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Found 37 results

  1. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    Decided to start this thread since both Stardom and Pro Wrestling WAVE now have their own streaming services, plus the Real Hero google drive makes it easier to find shows from other groups. Just finished watching the opening night of the 5*GP. Thought it was a fine show, but nothing memorable. Storm/Bito, Hojo/Wolf, and Iwatani/KLR were all good yet would say that you have to rush out to see any of them. The only bad match was Blanchard/Watanabe, which was a mess. Courtney Stewart looked good having a short, solid match with Jungle Kyona. The show ended with promos from Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm, and Io Shirai whom I assume they are teasing as being in the finals.
  2. Ever since she regained the ICE Infinity title back in July from Risa Sera, Fujimoto had been running through the Ice Ribbon roster. While Tsukushi is only 19, she has over 6 years experience and isn't that far off from being a player at the top of the promotion. The match gets off to a slow methodical start as they work strike exchanges in between the two of them applying submissions. In fact, they rely a bit too much on strike exchanges as transitions in the early going. The match really picks up around the halfway point and is just fantastic the rest of the way. There are so many fun sequences that they work while still managing to tie them together and not let the match get too spotty. This goes to a draw which results in the title being vacated. ****
  3. Asahi vs. Miyako Matsumoto Miyako's armlock where she grabs all of her opponents limbs to prevent them from moving to the ropes is awesome. I find her matwork to be very compelling. This was lots of fun with a hot crowd rallying behind the rookie. ***3/4
  4. Nao DATE vs. Risa Sera This was Nao's breakout match, she looked so awesome in control and nailed all of her stuff, and Sera's selling and explosive comebacks were great. Great heavyweight clash. If only Sera had matches like this during her long ICE×∞ reign. ****
  5. ICE×∞ Championship: Miyako Matsumoto © vs. Karen DATE This was good! Miyako might be one of the best on the roster when it comes to creating compelling main events, she understands how to make those big moments feel meaningful. The execution wasn't always there, especially on Karen's end, but it's to be expected given her inexperience so I forgive her. ***1/2
  6. ICE×∞ Championship: Hiiragi Kurumi © vs. Miyako Matsumoto Miyako's a comedy worker, but she wrestled an epic main event with drama and tension. Her performance was unreal. I love how they played off of Miyako's previous ICE×∞ win (8 years ago) during the finishing stretch, that was superb storytelling. The submission struggles here were fantastic as well. Excellent match. ****1/2
  7. This is for Azure Revolution's (Sera & Yukihi) International Ribbon tag titles. I go on about the potential of the younger members of Ice Ribbon's roster a lot, but this match here is one of the first signs that some of them are starting to realize that potential. This really felt like a 90's joshi tag in the sense that it had a constant fast pace but didn't sacrifice a coherent story or selling for it. Everyone put in a strong performance. Kyuri and Maika are quickly becoming one of the best tag teams in joshi and Azure are having a strong start to their tag title run. ****1/4
  8. This was one heck of a sprint between four promising young workers. Both of the Beginning Pro girls looked really good. Anou has a simple moveset but she uses it in an incredibly effective manner making everything she does count. This was the first time I've really watched Honma and I was impressed how solid she was overall, especially in mixing shoot style submissions. Maika Ozaki looked great here, as she has in her last few matches. She's turned into cool power wrestler with an explosive moveset. A super fun ten minute match. ***3/4
  9. This is Maika's title shot that she earned after winning the four way elimination match at the last Korakuen show back in October. Like that four way, this was another strong performance for Maika. She gets early control of the match by using her power effective, catching Sera off guard since she almost always has a size advantage over her opponents. Sera had a very good performance here too as she has to change tactics and starts busting out some big moves in order to even the score. Even though the it's a bit on the short side, this is still a quality title match. ***3/4
  10. This was the most notable matchup of the first round of the Young Ice tournament. Both of these women are part of the growing group of talented young workers on the Ice Ribbon roster. This match is a good example of where both of these are at this point of there careers. Nagasaki is a technical wrestler who has started to mix in some flashy highspots with more of an aggressive attitude. Nori DATE is the most promising of the Team DATE girls although she definitely has a couple of sloppy moments in each of her matches. Another nice look at the future of Ice Ribbon. ***1/2
  11. ICE×∞ Championship #1 Contendership Four Way: Akane Fujita vs. Hiiragi Kurumi vs. Maika Ozaki vs. Nori DATE What a wild ride, I did not expect this from a joshi 4WAY. It was non-stop bomb throwing with great pacing; all of the tandem spots felt organic. Maika and Nori close the match after the other two are eliminated, and I thought they delivered big. I was so proud of Maika when she got the win, big moment for her career. ****
  12. Regina Di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Maruko Nagasaki Ohata's obviously capable of great things, but she has a formula that she sticks to and there was no variety to her performance here. It was every Ohata control segment you've ever seen. Nagasaki was where things shined, but she got so little that it wasn't enough to bring the match up. **
  13. Arisa Nakajima & Manami Toyota vs. Hana DATE & Tsukasa Fujimoto My fucking goodness, Arisa was on fire in this match. She revisits her feud with Fujimoto, and then she's going at it with Hana DATE. Both hate-filled encounters. Toyota stayed out of much of it and just let Arisa go to work. She was like Arisa's giant guardian angel who was there when she was needed. Incredible stuff here. **** Edit: Title should be 'Arisa Nakajima & Manami Toyota vs. Hana DATE & Tsukasa Fujimoto (Ice Ribbon, 10/29/2017)'
  14. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) Stupendous spotfest. Absolutely phenomenal. ****3/4
  15. ICE×∞ Championship: Risa Sera © vs. Maya Yukihi This caught me by surprise -- I didn't know Maya-obachan had it in her. Her leg work was great and she had all of these clever counters to Sera's offense, and those kicks and knees to the head were brutal. Sera's comebacks were kind of selling-free, but her offense looked strong and much better than it has looked in past defenses. Can't say enough about Maya's control segments. She needs the belt immediately! ****1/2
  16. Asahi vs. Manami Toyota This was Asahi's debut and she's against Manami Toyota! Asahi's peers were surrounding the ring, cheering her on, the crowd was super into; this was lots of fun. ***1/2
  17. Akane Fujita vs. Maika Ozaki It's not often you see a heavyweight clash in Ice Ribbon. These two are chunkier than most of the roster, and they're capable of dishing out and taking impactful moves. Fujita displays as viciousness when she grabs Maika's hand away from the ropes while applying her new submission finisher, and the struggle looks brutal. Great match. ****
  18. This is a terrific performance from Best Friends. At the same time, it's an interesting look at the inexperienced duo of Kyuri and Ozaki. While both of them have some rough moments they also show flashes promise. Maika has some nice Hiroyo Matsumoto-style power spots and Kyuri pulls off some really nice counter and comeback spots. A good match to check out if your interested in getting a look at some of the other girls on Ice Ribbon's roster. ***1/2
  19. It's no coincidence that the amount of attention and praise that Hiroyo Matsumoto has received recently has coincided with the number of high profile opponents that she has had. Here, she takes on Ice Ribbon ace Fujimoto. While this was a pretty good match, it felt like they were previewing a more meaningful match in the future. Still, there was a lot of really good work here making it more than worth your time to watch. ***3/4
  20. Hana DATE vs. Maruko Nagasaki These two bring the intensity in their body language and facial expressions. It helps that Hana looks like she isn't all there. They're going at it with haphazard offense that I thought fit the narrative of this heated rivalry, before they get into the 'grounded' stuff. I enjoyed a lot of what Hana was doing here, and dug the ending where she kept pressing the advantage when she had Maruko down. ***1/2
  21. This is for Sera's ICE Infinity title. I decided to check this out after enjoying Miyagi's work in the Catch the WAVE tourney and was really surprised at how good it ended up being. While she carries herself well as a champ, Sera's ringwork hasn't quite hit the level that you would want with the top star of a Japanese promotion. The layout of this match was very strong, building drama up throughout especially towards the finish with Miyagi getting nice nearfalls. Neither of them did anything flashy but they made their moves count, especially their signature stuff. A nice, surprising, sleeper match. ***3/4
  22. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Lovely Butchers (Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi) Nakajima was beating the shit out of the leopard-print glob of mediocre known as Hamuko Hoshi. Kicking her in the head, stomping her nose, slapping her across the face, KNEES -- good shit. I loved it. I love Arisa! Hamuko no-sells a Venus Shoot in a ridiculous sequence. Miyagi goes crazy with Thesz presses. I can't tell if Fujimoto genuinely struggled to lift Hamuko for the Japanese Ocean Cyclone in the finish or if that was part of the 'drama'.. either way, this was mostly fun and fast-paced. A solid restart for Best Friends. ***1/2
  23. International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: This is Ice Ribbon (Hiiragi Kurumi & Tsukushi) © vs. Azure Revolution (Maya Yukihi & Risa Sera) Tsukushi is one out of control youth, and Yukihi is a gramma whose patience is wearing thin. I really liked Maya-obachan's performance in this, she was heating it up with Tsukushi, jacking her jaw with knees and superkicks, and digging her claws into the mini-joshi's back. Tsukushi was a nasty little aggressor, with snug elbow strikes and a vicious low dropkick through the ropes. I gotta be honest, I thought her Japanese Ocean Suplex finisher looked ridiculous. Yukihi may have thrown herself into the move a bit too much. Kurumi and Sera were here too! ***3/4
  24. Arisa Nakajima vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto Training with Nanae has turned Arisa into a savage. She was decimating Fujimoto in truly wicked fashion; her offense looked so intense and raw, especially those vicious knees against the ropes. Fujimoto reciprocates with unruly kicks and stomps to the head. Arisa mocks Tsukasa's Ocean Cyclone, but instead of properly performing the move she just drops Tsukasa flat on her face, total disrespect. I thought they worked well towards the time limit draw, the pacing was red hot and they kept things fresh and dramatic up until that point. ****
  25. International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) © vs. This is Ice Ribbon (Hiiragi Kurumi & Tsukushi) Avid Rival are such a destructive, hard-hitting duo. Some of the bumps that Tsukushi took here were truly frightening for someone so tiny. Kurumi's been looking especially good lately; I loved that segment she had with Mizunami, who was hot-blooded and stiff as always. Tsukushi's finisher set-ups looked way too contrived for my taste, which seems to be a theme in Ice Ribbon. ***3/4