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Found 39 results

  1. A 23 minute contest in 2/3 falls. Luis El Gayo may also be „El Gayo“ or „El Gallo“ (it would fit his hair) or El Galio since the announcer keeps calling him something like that. One of the cool aspects to the old French footage is that there are a ton of Spanish wrestlers featured, so getting to a glimpse at that is really something special and something I never would have hoped to see, since the Spanish scene ended in the 1970s with a few later revival attempts failing. Jacky Corne is someone who shows up in matches all the way to the 1970s and 1980s, so it‘ll be cool to watch him for a nearly 30 year period. This was the 60s lutte libre style that we saw in Cesca/Cantanzarro, both guys working holds while mixing in cool arm whips and headscissors. It wasn‘t quite at the transcendent level of Cesca/Catanzarro, as they didn‘t seem to have some things fully worked out, but they knew not to expose the business when a spot wasn‘t hit perfectly. El Gayo was right there working the French style, he had some graceful escapes, a cool headwringing snapmare and he did these awesome BattlARTS style 8 count near KOs when Corne started dropping the bombs on him. He also launched Corne to the outside with a cool throw from the ground in a nasty moment, then later took a big bump himself flying over the rope. Both guys were moving fast and really making their hip tosses and body slams look good. The first fall was going nice until Corne caught El Gayo with an awesomely timed powerbomb and then took him to town dropping him with some more before El Gayo would seemingly come back only to be caught. The second fall gets chippy with both guys really cracking each others jaws with thudding european uppercuts and elbows, the high quality audio and video that the French preserved really adding to each exchange. One of the cool things El Gayo does is he will move in like a Greco wrestler, grab a hammerlock behind the other guys back and use that to set up a move, in one case he uses it to drill Corne with a nasty tombstone piledriver which was pretty mindblowing even by 1957 French standards, unfortunately Corne didn‘t go to the Spanish school of selling and just kind of moved on in the match. I liked the feel that El Gayo was pushed to the limit and had to resort to making things chippy. After Corne threw him to the outside in a heated moment that lead to several cigarette smoking fans helping El Gayo back in the ring, both guys shook hands only for El Gayo to start throwing elbows and knees the next moment. Seconds later the Spanish wrestler had to resort to throwing a punch to the mid section, seemingly apologizing to the audience and being frustrated with himself for having to resort to such tactics. Once again, I really liked the rope running sequences and the finishes were good although I was hoping for the match to go a little deeper, I thought El Gayo was done a little dirty here although he did a great job telling the story of the match. Still, good shit and a threat to see.
  2. JIP with about 12 minutes shown. This kind of bout probably won‘t stand out in the long run of French watching, but it‘s really cool to check out. Both guys did some neat stuff. Di Santo had some Billy Robinson esque offense, nasty neckbreaker and the big backbreaker. I think of Billy Robinson as someone who had pretty advanced offense for 1970s AJPW, so seeing a guy bust out that kind of offense in 1957 is pretty wild. Both guys took some nasty bumps, especially Di Santo flying into the ropes trying a pin. Both guys had some cool ways to work around the greco roman knucklelock pin, Di Santo bridging out of the with van Dooren on top was pretty freaky. This is our first time seeing van Dooren and he looked good, busting out a cool luchaesque pin and uncorking some nasty looking headbutts that got a big reaction nicluding one from a full running charge, and Di Santo fires back with straight elbow smashes. Pretty cool to see how evolved this style was in 1957 already. Van Dooren keeps finding ways to reverse Di Santos counter attempt, and the finish sticks with this time. Nice stuff.
  3. Wahoos Leg

    2018-01-11-MLW-Zero Hour

    Major League Wrestling Zero Hour January 11, 2018 No review yet. Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta vs The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brian & Mike Patrick) Mike Parrow vs Vandal Ortagun Brody King vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara Santana Garrett vs MJ Jenkins Rey Fenix vs Penta El Zero M The Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb) vs Tom Lawlor & Seth Petruzelli MVP vs Low Ki Death Match: Shane Strickland vs Jimmy Havoc Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  4. Limitless Wrestling Snakebitten January 11, 2019 Westbrook, ME No review yet. Andrew Everett vs Josh Briggs Harlow O'Hara & Pepper Parks vs The Dream Team (Austin Theory & Christian Casanova) Chris Dickinson vs Simon Grimm The Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro, Alexander Lee & DangerKid) vs Jay Freddie, John Silver & Puf Unsanctioned: Ashley Vox vs Kris Stadtlander Amazing Red & Anthony Gangone vs The Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) Scramble Match: Ace Austin vs Brandon Kirk vs Jordan Oliver vs Ophidian vs The Whisper vs Willow Nightingale Brett Domino vs Mr. Grim KINGS (JT Dunn & Maxwell Jacob Friedman) vs Take Me Home Tonight (Ace Romero & Anthony Greene) Bold matches are PWO recommended
  5. Talk about it here.