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Found 27 results

  1. This isn’t complete, but we still get 22 minutes of footage with a healthy amount of action from each fall. I don’t think it’s clipped much. Fun seeing Dusty work the mat! The early part of this is Dusty working over Ric’s arm and going for quick pins while Flair tries to bridge out. Dusty is a competent mat wrestler. It’s wild seeing this because I’m used to the more character-driven flip-flop-fly-type action from these two where they stay vertical and Flair plays pinball for Dusty’s elbows. So seeing them do a chess match where they fight over a gutwrench suplex is something else. The crowd stays with them for this though, probably because they are in St. Louis and both guys are stars, so they can get away with it. I’m also impressed with how they pace this in such a classic way – lots of slow build with bursts of really fast action before they slow things down again. Athletically, Flair was at his peak in the early 80s, so every quick burst of action looks really good. I love the finish of each of the falls. The first fall finish puts Flair over both as a great wrestler and a cheating asshole, and it’s kind of a surprise to see Dusty take a pin from the champ in the first fall of a match, especially when it’s relatively clean. The second fall was Dusty’s retaliation and a decisive victory, coming back after Flair dominated the early part. They really do a great job putting over Flair’s resourcefulness in this one. He’s managed to be dominant before the third fall without even going for the leg, which makes it a bigger deal when he finally does. There’s a great sequence where Flair throws kicks at Dusty, which pisses him off enough to try to stand right up and fight him, but he collapses under the weight of his bad knee. Then Flair locks in the figure four and we get a time call of 30 minutes elapsed about 19 minutes into the clip, so not too much shaved at all. Pretty typical finishing stretch that was still fresh at the time, with Dusty putting Flair’s own figure four on him. Then Dusty goes for a press slam and his bad knee gives out, with Flair collapsing on top for the win. Great booking and surprisingly great action makes a great match. ****
  2. Two expiration of time matches on the same show? I take it one of the dates is off, but I’ll still go with 1/1 for both until or unless I’m corrected. Eaton and Ware are a heel workrate machine as a tag team, although I think part of it is the overall sense of urgency. This is rushed since it seemed like they wanted to get in the body of the match before the show went off the air, but it’s very good all the same, and the benefit is that they do get in opening shine, heat on Taylor and a hot tag to Rougeau, so the match doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything. I’d love to see these teams in a longer arena match. ***1/4
  3. Wahoos Leg

    1984-01-01-WWF-Wrestling At The Chase

    World Wrestling Federation Wrestling at the Chase TV Aired January 1, 1984 No review yet. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas vs Jerry Valient & Dennis Stamp David Shultz vs Ken Jugan Hulk Hogan vs Bill Dixon Big John Studd vs Jimmy Jackson Ivan Putski vs Bill Berger Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs Terry Daniels & Kevin Collins Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  4. Some stuff has been written about the racial politics of this feud before that I won’t get into again, but it’s definitely evident and interesting to follow. Slater goads Reed into putting the North American title on the line, with the stipulation that if Reed wins, he gets the services of Dark Journey for 90 days. This is a terrific TV match. Slater didn’t make much of an impression with me the first time around on the Mid South set, but this match was solid. I loved Slater’s elbow cutoff when Butch put his head down for the back body drop when Slater came off the ropes. They cut a hard pace in this one. Slater ends up winning after pulling the tights, but Tommy Gilbert saw it and ordered the match to continue, which is a great way to increase the stakes. Slater ends up hitting Reed with Journey’s loaded boot after a ref bump to get the win. Really fun match. ***
  5. Superstar Sleeze

    [1983-01-01-MACW] Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper - MACW, Charlotte 1/1/83 Based on the result of a pinfall victory by Flair and the fact that Piper was full on babyface, I believe this to be the New Years Day 1983 matchup between the two because according to Hisa all other defenses by Flair against Piper in the Mid-Atlantic area were decided by DQ. This was a revenge match for Piper because Flair/Valentine teamed up to rub Piper's face into the mat. This is the proto-Flair/Morton, which I think is the greatest match in pro wrestling history. So I liked this one, but needed more Flair heat. Flair was in total let me get my ass kicked, which is fun, but puts a cap on the match. Piper was totally focused on the face of Flair, punching him, gouging him, rubbing his face in the mat. Flair was exasperated trying to escape and use his knee to midsection, but Piper was a man possessed. Piper is utilizing all the same gritty offense, but by changing his demeanor (instead of doing it out of self-preservation, but to take charge) and Flair being such a great heel this works in compelling fashion. The only meaningful Flair offense is a kneecrusher, but that gets turned on him into a Piper figure-4. Flair rakes the eyes, but then is sent into the post and Piper uses a chair. Flair is busted open and Piper biting Flair's face. This is a great revenge match for Piper because he is getting all his heat, but we all know what the finish has to be, which is Flair retaining. He reverses a cross body and with his feet on the ropes, he wins the match. In a match that Flair had to win, they did everything they could to make sure Piper got his revenge short of winning the match. It is satisfying, but without a stronger offensive presence from Flair it falls short of being a great match. ***
  6. #wrestling365 These two start really quick going after each other strikes, just trading knees and forearms and slaps. It settles away from a NJPW mid match sequence into a pretty good rough and tumble match. Callihan's dive is not pretty but looks pretty bad ass. Everything in this is really laid in. That whole segment on the floor just felt like a fight in a really good way. The chops, damn. Kyle's offense got a little silly (rolling butterfly suplexes?), but Callihankept everything looking great. O'Relly has really improved and took out some of the silly crap. The ending stretch was pretty decent in an MMA way. Overall this was stiff and pretty well grounded. Good match and a good way to start the #wrestling365 project in 2016. I'd give it like *** 1/2
  7. Really neat find on World, lasts only a couple minutes but it's still completely badass, it's catch-based as you'd expect and features lots of throws and escapes that I haven't seen before that were probably "lost", a great clean finish which isn't what I was expecting either, really wish we had more of Gotch on tape, watching these two go at it was a privilege. Great post-match selling from Fujiwara too.