction. Mulligan had a nice punch and Kimura was fired up. Both guys bled buckets and Mulligan did a nice job selling "loss of blood" as the match went quite long. Not as epic as you'd hope for a 70s bloodbath to be, but a fun match regardless.
  17. The mighty Red Bastien! Y'know IWE is cool just because you get to watch all these guys with no footage go to work. The problem is that it feels a little exhibition-y with the foreign guys just doing their shtick (a problem that Mile vs. Hara didn't have). But when it's a wrestling master like Bastien you don't complain because you just want to see what he could actually do. And this match was fun. They start of with this really intense lock-up and then do a long 70s style match where Bastien does all these neat things, like headbutting Shozo in the ear or pulling the tights from a weird angle. Shozo is solid but won't exactly set your world on fire. This was a good match with lots of nifty things in it and Bastien heeling it up constantly and it never dragged. I have to say that IWE matches have an abundance of nut shots. Almost every match I've seen so far has had atleast 1 or 2.
  18. I find the general aesthetic of IWE charming, and it’s definitely a company I am excited about exploring much more since so much of it seems to be uncharted waters. This wasn’t something I think I’ll remember but it was a good match with a nice layout, and they kept the action going very well. Rose and Quinn are really good working like an American heel team with the cutting the ring in half and all of that. Inoue and Hamaguchi are the home country babyfaces and have a good amount of charisma. Inoue in particular has some nice offensive flurries. I really liked his sentons. The match is less than 15 minutes, but is worked like something much bigger and longer. I think the reason it feels that way is that the first half of the match has the Japanese team in heavy peril and they are equally dominant for the last half to make up for it. Hamaguchi is good at coming in and hitting his spots, but from a wrestling perspective, Inoue carried this for his side and looked damn good doing it. I didn’t care for the finish because it didn’t seem like it was very earned, but the body of the match makes up for it. ***