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Found 31 results

  1. Madden says that Flair would probably allow Steiner to kill a fan or two and Tony sounds legit pissed saying that was out of line. Sting is ready to go after Jarrett but Steiner is there to cut him off. This was a pretty good match too and WCW besides the Buff “queer” nonsense and Nash sucking has had a pretty damn good episode of Nitro tonight. Finish has some good use of the guitar for once although it not calling a DQ with all the debris even has Tony wondering how the DQ isn’t called. Steiner Recliner and submission gives the heels the win. They hypothesize that Steiner wouldn’t have won without the guitar shot. *1/2
  2. Booker and Sting backstage say they have had their differences but they are happy to team up now. Then we get a longform sitdown interview with Goldberg and Tony. Mick Foley and Jim Ross this was not but it does humanizes Goldberg and he is well spoken. Whether long term or not that was a positive, he at least is talking and acting like a human in the post booked Russo era than when he was involved in it. Not an awful lead into the PPV with some decent action and a lot of interaction of everyone. The crowd is really hot for Goldberg and he did a good job of putting over Kronik as a threat. The finish comes when Sting misses a guitar shot and Sting wins. Steiner runs right in with the pipe and the heels are on top as the show goes off the air. **
  3. Sanders makes a relevos suicidas match for tonight with Steiner and Jarrett on opposite sides. Steiner gets on the mic and says he is going to kick Jarrett’s ass as well so the plan may not be going as well as they drew it up. The match itself is pretty good and in ring, some pieces of WCW are starting to come together. Steiner is effective as a monster and Booker and him are the marquee pairing against each other. Booker and Sting have some rough moments against each other and I contemplate whether Booker will rank on my top 100 for the year or not. I want him to be better than he has been and I can’t blame the booking entirely. Booker is much more comfortable vs Steiner and hits a good spinebuster. It is weird to see Jarrett and Booker tagging out but that is the nature of these matches. Jarrett and Steiner have a good sequence with each other too. Steiner makes some mistakes by not going for the cover. Booker and Steiner are left alone in the ring even though they aren’t the legal men. Silverman gets the sidekick and Jarrett goes to slam the guitar on Sting but Booker intervenes. Jarrett then goes to smash Booker with the guitar but he ducks and Sting gets hit with it. Jarrett gets the pin and they move on to the 49er match. One of the better Nitro matches of the year sadly enough. **3/4
  4. If you ever needed to know how many fake Sting’s you can have on retainer, this is the match for you. We get no less than five fake Stings here running the gambit from 1989 surfer Sting to Wolfpac Sting. I don’t understand the psychology of this from Jarrett’s standpoint and the match screeches to a halt each time a new Sting runs out for the real Sting to beat him up. One Sting hilariously loses his awful wig as he gets beat up. This leads to Jarrett smashing a guitar over Stings head and winning. Just awful stuff and Sting really should have enough clout and self awareness at this point to veto some of this shit. ¼*
  5. What a weird match. Jarrett's gold tights with the black look really smooth. The actual in ring of this match is worked well but yet you have so much nonsense. The comedy of the boxes with the Hall picture and blow up doll are so odd and then you have Beetlejuice from Howard Stern fame cost Jarrett the match and the title. I couldn't tell whether the match wanted to be comedic or serious and this didn't have the pacing or chops to play it all off like others in wrestling history. Booker is the champion again but it feels like he was bailed out by Beetlejuice of all people which does no one any favors. Steiner attacks after the match and we honestly get a wrestling show going off the air with Tony screaming in horror "Look at Bettlejuice." WCW Everybody. **
  6. WCW has been full of bullshit matches with tons of run ins that infuriate the viewer. This was a horseshit match that actually somehow worked for the most part. It featured Jarrett in full heel mode in a Titans jersey and running down the Bills. The plunder portion of the match was fine and had some good weapon shots. The finish with the Bills circling the ring, Gary Coleman's low blows and then getting popped with the guitar and Awesome eventually winning was satisfying. The most Memphis match in 2000 WCW. *** (5.8)
  7. I was excited for this match seeing it was 2/3 falls and the time of the video. Charles pulled a fast one as most of the first portion is a long promo involving Nash, Steiner, Jarrett and Cat that was no interest of me. Cat points to Sting in the audience and we get the match proper. But first, we have to have another promo between Sting and Jarrett. When they finally lock up, it’s a pretty good match although in the garbage style that Jarrett has devolved into. The pace is good and the finish with the Stroke was clever for the first fall. The second fall finish was less successful as we get a ref bump and then Sting doing a Stinger splash to Slick Johnson. Sting is tapping out Jarrett’s hand in the Scorpion when he is DQ’d. **1/4
  8. Russo promos are such glaze worthy by this time. War Games was something I knew was coming and this triple cage bullshit already annoys me. What is worse is Russo using these insider terms like heel during his promo. OH shit, it’s a shoot. Russo explains the title will be on the line in War Games and that preliminary matches are going to be competed in. Nash comes out and is pissed at Russo. Well, Nash’s big heel turn lasted exactly one week. Sting comes through the ring and cuts a promo at Russo. Nash walks away and allows Sting to get in Russo’s face. Russo retreats and the match competitors pile into the cage to brawl. Russo is able to escape when Goldberg stares him down once they emerge from the entranceway. Sting, Booker and Kronik won their preliminary matches. Sting and Jarrett start out and have a good segment in the beginning. At least Russo gets the psychology right of the heels winning the toss as Steiner comes in next and it 2-1. Kronik is net and they just come in together. Well so much for psychology. Russo is out net in his New Jersey Devils jersey and helmet. The Harris Brothers come with Russo and have a plunder brawl on the second level with Kronik. Sting beats up Russo and has him in the Scorpion. Nash is out next and hopefully they explained all of this and how everyone can enter in because I have no idea why Nash is in after what he said earlier. Nash also chokeslams Sting which helps Steiner. Russo goes in for a high five but Nash grabs a choke. Steiner and Jarrett tell him not to and Nash lets go. Kronik and Harris Bros are fighting outside the ring. Now Nash teases choking both Steiner and Jarrett, who the fuck cares. Booker comes down. Booker runs through everyone including an ax kick to Russo. Nash gets one up on him though with the Big Rig boot. Crowd is clamoring for Goldberg and he enters but gets ganged up on and handcuffed to the cage. Sting is slipping all over the place on the second level and Booker is able to retrieve the title but now he has to go through Nash who is standing at the door. The announcers keep telling us just how smart Nash is. Crowd gets confused by the convoluted rules when Booker grabs the belt and thinks the match is over. Sting is handcuffed on the second level and we have Steiner/Jarrett beating up Booker with a guitar shot. The belt is dropped to Russo and Cat comes out and wipes Russo out with a kick. Nash gives Cat the jackknife and then grabs the belt. Goldberg breaks the handcuffs and goes nuts on everyone. Goldberg goes to walk out the door when Bret Hart slams the door on Goldbergs head. Steiner recliner is applied to Goldberg and Russo/Nash hug each other. SWERVE. Nash walks out to win. Way too complex than it needed to be and pretty stupid but hey that is Russo in a nutshell. Effort was there from workers at least. Put it with 95 and 98 as the worst War Games. **1/2
  9. My eyes just glaze over with these two wrestling. They have their greatest hits match. The referee gets wiped out with a guitar shot from Booker. Booker goes for the sidekick and misses but the leg is hurt. After 20 minutes of action, they are deciding that is hurt again. Jarrett hits the Stroke and pins Booker but Goldberg runs in for the DQ. He tells Russo 1 down, 2 to go and that Vince should watch his ass because he is next. *1/2
  10. This match feels really played out. I guess Jarrett earlier in the night attacked and slam Booker’s leg in a car door Arn and Larry Z style. The brawling here is one of the better interactions these two have had but I would like to see more selling of the leg from Booker. Jarrett works it over but then Booker comes back and is running around. We do get the guitar shot as a counter for an ax kick and a ref bump because this is a WCW main event. Booker wins with the Book End but doesn’t get much of a reaction. This ends a pretty awful PPV on a decent note. **1/2
  11. Holy shit a halfway decent tag match that was worked straight. This was a welcome change and Steiner and Nash were pretty fun as a team. Steiner pinning Jarrett for the finish is presented as this huge moment with Tenay screaming. That seems really hollow since every match Jarrett has won in months has been through the means of screwiness. The crowd heat drops immediately after the match when Cat gets involved and the over booked nonsense resumes. More straight tag matches please, WCW. **1/2
  12. An up and down match. The opening brawl through the crowd is so trite and I can’t imagine Bischoff/Russo thought they were being edgy by laxing the rules and allowing that but I digress. When the match gets back into the ring, it is fairly solid including a nice powerbomb by Page. Outside is more garbage with Bischoff ominously looking on although I did like Jarrett ripping up pages of Positively Page. Finishing stretch has the crowd rallying behind Page in the figure four and a good nearfall off of a uranagi. Of course, Bischoff interferes and distracts Robinson as Kimberly is on the apron and predictably turns on Page by smashing him with the guitar. The Stroke makes it academic for Jarrett to win the title. Madden screams she is New Blood and Bischoff looks like he is the smartest man in the world. Fuck off WCW. **1/2
  13. Flair is in the ring demanding stuff when we cut to Russo at the Flair house with David and Daphney. They tour Flair’s house and Russo puts on one of his robes. They refer to Reid throughout this as champ. David’s room consists of a cot on the basement floor that is unfinished. Beth, Reid and Ashley (Charlotte) come into the house and David berates them until Beth kicks them out. Flair in the ring looks shell shocked. David comes out and gets some legit heel heat calling him Ric instead of Dad. He then says his Dad (Russo) is in the back right now. Ric invites him to the ring. Daphney continues to make faces at Ric during his promo. Ric wants to become the champion tonight and face Jarrett right then and there. Ric challenges David to a match at Great American Bash. This hit a little too close to home. Ric can still cut a compelling promo and as groan inducing as some of this stuff is, most of it hits. Jarrett comes in and slams a guitar over Flair’s head. Main event starts with Flair brawling after Jeff in his street clothes. Russo is out on commentary in Flair’s robe. These two have a decent amount of chemistry together and do a good brawl around the ringside area. Inside the ring, Jarrett locks on the figure four as Flair is in pain. Madden being so against Flair now continues to feel odd considering how much of a drum beater he was up to this point. Jarrett has some good heat from the Biloxi crowd. Flair goes low to start his comeback. A good call by Tony stating he is using his heartbreak from tonight to motivate him. Flair gets a quick inside cradle and wins the title with Russo saying holy shit on commentary. The pop is good for this moment. Charles Robinson gets smashed with the guitar and they attack Flair making his title celebration short lived. Russo runs off with the belt. The wolfpak music starts and here comes the personal bodyguard of WCW, Kevin Nash. Nash takes the belt from Russo and hits Jarrett with it. Powerbomb for Jeff with the ring collapsing. Nash hands the belt to Flair as the show goes off the air. As far as telling an overall story that was pretty compelling, this is probably the peak of the Russo/Bischoff regime. **1/4
  14. Main event here for the right to face Booker at the next PPV. Kanyon as the DDP cosplayer is an awful gimmick. Goldberg is essentially a face here and gets the best reaction of anyone. With Goldberg and Steiner facing off, you have your money match. Jarrett dives in and steals the win which is a whiff since him vs Booker isn’t much of a feud with juice. At least he did it without a bevy of interference and they do have a big feud on their hands with Steiner and Goldberg. *1/2
  15. Kidman takes a nasty hiptoss over the top rope onto the floor. Jarrett really loves brawling around the floor around this period and it is discouraging considering the sound technical base he exhibited early in the 90’s in USWA. Kidman has some great highspots in this short match. Torrie comes out and that allows Shane Douglas to interfere and attack Kidman. They seem to be rekindling the Francine/Douglas dynamic. I was happy that Kidman at least was able to kick out of the Jarrett pin attempt and Kidman is getting some decent crowd support. After a minute of action, Jarrett gets the Stroke for the win. **1/4
  16. The ultimate moment of two wrongs don't make a right. Whereas the Montreal Screwjob has a more nuanced discussion of who was in the right and wrong from a macro sense, this is pretty cut and dry that Hogan had shown a lot of unnecessary power and pull throughout his career and it came up to him. However, the comeuppance of Hogan happening at the hands of Russo also doesn't sit well. Jarrett feels like someone left in the middle that sort of tried to play both sides in the HHH role and came out looking pretty good not having overall enemies. DUD
  17. Russo gives his scathing promo and really tries to present himself as the hero here. Again, the message he says here is true but the messenger is a phony piece of shit that has made some brutal decisions and pushed his own agenda on air and off in recent months. He promises a great match here between these two hungry guys. I know they didn't have much time to prepare but I thought this match was a mess that generally gets a past historically just for being a younger movement for WCW. The crowd brawling was really uninspired and the overall narrative of the match lacked the focus that was on the Thunder match with Jarrett's leg work. Booker winning at the end is a nice moment but this overall is just a strange show trying desperately to present a feel good ending. **
  18. A good fundamental match with Jarrett working over the leg a good bit leading to a nice figure four spot. Booker's selling was strong here giving the damage that Jarrett was doing some gravity. This is probably the most credible Jarrett has looked with the belt actually. Finish has Kanyon coming out in DDP attire and hitting a Diamond Cutter on Booker allowing Jarrett to get the win. Afterwards has Cat starting the match again and I still can't figure out his character. Booker lays out Kanyon and then goes back on the attack. Jarrett has his guitar ans smashes it over Miller's head before leaving with the title. **1/4
  19. Overall, a pretty strong Nitro for this era. This had some run in nonsense but it wasn’t as bad as we have seen and again no Bischoff or Russo is real refreshing. Steiner is someone I have never been a big fan of but he fits in this role and has the crowd behind him as a new face to cheer for. Him and Goldberg are setting up their impending feud well. Nash continues to be in the way for the most part and I don’t have high hopes of him giving any sort of rub to Awesome in the future. **1/4
  20. WCW right now is such a mess that everything just makes me glaze over and not pay that much attention to keep my sanity. Cat is awful on commentary and Awesome looks really disinterested out there as referee. Some of the moments where the match is actually a match is pretty good but there is the overbooking nonsense with Madaja and the New Blood that overall the match is mess. The Cat just essentially ends the match because why the hell not. Steiner then puts Awesome in the recliner when Jarrett nails him with the guitar and wins. Yawn. *
  21. Jarrett couldn't be bothered to wear gear so again we have two people wrestling in denim with Kidman's normal getup. We only get about 1 minute of action on the outside until the Filthy Animals come out. Jarrett tells them not to come one step closer before getting rolled up. Tygress jumps on commentary and is awful. Jarrett ends up winning and the Animals beat up Kidman after the match. Another feud I am not invested in. *1/4
  22. Kidman is a face for some reason and the referee. Pretty dreadful action that is a backdrop to Goldberg coming out and attacking Hulk culminating in a jackhammer through a table. G I Bro makes the save. I hate WCW right now. ¾*
  23. A pretty fun garbage style match actually without the bullshit. Arquette stays out of the way and acts as almost a manager in a handicap match only helping Page and directing traffic in the early going. Jeff blades well and that adds a bit of intrigue. The contraction of the cage is very convoluted and there isn’t a natural progression to them climbing but they do anyway. Finish is atrocious with Arquette providing a swerve by blasting a guitar over Page allowing Jarrett to win the title. I don’t know how this makes Jeff look very strong that he has won two belts now because of Page’s ex wife and best buddy. Awesome tosses Kanyon from the cage to the stage as Tony and Scott Hudson do their best JR impersonation. **1/4
  24. Booker lets Goldberg know that he doesn’t like him but he does respect him. This again puts Goldberg in a weird position whether its ambiguous to a degree whether he is a heel or a face. Jarrett comes out and continues to get hardly no reaction. He sets up the Bunkhouse match tonight saying there must be a winner. Backstage, we have a pull apart between Book/Jarrett and Cat makes the match official. Jarrett is collecting tools for the Bunkhouse match backstage. The match itself is fine and full of props but at least they are living the gimmick. I thought the brawling around ringside has more juice to it than the Bash at the Beach match. The finish also was nice in the use of Jarrett’s guitar blocking the spin kick of Booker that we saw on Monday be effective in making Goldberg stop in his tracks. Jarrett is able to lock on the figure four and pick up a big victory. Overall this was the strongest and best Jarrett has looked in the Russo regime. **3/4
  25. Rick says he is looking to retire those wannabes once and for all. Madaja is in the corner of Steiner and Jarrett so that pivot has happened. Jarrett is really trying to get slapnuts over. Stevie Ray calls Madaja a hoochie. Cat is on commentary and I continue to be baffled at how much praise he received in real time. I guess he is at least charismatic in a way. Madaja climbs the top rope and Cat tells her to get her ass down. He busts out some handcuffs and handcuffs himself to her. Steiner and Jarrett don’t have any chemistry at all. Bobby and Tony seem pretty cordial with each other this late into the run at least. Booker gets the hot tag and runs through his offense. Jarrett hits a superplex but Booker hangs on and gets the pin. Jarrett gets his heat back immediately with a guitar shot as the show goes off the air. *