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Found 20 results

  1. About 12 of 21 minutes shown. Too bad because this looked like some of the best junior action of the year. The lucha vs. Shootstyle matwork they did was just beautiful – so smooth and Tajiri knew exactly to go into desperation mode whenever Hidaka locked in a hold. These are of course two guys with high end movesets and spectacular spots galore, but everything made sense and they never got overly cute.
  2. The finish to this match was awesome. Abe, without breaking motion, was able to reverse Iwamoto’s Kokou no Geijutsu attempt and lock in a crucifix cradle for the three count. Exactly the type of thing you'd expect from this match - lots of nifty counters out of dangerous predicaments. The Astronauts showed good tag chemistry, stringing together a few good double team offensive moves. There was a running bit where they'd do a double team move and end it with either Nomura or Abe kicking Hidaka, who is left flat footed, off the apron. Hidaka at 48 is still as fast as ever, being able to keep up and evade Abe’s attempts early in the match. He is truly blessed with eternal youth. We got some good exchanges from Iwamoto and Nomura as well. Nomura was trying to be his usual dismissive self but Iwamoto wasn't having it and laid in a few hard elbows for good measure. Good match. The eventual Abe/Iwamoto sounds promising. I'll definitely seek that out. ***1/4
  3. This was a fun match but it was more like two pros having a solid match on a small show rather than something outstanding. I was hoping for some violence, but lazy heel Ishii was in full swing here, and Hidaka is the first to land a stiff shot when he caught Ishii with a surprise leg kick that was probably the one great moment of the match. I liked a lot of this as both guys have nice offense without being predictable and the finishing stretch was cool with Ishii making use of the WAR special and Hidaka working his leg over.
  4. Michinoku Pro could still deliver dope 6 man tag action in the 2000s. This a trademark high spot filled formula tag with everyone playing their roles. Curry Man is a pretty good use of Christopher Daniels as he doesn't pretend to be a master worker but just acts like a tool. His missed dive was pretty insane. Super Boy always looks so great in M-Pro (where the hell is his lucha material?) and this was no exception, he is so awesome as a massive fat guy crushing the tiny dudes with flippy moves, and working miscommunication spots. Hidaka was also a really good team captain, trying to unmask TMIV and attacking his bad arm, twisting up Yuasas leg and getting kicked in the face etc. Nishida as a Spike Dudley inspired guy working highspots with Super Boy was really fun too. This is the kind of match that is completely predictable but still puts a smile on your face.
  5. Damn, I forgot what a good little match this was. This was a match between two young guys who normally lean more towards pro style than shootstyle when they are working BattlARTS, but they do a shockingly great job approximating PRIDE imitation serious shootstyle. Just a loaded 6 minute sprint with awesome suplexes and some big exchanges. Really the perfect opener for your shootstyle fed.
  6. The spot-a-ton! Match contains half a dozen leg drop variants and half a dozen tope atomicos! They hit ALL the spots. Match is actually fairly competitive. Palomino, the masked Ikuto Hidaka, looks ultra polished working pseudo lucha exchanges. Tsukioka lands an Asai Moonsault into nowhere! Swank moves and dives are rolled out. An almost unrecognizable Mikami hits the neat-o Victory Roll into Kneebar because that was en vogue in 1998. Tsukioka does another insane thing which the camera misses completely! They go BROADWAY (but we will never get the full experience, because they clipped a few minutes from the bout.) This match was praised in an old DVDVR and is still fun today. Manly and whip ass etc.
  7. It's old time DVDVR's dream junior matchup! Parts of this had the feel of two guys who trained together a lot making their first faithful attempt at an epic. However, these two are solid enough at the basics to keep you entertained. They don't pussy out of exchanging stiff slaps, when they work the mat they go for actual submissions, and they understood to set their big spots up. Also they both have ultra choice swank movesets making this match worth watching just to see what coolness is coming up next. Fun junior spectacle. A million billion stars etc.
  8. Pretty fun BattlARTS spotboy match. Kinda veered into trained monkey show at times, Minoru Tanaka was even slapping his thigh, but Hidaka & Fujita were pretty fun to check out here. It has fallen into complete obscurity, but once upon a time Minoru Fujita was a talented little dude who had all the ultra choice moves. His La Casita into Calf Slicer and Terry Funk rolling cradle into the same hold were really post modern and steal-worthy. He does some good legwork on Mochizuki (who of course doesn't bother to sell) then some fun finishing sequences ensue.
  9. This was the longest singles match on this show. And it was pretty much a DVDVR dream match, as they pack all their ultra choice swank junior moves into a well worked basic opening match, and doing a really good job at it. Just the way they set up the big dive by teasing a Hidaka dive, then following it up with Saito's headstand scissor to the outside and finally leading into the big suicide dive makes me think these two are better at this stuff than any current non-mexican junior. Maybe it's because I've developed a burning hatred for stupid over the top junior wrestling, but this type of well worked basic wrestling leading into well timed, graceful rollups and submissions without any inane flips'n'headdrops bullshit is really endearing to me. Saito gets a nice nearfall with a great looking bridging butterfly suplex and yeah this match is the logical consequence to 70s junior matches. Lovely bout, altough I may be overrating it slightly.
  10. BattlARTS young guns square off! For some reason, junji.com works more shootstyle in MUGA than I've ever seen from him in BattlARTS. This was super fun, two flyweights who can hit the mat doing some really nice grappling, and then doing a mighty fine job working some pro style spots and nearfalls. The awesome thing about watching two obscure low ranked guys in an undercard match is that you have no idea who is going to win and what their finishers are. So I bit on all the nearfalls here. Really liked the well timed dropkick, the ultra-slick submission counter from Hidaka, junji landing his goofy elbow combination into a submission nearfall, etc. Rocking little match.
  11. Firstly-credit where credit is due-the commentator said Nakatsu's style is Data Pro Wrestling which was an amazing Prince Of Tennis reference. I like Ikuto Hidaka but he isn't one for rookie punishment matches. I enjoyed this when they started doing Battlarts Junior wrestling but the first half was inconsequential, uninspiring and unnecessary.
  12. Wow, I loved this match. Anderson and London are an odd looking team on paper, but actually complement each other very well. London is FIP for a while and does a great job of it, and the Togo/Hidaka team is wise enough to know how to adapt the American tag formula to the Japanese audience. I loved CW's surprise spinebuster in the finishing stretch too. Ki-Styles was a great match that should have been better, while this was a match that overachieved.