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Found 12 results

  1. This might be my top joshi match of the 80s at the moment. Crazy action with amazing character work (all four have distinct roles), heel vs. face dynamic and great heat. Up there with many of the acclaimed 90s joshi tags. ****1/4
  2. I don't think I've ever seen a Jaguar match before, nor have I seen Lioness in her "home element." Jaguar is *so* smooth and lithe and agile that even though this isn't a great match, you can see where her reputation as a worker comes from. She does about the most natural and realistic-looking bridge-out-of-a-pinfall spot I've ever seen. When Lioness is on top this is a lot less interesting, and the finish is pretty weak as Asuka kicks out of a double underhook piledriver but goes down to a flash victory roll. Not a lot of heat and not really an outstanding match but it did make me want to see more of Jaguar.
  3. Seen a handful of her matches and enjoyed what I've seen. I've got a bunch of early AJW, so let's assess her properly. Victoria Fujimi/Nancy Kumi v. Seiko Hanawa/Rimi Yokota - AJW TV 1978 I don't think Jaguar had been wrestling for a very long time at this point, hence her and Hanawa are called Young Pair. This is distinctly joshi from the get-go, which is kind of cool to see that the style was firmly in place as early as 1978. Fast paced, quick in and out tags, momentum changes, hard to tell who's in etc. I enjoyed this more than some of the 90s sprints because the takedowns and throws in this all ruled, the match was fairly scrappy and hate filled and laid out in such a way that the lack of selling didn't stand out in a bad way. Yokota and Yanawa were a pair of vicious pricks, rushing their opponents at the start and always coming out on top when the action spilled to the outside. I enjoyed how calmly they walked back in the ring after sending Fujimi and Kumi headfirst into chairs with no regards for anyones safety. Jaguar did some cool flying headscissors and attacked people's eyes after getting the hot tag which was cool, but hard to stand out in this kind of match. I also enjoyed the Golden Pair's arm work. My favourite thing about this early joshi stuff is that it all feels like a struggle. No laying in holds or waiting for the other guy to hit his offense at all. I also enjoy the whole 70s look with the stylish bathing suits and the colorful flower ring. Marina Figueroa vs. Rimi Yokota 78/79 Marina looks like a grumpy farmer's wife who's not afraid of hard work. Of course she was great. The match was very short (and apparently clipped) and essentially Marina delivers a rudo beatdown at double speed. Yokota gets two quick comebacks but essentially gets stomped. Not a bad showing at all from Marina, she has a really great chinlock, attacks the nose, uppercut to the throat and stomps the shit out of Yokota's arm, but this was just a squash. Yokota completely ignores the work on her bandaged arm so Marina finishes her with a neat backbreaker hold. One thing I noticed is how silent the crowds for these matches are, makes you wonder what AJW's premise at the time was. Marina Figueroa deserved better than this. Victoria Fujimi vs. Rimi Yokota late 1978/early 1979 Fujimi wears a karate jacket here and tries working like a Kung Fu/Stan Lane/Kato Kung Lee type which may be my least favourite type of babyface worker. The crowd took some delight it in though and they didn't go overboard. Interesting style for this, as the open with exchanges that feel absolutely lucha (Rimi does neat Negro Casas "stand on your toe and push you" takedown), then things break down and Fujimi takes a bump into unforgiving looking wooden chairs before Yokota does some really solid groundwork. Fujimi removes her jacket for her comeback and wrestles like a standard 70s joshi again which was amusing but I don't care for her stuff at all. The finish felt typically japanese. Nothing much to see here. Lucy Kayama vs. Rimi Yokota late 78/early 79 This was a solid, basic match between the youngins. I only noticed Lucy Kayama for fearlessly going for springboard dives on a 70s ring with loose ropes, but she was calmed down here. Once again Yokota rushes her opponent at the bell and stomps the fuck out of her leg. It was really nice, intense varied legwork that I imagine would've looked pretty great if these matches had any heat. Or if Lucy had sold any of it. I get US style limb selling and psychology is not what these rookies are going for but watching a few minutes of limb work followed by a payoff of another couple minutes of limbwork with neither section being sold is kind of pointless. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't call it something that's worth going out of your way to see. Good finish here as they scramble for Cobra Twists before Kayama lands a few nifty backbreaker variations and seals it with the gory special.
  4. The rush of great Jaguar Yokota matches continues. This was frickin AWESOME. It was kind of a preliminary to the later, bigger Sato/Yokota title match and mainly served the purpose of building up Jaguar, but for a match that is essentially typical half baked young wrestler gets first taste against the star this is really outstanding. Jaguar was absolutely ferocious. Picture Hashimoto, except lighter, faster, girlier, and replace the brutal kicks with brutal matwork. The wrestling was as tight and on point, while still keeping a graceful note, but the struggle and fighting and wild-eyed determination from Jaguar is what pushes it over the top. People talk about Jaguar having ahead-of-her-time offense, but fuck that talking point. She didn't need any of it. The basic spots, such as boston crabs, body scissors or small package holds were made into holy shit spots here. I mean seriously the technique is flawless, but the timing and defensive use of the moves is stunning. Some might argue that structurally the match was messy and had the kind of meandering spots typical of young wrestlers in big matches, but the focus of the match was Jaguar Yokota sticking it to Jackie Sato with a vengeance and that was present at all times. Sato was somewhat reserved, but a great foil for Jaguar's fury and added a few slick moves to the match. Also, there is some arm work that gets paid off nicely, and the repeated leg attack stuff from Jaguar gets played up later in the match, building to an incredible last 5 minutes.
  5. About 10 minutes of 15 shown. This starts out with a bang as Yokota misses a big dive to the floor and Cooga lands a Tombstone, then follows up with rabbit punches to the back of the head and Yokotas face, bloodying her. Cooga would continue to work over Yokotas neck, hitting another piledriver on a table and a big knee to the back of the head, while Yokota tried to make technical comebacks. This could've easily built to a classic but instead a wonky transition happens were Cooga apparently injures herself hitting a senton and Yokota just gives her the business hitting 2 kneeling piledrivers on the floor and then beating her with the double underhook kneeling piledriver. Maybe something essential was clipped out but yeah.
  6. 7 minutes of 19 are shown. Early JD's was mad clipped. What was shown here looked good. Lola looked real good here, viciously assaulting and bloodying Yokota early on and then working her over good. She also hit some real heavy sentons and a cool powerbomb into a Giant Swing. The match turned pretty your turn my turn altough it's difficult to judge with so many clips. Yokotas ranas, suplexes etc. are pretty close to perfection in execution.
  7. This is a match which really has everything going against it. It's 60 minutes clipped down to 25, mainly centered around a beatdown on Jaguar, with two green girls and one very limited crowbar in it, most of what is shown is bombdropping and there is oodles of outside interference (at one point like half a dozen girls jump in the ring to stomp Jaguar). HOWEVER even despite all that due to a good Jaguar performance this is mostly watchable and even pretty great in parts. Jaguar bleeds and takes a huge beating getting shoot kicked in the face by Lioness, absolutely launching herself through the ropes to put a lariat over, taking a big spill down the Korakuen Hall stairs etc. Her blood loss selling was spot on and her desperation counters reminded me of Morgan/Faraon. I don't know whether to praise her because she looked great or to belittle her because she booked this mess.
  8. Fun match between Yokota and a girl who will actually grapple her. Not epic due to Yabushitas lack of experience but it moves by swiftly and there's lots of nice moments. Yabushita always goes for the armbar utilizing various cool throws and it's a nice contrast to Jaguars traditional holds. Jaguar is so damn slick. Classy finish.
  9. I am not overly familiar with Cooga's career, but I assume this is likely her career match thanks to Jaguar Yokota. Yokota may be old enough to be Cooga's mother, but totally smoked her during the sprint portion of this match. In a lucky moment Cooga land an abisegiri to Yokota's knee which is a totally stealworthy transition. Cooga proceeds to tear up her leg including ramming her with chairs. Yokota's selling was world class and her knee was even bloodied which is something I've never seen in any other match. Yokota kept stumbling and hobbling even while irish whipped and failed to hit her fisherman buster in another great spot which lead to Cooga planting her with some sick DDTs which Yokota sold by spiking herself on her head. Another great spot saw Cooga catching her with another nasty abisegiri to maintain control. I'm annoyed they clipped 4 minutes from this but the clipping was seamless and the match was a great mini junior epic.
  10. This has a time limit of just a few minutes, so they go all out. This had the kind of intensity and emotional weight these retirement matches tend to have - still, some of the wrestling was as if Yokota was to scream she is retiring at the height of her game. Damn that stupid "retire at 25" rule. Yokota had some real determination to win this thing. After the match, a heated altercation between Jaguar and a younger girl (Chigusa?) ensues. Then all the lights go dark and Yokota is left to reflect on herself while "Soledao" plays. Amazing imagery. I wish they'd let Jaguar go out with a real bang but the pageantry here was magnificient regardless.
  11. This was a damn good matchup. Yokota was in tremendous shape here, especially next to skinny Mimi Hagiwara. Yokota puts in a real beating, working absolutely heelish by biting and pulling hair, but also doesn't forget to show off her holds and put Hagiwara in her place with that beautiful vertical tiger suplex. It was closer to Terry Rudge than Monster Ripper. Yokota really cranks in her holds and delivers some blowaway great legwork, while Hagiwara performed really nicely working underneath. Hagiwara's selling of the leg and graceful comeback attempts were awesome. Can't decide what I liked more, Hagiwara desperately going for a small package only for Yokota to roll through and once again punch the fuck out of her leg, or Yokota calmly briding out of a weak pin attempt from her worn out opponent and continueing the beating. Last cover was thing of beauty. Damn good TV bout here.
  12. I watched this because I'm trying to hit everything on Loss' Rewatching & First Time Viewing list that I can easily find, but man oh man, this is about as joshi-paint-by-numbers as it gets. Jaguar can be compelling to watch because she's so smooth, but this is little more than an extended squash for her and Shimoda. There's nothing bad here, but nothing that really stands out as really good until the end when Shimoda busts out the Death Lake Driver (a tiger superplex), which is a pretty nutty spot.
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